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London 1725 Everybody has a secret Lady A will keep yours—for a price This sumptuous scandalous YA novel is wickedly addictiveLady A is the most notorious blackmailer in the city With just a mask and a gown to disguise her she sweeps into lavish balls and exclusive events collecting the most valuable currency in 1725 London—secretsBut leading a double life isn't easy By day Lady A is just a sixteen year old girl named Arista who lives in fear of her abusive master Bones and passes herself off as a boy to move safely through the sualor of London's slums When Bones attempts to dispose of his pawn forever Arista is rescued by the last person she expects Jonathan Wild the infamous Thief Taker General who moves seamlessly between the city's criminal underworld and its most elite upper circles Arista partners with Wild on her own terms in the hopes of saving enough money to buy passage out of LondonEverything changes when she meets Graeden Sinclair the son of a wealthy merchant Grae has traveled the world has seen the exotic lands Arista has longed to escape to her whole life and he loves Arista for who she is—not for what she can do for him Being with Grae gives something Arista something precious that she swore off long ago hope He has promised to help Arista escape the life of crime that has claimed her since she was a child But can you ever truly escape the past?

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    What was she doing?She had one job tonight She had not come to the masuerade to lose herself in wistful dreams Or in the eyes of the most intriguing young man she’d ever met She should not wonder which exotic lands he had seen nor wish to hear about them No she should be meeting Lord Huntington and finishing up Bones’s business Yet there she stood This book is fantastic if you're into insta love love triangles and an allegedly cunning spy whose mind is constantly preoccupied with romance The main character is supposed to be an accomplished hardened spy who has spent her entire life as a thief street urchin and blackmailer Theoretically she should be tough In actuality she is filled with emotions and spends much of the book feeling overwhelmed in tears and in blushes So many emotions crowded in her throat that it became impossible to take a full breath Tears filled her eyes and she blinked rapidly to keep them from spilling over This was so much than she’d ever allowed herself to dream of that it completely overwhelmed her The main character has no common sense I could see gigantic gaping holes in her plot the entire book The key to being successful as a spy a blackmailer is to not reveal your secrets Don't get close to people Don't reveal your weaknesses She did all of the above She has no instincts she does not see repeated coincidences for the traps they are and remains consistently stupid for the entire bookArista is a 17 year old orphan with the hardest knock life of all Orphaned since a child she has been sold to a slavemaster who collects orphans to train them to be thieves It's survival of the fittest and somehow Arista has managed to survive this long using her wits I'm not sure how considering how incredibly fucking dumb she has been for the entire book but that's her alleged historyCurrently she is her master Bones' prize She uses her wits to act as a blackmailer collecting information from the wealthy and using them to garner riches for her boss She attends masuerades disguised as Lady A to conduct her businessshe's mysterious deadly efficient All of the following were proved completely wrong the moment Arista falls into insta love in the first mission we witness with Grae “Have you ever been on a ship before?” he asked drawing her eyes back to him All his attention was focused on her despite the array of beautiful women eyeing him as they walked by A thrill of pleasure washed over her A ship Bitches love ships And immediately she is distracted from her mission Have you been to India? The phantom voice filled her head How could she explain that she was not herself because she’d been so close to her dreams of escape? But the msyterious disguised gentleman isn't the only one making her heart flutter that night for Arista has also been holding a secret tendre for her childhood friend Nic Nic is a fellow orphan throughout her childhood with Bones he has protected her shielded her from so many beatings And so uickly does Arista's attention span flees the instant she falls into insta love with Grae Yes she could feel something—had in fact earlier in the evening Only it wasn’t her longtime friend the boy she thought herself in love with who made her body tingle with awareness It wasn’t Nic’s promise that made her heart pound erratically as she sat in the darknessIt was the memory of a dark eyed stranger in a highwayman’s disguise that made her yearn for so much than this life Repeatedly Arista finds herself distracted from her true job He had filled her thoughts constantly over the past several nights despite her best efforts to push him away She stared up at him waiting fighting the breathlessness that had made it difficult to inhale normallyYou’re here to do a job she reminded herself Repeatedly she finds herself fighting off attraction for a guy when she should be focused on fighting for her life Arista keeps thinking about him in the most inappropriate moments like when she is nearly discovered for the blackmailer she is Her pulse uickened despite the precarious position she was in There was a tone of vulnerability under the steely rage in his voice It made her stomach twist in unexpected ways It made her remember their brief time together She too had wished they might meet again under the safety of a disguise Heat surged to her cheeks She had to be glowing like a lantern Did he remember the kiss as well as she did? She had a chance for escape and she blew it I could not believe how incredibly dumb she is She reveals to her enemies that she cares for certain people that's fucking dumb If you reveal your weaknesses if you reveal that you love someone those people can be held hostage to make you comply It's fucking common sense and I cannot believe such an allegedly witty cunning clever girl can be such a dumb bitch Arista constantly flushes blushes heat constantly floods her face She cries she is overwhelmed she sobs she falls into tears I'm sick of it and I'm sick of this book She's such a fucking martyr I wanted a strong brave character I don't want a weeping mess The words were punctuated by huge sobs ripping from her chest He couldn’t really want her or love her She was nothing An orphan girl with no past

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    Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to Disney Book Group and NetGalley “What if she could turn Arista into a proper lady who could attend the parties where jewels and money were ripe for the picking? Bones’s greed had become their savior” There wasn’t anything awful about this book I just didn’t really enjoy itArista was a girl who did her job well and looked out for those she cared about She wasn’t treated well but at least she wasn’t forced into a brothel She would never forget the night Nic had told her that Bones planned to sell her and Becky to the brothels Arista would have died first The storyline in this was about Arista leading a double life posing as a Lady whilst selling people’s secrets but I just got bored pretty uick and I didn’t really care what was going on “You of all people should know sir that there is no such thing as trust among thieves” There was some romance but even that didn’t interest me and I was just really really pleased to get to the end of this I’m thankful that this was wrapped up rather than ending as a cliff hanger because I don’t really want to read another book in this series6 out of 10

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    Beautiful exteriors often hide the nastiest things in life and literature alike We learn that lesson very early in life and we readers uickly learn to be wary of gorgeous covers But the wariness can make us miss out and Tangled Webs has a lot to offer than just the pretty swirls and colors on its dust jacket Not many YA books take place in the 18th century so when I first read ‘London 1725’ in the summary I was immediately drawn to it It must be said that Tangled Webs doesn’t offer many historical details but it also avoids any accuracies Because of the fast pacing going into descriptions of historical settings and society could have been disastrous for this book Bross gave us just enough to ground his story but not enough to burden itWe meet Arista as Lady A a lady with a feathered mask who trades secrets and blackmails the rich but not for her own gain Underneath the ladylike behavior and glamour is a street urchin a hungry orphan with nothing left to lose Arista was bought from the orphanage when she was five or six and taken to be a crime lord’s many child beggars and pickpockets But as she grew she learned to talk and act like a lady all to prove herself useful and save her own life Arista has only two friends the slightly older Nic her protector and the former maid Becky who is responsible for her clothes and manners They may be the only people she trusts but they are constantly used to threaten her into obedience Through it all through pain and impossible circumstances Arista has a backbone of steel She is sometimes a bit naïve having missed out on any and all normal experiences but she is fierce dependable and kind hearted The romance may just be the weakest part of this book not only because it’s instalove but because I never saw any actual trust develop between Arista and Grae Pretty words and infatuation are what it all came down to Arista kept working around Grae instead of with him which while understandable was also incredibly frustrating If I were a nitpicky sort of person in a nitpicky sort of mood I could find at least twenty seven things wrong with this book But I’m not and I won’t At the end of the day Tangled Webs is a flawed but entertaining story that kept me awake for most of the night and even made me cry at times

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    Review posted on The Eater of Books blogTangled Webs by Lee BrossBook One of the Tangled Webs seriesPublisher Disney HyperionPublication Date June 23 2015Rating 4 starsSource ARC sent by the publisherSummary from GoodreadsLondon 1725 Everybody has a secret Lady A will keep yours—for a price This sumptuous scandalous YA novel is wickedly addictiveLady A is the most notorious blackmailer in the city With just a mask and a gown to disguise her she sweeps into lavish balls and exclusive events collecting the most valuable currency in 1725 London—secretsBut leading a double life isn't easy By day Lady A is just a sixteen year old girl named Arista who lives in fear of her abusive master Bones and passes herself off as a boy to move safely through the sualor of London's slums When Bones attempts to dispose of his pawn forever Arista is rescued by the last person she expects Jonathan Wild the infamous Thief Taker General who moves seamlessly between the city's criminal underworld and its most elite upper circles Arista partners with Wild on her own terms in the hopes of saving enough money to buy passage out of LondonEverything changes when she meets Graeden Sinclair the son of a wealthy merchant Grae has traveled the world has seen the exotic lands Arista has longed to escape to her whole life and he loves Arista for who she is—not for what she can do for him Being with Grae gives something Arista something precious that she swore off long ago hope He has promised to help Arista escape the life of crime that has claimed her since she was a child But can you ever truly escape the past?What I LikedWhen I first saw the name Arista I was just the slightest bit turned off I don't like the name though it's not TOO bad but also I didn't like Lady Arista from Kerstin Gier's Ruby Red trilogy very much she's a snobby grandmother so I don't think we're supposed to like her But Arista from Tangled Webs turned out to be uite a fun and likable character I enjoyed reading her story and I sympathized and felt bad for her often This story was a breath of fresh air after all those three star reads I've gone through recentlyThe setting is London 1725 Arista is secretly Lady A a young woman who everyone knows works for Bones a dangerous man known for his blackmailing The highest payer will have their secrets kept by Bones But fail to pay and your secrets are out Lady A ensures that secrets are found out and payments are made This is not a comfortable life and Arista wants to leave forever and go to India When a night on the job goes wrong Arista finds herself in the clutches of a new thief and blackmailer deceptively no better than Bones Arista has things to lose her friend Becky her budding relationship with Graeden Sinclair and his family Arista is caught in a web of deceit and there is no easy way outI love historical fiction This book is heavily historical and I enjoyed it There were some anachronisms in terms of the speech I believe but I tried not to let it bother me too much they weren't common and they were almost passable as common across all time periods I didn't spot too many other anachronisms which was nice The historical aspect of this book was lovely Of course Arista's existence as Lady A is odd but this is where we use our imaginationI like Arista very much She is hardened and brave sly and clever She isn't as devious and malicious as her Lady A reputation might imply She wants to be free of it all to go to India and never come back Arista never wanted to work for Bones or Wild She had no choice in either matter and it was losing her freedom all over again when she joined Wild It's hard not to feel sorry for Arista given her difficult past present and future But I like how strong she is how cool and collected yet sad and emotional filled she is She isn't a conscience less thiefBy chance and terrible timing Arista and her lady's maidfriend Becky are abandoned by Bones and are snatched up by Wild sort of Arista makes a deal with Wild to keep doing what she's doing but for him Arista agrees so that she and Becky will have shelter and food Arista met Grae at a ball while doing a job and she can't get him out of her head Fate throws them together and now Arista sees Grae oftenI liked Grae though you'll see a few complaints below I found him to be a tad one dimensional like I said below He's a strong and kind male protagonist with a very important role to play in the story He's the son of a merchant owning a fleet of ships and Grae is the captain of one Grae is several years older than Arista and he is a lovely young man He's definitely a swoon worthy love interest and the one and only love interestThe synopsis will have you thinking that there might be some sort of love triangle possibly with Grae and Wild being the love interests UNTRUE Throughout the entire book the only love interest is Grae Wild is another employer another man putting Arista in a gilded cage There is no romance there whatsoever There is no romance anywhere except between Arista and GraeAnd I really really liked the romance in this book Grae and Arista meet before he meets Arista he met her at a masuerade ball while she was disguised so he didn't know she was Arista or Lady A Things heat up between them immediately upon seeing each other lust at first sight I LOVED this And then he meets her as Arista and he's shocked and angry but the chemistry is still very much alive And sizzling Seriously for a historical fiction novel the romance was pretty alive I liked this a lotThe story is exciting thrilling sad and engaging I thought it got a little predictable towards the end but that might have just been me Nevertheless I liked the ending I kind of hoped this book would be a standalone but I see on Goodreads that it is listed as a series Companion series? I kind of hope it's not a continuation series This book ended perfectly and I'd almost hate to see a seuel ruin itWhat I Did Not LikeI mentioned above I found Grae to be a smidgen one dimensional He just didn't seem real to me I'm not sure why but he seemed a bit flat Almost too perfect? I liked him a lot don't get me wrong But I feel like I didn't get enough time to get to know him maybe that's it?That's another thing time moves uickly in this book You know that whole one months later or she did this for the next three weeks kind of thing? The author employs this tactic which is fine but it messes with the progression of Grae and Arista's relationship I feel like Grae and Arista didn't get enough up close and personal time and I'm not even talking about in a romantic way though that would have been nice too Their relationship is well developed we know this because of the time lapse but we as readers don't SEE this development really So it wasn't insta love at all More like omission of development If that makes senseI liked Grae a lot and I really liked the romance So don't get me wrong But both could have been stretched out for readers This book was short so another thirty to forty pages of exposition between Grae and Arista would have not only shown the development of their relationship but also taught us about GraeWould I Recommend ItDespite a few misgivings I really enjoyed this book It's definitely worth the read so I would recommend it Kickbutt heroine sweet and steamy romance hot male protagonist swift action what's not to love? And it acts well as a standalone though I see Goodreads says it's part of a series so theoretically you could stop after this book and love itRating4 stars I'm glad I liked this book It was great I've already reread some parts I'm torn on how I feel about it being part of a series but I will definitely read the seuel no matter my feelings on this book and the series This one ended so wonderfully there shouldn't be a seuel But I'll read it anyway

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    Actual Rating 25 This review has also been posted on The Social PotatoI haz mixed feelings about this book and that makes me very sad I really wanted to love it and love it I did notBefore getting into the nitty gritty I just wanted to give a shout out to whoever was in charge of all the artwork on the pages and whoever was in charge of the cover because holy guacamole can I get a GORGEOUSSSSS?On to serious stuff though Lady A was not exactly what I expected She is not nearly as badass as I had imagined her to be I wanted to be blown away by her badassery I wanted to cheer her on as she dealt with the nobility and watched them shrink in fear but sadly that’s not what happened because Arista aka Lady A does not enjoy blackmailing the nobility Alas her soul is not as dark as mine and she hates the life she lives She would do anything to get out of it and rightfully so because her ‘master’ is a complete waste of oxygenI just really have a thing for books involving crime okay? I love seeing people be manipulated and not even know it's happening I LOVE all the cleverness usually involved in books where the main character is part of the crime life but that’s not what I got in this book which would explain my reaction Now please understand that a lot of this is just personal taste and not really reflective of the book because in spite of my expectations I actually found myself warming up to Lady A Sometimes she was a little too loyal in my opinion given the way she had grown up I kind of expected her to be hardened instead of being soft in terms of the people she has emotional connections with but in the long run she was just a young girl trying to make the best of her resources to figure the best way out of a life she wants nothing to do with I even enjoyed seeing her come across barriers she should have been able to account for but couldn’t because no one can think of everythingI loved that she was faced with challenges that might have seemed obvious to the reader and weren’t even major twists or anything but the actual truth is that no one can be all knowing and likely than not things aren’t going to turn out the way you want them toMy biggest issue with this book was the romance I didn’t like it At the beginning of the novel Arista clearly has a crush on Nic but then suddenly she meets Grae and her feelings just disappear I am appreciative of the fact that there was no love triangle but seriously Feelings don’t just vazoom aka disappear I also just didn’t like Grae It’s not that he was bad by any means He was a sweetheart and treated Arista with the respect she deserved and blah blah blah My problem was that I didn’t understand his fascination with Arista and I didn’t like how he was casted as Arista’s savior That girl has brains and is clever she can save herself She is a young independent woman who don’t need no man although romantic interests can be fun I think Grae contrasted her character so much it almost made Arista seem helpless when she isn’tMy favorite character was obviously Nic Nic is great He is such a complex character and I LOVED IT I only wish we could have seen of himThe book was very well paced and even though there were some cheesy bits it was a fun read I actually really did enjoy all the complicated tangledness trying to make a pun here guys just roll with it I just wish we actually got into the secret bartering bit and got to learn what exactly was happening and what kind of secrets the nobility traded to get things accomplished I did enjoy the set up though and I also liked the world that Bross had createdI would suggest not to get lured in by the promise of crime because this book doesn’t focus so much on the fascinating crime life than it does on Arista It’s her story to a better life not about how she engages in crime The bits involving crime were great but also like I said it’s Arista’s story to a better lifeThis was a fun book to read and while I didn’t love it I’d still say it's something to read if you're in the mood for a light and entertaining bookPost Script I also just found out there will be a seuel and I am DEFINITELY curious to see where things will go This could get verreh interesting

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    First I must say that whoever wants to read this should not rely on the synopsis too muchI picked this one because of the cover it's like a scrapbook and I love scrap booking spoiler alerts but minimisedThe story sets in London 1725 and I find it intriguing when I read the synopsis because I always find London interesting especially if it sets way back The protagonist's name Arista didn't turn me on at all I didn't like the name but she turned out to be lovable and admirable She is a notorious blackmailer known as 'Lady A' who works for an abusive master Bones At some nights she attends masuerade partiesballs to trade money over secrets dressed in black gown and feathery mask along with her bodyguardchildhood friend Nic Nic wasn't even mentioned in the synopsis But in daylights she dresses up as a boy to safely passes through the streets of the city I must say she is comfortable dressing as a boy because no one seems to notice her unlike as Lady A who was known and despised by many At one of the parties she attended she met Graeden 'Grae' Sinclair who I must say was bewitched by her in the first sight though it wasn't intentional and Arista was wearing a mask that night I love how they met and their FEW BUT ENOUGH interactions All in all I love their love story though I don't think I get connected with Grae as much as I was with Arista Though Arista is the main protagonist it would've been better to know and get intimate with Grae's character but it's enough Grae told this to AristaBut there is There’s a look you get in your eyes—as if you’re on a great journey but have gotten lost along the way All I want is for you to let me guide you back”The synopsis like I mentioned above didn't say anything about Nic For me it should've have Nic after all can be considered as another love interest of Arista since at first she thought she's in love with him not until she met Grae and made her feel what attraction really meansHowever the synopsis mentioned Wild and anyone might think she's some kind of a Knight in a shining Armor who rescued Arista when something went wrong one fated night And I too thought that way and that he is some kind of Arista's love interest That he'll be a part of Arista's love triangle along with Grae HE IS NOT he's just like Bones who wants to use LADY A's reputation and abilities for his own gainDid I mention that Arista is just a child a mere sixteen year old young lass who was an orphan caught in a fucked up life and didn't have much of a choice but to do bad things in order to survive but want to be out so badly We all know how that kind of stories goes but this one isn't boring at all I love how Grae accepted Lady A's secrets though he was bothered at first since she ended up living in his house with his familyTheir love story was fast paced but I can only say this because the author used fast paced tactic The development of the story weren't all shown to the readers but it is admirable that somehow the author made the readers believe they're already in love without showing too much scenes of their interactions SO you're forgiven Lee BrosIt hurt me that Nic died I shoud've been happier if he found his own girl He was too nice to Arista though he made some terrible decisions tooI would recommend this one to everyone since this is an awesome read Not a five star rated but this will do to spend hours of reading Worth the timeGoodreads listed this as a part of a series but this can be read as a standalone I was almost hesitant to read it because I don't want to be left hanging with the story I wasn't and I'm actually wondering why there's a need for a seuel since for me this has a nice ending already Maybe their lives in Indiathat's where Arista wanted to go and they're going Or Arista will be of bad ass character She already is but there's still room for her to grow as character and I'm sure i'll love her I shelved this as piteous character only because her situation is almost pitiful but Arista is a great protagonist She handled everything wellNOTE TO THE AUTHOR OR THE PUBLISHERS change the synopsis a bitIt's misleading the readers

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    Nothing beats the crushing disappointment you feel when one of your most anticipated books falls flat Tangled Webs had lots of promise yet failed to deliver all that it promised to give The synopsis has everything I'd love to see in a book The story hardly matches all that the synopsis claimsTo start the setting of this novel is London in 1725 London is a fascinating city in my opinion Send me to London in any book in any year and I'll be pleased The one stipulation is that you develop the story around the setting a bit or at least describe the setting This book gives some references to London sights and places and talks a little about London society and fashion but there's nothing to match this story with what's going on in London at the time I feel like this book lacked any possible research to make the setting and story blossom This book literally could have taken place anywhere at any time and still have the same exact story I couldn't connect to Lady AArista at all The poor girl has an identity crisis throughout this book She doesn't know who she wants to be She struggles to cut ties from the evil people who shackle her to a life of crime Her flat character continued to beguile and charm others in the novel and I just didn't understand it neither do I understand how she managed to stay alive so long Her naiveté and poor decision making would led to an untimely demise She's hypocritical at every turn and it was grating on my patience I love romance that has wonderful development and sparks This book contained neither We're told repeatedly about the sparks between Arista and Grae and how they're drawn to each other I didn't feel nor see any of this though The romance was of the author convincing us of the romance's genuineness than actually showing it This book contains insta love as well I couldn't get on board with this romance It was lackluster and dull The romance was cringe worthy and shoved down our throatsNot much happened in this book I didn't need action particularly I just wanted something to hold my attention I had to force myself to continue reading after each chapter Overall this one was not my cup of tea Perhaps you'll have better luck

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    I sense a love triangle comingBut a female protagonist as a blackmailer??Holy Crap I'm pretty excited Edit 1229Well I hate to say it but I was seriously dissapointed I didn't like the romance at all I wish the plot had been focused on the actual blackmailing I wanted a lot of that

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    Things to look out for in Tangled Webs by Lee Bross A VERY confused MC Meet Arista aka Lady A aka Ana aka someone help me because so many “aka’s” aren’t even legal Arista is a thiefor rather the aid of a thief Her boss Bones Villain #1 collects secrets of the aristocrats in London’s society and he’ll keep them safe for a price of course He is cruel abusive and basically owns Arista He keeps her starved and filthy only allowing her to dress up family for the sake of masuerade parties when Arista becomes Lady A and collects the payment from London’s richest But Arista doesn’t know who she is or what she wants to be When she’s Lady A she cherishes the control she a girl has over the rich bastards of the city But when everything is said and done Arista only wants to run away and lead a normal life All of this struggle and angst is fine but not until it wears the reader down Duuuude You don’t know what you want to do Newsflash None of us teens do What you’re experiencing is normal teenage behaviour Jeez Don’t show me your inner struggle for 302 pages out of your 304 page book A host of characters with the depth of the finest potholes in your city When I read a book I expect to see characters who are thicker than a cardboard and deeper than potholes I don’t want to see these characters come and go when the story line reuires them to and I don’t want them to be used to drag the story along Examples of these characters? Nic Love Interest #1 Becky Arista’s “friend” Grae Reigning Love Interest and most importantly Wild Villian #2 These people came when they had to utter a few dialogues and then left leaving Arista to ponder upon—what else?—her identity crisis Sigh Instalove? Instalove I could go on and on and on about Arista and Grae and their love at first sight situation How she fell in love with his voice and the fact that he had been to India How she thought about him all the time forgetting how best friend and companion Nic had always protected her from Bones How she thought that she wouldn’t even give him her name for fear that he wouldwhat go to the cops? How she decided without him might I add that she would help his family who found their way into the book somehow and make sure that they lived happily—no matter the fact that she'd essentially dug her own grave And then there was Grae I loved him the first time he met Arista He was all soft voice and strong arms and swoons but as I kept seeing and of him I realised that while he was likeable he wasn’t some special character that I’d remember Not bad but nothing new either Bummer because I really like his name MY NAME IS GRAE SINCLAIR AND I’M MYSTERIOUS AND SEXY insert sexy pelvic gyrations Villains who are as cliché as they come Two villains in this story ladies and gents and both do basically the same thing One is a brute about it the other uses sweet words to get what he wants And if you don’t do as they say they will take from you whether you like it or not Let me tell you in the history of YA has never been one villain who made me fear for the character’s life And Tangled Webs is no different The two bad guys could have been worse had they shown something that other stereotypical villains don’t but they stuck to the old classics and that just weakend the plot even further London 1725or was it? One of my main reasons for picking up this book was the time period London in books is my happy place whether in current times or two hundred years ago And in Tangled Webs apart from the repeated mentions of the London slums and sualors and the filth in the alleyways nothing else made me feel like the book was based in London In fact it could be the current time in a city that hosted a little too many masuerades and my feelings about the book would remain unchanged What is the use of such an elaborate setting if it brings nothing of conseuence to the plot line? Overall I’m not too sure if I’m going to pick up the seuel to this one but it’s a confirmed two book series so why the fuck not right? I was provided a free ecopy of this book in exchange of an honest review This did not in any way however influence the content of this review

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    See this mini review at YA Midnight ReadsThis novel had uite the premise it appealed to me on every level I mean come on historical fiction coupled up with a complex blackmail scenario? Sign me up Unfortunately with Tangled Webs I found myself simply unable to finish it I ended up marking it as DNF at 30 percent just because I was so so so detached and bored out of my mind The biggest issue for me was definitely the writing in this one It just read as so bland and typical and because of that the characters ended up in the same boat for me You see I didn’t end up finishing this one not because it was overwhelmingly rage inducing but rather because it was was so utterly mediocre for me I had no interest or investment on what happened in terms of plot characters romanceanything I think it says something that a story about blackmailing in the 1700s was so boringPerhaps that has something to do with the fact the story didn’t really feel like it took place in the 1700s I felt as though the lack of worldbuilding made it feel like the novel could have taken place in Canada in the 1940s or really any time period at all Given this is a historical fiction novel I do find the historical elements to be uite crucial and it would be an understatement to say Tangled Webs was lacking in that department The setting and time period added nothing to the novel at allThere was definitely romance in Tangled Websunfortunately I didn’t read the story long enough to see if the love triangle presented was in fact a love triangle but from what I’ve gathered this seems to be the case The love triangle is between the main character’s sole confident who has been with her over the course of her whole life and has saved it on a few occasions and this random gentleman she met one night at a ball and is completely head over heels in love with I can already make a guess who the main character ended up with and I looked some reviews to confirm and it’s truly just sad to me despite how many times we’ve raged about insta love it continues to prevail in YA fiction It honestly makes zero sense to me and never will Of course since I felt so detached from the characters their romances among each other definitely didn’t result in swooning but rather rolling my eyes on an extremely freuent basisOverall I found myself extremely disappointed by Tangled Webs I couldn’t get through than 30 percent of the novel due to my extreme ennui the lackluster romance how the historical elements were lacking and how I frankly didn’t have a single care towards any of the characters