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From the author of Jane and the Ghosts of Netley Jane and His Lordship's Legacy is historical suspense writing at its very finest graced with insight perception and uncommon intelligence of its singular heroine in a mystery that will test the mettle of her mind and heart

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    I read Stephanie Barron’s cozy mystery series featuring real life author Jane Austen in cahoots with a fictional roguish second son of a duke Lord Harold Trowbridge view spoilerLord Harold died in the seventh novel in the series the one immediately before this one hide spoiler

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    I so enjoy these books I got behind in my reading and was delighted to sink back into a good mystery which is also a well researched glimpse of Austen's life Don't worry I know they are fiction but the footnotes cover actual history I find this a lovely blending of real and fictional

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    It is 1809 a significant year in the life of our esteemed authoress Jane Austen After close to five years of being shuffled about England between relatives the three unattached Austen ladies widower Mrs Austen and her two unmarried daughters Jane and Cassandra are given permanent refuge by Jane’s elder brother Edward Austen Knight in the village of Chawton They will live at Chawton cottage the former residence of the recently deceased steward of Edward’s vast estate there Still privately grieving the tragic death of her dear friend Lord Harold Trowbridge The Gentleman Rogue nine months prior Jane arrives in the village to find an uneasy welcome to the Suire’s family It appears that the villagers are unhappy that the widow of Edward’s former steward was asked to vacate the cottage in favor of his family and seriously Edward as an absentee Suire has been remiss in his duties since the death of his wife Elizabeth the previous yearWithin hours of Jane’s arrival at the cottage she receives an unexpected visit from contemptuous Mr Bartholomew Chizzlewit attorney to the family of His Grace the Duke of Wilborough Performing his duty as family solicitor he deposits on Jane’s dining parlor floor a curiously carved chest announcing that she is listed as a legatee in Lord Harold’s Last Will and Testament His beuest should she accept it is that she accept his personal papers and diaries “a lifetime of incident intrigue and conspiracy; of adventure and scandal; of wagers lost and won” and write his life story After the Duke of Wilborough’s family contested the legacy in a London court and lost they are bitter about the arrangement and hold it against Jane Not only is this startling news the thought of reliving the Gentleman Rogues life far before she met him and then through his entire life as a spy for the British government is both curious and painful to her When the huge chest is removed into the cottage’s cellar another startling discover brings Jane’s first day at Chawton to a scandalous close A body of a man lies rotting and rat eaten on the floorJane’s brother Henry arrives the next day and the inuest into the mysterious death begins by the local authorities with Jane and Henry in assistance After Lord Harold’s trunk is stolen Jane is convinced that it contains information that someone did not want her to discover Could the theft be linked to the Wilborough family trying to cover up their son’s notorious life? Or could it be the newcomers to the neighborhood Julian Thrace a young London Buck who is rud to be the illegitimate heir apparent to the Earl of Holbrook vast wealth and his half sister Lady Imogen the Earl’s acknowledged heir? Or is the dead body in the cellar a personal vendetta by the bitter Jack Hinton eager to make trouble for the Austen family? He claims to be the rightful heir to the Knight family estate of Chawton that Jane’s brother Edward inherited There are suspects and motives suppositions and accusations galore for our observant and clever Jane to ponder and detect before she solves the crimeOne chapter into the eighth novel in the Being a Jane Austen Mystery series and I am totally convinced that Jane Austen is channeling the actual events of her life through author Stephanie Barron She has so convincingly captured her witty acerbic and penetrating voice that I am totally mesmerized Like Jane I am still grieving the tragic death of her secret crush Lord Harold Reading his letters and journals was like bringing him back to life Delightful torture for those Gentleman Rogue fans such as myself Jane and His Lordship's Legacy was a very well plotted and fast paced mystery but Barron really outshines her own talent with her incredible historical details and the fact that in this discriminating Austen obsessed mind no one will ever be able to match her uniue ability to channel my favorite author’s voice so perfectlyLaurel Ann Austenprose

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    In the older tradition detectives tended to be never married or widowed Holmes Marples Poirot etc A newer breed often has a series of lovers falling at his or her feet but the detective hero or heroine always manages to avoid a permanent relationship How much harder then to balance the love life of a historical figure who we know never married? Things were getting pretty serious so it was clear our clever author was going to have to do something and the blow was dealt in the last book and I was interested to see how Stephanie was going to deal with the situationIn fact she handles the situation very deftly and gives us yet another entertaining suspense story As always I have a couple of nitpicks which don't I think detract too much from the story I had to google the phrase spotted dog pudding — to my surprise it does exist for a small number of people as a variant of spotted dick Funny how Americans who freuently come out with foul language in inappropriate situations can be so coy about childish words like dick I was also suspicious of her note that sweep driveway I couldn't find confirmation of this but I thought sweep was only used for the grand driveways of great houses where natural contours and landscaping were combined to produce a driveway that seems to sweep away from the house to the horizon

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    As a genealogist I very much enjoyed that the solution to this mystery lies in a thorough understanding of very complicated family trees and family histories This is right up my alley but Stephanie Barron confused me with her everlastingly clever red herrings You see one family tree reveals the murderer but all are necessary to understand which ones contain duplicitous branches You need to know the family of Lord Harold’s friend Freddy the history of Lord Harold in India and France and of the Austen family’s connection to the Knight familyview spoilerFreddy Vansittart second son of the Earl of Holbrook becomes the Earl after his father and then his older brother both have died Freddy in India returns by ship in 1785 to England Also on board are Lord Harold Trowbridge Freddy’s great friend and a French girl Hélène de Pont Ravel the 18 year old daughter of the Comte de Pont Ravel traveling to England to be married She and Freddy fall in love and have an affair and she becomes his mistress in Paris She bears him a son within the year When the French Revolution erupts Freddy cannot get to them and he sends Harold to rescue them Harold succeeds in rescuing the boy now age 6 but Hélène de Pont Ravel is sent to the guillotine despite everything Harold tries to do to rescue herFreddy in the meantime marries a proper English lady and they have a daughter Imogen Freddy’s wife is actually not all that proper—she soon ran off with a Cavalry officer and is out of the picture Imogen grows up as Freddy’s spoiled heirFreddy’s son grows up in Europe has a gentleman’s education and comes to England as a rival heir to Imogen They both want the estate Stonings and Freddy is debating what to do for each of them before he reveals to the world that Julian is his bastard heir Freddy’s title goes by entail to the grandson of a much older cousin Freddy’s cousin twice removed happens to be the steward of Stonings lame Major Spence who has tried in vain to woo and win ImogenSecondarily to Freddy’s family tree we learn a bit of Lord Harold’s backstory When he was sent to school at the tender age of 7 1767 he became Fag to an older student named Benning who treated him abominably In 1782 Harold wounded Benning in a duel The wound became infected and Benning’s father the Viscount St Eustace suffered a fit at the news and died making the hated Benning the new Viscount St Eustace and thus a social superior to Lord Harold who as the second son of a duke is actually a commoner Add to that the fact that Harold had fallen in love with Horatia the girl betrothed to Benning and they had an affair making her two months’ pregnant with Harold’s child when she married St Eustace Her husband tortured her and in the winter of 1783 she died in childbirth along with the baby while Harold was in India When Harold and Freddy meet Hélène de Pont Ravel on the ship to England in 1785 Harold discovers she is betrothed to the widowed Viscount St Eustace because St Eustace a family friend is rich enough to bail out the Comte de Pont Ravel Harold at first is happy to take revenge on St Eustace and encourage Freddy But when it comes to the point Harold empathizes with the girl and writes in his diary that he pities the powerlessness of women like Hélène and he goes so far as to argue with Freddy against ruining her life after all Harold has been working in India for Warren Hastings Eliza de Feullide’s reputed natural father Governor General of Bengal and when Edmund Burke and Harold’s friend Charles James Fox succeed in having Hastings recalled Lord Harold returns to England with Hastings and Freddy Vansittart When the French Revolution gets underway in June 1791 Lord Harold is happy to work with Charles Fox to forward its aims but soon he and the rest of the Whig party are appalled by the bloodthirsty revolutionaries Harold engages Geoffrey Sidmouth to help smuggle nobles and goods out of France Then in the present story Lord Harold’s Bengal chest full of his papers is stolen from Jane Austen and Jane is not able to read so the next fifteen years of Harold’s life is yet to be learned hide spoiler

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    Will Jane never live down her relationship with The Gentleman Rogue? And now he's left her a beuest in the form of all his papers including letters he wrote to his mum that he either collected from her or copied as a record as some of the extremely important people of the time did And he expects her to biographize him for the edification of posterity HahahaMany people suspect the writings to contain blackmailable material so his family was dead against the beuest and some others may want to steal it To complicate matters a body is found in the basement of the Austen ladies' new home in Chawton There is a challenger to Edward's inheritance of the Knight family properties and the natives resent the Austens This was a pretty good and uick read Possible illegitmate children of Lord Harold are hinted at Oooo More installments to go She's only got 8 years to live

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    Another clever installment in the Jane series this one has a dash of cold reality thrown in MAJOR PLOT SPOILER ALERT If the you read the book previous to this one you know that Lord Harold Trowbridge has been killed Poor Jane He may be gone but he is not forgotten nor is his impact on her life As a historical point it's interesting how uickly people jumped to conclusions about the nature of Jane's relationship with Lord Harold indeed she is nearly a scarlet women However his chest of letters and other writings opens a new mystery Beyond any monetary value the letters may contain information that is worth than gold And it seems some people are bent on getting the deceased's papers Jane is trying to heal her heart protect her legacy and the memory of her beloved and to keep herself out of harm's way all the while solving a mystery A good engaging read as always

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    This entire series is FAB The ultimate reading for mystery readers who also adore Jane Austen and history Barron entwines Jane in mysteries set in the exact location where Jane was at that time Each mystery 'could' have occurred The research into Jane's personal life rules and habits of the time real locations at that time etc make these books so realistic and so enjoyable Jane comes to life and showcases her superb mental faculties in these books Read them ALL and in orderI'm re reading them again after a couple of years and it's just as enjoyable almost enjoyable than in the first reading Pull up Google Maps while reading and zoom in on the real landscape buildings and cities Much of where she lived and visited is still there again one of the pleasures of the books fitting into reality of Jane's life and time

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    Jane is up to her neck in murder Stephanie Barron is at her best when she is writing as Jane Austin Jane and her family have just moved to the village of Chawton and discover in their basement a dead body The neighbors are cold and rude to the Austins making the solving of this murder very difficult nobody wants to talk Jane also receives a valuable Chinese chest from a love interest who has recently been killed The chest contains all of this man's papers Jane is enjoying reading the letters when the chest is stolen Is the theft of this chest involved in the murder Tragically there is another murder Jane is going to have to work fast to solve the murders before someone else is killed

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    I found the rather closed setting of this one the Austen women closeted away in Chawton very appealing especially after the international intrigue of the previous book Barron excels at the country village setting imo I also liked seeing Jane as the master of her own time Not at the behest of a friend nor in a busy city just sort of solitary and directing her own actions in the rural village The plot the stolen chest the fabled rubies was a bit hokey though and I felt the mystery when revealed was kind of a let down I'm torn the experience of reading was definitely 55 but in hindsight thinking about it as a whole maybe 35