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10 thoughts on “Life on the Refrigerator Door: Notes Between a Mother and Daughter

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    I took a week or so to write my review of this book because I'm still not certain how I truly feel I admit to having borrowed it from the library's We recommend section; I felt it would be a uick 'read whilst waiting on the car line' book Little did I know forty five minutes worth of reading would cause such inner strife Initially I felt the plot to be terribly contrived in terms of post it note communication However having finished the book I realised several peoplefamilies have indeed reduced their chats to post its and text messages This rather obvious observation depressed me I found myself angry with both mother and daughter why were such important conversations being reduced to little 2 by 2 strips of paper? Why couldn't the mother sit down and speak with Claire? I found myself angry with the author Wasn't she simply perpetuating andor glorifying this non approach to face to face heartfelt verbal exchanges?Yes I became misty eyed at the close with the final note on the door yet it was glaringly too little too lateI suppose this was indeed the author's intent to point out our lack of communication in this ever increasingly fast paced self centered world Yet I can't help thinking people may read this and take a different tact Oh wasn't that sweet so touching so sad texted to a friend while sitting in the local StarbucksMy eleven year old son asked if he could read the book and I said yes then my 9 year old daughter sat down for a read The three of us discussed it later seated at the kitchen table and all agreed life's conversations are meant to be just that verbal give and take between individualsAgain perhaps this discontent was the goal and perhaps I'm less angry than saddened that people might need to read a book like this to be reminded of what is important in life

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    This story is told in the form of notes on the refrigerator door from mother to daughter and vise versa It's engaging and easily captures the attention of the reader as it reveals the life of Claire and her mom It's pretty clear where the book is taking us and the morals behind the writing don't waste a moment of life make time for each other don't ignore the important things that face us etc Despite the obvious nature of this book I became invested in the glimpse into the life of the protagonists and found the emotion of the story evoked my tears GENRE Young Adult

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    I read this beautiful little gem of a book a couple of years ago You might think to yourself Well alright cool but how can you write a review for a book you barely remember? I'll tell you how You don't write a review but you write something along the lines of a 'recollection of thoughts' I might not remember every detail of the book actually who am I kidding I barely remember anything but a few main themes However I can remember what I felt whilst reading this novel and you rarely forget feelings that accompanied you in moments of your life unless of course your memory involuntarily due to medical reasons fails you I remember loving the whole premise of this book The entire novel is written in note form a method of communication between a teenage girl and her mother It was easy to read uick and intriguing I believe I read the entire book in a day It was very very relatable I remember there being conversations in written form of course about feeding pet rabbits and buying groceries It was moving and focused on a very special thing often overlooked in YA novels specifically the bond between family members Watching the constantly meandering and uncertain but always loving relationship between a mother and a daughter was charming to read about It was heartbreaking and carried such a deep meaningful message that every person should hear The way I interpreted this message was that we should always make time for the people we love because we never know when our time will run out What a great book If you're looking for a uick read pick this up but prepare for a wave of emotions This book will have your heartstrings in a twist

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    25 I’ve read this book twice once in English and once almost two years later in French and I didn’t like it either time This book was fine but it just wasn’t really for me

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    I found it hard to like this book because I didn't like the mother at all My problem with that character was she didn't seem to know much about breast cancer even though she was an obgyn she seemed less mature than her daughter most of the time and thing the bothered me the most was she didn't have a cell phone What obgyn in this day and age doesn't have a cell phone? Of course if she had a cell phone she could've called her daughter and written fewer notes which would've been a problem for a book about notes on a refrigerator I've got a teenage daughter and there's just no way I'd do most of my communicating with her with notes even if it meant I never got any sleep because I had to wait for her to come home from babysitting This book reminded me of those emotionally manipulative books by James Patterson Sam's Letters to Jennifer for example that I hate I wanted to like this book but I couldn't

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    I found this book yesterday and decided to read a page before going to sleep however this turned out to be impossible to put down and when I realized it was overAt a time when face to face comunication and personal interaction is increasingly scarce it's important to uestion ourselves do we really know the people closest to us? at the end of the day what we are doing and the people we're sharing our moments with are the ones that really matter?A very uick read that still menages to convey an important message through a tender mother and daughter relationship

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    Okay I'll admit itthis book had me bawling in the waiting room at the doctor's office yesterday Everyone thought I was there for bad news After reading the ending I could honestly tell the doctor I was doing great The title caught my eye first but when I saw the pages were notes between a mother and daughter I had to read it Claire is a teenager struggling to define herself in a life of divorce friends boys and school Her mom is also struggling as a single mother raising a daughter and working They rarely see each other Their lives are recorded by notes on the refrigerator The writing is engaging especially as the word choice and tone change as their lives change The characters were so believable I could see them as I read even though the author never describes their appearance The best part of the book was being able to relate to the characters As a teenager I found it difficult to communicate with my mom Now I have a teenage daughter A few years ago we put a white board on the fridge to remind everyone of important messages shopping lists etc My daughter began to use it as a way to talk to me about things she was feeling or thinking but couldn't say out loud Her messages made me laugh and often made me cry but kept us connected through the dark days of adolescence Alice Kuiper captures that same connection and love between Claire and her mom This is a must read book especially if you have a daughter

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    I'm not sure what to say about this book I had this listed to read for uite awhile and finally stumbled upon it yesterday at the Super G I will admit that I'm glad I didn't pay 1595 for it As much as I liked it being that it took me less than 20 minutes to read I would have been a little ticked at that As it happened I only paid 300 for it and for this I am pleased The reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 3 is the ending The ending affected me than any other part of the book The book did a good job leading up to the ending but the ending definitely pulled at my heart Maybe it's because I have a young daughter and it's always been a strong fear of mine that I miss time with her Since she's been born I've always been very conscious of that missed time I don't want to look back one day and realize time was wasted And this book pinponted that and it also showed how very easy it would be to fall into the trap I thought it was telling that so many of the notes between Claire and her Mom involved planned meetings I'll be back in time to go with you I'm going out for a minute let's watch a movie tonight These are my words not uotes the gist of it is the same but I didn't take these word for word This type of note showed how easy it is for anyone to have great intentions that fall to the wayside It's a very very fast book Any books with one or two sentences on each page would be But I think Kuiper's did a good job and I'd certainly be willing to read another of her books anytime

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    It is a uick read about a woman and her daughter who are communicating most of the time through  fridge's notes because they  are rarely  at home at the same timeno wonder the young girl is just a 15 years old spending her entire time between school and hanging out with her friends or babysitting   whilst her mom is a doctor  They talk almost about everything; relationships grocery school their rabbit peterand even disease The mother suffered from a breast cancer unfortunately she could not survive however the young girl continued writing to her mom in the same way I even consider one of first notes she wrote after her mom death as an eulogy The relationship between them  was a uite tight when you contemplate the words they were using on the notes but obviously they were not spending enough time with each other which make it harder to discuss merely small issues properly Maybe the message beyond this book is that we must spend enough  uality and uantity time  with our beloveds and never take our tiny graces for granted because we may lose them in a blink of an eyeI had high expectation about this book due to high rated reviews from many people but I was not pretty satisfied while reading suffice to say that It was a bad choice 

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    This is Just to SayI have eatenthe plumsthat were inthe iceboxand whichyou were probablysavingfor breakfastForgive methey were deliciousso sweetand so coldWILLIAM CARLOS WILLIAMSI remember when i first encountered this poemninth grade Honors English my all time favorite teachermost inspirationalprops again Mr Mathis I seem to remember one of those painful sessions of analyzationsearching for meaning symbolism wondering if there were any right or wrong answers which brings back nightmares of yet another teacherthis time college and sixteenth century poetryeverything i said and wrotewas WRONG WRONG WRONG and somehow i could do betterit was the first time that i really understood what it felt like to be the picked upon 'dumb' studentabsolutely hated it this same teacher was also my English minor advisor and in advising sessions he was perfectly pleasantnice even Anyway couldn't this famous poem and i do love the poemperhaps just for its lovely simplicity just be a note left on the kitchen table or the refrigerator door?Alice Kuipers' first novel life on the refrigerator door is just thatnotes between a mother and daughter left on the refrigerator door a somewhat refreshing form of communication in this day of cell phones email and im ing This is a wonderful book; its 220 pages can be easily read in less than a few hours but the emotions will linger long after the last page is finishedIt is as touching if not so for what is left unsaid as what is said I have an advanced reader's edition which i picked up because it was there and it looked undaunting Today while i was cataloging ever the librarian i newly acuired books unfortunately a few still accumulate though i have tried to curb certain impulses i picked it up started reading and couldn't stopI never felt like Kuipers was constrained by her form and what went untold could be sensed through what was told You know from the blurbs that all will not go well with these characters but it is still a most compelling read short sweet and entirely moving I will leave you with one of Claire's notes to her motherWhen I look at youI see the woman I want to beStrong and braveBeautiful and freeClairePS I love you