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In These Eight Masterpieces There Is No Room For The Smallest Sign Of Stumbling Or Youthful Undertones They Are Perfect These Stories That Speak About Objects And Daily Happenings, Pass Over To Another Dimension, One Of Nightmare Or Revelation In Each Text, Surprise And Uneasiness Are Ingredients Added To The Indescribable Pleasure Of Its Reading These Stories May Upset Readers Due To A Very Rare Characteristic In Literature They Stare At Us As If Waiting For Something In Return After Reading These True Classics, Our Opinion Of The World Cannot Remain The Same Casa Tomada House Taken Over Carta A Una Se Orita En Par S Letter To A Young Lady In Paris Lejana The Distances Mnibus Omnibus Cefalea Headache Circe Circe Las Puertas Del Cielo The Gates Of Heaven Bestiario Bestiary

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    Julio Cortazar is one of the most famous of the so called Boom authors of Latin America, and with good reason He is a natural story teller, a natural lover of words, and meticulous in his descriptive details My favorite story in this collection is Lejana, which I had read in college for the first time It is just as interesting and suspenseful the second time around All of his short stories are excellent and make for enjoyable reading, but some of them are truly outstanding and memorable.

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    We enjoyed the house apart from its spaciousness and it s history but it protected the memories of of great grandparents, paternal grandfather, our parents and all of my childhood Casa tomada Drunken house So the first page starts A couple cleans the large house everyday trying to make themselves comfortable Then they start hearing noises Memories of the past Monsters Ghosts What a great kick off to a collection of haunting tales from Julio Cort zar.These eight tales range from subtle to the plainly twisted Each story has a unique twist done like only Cort zar can This is the first collection of short stories published under his real name in 1951.The stories include a bus trip loaded with passengers and their grave site flowers mnibus to the disturbing Alina Reyes walking the streets of Budapest Lejana to the creepy beasts called mancuspias in Cefalea to Delia Ma ara, a woman whose two previous boyfriends had died and she in on the third Circe , the ghostly dancer of Las puertas del cielo, the bizarre vomiting bunnies Carta a una se orita en Par s and finally the curious boy with his intrigue for el mamboret in Bestiaro.The book can be summed up with Cort zar s own words, un balbucear como de gratitud, de innominable aquiescencia Amen.

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    Six out of eight of these highly imaginative and meaningful short stories were just brilliant And after reading Blow up and other stories, and really liking that, Cort zar is a writer I now truly admire Will certainly read of him, with Hopscotch likely next But the trouble with a lot of his other work is going to be getting hold of it in English, as my Spanish sucks The eight stories scored House taken 4 5Letter to a lady in Paris 5 5Distant 5 5Omnibus 3 5Headache 5 5Circe 4 5The gates of heaven 5 5Bestiary 5 5

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    This was definitely one interesting work Weird but at the same time, extremely, extremely powerful experience In fact, I feel quite short of words, but I also really want to write about this book.In these pages there are eight short stories, which Cort zar wrote being inspired by his own nightmares and fears Sounds clich However, it isn t He truly has captured something here it s surrealism, horror, fantasy, magical realism, thriller, everything at the same time.Probably, experience really is the best word to describe how the text got to me There are books, which are thoroughly enjoyable to read, and then there are books which just are experiences This fits both, but above all, the latter.Trying to disassemble the content, it is probably the very every day nature of these stories, and the delicate way of subtly introducing terror into it, that sucks the reader in Cortaz r s way of writing is very shallow and ambiguous, leading plenty of room foor interpretation and subjective experience.I ve always experienced surrealism as something that makes me feel very uneasy, even in some cases slightly fearful Once it appears that the boundaries of what is supposed to happen are broken, then one becomes to acknowledge that then practically anything could happen It s not a nice feeling Yet, even if Kafka has made me feel uncomfortable that s exactly why I was so into him at one point, the experience was so strong , he has never really intertwined surrealism with horror These stories are like Metamorphosis taken a bit further.

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    Julio Cort zar escribe ficci n, pero con tal elegancia, que te convence que est s leyendo una verdad o por lo menos una realidad alternativa.A pesar de que los cuentos fueron escritos con la misma pluma hablando metaf ricamente, porque de lo dem s no me consta cada uno aborda temas tan distintos sin guardar ninguna familiaridad con el anterior o el siguiente Adem s, Cort zar tiene la delicadeza de acomodar las palabras en una forma tan fuera de lo com n, que parece que nunca has le do un enunciado como ese Es tan preciso, que cada palabra da en el blanco y permanece una a una hasta que llegas al final de la historia y comienzas la siguiente.De los 8 cuentos, mis favoritos son La casa tomada, Carta a una se orita en Par s, mnibus y Cirse.Cort zar writes fiction, but with such an elegance that convinces you that you re reading the true or at least an alternate reality.Although all the stories were written with the same pen metaphorically speaking, because of everything else I m not sure each one tackles subjects as diverse without saving any familiarity with the previous or next Also, Cort zar has the delicacy to accommodate the words in a way so unusual, that it seems that you have never read a statement like that It is so precise that every word is on target and remains one by one until you get to the end of the story and begin the next.Of the 8 stories, my favorites are La casa tomada, Carta a una se orita en Par s, mnibus and Cirse.

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    Strange and captivating stories I didn t really understand any of them, even though I read some of them twice Still, they transfixed me My favorite was probably Carta a una se orita en Par s Who could forget the torment of the man who vomited rabbits I m also dying to understand Cefalea, one of the stories I read twice I m sure I ll revisit this book in the future.

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    Second time of reading it and besides the fact that it squeezes your brain while you try to figure out what does he mean with all those crazy stuff, I love it Casa tomada , Omnibus , Lejana , Carta a una se orita en Par s they are all as crazy as they are amazing And let s not forget the story that gives the name to the book Bestiario.Thumbs up for Julio Cortazar s magical realism.

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    Finished reading February 29th 2016 Las costumbres, Andr e, son formas concretas del ritmo, son la cuota del ritmo que nos ayuda a vivir No era tan terrible vomitar conejitos una vez que se hab a entrado en el ciclo invariable, en el m todo view spoiler I have been wanting to start reading in Spanish again for ages and it seemed than fitting to pick an author who comes from the same country I now call my home Argentina I have read short stories by Julio Cort zar in the past, especially during my years at the University, but I can t remember having read the full Bestiario bundle Like in the other stories I know, Julio Cort zar was without doubt an expert in the use of magical realism The way he was able to combine ordinary things and situations with magical realism elements is what makes his stories so special and I really enjoyed reading them I do have to say that some stories were better than others especially Lejana didn t really manage to convince me Still, this is without doubt a very interesting read and it felt good to read in Spanish again.I m doing this review slightly different since there are eight different short stories included in this bundle Below a short description and my thoughts on each of them.Casa TomadaIn this story a brother and a sister are living in a big and old house in Buenos Aires It starts as a description of their everyday life then slowly that same house is being taken over by a stranger You never get to find out who it was or why they don t try to fight it, and that is part of the charm of this short story.Carta A Una Se orita En ParisThis story is the perfect example of Julio Cort zar s excellent writing skills where he mixed magical realism with interesting descriptions The main character writes a letter to the owner of the house he has been asked to take care of with a confession somehow he regularly vomits little rabbits and then has to hide them It sounds absurd but it is actually a quite funny story.LejanaThis one is without doubt my least favorite story I normally like magical realism, but this story was too confusing to be enjoyable It seems to be a story of a woman who writes about some kind of visions, but to be honest I m still not completely sure what was really going on mnibusOne of my favorites of this bundle What I love is that Julio Cort zar used ordinary things like a bus ride and changes it into a surreal story Having lived in BA and taken the same 168 bus many times only improves the reading experienceCefaleaThis story is a bit fantastical than others and is actually quite interesting The characters have to take care of fictional animals mancuspias but are struggling because they are suffering from really bad headaches Slowly things are starting to go wrong and they don t know how to fix it..CirseThis story made me crave chocolate Delia makes chocolates and saw her two previous boyfriends die under suspicious circumstances Mario prefers to ignore the odds and is determined to be her third and only living boyfriend An interesting enough story for sure.Las Puertas Del CieloThis story hasn t as many magical realism elements but is without doubt very interesting as well One of the main characters is a husband who is struggling to coope with the death of his wife, and his friend is trying to help him One night when they go to a milonga he thinks he sees his dead wife again Las Puertas Del Cielo turned out to be intriguing and also has a nice reference to the whole milonga culture.BestiarioThe last story is probably the most famous one and is also the story the bundle has been named after I remember having to read this particular short story back in Uni and I really enjoyed reading it second time around Magical realism at its best The characters live in a big house and there also happens to be a tiger walking around The movements of the characters are limited by the tiger, but they seem to be used to it Until someone makes a mistake hide spoiler

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    I wouldn t confess my secret either.I have never described this to you before, not so much, I don t think, from the lack of truthfulness as that, just naturally, one is not going to explain to people at large that from time to time one vomits up a small rabbit Letter of a Young Lady in ParisIf Jorge Luis Borges is the literary scientist who excels at exhibiting impossible geometries in miniature, Julio Cort zar is the long winded, mussy haired standup act with something direly unsettling about each of his stories, something you really want to pin down, but no matter how closely you listen you never will.When I feel that I m going to bring up a rabbit, I put two fingers in my mouth like an open pincer, and I wait to feel the lukewarm fluff rise in my throat For those unfamiliar with Borges, perhaps I should be playing on a comparison with another short piece writer closer to the Western ear who was also Cort zar s contemporary E B White.Surprised Julio Cort zar 1914 1984 was an Argentine writer, and part of the flourishing Latin American literary scene of the 50s and 60s.E B White 1899 1985 was na American writer, known for his contributions to the The New Yorker all of which are firmly grounded in reality Although, of course, there s his fiction for children, such as Charlotte s Web My literary minded readers will know him for the The Elements of Style writing manual that contains such classical advice as Omit needless words, Be clear, and Place yourself in the background.Now for the comparison.Within the bastion of brilliant writing, Cort zar is the polar opposite of White.Let me spell that out 1 Cort zar does not omit needless words, 2 Cort zar is not clear, 3 Cort zar does not place himself or, rather, the narrator in the background The first point speaks of Cort zar s style easygoing, seemingly unedited, discursive, transferring meaning through hints and through osmosis rather than at the edge of a blade However, he doesn t resort to a wordiness common to the preceding ages, such as the fin de si cle cloying headiness brought upon by the just demonstrated type of adjectival pile up Also, the French conte cruel, which explores similar phenomena, namely the cruel twists of fate albeit usually socially distasteful, grotesque, appalling, bizarre , does so either explicitly or opaquely, but it doesn t leave you wondering what just happened Your curiosity is extinguished because you are satisfied, or because you don t care Not with Cort zar.The second point speaks of Cort zar s subject matter he treats the impossibly, subtly nightmarish that gets under your skin without you knowing why It is ill defined, indefinite, indescribably balanced on the boundaries of perception Some of his stories could be called Dahlesque or indeed some of Roald Dahl s stories, like Royal Jelly , come close to what is found in Cort zar s Bestiary , but where Dahl gives you the satisfaction of a clear, if distinctly disturbing ending, Cort zar usually does not Like in Borges s There Are More Things, you are left wondering what you would have seen had the camera panned the other way.The third point is arguably the hardest to transfer from non fiction to fiction I ll make the transference anyway in fiction, place yourself in the background means leave the narrative surface unbroken In other words, let the reader skate over all the mechanisms, issues, trickery that underly successful fiction let them enjoy the scenery Cracks in the narrative surface, hills and ravines, narrative surfaces within narrative surfaces, warped reflections and startling linguistic legerdemain are the domain of magical realism and metafiction Cort zar offers one or both admirably it s almost lovely to see how they like to stand on their hind legs, nostalgia for that so distant humanity, perhaps an imitation of their god walking about and looking at them darkly besides which, you will have observed when you were a baby, perhaps that you can put a bunny in the corner against the wall like a punishment, and he ll stand there, paws against the wall and very quiet, for hours and hours Aren t you yearning to find out how the rabbit conclave ends

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    Every man has a dark side, a beast side within himself It s up to him letting it outside Light and darkness, perfection and chaos, Cort zar uses his tales based on dualities and opposites to describe the way we, humans, react to the different complications of our lives Many of those difficulties are not even rational