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Ask most Americans why their forefathers started the Revolution and they’ll likely mention “no taxation without representation” or the belief in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness as inalienable rights But that’s just the start of the story as historian Alan Axelrod so brilliantly shows in this eye opening book Axelrod offers a fascinating examination of what really caused the breach across the Atlantic and how the revolutionary movement began The American Revolution brought something uniue to the world an entirely new kind of nation founded on a set of ideas In engrossing conversational prose Axelrod brings the birth of America to life by digging beneath the classically taught history to explore everything from little known facts to alternate realities along with the eyewitness testimony pop culture and art of the period From the seeds of dissent through the long fight to glorious victory the astonishing story of America’s revolution finally comes fully to light

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    Sort of a pop up video version of a college textbook In a good way Axelrod took some shit for some of his 'speculation' where he pointed out ways the war COULD have ended if this general did that or that general moved faster etc I actually think that those 'what if' scenarios added a little to the history and proved that Axelrod actually thought about his info rather than just regurgitating the record All that said there WERE sections that seemed to lack a little detail Maybe it's because I read 1776 right before I dug into this but important turning points of the war like the battle of Trenton seemed kindainconseuential here Or maybe McCullough was just full of shitThings I learned on my Revolutionary War reading spree Powdered wigs are the SHIT George Washington was a fuck up on a GW Bush level Until he wasn't John Paul Jones had the baddest pimp hand in naval historyNow back to comic books and crime fiction Learning wears me out

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    I started reading this many years ago but halfway through it it fell by the wayside Inspired by watching the History Channel mini series Sons of Liberty which only had a passing acuaintance with real history and reading Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan I picked it up again It's a great overview of the war for American independence Doesn't go into great depth on any one thing but that's ok There are other books for that I loved the sidebars and the visuals

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    On balance a very well researched work and written in a manner to bring this most important time in our nation's history to life

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    A great book for an overall picture of the American Revolution Doesn't concentrate on any one area or event instead choosing to give a brief description of all the significant piecesHas a great collection of artwork pictures of original documents maps and other extras in the margins and within the text Reminds me of what I saw in history text books back in school

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    Excellent and very well put into everyday layman's terms this book presents an even handed treatise on the events thoughts and execution of the creation of the United States Enough detail to give you the understanding of how and why but not so much that you begin to lose interest From these basics you can explore other books that provide the much extensive details if you want them

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    A good book for those not familiar with The American Revolution

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    Solid stories and great discussion of motives during an interesting time in our history Lots of players to keep track of which can be sort of confusing

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    Book went too far off the rails for me lacked interest and took liberties with a lot of the 'truer' versions

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    Simply a fun read It's a good introduction for people who know little or nothing about American history but is also a handily organized something that you'll keep at arms' length for whenever you need to check a fact really uick Not only does it go into detail about the important events it also gives you little details that you probably didn't know that are somehow related and will stick in your mind There were one or two inaccuracies but compared to the amount of information available it's to be expected

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    I had some issues with his history concerning Benedict Arnold He just seems to recite the old tried and true He was a greedy opportunist lines of past historians That is not the true picture of the man It is an unfair assessment He also continuously calls King Louis of France Emperor When you are talking about France and refer to the Emperor you are talking about Napoleon and no one else Otherwise I like the book He explains the beginnings and reasons for the war uite well