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I love Fuyuki She is definetely innocent, like some pervert flashed her, and she just stood thereand said It s small LMAO Gawd, she s so naive, I just want to huuug her Ch.4 Man, I love the art in this manga What a pretty family, too Just a really really awesome graphic novel. Mikiyo Tsuda and her BL pseudonym, Taishi Zaou is my guilty pleasure Her stories aren t exactly deep and moving Her characters and situations may only have the most tenuous of connections to reality However, I love her sense of humor and the way she draws her characters so much that it doesn t matter Family Complex isn t Tsuda s strongest work, but it takes excellent advantage of her greatest strength her ability to draw incredibly beautiful characters She s so good at it that she actually fails a bit where Akira is concerned the only thing that makes him not good looking is that other characters say he s not as good looking as the rest of his family As pure pretty characters eye candy, Family Complex gets an A.Story wise, it s not nearly so good Actually, there isn t much of a story, period Family Complex is very character focused, but that doesn t mean the characters are all that deep and complex Each family member except Akira has personal or internal problems caused by how incredibly beautiful they look Harumi yearns to have real friends and maybe even a girlfriend or possibly boyfriend I don t think it matters to him which , rather than just servants who put him on a pedestal Natsuru is uncomfortable with the fact that she doesn t belong with either the girls or boys her age Fuyuki suspects she doesn t fit in with her classmates but isn t sure how to fix this Young Hidetoshi and young Nanami just wanted to look differently than they did Akira wants to look like a part of his family None of them really overcome their problems completely, although most of them do manage to find someone to be closer to and even that statement makes Family Complex sound like it has depth than it does So, let me be absolutely clear this manga has all the depth of an inflatable kiddie pool.The humor is another area where Family Complex isn t quite up to par, compared to some of Tsuda s other works That s not to say I didn t find this volume funny I love how over the top the family is in their looks, their lives, and how much they adore Akira Much of the humor is based on the assumption that all the world is pretty much normal, except most of the members of the Sakamoto family I particularly enjoyed the bit during Fuyuki s chapter, when a pervert exposes himself to her creepy and horrific in real life, but handled lightly and humorously here and Fuyuki silently agonizes over how to respond to him before finally, casually chasing him off with a single word.As in some all of Tsuda s other works, a lot of the humor is gender and sexuality related Harumi s chapter is the best example of this, as he tries to get back at his servant friends by pretending he and Akira are dating Harumi s friends don t know Akira is his brother Later, Natsuru messes with Harumi s friends heads by pretending she and Harumi are about to kiss as far as Harumi s friends know, Natsuru is actually a good looking guy Neither Natsuru nor Harumi s sexuality is very clear Natsuru is perfectly fine with having a girl harem, and Harumi doesn t seem to care who he ends up with, so long as it s someone he can be emotionally close to Girls squeal over Natsuru, and guys worship Harumi Then there s Hidetoshi, who met Nanami while unwillingly cross dressing Strangely, although I got tired of the gender sexuality jokes in the show Baka and Test, I didn t mind them so much in Family Complex, perhaps because it was only a one shot and wasn t long enough for the jokes to be done to death Family Complex s main saving grace is that it doesn t take itself all that seriously and is overall light in tone It s brain candy of the lightest, fluffiest sort Those who go into it not expecting much and who enjoy Tsuda s art and generally weird sense of humor may like it Personally, I m happy that Digital Manga Publishing released this in a nice, large size, complete with a pretty, removable dust jacket all the better to admire Tsuda s characters.Extras Mikiyo Tsuda s Detached Retina Diary is 15 pages long, if you count Tsuda s one page introduction to it, and Tsuda sticks it into the volume just before the pages showing young Hidetoshi and young Nanami It s basically Tsuda s experience with being diagnosed with and treated for a detached retina I m not an ophthalmologist, so I don t know how good all the information is in this section is, but it still serves as a terrifying warning to those who experience a sudden vision change go see your doctor, and get the problem taken care of Shojo manga creators are notorious for the strangeness of their side notes, but I think this is the longest and most detailed note I ve ever seen dealing with health problems.This volume also includes a considerably less horrific and less interesting afterword, in which Tsuda, in manga form, talks about messing up and sometimes using her pseudonym, Taishi Zaou, when she should be using her real name, Mikiyo Tsuda She also writes about wanting to be able to draw BL manga the stuff she does under the name Taishi Zaou and her fans feelings about her works created under her two names.There are also a couple manga pages underneath the dust jacket one page is a behind the scenes look at the creation of some of the characters, while the other is a peek at Akira and the rest of the Sakamoto kids maybe 10 years into the future , plus 4 pages of 4 panel comics featuring Tsuda Original review, with read alikes and watch alikes, posted on A Library Girl s Familiar Diversions. Another book focusing on the supporting character casted in Princess Princess This one is the story of Akira Sakamoto, Tohru and Yuujirou s dearest classmate and later school president.Akira s family was consisted of beauties that transcend beyond age and gender His mother is like a teenager, his father has feminine attributes, his oldest brother and youngest sister have androgynous face, and his older sister looks like a boy Only Akira has normal face and that makes him avoiding go together with his family.The book is focused on the problem each family member had, not only Akira, and shows us that no matter how we looks, life is problematic as it is lol.What I love about Mikiyo Tsuda is because I sense that she actually understand so much about gender trouble and decide to focus her works on it, but lighten it with humor so the normies would somehow still accept it Most of the time it makes the real problems aren t discussed enough, but the consistency of queer characters in her works really makes me love her. 2.5This read is probably my10th read I re read this a lot back in the day, when I had my tiny collection of manga and my local library had only ten manga series most of which I was not interested in reading It was a time when I was enthusiastically into manga I loved Shoujo, Shounen I understood the tropes, and I especially loved how the tropes and art were so separate from like, cartoons It was my familiar territory Even now, I fondly look back on this time and I smile I feel pretentious saying I was young, innocent, but it feels so accurate.I was raised in a generation of being color blind, and of equal rights Treat others as you d want to be treated I saw any inclusion of people of different colors, creeds, and such as inherently progressive.I did not see that yaoi is a genre that is made by straight women, for the consumption of other straight girls while being silent on the topic of actual justice for queer men and women I did not see how you can, as an industry want a population s ability to make you money, but care less about the PEOPLE as HUMAN I didn t realize that it s possible to exploit That it s possible to steal away queer people s right to represent themselves Instead, the biggest, most popular form of your lived experience is through the lens of outsiders.Now, this book is NOT yaoi It isn t explicitly queer However, there are hints in the story of queer themes There are two main characters who have the adoration of same sex peers that behave exactly like Directioners to the boy band they love There is a non gender conforming lady who wears suits and doesn t mind getting love from ladies There s a boy who says that he would date a boy if the attraction was there The lady, able to pass as a boy, pretends to be the guy s boyfriend to make his trio of fans jealous.And I m honest, this is why I loved this story I was starved of queer works as a child I leaped into the queer fold I loved that this was just a nice, average family drama but with some cheeky queer themes thrown in.However, I am grown now I m no longer content to be on the margins I m not a joke I m not a punch line I m a person I just have outgrown the way many manga authors represent queer people It s so early 2000s.I still have a fondness for this, butto be honest I think I like the queer version in my head than this as it stands Perhaps it s unfair of my to judge a story so aggressively not queer for not being queer.Yet I can t help but feel that if the community were truly queer friendly, this would have turned into a different manga A favorite manga, and I can t ignore the sneaking suspicion that this company, this author might see me as HUMAN, but inherently OTHER Abnormal Weird Only useable under certain genres.It makes me uncomfortable. Technically this isn t a yaoi but when it came out it was shelved at Borders with the yaoi though I think I actually got this in swap That said its a favorite of mine I ve read several times, a strong, touching and funny story. Ahhhh I d forgotten how much I d loved this manga I ve got it shelved as LGBT because there are some hints to in there with Akira s older sister, but primarily, this manga is about family and how they relate to one another And it s just a nice, wholesome read With a lot of drama because of course But lovely all the same And, if you re going to read Princess Princess, gives a lot of insight into the whole Sakamoto sama thing that plagues Akira in high school. It was fun to see Akira and his family, who I met in Princess Princess I enjoyed the book, although I think it could have been a bit stronger in it delivery 3.5 stars. Cute Akira is my favourite character in Princess Princess, Volume 01, probably the only pure rational ray of sunshine guy around that school I love Mikiyo Tsuda s art style and some of her stories can be really enjoyable.It was interesting to see each of the family members complexes, but there were some clich s and jokes with serious topics that made me decide on only giving this 3 stars.I find certain clich s in Japanese manga annoying how there s this whole plot about something changing a character development, but at the end it fundamentally doesn t the isolation someone attractive ultimately suffers and or how someone closes to them always suffers the irate jealousy of the others, like the attractive one is a cake, something that can be owned and actually divided amongst its various fans equally that really makes sense, you hormone ridding idiots creating androgynous characters, masculine girls, and beautiful than any girl just for the sake of plot, or being edgy, or creating confused romantic feelings, while still establishing the status quo about gender roles divisions appearances.These are related to this book specifically, though there are clich s out there I can t stand haha Poor Akira Has An Ugly Duckling Complex, And His Oblivious Family Isn T Helping His Mother Is As Pretty And Young Looking As A Shojo Manga Character His Father Is The Study Hard, Pretty Bishonen Type Akira S Elder Brother Shines Like A Top Model His Elder Sister Looks Like A Pretty Boy And Is Adored By The Other Girls At Her School And Even His Little Sister Is As Cute As A Doll No Matter Where They Go, The Sakamoto Family Gathers Everybody S Attention And Admiration, Making Things All The Painful For Akira Because He S So Ordinary ENJOYED This book is about Akira one of the boys from Princess Princess and his family It shows how he is from one of those families that everyone shines but him even though he shines in his own way in Princess Princess Different chapters cover different things one chapter is about his Birthday and being out in public with his family There is different chapters that deals with the Older Brother, Older Sister and Younger Sister of how their lives are at school and how people relate to them This was a really cute volume and I liked watching how the family reacted to one another and the people around them I was laughing through the volume.