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StrongFirst is proud to present the definitive text on achieving excellence in any sport through the power of your mind If you desire to align your chakra with your Zodiac sign or wish to figure out why it is your parents' fault you have picked up a wrong book PSYCH is 100% psychobabble free It is the step by step manual to athletic superiority for men and women who take charge The author became a world champion and record holder in a sport for which he had zero genetic predisposition using the meticulously researched and professionally applied strategies he reveals on the pages of PSYCHPSYCH and be awesome Pavel Tsatsouline Chairman StrongFirst

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    The book started out decent as he explains and uses research that it really is nurture instead of nature He uses the example of African Americans being great at basketball which is true but only because that they have than likely played it all of their lives And since everyone thinks African Americans are just naturally good at basketball it leads to a self fulfilling prophecy But once that was out of the way I think the book went downhill at least for me He explains some psychological physiological terms but constantly reiterates that anything is possible as long as you have control of your mind I'd say this book is a great introduction into ways this is possible but nothing Use this book as an intro into a few concepts about mind and body control then find another book on a specific process you think you'd like to try For me that's meditation This book has a lot of overlap with MBCT which I find helped my lifting than anything I'd recommend Mindfulness by Mark Williams if you're curious about MBCT or meditation My biggest takeaway from the book is that the mind is very powerful and once you're able to control it instead of letting it control you you can accomplish great things

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    Great read if in doubt of personal physical capability Running theme of the book is 'what the mind conceives the body believes' A must read for serious athletes coaches trainers Some amazing step by step guides on several meditation techniues also

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    A Dated Waste of TimeI bought this book on a whim was on my reading list but I cannot remember who or where it was recommended A complete waste of time exploring psychological hypotheses with no real recipe given on what does work The author tries too hard to be funny and collouial in his writing it only comes across as if the book should not be taken seriously

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    Good book but not written in a way instructional books should be Highly entertaining though

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    A journey of a regular guy to become a world champion in power lifting According to him when he decided to start powerlifting even his sister laughed not speaking about many other people He mostly focuses of psychological aspect of the journey and his view is that mental fitness is the most important contribution to success of an athlete He talks about igong as useful techniue Mentions factors such noice and lightning Significant attention is given to establishing long medium and short term goals and focusing on short term goals every dayRather technical book which is not for casual read Content is definitely worth reading

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    This books is so full of different techniues that is can become overwhelming to read cover to cover You could probably spend a lifetime trying to develop all the tools that Judd offers as he has I suggest reading until you find a particular techniue you want to acuire and begin practicing immediately Spending time on a single techniue will give you an appreciation for the amount of time and practice that goes into learning and incorporating the techniue into your daily routines

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    I took my time reading this a chapter here and a chapter there in between other booksIt is like an old freind now and I find myself re reading a few chapters which is not something I do oftenStellar content on focus

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    Odlicna tema napisana dosadnim stilom teskim za citanje

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    Awesome awesome book loved it How to train the mind to perform like an all star