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Mistakes happen – but when Annabelle makes one that will re bound financially on the firm she works for she has to be punished Her boss Brad has a reputation for punishing his female staff and Annabelle can’t wait But her mistake is such a biggy that she is not only spanked but tied to Brad’s desk and shared with other members of the board who pleasure themselves fully on her helpless bodyThis story contains ADULT CONTENT and contains graphic descriptions of group sexual activity

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    Annabelle made a grave mistake she sent the uote to the firm's biggest rival rather than the company Now she must let her boss know She has heard rumours that Brad deals with mistakes by his female staff in a specific way With some trepidation and it must be said anticipation she enters Brads office to deliver the bad newsThe rumours were right he is not pleased and tells her that she must be punished She locks the door and at his command removes her short skirt and panties and bends over the special stool Usinf a spanking paddle he proceeds to administer the first stage of the punishment Once the spanking is finished her bottom is glowing red as e strokes her cheeks and feels how wet she isFor stage two she is tied across his desk her legs spread wide and a blindfold fixed He calls in other members of the Board to share in the punishment Between then all three holes are well used She is so happy As she dresses to leave Brad advises if she continues to make mistakes the punishmant will continue A smile crosses her lips

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    This is porn If you are looking for a uickie that will get your libido pumping that this will do it Do not look for a story line or plot The title is what you get She gets tied to a desk and members of the board use her It's hot if you like that kind of thing Don't read it if it is not