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    What I have learnt from Ogilvy on Advertising black letter on white background the reverse does not work do research on what the audience wants to see, do not just base on your preference if it does not sell, it isn t creative order of print ad picture, headlines, subheadlines, words that s what the audience s mind wants there are many advertising agencies because one can not work for its clients competitors long term contract with clients is crucial to the business keep track of the sales after the advertisement is carried out headlines are important, very important use colors, costs but attracts long copy is better than short because research showed that long attracts readership if an advertisement works, keep it for long read to expand your knowledge be a good psychologist hire people who are better than you are research research research advertising which promises no benefit to the consumer does not sell, yet the majority of campaigns contain no promise whatsoever try to find a promise which is not only persuasive but also unique advertising is production cost, not selling cost in advertising, the beginning of greatness is to be different, and the beginning of failure is to be the same do not write in capital letter

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    I ve had this book in my shelves for a couple years and finally sat down to begin reading it recently And I m so, so, soooo mad at myself because I wish I had read this immediately when I first picked it up Although it was written decades ago and contains information that will be construed as outdated especially since the look of advertising has definitely changed substantially , a lot of it is still sound and relevant I don t work in advertising, but I was thinking of a ton of areas where the information would be applicable for myself from marketing materials to interaction design and even just basic career work advice.Also, I m sure it could be said for a lot of books written over the years, but I found that the essentials of his advice and thoughts throughout the book have been echoed and repeated in tons of blog posts and articles I ve read for the last few years There seem to be very common themes about design and work that will always be relevant to designers creatives He was a proponent of research, research, research in design He believed in using theories frameworks that worked continually and improving on them The power of truly good copy Great stuff.

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    Quite an insightful and utterly engrossing read, although it would have been even interesting if we could read his opinions about the current state of advertising I enjoyed his writing a lot, and his main points still hold up well Sadly, his prediction about giant billboards and deception in political advertisement becoming obsolete was very, very wrong Thank goodness I had previously read Simon Garfield s Just My Type, otherwise I would have never been able to appreciate why sans serifs are no good in advertising with which I intuitively totally agree Ogilvy is delightful, his book is much intriguing than many works of fiction , D

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    This book was a required reading for my studies very informative and interesting A great book on advertising.

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    If you want to have ANYTHING to do with advertising, you must read this book If you want to have ANYTHING to do with graphic design, you must have something to do with advertising

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    If you ve ever been interested in working at an ad agency, if you ve ever worked at an ad agency, or if you ever had a strong affinity for the Mastercard Priceless McCann Erickson or the Got Milk campaign Goodby Silverstein , you must read this book Not only does David Ogilvy give great advice from inside the business, but he presents his wonderfully written copy with the best parts of a vintage Life magazine the pictures Ogilvy clearly states the best steps for breaking into the business, the best steps for business owners and how to advertise for various print and TV however, this book was written in 1983 and lacks the most recent innovation of the internet.Although Ogilvy makes his points clearly, there is a lot of repetition specifically in the B2B chapter when compared to earlier sections He consistently reinforces exactly how much he despises reverse type, the importance of newspaper layouts and the importance of truthful, purposeful copy Yet he makes several confessions about his years in the business that prove that even the most amazing individuals are still human Even David Ogilvy, the man who drove to work in his Roles Royce wearing his Sears suit, can still make ill informed decisions Recommended for everyone who has ever studied advertising, and even for those who enjoy catchy slogans and pretty pictures.

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    Highly informative and wonderfully written Its full of personal anecdotes and glossy photos.

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    Well he s definitely a salesperson, I ll give you that.One afternoon my friend asked me to source for her a book on advertising called On Advertising I found the book for her and on a whim attracted by the beautiful pictures in the first few pages, good one David bought a copy for myself Now I m no student or fan of marketing or advertising or copywriting In fact, my stance before this book, on people who worked with marketing, was positively negative I thought that they were a whole bunch of immoral people duping everyone in to mass consumption, cashing on the insecurities of the public, and convincing people they needed stuff they didn t.Yet, I liked the way David wrote It was honest, casual, and it seemed like he agreed with me on poseurs too would you rather hear a popular artist on the radio or a shakespeare play So based on vanity read I like how David agrees with me on a few points , and a liking for shiny stuff read wow, look at those photographs I began reading it.What I read changed my opinion on marketing completely I was persuaded, sold, convinced, converted However you put it David s description of marketing, the literature involved in it, the research behind it, the psychology at play in other words, the parts that made me abhor marketing when I was uninformed, curiously made me like it now that I was slightly informed made me find it to be a highly catching read I finished it in one go, something I hadn t done in a while, and certainly not for a random book.I know why I liked it David made copy writers seem like authors, writers Huxley was a copywriter too he pointed out subtly He elevated the occupation, pointing out subtly that excellence and success exist in marketing too Look at my beautiful castle, clearly I m rich and have made some right decisions, he seemingly points out on one of the pages which has a photograph of a castle He highlighted beautiful ads, and for the first time made me look at them not as things directed to dupe me, but as projects by people like me, who wanted to create something beautiful and impacting He emphasised at how editorial everything was, how not baseless it was, how well researched the good ones atleast it was, how aesthetic, how well thought out Everytime he mentioned Dove, I had to admit that I remembered the damn advertisements, I knew the catch line.Funny thing, I think he sold marketing to people who were not sold on it before.Now everytime I see an ad I will find myself analysing it, checking its merits, and maybe even buying the product to show my appreciation to the copywriter It is all very strange But mind you, this does not mean that ALL adverts have any merit.