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We're bringing law and order back in this nation Ben Raines Scourge Upon The Land While ending the rule of slavers thugs and the cannibalistic Night People on the Hawaiian Islands Ben Raines and his rebel army learn of a new threat to America A grim specter from the past an army of Nazis led by the maniacal Jesus Dieguez Mendoza Hoffman is marching through South America toward the vulnerable heartland of America Not content enough to crush America Hoffman has singled out Ben Raines for a hideous fate Now with the famed warrior a prisoner his life hanging in the balance only the outnumbered but undefeated Rebels stand in the way of the terrorist trained Death's Head battalions bent on destroying the once proud land of liberty and freedom

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    I found this book laying in the street near my corner store I had to read it as mine has the shirtless m 16 yielding Raines foreground; and white outlined eagle with massive talons background Some say don't judge a book by the cover those people are the nazi's that maniacal Jesus dieguez Mendoza Hoffman trains in this gripping novel Best dystopian world war 3 novel I've found abandoned on the street

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    I have a particular fondness for this book Ben ends up running a one man operation in and around Mountain Home AR and Yellville Both places are near where my grandparents retired In this book Ben finishes up Hawaii and heads back to the US to deal with a Nazi invasion from South America Outnumbered and outgunned he and his rebels are faced with the greatest challenge yet I should mention that some of the best puns and acronyms take place in this book Including scratching a group calledwait for it wait for itCROTCH lol

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    Ashes continuesI gave this book four stars because it kept my attention The story line was great I recommend that if you are considering reading this start with the first book

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    Very good adventure series Basically the forming of a new United States after WW3 and the story of the man who leads and forms it If you like men's adventure stories you will enjoy it Recommended