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Der Nun Erstmals Aus Dem Russischen Bersetzte Roman Mit Kokain Gew Hrt Einen Faszinierenden Einblick In Die Psyche Eines S Chtigen M Agejews Stil Von Oft Proustscher Sensibilit T Der Spiegel Erzeugt Eine Fesselnde Abw Rtsspirale Voller Scheinbarer Gl Cksmomente Und Tiefer VerzweiflungIm Von Skandalen Und Narzissmus Gepr Gten Umfeld Des Vorrevolution Ren Moskau W Chst Wadim Bei Seiner Verwitweten Und Verwahrlosten Mutter Auf Ihre Abg Ttische Liebe Vermag Er Auszunutzen Und Straft Sie Zugleich Mit Hass Und Verachtung Er Selbst Empfindet Nur F R Sonja Liebe, Doch Erkennt Er Nach Und Nach Eine Innere Zerrissenheit, Eine Unvereinbarkeit Von K Rperlicher Und Geistiger Begierde, Die Ihn In Den Wahnsinn Treibt Und Seine Beziehung Zu Zerst Ren Droht Wadim Verf Llt Dem Kokain, Und Es Beginnt Ein Atemberaubender Kreislauf Von Tosendem Jubel Und Bitterkeit Von Halluzinationen Gequ Lt, Begreift Wadim, Dass Es L Ngst Um Leben Und Tod Geht

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    I suspect there s good reason why little is known of Russian author Marc Levi who used M Ageyev as a nom de plume he wanted it that way Novel with Cocaine alternate title A Romance with Cocaine , his one and only novel, was originally published in 1934, a tale about an alienated, insecure young man by the name of Vadim Maslennikov living in Moscow during the country s tumultuous early years of the 20th century The novel is comprised of four parts the first two are Vadim s recounting his time at school and encounters with young women in the third, Vadim tells of his turning to cocaine the novel concludes with his subsequent philosophic reflections For the purpose of my review, other than noting Vadim comes off as something of a nasty, spiteful Dostoyevsky underground man in his student days and his deliberately infecting an innocent girl with venereal disease, I will focus on Vadim and cocaine since I suspect this is the main reason readers are drawn to Novel with Cocaine in the first place Additionally, I myself found the cocaine section by far the most compelling Mike, Nelly and Zander return to the room I open up my powder on the arm of the chair, ask Mike for the toothpick and snort in two pinches I do this, of course, not for myself, but for them The paper crackles, the cocaine jumps at every crackle, but I accomplish everything and don t spill anything The light, joyous sheen I feel at this I take to be a consequence of my adroitness This is Vadim s very first time taking cocaine For many years, Vadim has had numerous failures and frustrations Finally, he has found something he is actually good at snorting cocaine He thinks his joy results from his adroitness but, oh, Vadim the joy you experience just might be the result of the drug I sprawl in the armchair I feel good Inside me, the observing ray sheds an attentive light on my sensations I wait for an explosion in them, I wait for flashes of lightning as the consequence of the drug I have taken, but the longer it goes on, the I satisfy myself that there is no explosion, no flashes of lightning, and neither will there be any Cocaine, then, really doesn t have any effect on me Such self delusion, Vadim Usually you re always morose, sullen and sulky but now you feel so good And in your smugness you think cocaine isn t having any effect on you Wake up, Vadim Recognize what s going through your mind here is pure balderdash, bunk, bosh and bullshitsky Come on, tell me now what music is, whisper my lips At the bottom of my throat all the joy is gathering into a hysterically leaping lump Music is the simultaneous sonic representation of the feeling of movement and the movement of feeling My lips repeat, whisper these words out a countless number of times, I enter into their meaning and , deeper and deeper, and grow exhausted with rapture Quite the contrast years of gloom and ill temper and now not only rapture but overflowing rapture Oh, magic white powder I feel so good and things are so clear inside me, I m so inordinately in love with this life, I d like to slow everything down, spend a long time savoring the adoration of every second, but nothing at all stops, and this whole night is unrestrainedly and rapidly passing away Ah, Vadim If only this current state of warmth and bliss could continue without end I try to bring back my thoughts, my raptures and the raptures of the bearded listeners, but the whole of this night rises up in my memory, and I become so ashamed, so mortified, that for the first time I feel truly and sincerely that I don t want to live any The inevitable come down Having experienced such a high that is now a thing of the past, is there anything else worth living for Oh, yes the next cocaine high Sounds like you re hooked, Vadim A man thus lives not through the events of the external world, but only through the degree of the reflection of those events in his own consciousness There is a degree of irony here since the events of Vadim s external world include the Russian Revolution of 1917 But compared to his consciousness altering cocaine highs, even a bloody revolution comes in a distant second It was the capacity of cocaine to arouse the physical sensation of happiness without any psychical dependence on the external events surrounding me, and even when the reflection of those events in my consciousness ought to have elicited melancholy, despair and grief it was this property of cocaine that was the terribly magnetic power which I was not only unable to struggle against and resist, but unwilling too Again, since his life now centers around cocaine, he cannot and will not be pulled away from cocaine quite the contrary, his emotional highs and lows have everything to do with cocaine and nothing to do with the intense suffering of men, women and children in his city and country While I was under the influence of cocaine, the feelings it aroused were so powerful and strong that my capacity for observing myself weakened to a degree which can be observed only in some of the mentally ill On cocaine, my feeling Self grew to such huge dimensions that the introspective Self stopped working In other words, Vadim now lives entirely on the level of his senses for him, the life of the mind has vanished Some strange manias would take possession of me just an hour after I began snorting sometimes it was a mania for searching, when a box of matches was used up and I began searching for others, moving the furniture, emptying the desk drawers, knowing full well as I did so that there were no matches in the room, but continuing to search with pleasure all the same over the course of many hours uninterrupted This is only the beginning of mental and physical breakdown for Vadim Things get worse, decidedly worse Any guesses what is in store for Vadim on the last page As Toby Young wrote in the Introduction to this Modern Voices publication The road to hell is paved with good intentions and, in Maslennikov s case, it is liberally sprinkled with the Devil s dandruff.

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    Introduction, by Michael Henry Heim Novel with Cocaine

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    This book has the dubious honour of being the 400th book I ve read over the last two years, the first being John Barth s appalling Coming Soon whose three exclamation marks speak of a desperation undignified for such a dignified dignitary If you think I m some sort of freak who lives in a tin house with nine cats, you d be right, only I don t have cats and I live in a Glasgow flat with ceilings so high all the heat collects ten feet above me As a consequence I write this enswaddled in fur from the nine cats I skinned and a pair of velvet lined slippers, with a cup o warm coffee afore me Check out MFSO s review, which includes a chemical formula and hybridised words than is healthy from a man under thirty, and check out Knig o lass s review, which gushes and splutters love for this Russian curio Me I found the novel badly structured, slipshod, drearily eloquent like early Nabokov, bereft of character or style, and frankly an overcooked turkey I do concede that the final chapter, esp the mother s suicide, gives a sharp shock, but that s about all the novel does, gives a series of sharp shocks Plus, cocaine only features in the last sixty pages, it s also novel with dull schoolboy reflections and novel with prostitute for the duration Read only if you re desperate to out weird your bookish friend who s always sniffing out of print relics from yesteryear.

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    The gall of Nabokov scorning this novel as disgusting which it is, but that s beside the point Pot Kettle Disgusting, degenerate, harrowing, eternally haunting Agayev has the uncanny ability to grasp the macabre and ply his chisel in its spent chamber twisting, furling, stretching convex, concave peels it open and reams out the sinews of sin and depravity And cocaine has nothing to do with it at all Vadim had surrendered in the cemetery of his soul long before the white stuff left him hallowed and prostrate beneath a shivering canopy of riddled meaning left unrolled.The novel s themes, meme, vistas.I ve seen them all in various manifestations in other novels But here, well There is a bountry of withered everywhere Take the lack of filial piety The scenes of depravity which unroll in the silver dimness of the storyboard, of son against mother, build up excruciatingly to a crescendo of assonance and then arrest in a tableau vivant, giving us breathing space to take in the conaissance of pure evil not surprisingly escalating to indirect matricide The description of Vadim s mother is truly a haunting image that will persevere in the void sown in my heart forever.The finale is a breathtaking texture of a trembling gloom, arched and intervalled with the solemn cords of the protagonists destroyed cohesion and finally, his swan song, as he propels ever forward in his tireless pinioned flight into oblivion.

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    Soundtrack Baths Maximalist Spent two days a week shoving rather pricey quantities of oft jagged euphoria up their snout, the nearest conduit to the terrible beautiful master, the hub of experience, the center of narrative gravity, all transformed into a polis of sheer pleasure, pumping its flood round itself, the radiant, briefly blinding, photoflashbursts of a crackling and snapping electrical whitehotheat trumpeted its silent blaring in one set of ears alone The clearblue afternoon visionmemory of childhood, filling with the unified dart n glide of a school of novelty bubbles, piscine swimming as ocular candy, good enough to eat and visually revel in Bubbles become sentient lightbulbs as the sky dims It s all surreal fireflies and childhood bliss converging with the just so summer heat of an eternal July 4th, roiling carefree in the head Them s Crashin Words The lonesomeness will not stand It sits It crouches with tremendous effort until its knee caps tremble with the fluidity of the inner rot, the ravenous appetite of each engorging, twinkling and fading bit that holds this so called personself together It eyes the world and does enough hand waving to slink along without wrapping the twine or gasoline ing itself in the public square, expressing a simultaneous lack of and an overabundance of concern for what happens post oblivion With the fullest pains in tact it finds a proper motion in the limp along that eats away at all the sophisticated distancing techniques of humor and irony and even nihilistic resignation, with its pursed lips always on the brink of a tear soaked smirk that s really not fooling itself The sheer agony of things has to be faced head on for exactly what it is To purge the hurt of its power they will ratchet up the threats and complaints and unpleasant reflection of an unpleasant reality They will refuse to step back into the well trod and flimsily ungirded platform of pretending as if their initial judgments were somehow off the mark Fuck Fuck Fuck This slavemaster habit that tunnels through this mattersgrey, that rewards the futile pursuits of whittled minded bliss, this massive blotting out of the world, this thing, this cluster of events, this dubious, desperate, resigned, deluded hunt for some respite, for some even keel , for something mashed together, sitting like a tumor, aglow with the manic s sense of playfulness, pulsing in a pose of temptation with barely hidden dislodged jaw and pitiless knives of the mouth catching the ray, shed and cast off, of the fiery splotch, resistant to orbit, that wolfs down upon itself, sated into cataclysm, twin commanding a green thumb and a scorching ire upon the slowly drifting fragments of the globe Spreading its wings and face all around the coiled chiasma of thinking n feeling, flush with tangibility, the viscosity of minds, and that cannot escape the need for and or creation of and or perception of meaning, no matter how fucked up it carves itself up to be The mirror shard as scalpel, the inward bent as surgeon.

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    An exceptional novel, pungent, powerful, dark and intense, and also psychologically very astute and acute The mysterious and pseudonymous Ageyev who only recently has been identified as an obscure personage named Mark Levi was a writer with a superb sense of observation, especially of those little details of life and the world that strike one as absolutely true but which were not in the reader s awareness before reading about them In a sense, like Proust and Svevo, he raises these little truths out of the reader s subconscious and plants them into his or her consciousness I found myself nodding frequently as I read with admiration at the author s skill But the magnificent prose is only one aspect of this book The substance itself is morbid and grotesque For a time, Nabokov was cited as the possible genius behind Ageyev , a speculation that Nakobov furiously denied, claiming that he found the novel disgusting And it is disgusting in many ways It is also remarkable.

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    You cannot argue with a book called Novel with Cocaine I feel a little weird giving it a rating it s kind of like if you saw an old Russian man have a seizure under a bench in a decrepit public park somewhere and you were like, hmm, that s an ok seizure but not too convincing here s 3 stars, and then the man screamed something unitelligible and mightily soiled himself and you were like oh oh make that 4 stars damn, now that s a seizure Anyway, this book is classicly Russian paraphrase sentence It was upon my meeting S at the corner of L and M streets that I realized, in a fleeting crepuscular moment, that what little innocence I had left in my bosom was soon to be dashed at the feet of those most carnal beasts I had espied some weeks before, on N street 7 8ths of this novel memoir are not about cocaine at all, but about the author s highschool experiences and his affair with a woman who turns out to be married I guess it s all supposed to be expository I don t really know what else to say As a former heavy drug user, I m always curious about others experiences Now I know what it was like to be an early 20th century Russian drug addict with a crappy personality I ll stick with my own life, thanks.

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    Was expecting a While Nights with narcotics This is likely , however underdeveloped In a sense this remains a strident meditation on decadence, a Slav Young Torless The titular cocaine is merely a crescendo to an interesting portrait of the bestial and weird.Remaining fascinated with reviews composed on a phone no discernable improvement on terms of my skill, mind you.

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    This book is divided into 4 main sections plus an epilogue School, Sonya, Cocaine, and Reflections.I m giving this one 3 stars, because while the final 2 sections were very interesting to dissect, the first 2 sections were rather dry And most of all, serious points were docked because the narrator is such a despicable, selfish human being that I resented having to spend time in his head I like a good anti hero, but he is not one He s just gross SCHOOL Main character, Vadim, is 17 years old sometime during World War 1 He s a total dick to his poor, sweet mother He knowingly gives a one night stand an unspecified STD which has the potential to main or kill and doesn t tell her about it.Basically, he s an awful human being Even for a teenage boy SONYA Vadim s favourite hobby is treating women like Kleenex During the summer between high school and university, he s out dicking around, victimizing and harassing girls into sleeping with his lame ass self One of these girls, Nelly, has a super hot landlady, Sonya Sonya s married, but hates her husband Vadim quickly falls in love with her Loving Sonya creates a kind of psychological split in Vadim On the one hand, he s sweet to Sonya She makes him love the world, and donate to charity But on the other hand, he talks to his friends crudely about Sonya, claiming he only spends all this time with her because she s a great lay, and it s all about the sex And, of course, Vadim still treats his mother like a hybrid trash can ATM While musing over these thoughts, Vadim cheats on Sonya with a random girl He pictures Sonya doing the same thing having sex with another man and thinks about what a slut she d be if she did Suddenly I saw how strange it all was I saw that if a man does what he does, he is a man, and if a woman does what he does, she is a harlot In other words, I saw that the split between spirituality and sensuality in the male is a sign of virility, while the same split in the female is a sign of harlotry Almost like there s a double standard or something, huh Anyway, a little while later, Sonya sensibly breaks up with Vadim when she realizes that even her shitty husband is better than him COCAINE REFLECTIONS In university, he loses his nasal virginity he does some blow with Nelly and some friends from college but not before committing the rookie cardinal sin of breathing onto the pile of coke and scattering it everywhere Geez Louise You goddamn noob He has what might be the most coked up thought ever written down while trying to define the word music Music is the simultaneous representation in sound of the emotion of motion and the motion of emotion All the cokeheads get a little paranoid at one point that someone was going to come into the apartment I, too, have caught their fears I, too, can think of nothing terrifying than a spry and bustling daylight person bursting in on our dark and silent room but for the most part have an enjoyable trip This experience gives him the revelation that, all his life, he s been working towards and using external events to make himself happy events such as relationships or career goals , but that those external, real world events don t have any greater significance other than their ability to generate happiness inside of him And cocaine can make him much happier than attaining those external things ever could, with significantly less effort What if, as I was convinced, a tiny speck of cocaine could provide my organism with instantaneous happiness on a scale I had never dreamed of before Then the need for any event whatsoever disappeared, and with it, the need for expending great amounts of work, time, and energy to bring it about Therein lay the power of cocaine in its ability independent of all external events, even when the reflection of the events in my consciousness would have otherwise produced feelings of grief, depression, and despair Accordingly, he starts doing coke every day A lot of coke So much that he hallucinates regularly He no longer gets pleasure out of it he just becomes manic He also compares the high and the comedown from coke to his own split nature discussed in the Sonya section When high, he is full of generous, loving kindness for all of humanity Vadim at his best when coming down off it, he experiences his most bestial, vicious feelings Vadim at his worst He wonders whether this is a trait of cocaine and human nature generally is it human nature that the loving you are capable of being, the evil you are also capable of being Does one extreme bring out the other extreme , or if this is specific to him, magnifying his already fragmented personality Isn t the human soul somewhat like a swing which, once given a push in the direction of humanity, is ipso facto predisposed to return in the direction of bestiality The epilogue view spoiler is written by doctors at the hospital, who note that Vadim died of cardiac arrest as a result of his cocaine addiction hide spoiler

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    Russian title of the novel can also be translated to English as Romance with Cocaine and somehow this variant appeals to me Novel with Cocaine is factually a diary of a cad female charms, the kind that inflame the senses, are no than kitchen smells they tease you when you re hungry and disgust you when you ve had your fill The protagonist goes the way his meanness and rascality should lead and lead him I was terrified as only grown men and women can be when they wake in the middle of the night and begin to realize, in the absolute silence and solitude all around them, that it is not their dream that has woken them, that it is their whole way of life For him there is no way but down, down to the bitter end.