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According to the will of Lady Sarah Longbourne's Grandpapa she would inherit only if she wed the heir to the adjoining estate Of course Grandpapa thought her fiance would be sweet Robert Markholme But the young man's drowning changed everything Now the independent lady had to marry a stranger Matthew Cameron whose new estate was in debt But could a marriage of convenience between a reluctant bride and groom lead to a lifetime of love?

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    I have enjoyed many of Wilma Counts' books Two of them An Earl Like No Other and Rules Of Marriage are favorites of mine Willed to Wed is about an arranged marriage of strangers a trope I usually enjoy Matthew and Sarah are forced into marriage by the actions of her grandfather and his uncle Sarah has very competently been managing her family's estate Matthew an officer in the Peninsular Campaign never expected to inherit his title and estate but is committed to doing what he must to protect all the people connected with the estate who are dependent upon him Both Sarah and Matthew are fully realized characters who are both interesting and likable The author deftly shows their deepening feelings and respect for each other The secondary characters her family his friends and family are also well drawn And as usual Ms Counts writes well with excellent pacing Buthere's where all this goes sour for me There is one misunderstanding after another Each misunderstanding not only goes on too long but Sarah and Matthew depending which one at what time has misunderstood refuse to talk about them And almost all of the misunderstandings could have been cleared up very uickly with a simple conversation Further the villain of the piece is a woman Matthew almost married in his extreme youth but she threw him over for an older man who was not only richer than Matthew but a duke as well So since then he thinks all women are greedy and grasping and are all betrayers That also got old pretty fast as it had been uite a few years since this had happened and Matthew should have become wiser and knowledgable about women during that time

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    My English teacher from 11th and 12th grade wrote this

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    35Enjoyed reading this book but felt that everything was too easyshallowMisunderstanding and Mis communication between couple was irking

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    I totally absolutely and completely love itIt's a truly romantic regency story