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It May Or May Not Be Contagious There Seems To Be No Cure For It Yet, Monmow Disease, A Life Threatening Condition That Transforms A Person Into A Dog Like Beast, Is Not The Only Villain In This Shocking Triumph Of A Medical Thriller By Manga God Osamu Tezuka Said To Have Been The Personal Favorite Of The Artist, Who Held A Degree In Medicine, And Surprisingly Attentive To Christian Themes And Imagery, Ode To Kirihito Demolishes Naive Notions About Human Nature And Health And Likely Preconceptions About The Comics Master HimselfFrom Pregnant Vistas Of The Japanese Countryside To Closed Rooms Full Of Sin And Redemption, Tezuka Astounds For Than Eight Hundred Continuous Pages, His Art In Turn Easefully Concise And Flamboyantly Experimental, His Inquiry Into Our Most Repugnant Instincts And Prospects For Overcoming Them Unflinchingly Serious Incorporating Elements Of The Often Lurid And Adult Oriented Gekiga Style For The First Time, Tezuka Entered Into His Fruitful Late Period With This WorkA Promising Young Doctor, Kirihito Osanai Visits A Remote Japanese Mountain Village To Investigate The Source Of The Latest Medical Mystery While He Ends Up Traveling The World To Discover What It Takes To Be Cured Of Such A Disease, A Conspiracy Back Home Attempts To Explain Away His Absence Hinging Upon His Fate Are Those Of His Loved Ones An Unstable Childhood Friend And Colleague Trapped Between Factions Of The Medical Establishment That Nurtured Him A Fianc E Emotionally Transformed By Kirihito S Mysterious Disappearance And A Stranger Who Becomes His Guardian Angel, A Sensual Circus Act Performer With Volatile Psychological Secrets From Plutocratic Taipei And Racially Divided South Africa To Backwater Arabia And Modern Osaka, Ambition And Desire Beckon Normal Men To Behave Uglier Than Any Beast Riveting Our Attention On Deformity And Its Acceptance Like The Elephant Man By David Lynch, Ode To Kirihito Examines The True Worth Of Human Beings Through And Beyond Appearances

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    I have two problems with reading books written in the orient One is caused by cultural differences and the other by English translators I think most western cultures have pretty similar expectations when it comes to story telling All that Joseph Campbell mythic hero stuff seems to show up I guess most modern western cultures originated with the Greeks and Romans, so maybe we all still share a common sensibility Whether reading something written in France, Poland, Germany, or whatever, an American like myself can pretty easily figure out who the protagonists and or antagonists of a story are based on their actions.This isn t necessarily true of Asian storytelling For instance, early on in this book, Ode To Kirihito, one of the main characters rapes his best friend s finance You d likely think he s being set up as the bad guy But for most of the rest of the book, he is selflessly trying to find his missing friend But later he rapes that girl again And then he rapes a nun and impregnates her and then jumps in front of a moving truck I think he might rape someone else before that, but all these rapes are getting mixed up in my head There s also another character that rapes and kills a girl, and there is a girl that ties up a man for weeks and tries to force him to have sex with her So that s a lot of rapes for a comic book I guess that s my point I also want to point out that none of the rape victims seem very upset about getting raped.So this is just one major example of how cultural differences can make it hard to follow a story But the fact is I can t be sure if these differences are as big as they seem, or if a bad English translation just makes them seem so I ll never know how close the translation comes to the intentions of the original author But I am pretty sure that the guy that translated this isn t a very good writer For instance in one sequence picked by randomly opening to a page, A sex crazed girl is shown caressing the protagonist while secretly slipping nooses over his wrists and ankles How does he respond He says Very clever Pretending to caress me while slipping nooses over my wrists and ankles I m assuming read hoping that the original Japanese doesn t contain this kind of redundant exposition When working on this type of material it would probably be a good idea to hire a translator who is also a decent writer or maybe a translating writing team A great example of this is Banana Yoshimoto s Kitchen translated by Megan Backus Miss Yoshimoto s subsequent books had different translators and were, in my opinion, less successful because of it Ode To Kirihito may have benefited from a better translator.If it seems like I m being a dick, I m really not trying to do so There really is a lot to enjoy about this book, it just seems like saying, I liked it and then moving on would be a waste of energy Spending 35 minuted pretending to have a legitimate opinion and understanding of literature is almost certainly a better way for me to spend my time.

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    My second book read by Tezuka I found it complelling that Apollo s Song, but at this point I m starting to wonder what his beef with women is in both books the female characters are either sexual predators, or violent sexual victims

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    I saw this in the comic book store, realized I had never read any Tezuka, so I picked it up This is a very odd, rather amazing book, and no paltry little summary of mine will really do it justice, but here goes anyway it s 1970s Japan, and group of high flying doctors at a hostpital are investigating a condition called Monmow Disease The stricken take on the appearance of dog men, growing hairy and developing elongated snouts, before dying A good portion of the book is medical drama, tracking the disease to it s source, emergency medical procedures, etc There s also a globe trotting adventure component to it, a weird psycho sexual storyline well, several , comments on racism, Christianity, all depicted in some absolutely marvelous black and white linework.This is one of the few comics works that feels like it was made by a master of the medium The writing is fairly awful at times possibly only in translation , but graphic elements, both the illustrations and narrative flow of the layouts, are genuinely wonderful and often novel well, to this Western inexperienced reader.

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    The Best Manga I Have Ever Read A story about an up and coming doctor who is sent away on assignment to a remote village to study a strange illness that turns a person s features into a dog s Ode to Kirohito examines what happens when people become closed minded, prideful, and selfish and it s affects on the people around them I am shit at reviewing anything, but Ode to Kirohito is a masterpiece from a master Truly the High Water Mark when it comes to dramatic Manga.

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    Osamu Tezuka, Ode to Kirihito Vertical, 2006 Every once in a while I come across a graphic novel that just makes my jaw drop Bone, Black Hole, and now Ode to Kirihito This monstrous 832 pp graphic novel is not only absorbing enough that you won t want to put it down, but has as much character development, plot, and action as any print novel, and a great deal than most Ode to Kirihito may be Tezuka s magnum opus and given that Tezuka is considered the godfather of manga in Japan, that s saying something.Osanai Kirihito is a young doctor who has scruples than his boss This makes him a liability, so when the boss finds a way to both study a new disease and get Kirihito out of the way, he jumps at the chance, sending Kirihito to the village where the disease seems to have originated, thus almost guaranteeing he ll contract it The disease essentially turns humans into animals Soon enough, of course, Kirihito starts looking like a dog, and thus his travails begin Meanwhile, Kirihito s old colleague, always tractable, discovers that the boss hypothesis on the disease, which Kirihito was supposed to reinforce, may not be entirely accurate, and so he heads off to Africa to gather evidence This throws him into a quandary should he keep kowtowing to the boss in order to advance, or do what Kirihito would have done, and stand up to him This is just the tip of the iceberg There s a great deal going on here, with many subplots, a raft of well developed characters, and actions and reactions that feel completely realistic Tezuka has created a wonderfully detailed world here, and the truly amazing thing about Ode to Kirihito is that, like all truly well crafted graphic novels, it feels like we just don t spend enough time in that world Eight hundred pages Just a drop in the bucket We could have followed Kirihito for thousands .Will definitely be on my ten best reads of the year list An amazing book.

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    A slight letdown after the brilliance of Buddha series by Tezuka, this is a mundane medical investigation into a paranormal endocrinal syndrome which manifests in isolated tribal populace With a reasonable core plot point to build upon, the story follows a natural reveal pattern before drawing to a natural conclusion Tezuka s distinctive style comes through In particular, almost all of his heroines are attractively sketched and handsomely presented, and some of these, less frequently, are deviants and sexual perverts Original sin sic is depicted with allusions like a bright light, while there are liberally many panels of female nakedness Mustve been good for business, i suppose s.An interesting character here is one of the sub heroes whose placement in the otherwise largely ternary evil flourishing pious suffering commons clueless metric is not straightforward similar to buddha where one of the original disciples keeps flirting with both sides Usual tropes such as low life deviants being shown the light , the virtue of selfless kindness that is the unjustly long suffering reclusive and self shunned hero , his faithful and handsome betrothed waiting for his return, a lot of christian commandments entire lines copied and repeated as ideals, using which demi heroes have to persevere through tough situations feature throughout Overall this has piqued my interest into reading a semi academic commentary on mass media discourse in Japan comics from 1970s to the present Or maybe I m thinking too much abt an adrenaline adventure for teens, complete with drawings of boobs

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    I know very little about the Japanese culture, but when you read a manga comic as disturbing and delightful as Ode to Kirihito, you re bound to keep all your confusions and questions aside and enjoy the beguiling black shapes, lines and figures that have been skillfully illustrated Most will agree that a plethora of widely known graphic novels, despite being high on aesthetics, fail to deliver a storyline plot But not only does Ode to Kirihito OTK boast expressive, thoughtfully put visuals but also a complex, exciting and intricately woven plot OTK is a stunner in than one way it will leave you disturbed, delighted, satisfied, scared and teary eyed all at the same time I initially had a problem accepting the image of Japanese women Tezuka painted, but if you closely study most Japanese authors e.g Murakami , you ll brazenly accept this image to be a deep seated part of the Japanese culture for it is known to be a healthy mix traditional and modern values I finished the novel in all of 4 hours and my life suddenly seems at a standstill I don t know about most readers lovers of manga, but OTK has certainly made me hungry for of Tezuka If not for the storyline, I d definitely buy works of his for the spellbinding graphics If you re wondering what I mean, just close your eyes and try to picture a human tempura a naked human being dipped in batter then in hot, boiling oil then tally your image with that of Tezuka s in OTK You ll be amazed to see how different two similar looking brains can function I ll miss you dearly, OTK.

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    One of the best graphic novels ever by the Godfather of Japanese manga,Japan s God of manga,and creator of the beloved Astro Boy ,and the world famous series Buddha ,the legendary Osamu Tezuka This novel got everything,murder,rape,sex,it s brutal,depraved and savage,while at the same time being moving,tender,and breathtaking.Demolishing naive notions about human nature and health,to showing that sometimes normal men behave uglier than any beast Tezuka shocked the manga world with the medical thriller genre,and the work he did it with was Ode to Kirihito a monumental suspense masterpiece Yoshihiro Tatsumi As one Goodreads member wrote A delirious mindfuck of a book Elijah Kinch Spector And the artwork is amazing,a visual testament to Tezuka s range as an artist,as well as an awe inspiring example of the possibilities of the graphic novel.A true classic

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    En esta Oda a Kirihito , Tezuka mantiene el contraste habitual en la etapa oscura del autor entre el trazo infantiloide y los contenidos adultos algo que resultara chocante a m s de uno , pero tambi n busca nuevas soluciones narrativas y t cnicas de dibujo Por otra parte, el gran autor japon s sigue explorando el lado tenebroso del ser humano en una nueva obra de madurez En Kirihito carga contra el sistema sanitario en Jap n , especialmente contra el orgullo y la ambici n desmedida de sus castas dirigentes cr ticas tambi n presentes en Black Jack , no hay que olvidar que Tezuka era m dico Tambi n es un relato de marcadas resonancias religiosas cristianas, para ser m s exactos y antirracistas Otra epopeya humana que atrapa, sorprende y emociona.

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    The story idea was interesting a mysterious disease distorts humans features into those of dogs , but the execution, not so much First off, the book was entirely too long The character design was inconsistent The illustrations ranged from realistic scenes to those that were childlike and cartoony I disliked the manner in which the female characters were presented They were either psychos in disguise or so weak they couldn t help but fall in love with their rapists What was with all of the sexual assaults in this book, anyway The black characters were also drawn as offensive stereotypes.