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I'm crazy about Laura Levine's mystery series Her books are so outrageously funny Joanne FlukeSmarmy personals ads Daring declarations of love Freelance writer Jaine Austen has penned them all But no one needs her help than geeky gawky Howard Murdoch His reuest is simple enough a letter proclaiming his undying love for Stacy Lawrence a gorgeous aerobics instructor The fact that he's never actually met the woman gives Jaine pause yet she soon overcomes her misgivings and the unlikely Romeo lands a date But his triumph is short lived On Valentine's Day Howard finds Stacy bludgeoned to death with a Thigh Master and is uickly named the prime suspectJaine is shocked Sure Howard's awkward and eccentric But a murderer? That's hard to believe Especially after a little sleuthing reveals a plethora of people who harbored less than loving feelings towards the svelte Stacy Now Jaine had better wrangle her clues uickly before a crafty killer catches on and puts a whole new spin on her ghost writing careerSheer fun Carolyn Hart

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    If I weren't sitting here writing a review of this book I probably wouldn't even remember I read it this time next year This piece of fluff is a book I found in the kitchen at my office and when I read Laura Levine's biography notes I was immediately curious Ms Levine's tv credits including writing for The Bob Newhart Show Three's Company and Laverne and Shirley to name a few Wondering how a sitcom writer would fare as a mystery novelist I read this book over the course of four lunch breaks The truth? It wasn't bad and even had a twist that surprised me Where it fell apart for me was in the main character Jaine Austen Jaine is a 30 something divorced woman whose jobs including ghost writing letters for clients and teaching a memoir writing class at a senior center When she writes a love letter for a man who is later accused of murder her curiosity gets the better of her and she tries to figure out who really committed the crime It's a decent set up but my problem with Jaine is that Levine's descriptions of her insecurities are over the top Jaine comes off as being shallow self absorbed and uite frankly like a one dimensional sitcom character Granted that type of character was Levine's stock in trade when she wrote for tv but I'm not certain it works for a novel regardless of how fluffy the novel is supposed to be

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    The minute the heroine explained her name was Jaine Austen because her mother loved Jane Austen but couldn't spell I knew this wasn't a mystery for me I think I actually groaned But I waited months for this one so I figured should at least finish it Unfortunately it did not improve much Guessed the murderer though admittedly not the motive immediately and spent the rest of the book bored Jaine likes eating mocking skinny people and drinking margaritas Oh and whining about her lack of love life Her motivation for solving the mystery made no sense Some potential here but I fail to see what makes this one such a popular cozy mystery

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    I was sad to find myself unable to enjoy this As protagonists go I was kind of looking forward to a gun for hire writer type who stumbled into mystery situations Sadly I just wasn't engaged by this storyMost of that is on Jane the protagonist She's kind of prickly obseuious than nice and kind of an idiot She came off as a caricature of her premise and that just didn't do it for meIt didn't help that Levine took the stereotype as an easy out every chance she got well in the first six chapters anyway From the lecherous old student in her volunteer class to the arresting officer in the central mystery there wasn't a single element that stepped outside of what you'd get if it were written by a committee And that happened over and over againI was sad this didn't pan out as it's a longish series that I thought had potential

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    Reading on the train is not usually a problem except when you are chuckling out loud and people are wondering what's wrong with you Laura Levine's book is a most amusing mystery filled with lots of funny one liners The mystery is good and the book just lets you delve into Jaine's world It is worth the read

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    From the very start to the last sentence This Pen For Hire kept me on my toes It was flawless overall I cannot praise this book highly enough I'm usually very careful with my rating system and all the books that get a perfect score need to go that extra mile to get 5 stars The pacing was wonderful in This Pen For Hire There was no surplus padding only lean muscle through and through I could understand most of the jokes The latter dried up after halfway through but by then things were getting serious anyway The only person I suspected turned out to be the culprit and I still was shocked Wonderful book can't stress that enough I can't imagine how the second book in the series is going to live up to the first The only predictable thing would be that the showdown will certainly have to occur at any place other than Jaine's house because of Lance's x ray hearing No unread book is guaranteed to be good and I do hope against hope that the series would find a new follower in me and make of me a lifelong fan of Laura Levine

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    I really enjoyed this It was fun fast and witty I had never heard of Jaine Austen the PIwriter in it until I saw a review of a later book on SuperWendy's blog and I'm really pleased to have discovered a whole new series I read this in two gulps It doesn't matter that I guessed whodunit that wasn't the point Fave line 'He claimed he was writing the great America novel it turned out to be the great American paragraph' So pleased to have found Jaine and I know it won't be long before I read the next one

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    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love Jaine Austen her mother is an Anglophile and a bad speller she’s funny smart a smart ass and a writer The setting is great LA and it feels like LAA famous philosopher either Aristotle or Judith Krantz I forget who once said about being a woman in Los Angeles If you’re blonde and beautiful you’re interchangeable If you’re not you’re invisible Jaine uotes that immortal character But in the words of that wise old philosopher Bullwinkle J Moose things aren’t always what they seem in Frostbite Falls and with all the jokes and wisecracks she solves the case because as I mentioned before Jaine is smartJaine also has a wonderful cat named Prozac So I grabbed her cat carrier from the hall closet Which was of course a fatal mistake The minute she saw it she undoubtedly thought “Uh oh another trip to that irritating veterinarian who keeps sticking thermometers up my butt” Thanks to a great review from Luffy one of my goodreads friends I decide to give this rather low rated book a chance Thanks so much Luffy it’s just as good as you said it wasCozies Reading Challenge

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    I am currently reading this book for the second time the advantage of having all my books on my Nook The voice of the main character is engaging and self deprecating but not to the point of being annoying This is the book where we meet Jaine Austin freelance writer for hire She becomes involved in a murder mystery when one of her particularly pathetic clients is accused of murder He hired Jaine to write a letter to get him a date and said date is found bludgeoned to death with her thigh master and the poor dateless client is found on the scene Jaine is convinced of his innocence While we want to know who dunnit that is not entirely the point It is fun to get into the head of the main character Jaine as she pushes beyond her usual boundaries and gets involved in a murder investigation The book is of a fun romp than a serious exercise in literature But that is the point I believe and Laura Levine gives us a fun romp indeed

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    First time reader of this author I enjoyed it Prozac reminds me so much of my cat I'm going to read the other books

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    A screwball humorous and light cozy mystery