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Such a short book, but it took me forever to read because there is so much to think about I m still trying to wrap my mind around everything I learned I don t feel like writing a huge review for this one, but it was a life changing read for me There is a lot of insight in these pages and a lot of genuine, practical advice for calming yourself down and finding general peace with life I really enjoyed it. This slim little book is huge with wisdom and and insight just what my heart needed. Thich Nhat Hanh has a very simple writing style, so it makes one feel as though the concepts he conveys are simple too In some ways, they are To paraphrase Be present, now, with your in breath and your out breath Bring your attention to this moment, and acknowledge what you feel If you suffer, recognize it Listen to your own suffering as deeply as you can Whatever the nature of your suffering it, by knowing it and embracing it, you can transform it into greater compassion Is someone you love suffering Be present for them, and immediately ease their suffering by offering your presence and compassion This slim little volume could be read in an hour or two, but ought very much not to be Instead, it is best consumed in smallish pieces over a longer time, the better to fully absorb the practices and try them out and see what speaks to you most effectively In particular, the end section of the book, called Practices for Happiness, can be overwhelming if read all at once Each of these practices, sets of mantras, or philosophies could spawn a book of its own.I hope, for myself, to read this book many times and absorb of it into my own mindfulness practices each time. His books pretty much say the same thing, same message but in different contexts, and I love to hear it repeated over and over again Some people you like to hear for the spirit with which they communicate, regardless of getting something new every time or not, that is besides the point And I love hearing this guy talk and I can hear him say the same thing over and over and always feel refreshed and adapt this message into my own life in practical, concrete terms. No Mud, No Lotus The Art of Transforming Suffering is a book written by the Vietnamese monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh, which focuses on various aspects surrounding the concept of transforming suffering The meaning behind the title is that without mud, the beautiful lotus flower could not grow This is an analogy to life without suffering, there cannot be happiness The key is to develop a keen ability to transform one s own suffering, for which Hanh lays out a detailed plan with various helpful techniques.In the very beginning of the book is a quote and approach which resonated with me that can be used when someone asks a difficult question about suffering that has no end in sight Hanh explains that during the Vietnam war, when someone would ask when the war would be over, he knew that he could not tell a lie and say that it will be over soon, nor could he say I don t know , which would only cause the person to despair even So he would answer, Everything is impermanent, even war It will end some day I appreciated this advice and will try to put it into practice when addressing others suffering.Hanh discusses the question of whether or not the Buddha suffered by saying that since he had a body, feelings, and perceptions like all of us he also experienced suffering Although both physical suffering and suffering of the mind is inevitable, we can suffer much less by not watering the seeds of suffering inside us The act of consuming in order to cover up our suffering does not work we need a spiritual practice to develop the skill and strength necessary to look deeply into our suffering and make a breakthrough.There are many mantras, meditations, and techniques in the book that can help address suffering For example, there is the concept of being a mindfulness bell for a loved one gently squeezing their hand whenever there is something that may trigger their anger or sadness during a difficult conversation with someone else Or the morning verse for happiness, which is a daily reminder to breathe and become aware that we have twenty four new hours to live each morning when we wake up.According to my records, this is the sixth book by Hanh that I have completed I enjoy his books a lot, and have gotten much benefit from them However, I do feel that they borrow a lot of content from one another granted, he has written a myriad of books, so this is to be somewhat expected and have a lot of overlapping stories and advice between them I enjoyed this book, although there wasn t much in it that I couldn t have gotten from reading one or two of his other books I do plan to continue reading Thich Nhat Hanh s works, and I wouldn t hesitate to suggest his books to anyone else They are very quick and easy to read, and are very helpful Please do check one of them out when you get a chance. Dar viena knyga i mano pamiltos drobin s Tyto alba kolekcijos Dar iek tiek budistini tekst sielai ir protui pamaitinti Kur auga lotosai plona knygel , para yta budist vienuolio Thich Nhat Hanh, kuris aktyviai kovoja u taik , veda paskaitas apie tik jim , daug dirba su mon mis ir yra para s daugiau nei 100 knyg B tent i knyga kalba apie kan i Tiksliau apie tai kaip pamilti savo kan i , kaip su ja susigyventi ir galiausiai paversti d iaugsmu.Pagrindin knygos mintis yra ta, jog d iaugsmas kaip ir kair , de in vienas be kito b ti negali Ne inai kas yra kan ia niekad nepatirsi tikro d iaugsmo Vienuolis moko, jog ir kan ia yra dovan J reikia ne apeiti, vengti ar ignoruoti, o i gyventi ir priimti Ir angli kas knygos pavadinimas tikslesnis No mud, no lotus the art of transforming suffering N ra purvo, nebus ir lots kan ios transformavimo menas Knygoje pateikta labai daug gra i min i , pamokym ir patarim kaip susitaikyti su savo skausmu, kaip juo viduje pasir pinti Knygoje taip pat pateikta 16 kv pavimo pratim , bei 6 mantros pad sian ios atrasti dvasin ramyb i knyga nuostabus atradimas tam mogui, kuris b tent dabar jau ia didel kan i Tuomet j tikrai galima laikyti gydomuoju altiniu sielai, ramyb s uostu Pati Kur auga lotusai skai iau ne tokios b senos, tad to did iojo efekto nepatyriau Esu daugiau nei imtu procent sitikinusi, jog i ankstin s prevencijos did iuliam skausmui, kan iai n ra Gali kalb ti, ruo tis, skaityti, bet kai b da u grius, nuo t vis ini skausmas nepalengv s ta iau kai tai nutiks beld iu med tris kartus ios ma ut s knygos tikrai imsiuosi Skaitysiu labai l tai ir bandysiu kv pti vidun kiekvien od Tad jei savam rate inote ken iant mog , skausmo valgom ird padovanokite jam Kur auga lotosai ir galb t vyks stebuklas. Great title Shame the content didn t live up to the promise Perhaps I m being a little harsh here but not everything can be fixed with breathing and mindfulness Or maybe I m just not doing it right. This is the 2nd book of Thich Nhat Hanh I have read Every time I read him, it s like someone is applying balm on my emotional pain His writing is so soothing. The Secret To Happiness Is To Acknowledge And Transform Suffering, Not To Run Away From It In No Mud, No Lotus, Thich Nhat Hanh Offers Practices And Inspiration For Transforming Suffering And Finding True Joy Thich Nhat Hanh Acknowledges That Because Suffering Can Feel So Bad, We Try To Run Away From It Or Cover It Up By Consuming We Find Something To Eat Or Turn On The Television But Unless We Re Able To Face Our Suffering, We Can T Be Present And Available To Life, And Happiness Will Continue To Elude Us Nhat Hanh Shares How The Practices Of Stopping, Mindful Breathing, And Deep Concentration Can Generate The Energy Of Mindfulness Within Our Daily Lives With That Energy, We Can Embrace Pain And Calm It Down, Instantly Bringing A Measure Of Freedom And A Clearer Mind No Mud, No Lotus Introduces Ways To Be In Touch With Suffering Without Being Overwhelmed By It With His Signature Clarity And Sense Of Joy, Thich Nhat Hanh Helps Us Recognize The Wonders Inside Us And Around Us That We Tend To Take For Granted And Teaches Us The Art Of Happiness Kur auga lotosai tai, kaip a vadinu, staliuko prie lovos knyga i drobin Tyto alba leidyklos serija jau peln mano simpatij su kita budizmo filosofijos knyga Dramblys, kuris pamir o laim i knyga taip pat persmelkta budizmo filosofijos perliukais, ta iau ia daugiau tiesioginiai patarimai apie tai, kaip pasiekti laim , o ne alegoriniai pasakojimai kaip Dramblyje, kuris pamir o laim Kod l staliuko prie lovos knyga Nes tokia knyga turi b ti visada po ranka arba puikiai tiks po vis dienos darb paskaityti nusiraminimui, ramiai vakarinei meditacijai.Th ch Nh t H nh vienas ymiausi dzenbudizmo mokytoj pasaulyje Jis, kaip ir apskritai visa budizmo filosofija, kalba apie pri mim sav s, pasaulio, savo jausm I esm s tai dabar pasaulyje labai madingo termino mindfulness praktinis gyvendinimas, vilktas budizmo r b.Knygos pagrindinis objektas laim Th ch Nh t H nh moko kaip pasitelkus kasdienes ir paprastas praktikas pasiekti laim Skamba sud tingai Anaiptol Patiks visiems, norintiems augti, pa velgti pasaul naujomis akimis ir tiems, kurie i dr s mesti nepatenkint veid ir mintis al bei tapti laimingais.susitikim IG