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From Blu Comes An Unforgettable Collection Of Stories Exposing The Lives And Love Lives Of Angels And Demons Rukis Is Young Man Who Has Left Eden And Wanders The Desert Until He Collapses And Awakens In A Strange Mansion A Man Who S Hired To Paint A Portrait Of A Girl Finds His Painting Is Chillingly Familiar In A Medieval Kingdom, Magic And Love Collide

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    Mediocre to average at best And the synopsis is also misleading, at least two stories in this manga are definitely het not that I minded terribly but the synopsis suggested something else The drawings aren t bad per se, but they vary in quality from good to amateurish The stories had so much potential but they lacked the emotional punch, I guess I would say that the first story was the best, the one about Lucifer seducing the son of his long lost love The rest disappointed me Quickly finished, quickly forgotten.

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    Read it, don t remember it Pretty cover tho

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    I bought this manga for several reasons One of it was that I found it in the bookstore and it was translated to Czech and the other was that I am hooked on BL manga It was lame reason and I got what I do not like in relatively mediocre drawing The manga is consisting with various oneshots, which were connected with theme of daemons and various angels There is no sexual scene, just lot of hearbreaking talks, which are stiff like corpse and clich is spunking on the reader in every page Gonzo of pointless talks about love, hate and whatever the emo stuff you get in your mind is there My money were blown, but still it was patriotic to buy it.

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    Definetely a mixed bag.

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    This book was a series of stories that about romance, demons, and fallen angels Each person ahs there own past, one that they would never want to return to again.this book remained me of Edward Cullen him not always agreeing with himself or having things he can t have an the past he was never proud of, well he remind me of this book because each person in the book has there own past just like Edwards except a little differently like for example they have magic and demons.I give this book 5 stars because I thought that it was great It had some strange moments but this book was really good I would recommend this book to anyone who likes romance books.

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    A collection of stories of angels and demons Good art with interesting set ups that if fully developed would have made nice full length manga, but they are not, and either from poor translation, poor word bubble placement, or overall vagueness it is often very difficult to figure out what is going on in each story I found the stories intriguing enough to try to find some full length works by this creator Someone has written a very good story by story review of this book on Note to boy s love fans despite being on the Blu label not a whole lot of loving going on in this volume.

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    Wish the stories could have been stand alones , they were pretty interesting but fell short of complete With room for development they d be pretty neat Some were hard to understand too, like the last one about the holy eye how did you not notice you couldn t see why d your friend do it whose eye did you get implanted can you re implant your old eye if not what s the point of giving it back and that guys not JUST a blacksmith, right who is he etc

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    Some of the stories were better than others I really enjoyed The Magic Cat of Hell s Hill and Garden of Thorns, but most of the othersThere didn t seem to be a lot of thought put into some They were confusing, the characters weren t particularly interesting, the concept itself was meh I can t say I was disappointed, since I just randomly grabbed it off a library bookshelf, but

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    While the art was amazingly beautiful I was expecting something else completely when I looked at the cover and read the back of the book It was a series of stories that felt incomplete and unfinished.

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    Various stories about fallen angels, set in the past I liked the look of the characters but nothing else The stories were too short for anything to happen or characters to develop Forgettable.