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Trice Hickman is an amazing writer and storyteller Kimberla Lawson RobyEvery joy has its challengesAfter twenty years childhood best friends Alexandria Thornton and PJ Brightwood have reunited and fallen in love Alex's artistic nature as a spoken word artist and PJ's success as a talented surgeon promise a bright future But their happiness brings unexpected complications for those they care about mostA devoted wife loving mother and successful businesswoman Victoria Thornton is a pillar of her suburban Atlanta community But when her daughter Alexandria becomes engaged to the son of Victoria's former lover her past mistake threatens her orderly life As the impending marriage reunites both families it reignites old feelings that test all of their relationships and all of their boundariesPraise for the Unexpected Love seriesLooking for Trouble is a fantastic saga about family friendship love status and destiny RT Book ReviewsAhumorousandentertainingnovel UrbanReviewsonKeeping Secrets Telling LiesHickman hits all the high notes in this charming modern romance where love and loyalty trump race Publishers Weekly starred review on Unexpected Interruptions

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    WONDERFUL I thoroughly enjoyed this book Would love to read about the families in this book I give it two thumbs up

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    35 stars Trice Hickman's writing was good I just thought the story was a little slow paced in some parts Just when I was starting to feel the story was dragging on a bit I was on Chapter 37 and all of a sudden the story ended The ending felt a little sudden I'm glad I finished the book though I liked the characters especially Alexandria and Grandma Allene This was my first read by Trice Hickman I doubt it will be my last

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    A love story with drama

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    Alexandria has a gift that she's trying to understand Her family recognizes her 'special ness' and trust her Grandma Allene had the gift and has connected to Alexandria to guide her and the family through upcoming tribulations In the midst of this spiritual connection Alexandria is preparing to marry her childhood sweetheart PJ Victoria and Ted are experiencing discord in their marriage and with their daughter's marriage comes a thorn from their past Children misbehaving and rebellious aids to the heartache as they all fight to remain together Can a family trip to the place where it all began in Nedine really bind them together? Will the love that created these individuals be enough to pull them back to the 'good times' to a good place? What will the secrets mean for their foundation? Is the good still outweighing the bad? Is the love really and truly enough to heal all wounds? This family is inspiring in their authenticity and the spiritual core that is the mainline of this story is so magnificent I know that this is a fictional read butif you relate to 'gift' in any fashion you will truly understand as you feel something in your spirit leap in joy Be encouraged knowing that GOD has a purpose and plan

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    I wanted to like this and there were some elements like the obvious trust respect and affection between most of the couples that I found really refreshing but the book just wasn't strong enough to hold my attention The main character Alex is so perfect that everyone who thinks about her has to take a moment to appreciate how good and kind and giving and blah blah blah she is It was cloying to constantly hear about this polyanna paragon The other issue that really kept me from getting deep into this novel was the lack of refinement to the writing craft There were a lot of filtering phrases she thought she realized she knew that really serve to red flag a passage as exposition and kick me right out of the flow and the dialogue felt too polished and self conscious to really sound like two people talking When I found myself reading the book not to find out what happens but just to get it over with so I could move on to something interesting I realized it was time to shelve it and move on

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    Excellent book When weaving a tale between past and present it is sometimes difficult to achieve the desired outcome but Trice Hickman nailed it Spanning two lifetimes this story is beautifully conveyed from both Allene and her great grand daughter's point of view Alexandria and Allene both have the give of prophecy but during the struggle of learning when and when not to use it Alexandria is directed back to her families old homestead in South Carolina There secrets will be buried mysteries will be solved addictions will be confronted family ties will be reinforced and lives will begin anew Hopefully this will not be the last book in this series as I have gone uiet fond of Victoria Ted Parker Alexandria PJ and all of the other main characters in the Unexpected Love Series

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    Finished this book overnight just because I love the writing style of this bookI grew attached to all the characters especially because they are all related from Trice Hickman's debut novel 'Unexpected Interruptions' o book I will never regret buying because it to this day I still read it when I have free timeMy favorite characters from this book are of course Ted Victoria and Parker I still love the triangle tension between them although I love it the most when Ted and Victoria are together And I hope stories will be developed with their characters still playing an important part

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    I am a fan of author Trice Hickman and the whole Parker Victoria and Ted storyline With this last installment I expected umph from the author I was conflicted as I love the storyline but was confused with the book I was really looking for the final showdown between the trio as it was evident that the heat chemistry was still there I get the power of prophecy but don't get that we weren't introduced to the problems of Christian sooner Also there was a great story with Sam Tyler and her past intertwining with her presentLike I said I am conflicted because I love the previous novels but while this filled me it left me full I was still hungry

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    I really found the book to be interesting as I do believe there are spirits among us and do believe that if we are in tune with ourselves and our environments that we can reach beyond our worldly limitations It's also all in how you deal with and handle these special gifts I found the story to lag in places but after you see how it all ties into together and becomes somewhat relevant to the plot and the story It was an ok read

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    A full and perfect circle If you have read all of Trice's previous books then you are in for a serious treat If you haven't this skilled writer made sure you were able to follow along I stopped gifting five stars to books but this one left me no choice A definite classic What a beautifully written book For spoilers or uestions inbox me