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Second book on the Manga Readathon Read your shortest seriesHac a mucho que no le a nada de Arina y como siempre no decepciona Aunque la verdad es que se nota mucho que es su primera historia, ya que es bastante m s superficial que sus otras historias A n as ha sido muy bonita, y su dibujo es sencillamente divino la verdad es que las 4 estrellas se las he puesto m s que nada por el dibujo jeje So, last summer I started to re read some of my old Mangas, the Kaori Yuki ones to be frank and this year I decided, why not my Arina Tanemura collection.The history is long and complicated Arina used to be THE Mangaka of my early teen years Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne was one of my first Manga Series ever and for a couple of years I used to read everything I could find of hers, full on series or one shot And I loved it Her beautiful artwork, her cutesy romances and quirky stories Then Shinshi Doumei Cross happened and Arina and I went on a break What started out as a promising series quickly became one of the weirdest reading experiences of my life and while my best friend bravely stuck with it to the end, I couldn t And that was it for the upcoming years.Now, about two or three years ago I felt like buying a Manga, but not committing to a whole series and there it was, Arina s Mistress Fortune smiling at me from the shelf and I just bought it And what can I say The artwork was gorgeous as I remembered the rest wasfine I guess From that moment on I am on a weird Arina revival tour The Best Friend and I are reading 31 I Dream, with very mixed feelings so far and I tried my luck with her very popular My Magic Fridays but only managed to cringe myself through 2 volumes It was disturbing.Now, why all this rambling when this is a review of Ion , you might ask Well, I decided to try and rediscover why I loved Arina s stories so much or to just try and see if my taste really changed that much Ion tells the story of Teenager Ion, who discovers she has psychic abilities and hopes to use them the win her crush over, a boy called Mikado, who just happens to be interested in the subject matter Enter another psychic rival of love, an obsessed class President and some well meaning friends and you get a High School Rom Com with a supernatural flavor.It s cute That s basically it, really Ion is Arina s debut Manga apart from some smaller scale shorts and it definitely shows The artwork, while beautiful, is not as detailed and polished as it will become later on The writing however shows prototypes of famous tropes she will go on to use in her later works.The characters are okay, even if a bit irritating There are definitely some aspects I probably overlooked as a teenager that bother me now The whole dynamic between Ion and Mikado feels a bit wrong to me and I really want to shake that girl and tell her to get some self respect You know, the usual.But whatever It is a harmless little romance Cute, but nothing. It sokay It s definitely cute, but I guess Gentleman s Alliance appeals to me Tanemura s style is also defined in that one.Here, it s liketrapped in 1996 and it s a little jarring to look at for me and I really can t explain it any than that.Woo Ehthis book was unbelievably weird, and it wasn t drawn all too well Also, who names their kid Ion Who lets their spouse name their kid Ion This is my first anime and I really enjoyed it I loved the fun pictures, the little the making of the bhoo notes on the side of the page but when it came to the story, the romance wasn t really my sort of thing I loved how quick it was to read and I ll definatly be looking out for anime Eine sch ne und s e Geschichte f r Zwischendurch, die einen mitnimmt Mir hat besonders der Zeichenstil hier gut gefallen Arina Tanemura ist ja eher f r ihre berladenen Seiten bekannt, aber bei ION hat sie sich echt distanziert und hat die Tatsache sprechen lassen Weniger ist mehr Es passiert im Gegensatz zu anderen Mangas zwar noch recht viel auf jeder Seite, aber die Zeichnungen sind leichter zu durchschauen und das verschafft einen klaren und sicheren Lesefluss Mir hat das nun bei ION schon wesentlich besser gefallen als bei ein paar anderen Mangas von der Mangaka. 3.5 stars Ion Tsuburagi Chants The Letters Of Her First Name As A Charm To Bring Good Luck When She Needs It Then She Meets Mikado Hourai, The President Of The Psychic Powers Research Society At School, And Touches A Mysterious Substance He S Been Developing Now Chanting I O N Gives Her Telekinetic Powers A cute little one shot story I love Arina Tanemura but as this was her first book, I can see a lot of her style was still fairly undeveloped This one was pretty basic and didn t have a lot going on I love almost everything she does so like I said, it s not bad, it s just not the best It is a great book to read