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An Action Packed Romance Now A Major Motion Picture Starring Taylor LautnerCam Is A New York City Bike Messenger With No Family And Some Dangerous Debts While On His Route One Day, He Runs Into A Beautiful Stranger Named Nikki But She Quickly Disappears When He Sees Her Again Around Town, He Realizes That She Lives Within The Intense World Of Parkour An Underground Group Of Teens Who Have Turned New York City Into Their Own Personal Playground Running, Jumping, Seemingly Flying Through The City Like An Urban Obstacle CourseCam Becomes Fascinated With Nikki And Falls In With The Group, Who Offer Him The Chance To Make Some Extra Money But Nikki Is Dating Their Brazen Leader, And When The Stakes Become Life Or Death, Cam Is Torn Between Following His Heart And Sacrificing Everything To Pay Off His DebtsIn The Vein Of Great Box Office Blockbusters, The High Stakes Romance Here Sizzles Within This Page Turning Thriller That Will Leave Readers Feeling Like They Are Flying Through The Streets Of New York This book had a little bit of everything, in the best possible way action, drama, a bit of romance, a bad ass female character, and an underdog protagonist to cheer for Howard is great at developing really complex and believable characters, who almost literally in this parkour book jumped off the page There is a perfect balance of emotional character building stuff, and plenty of action, which keeps the book moving along at a good pace I honestly read the whole thing in one sitting without meaning to It was great to read another YA novel from Howard Her writing voice, especially in this book, is full of energy, with a healthy dose of sarcasm Overall great read, definitely worth picking up Rating 3.75 5Review coming soon Woof This book was horrendous It was as cliche as books could be You could probably predict each and every scene as it unfolded With that said, it was still fast paced and enjoyable It s the equivalent to watching a Kevin Hart movie You know it ll be poorly done, but it still might be enjoyable.The book has two plots running One is the of Cam, the sympathetic, down on his luck, woe is me, protagonist and his struggles to keep a promise to his mother The other is his random adoration of his love interest revealing any than that will mess up the book for y all The plots run together, feed each other, interrupt each other throughout the book pretty well I felt The plot was enjoyable and though predictable still fun to read The execution felt poor The writing felt cheap But again, not every teen book needs to be written like a masterpiece of literature If you need a quick read with some cool action, this book is probably an easy one day read if you have time Just don t expect much Howard is an incredible author wit than most writers Wow Read it JJ Howard did it again What a wonderful story I couldn t put the book down and now I can t wait for the movie to come out This is a definite MUST read Tracers reflects the concepts of danger and intensity as Cam confronts obstacles where he shall decide whether to gamble his life for what he cherishes or what he believes is moral Cam is an average boy who runs as a bike messenger, with no connections and colossal debts that he must pay off An unexpected shift in his life started by an ambiguous girl falling from heaven was all it needed to take to alter his life forever As he found out, she does parkour as a living, motivating him to join the crew What he didn t know were all the consequences accompanying it, which had shaped his new life This novel has a grand scheme, which kept me interested at all occasions It was such an elaborate plot that wasn t cliche, or slightly dull or tiresome The book held a small taste of everything, in the best plausible way conflict, tension, a touch of romance, a bad ass female character, and a protagonist to cheer for This book included lots of remarkable and abrupt moments, where I grew curious about what this directed to Whilst being composed in the third person, Cam held an influential appearance that didn t bore me or despise him, it makes me entertained and interested Howard did great at developing complex and believable characters because there was a definite stability between passionate and characteristic traits while presenting plenty of action, which kept the book at a vigorous pace As a reader, I was capable to see the progression from Cam as a character, and how he has evolved from being shallow minded to a mellow teen, despite only being a few months In various sections of the book, Cam had fought to be on the right path Money was a prominent dilemma for him, and so he attempted multiple methods to retrieve that without doing the illegal deed Bestowing that longer you do ideas that are corrupt, the stubborner it is for you to recover and do obligations that are valid J.J Howard succeeds to deliver characters who have no expertise in parkour into the sport so the reader can feel simultaneously and really imagine how the characters are performing their moves There were components in which you have to suspend your belief in reality slightly for the sack of an enjoyable ride That is how it felt with the book, particularly with parts towards the end I found the character of Cam someone who has made a lot of bad choices in his life reasonable and realistically depicted Deep down, he is a genuine kid but life seems to always throw him a curve ball A favorite quote of mine from the book is when Cam says Why didn t you tell me you were with Miller as I can t say much what occurs in this scene but, I especially like this quote due to the real life similarities it correlates with As nearly the majority has been through this time when everything isn t imagined the way you wanted Like the entire world turned its back to you It these times where I can feel what precisely happened and how it feels that I love The kinship between the reader and the character give a sense of being that your not the only one out there The moment gives the prospect of how both characters feel and the way they respond to what just been said This book had countless aspects to me that has inspired me and has conceived me think about the duties I do in my everyday life I suggest this book to those who appreciate reading action novels and volumes with an unusual plot Tracers is an excellent example of how endangering, following your passion, and following the enlightened path can lead you to the highway of prosperity.The downside were parts in which that was obvious to foretell the scene, as it would impersonate out an original plot, with their being love in the air Then another character in the equation of holding back the relationship, while seeing a way to manage around the boundary separating their love However, something that protrudes out from the text is the emblem of hope and love that it presents with As its remarks to be a silver 1967 Pontiac GTO, which is to mirror the real automobile that Cam s father managed and what was exerted from Cam The car would be used as a symbol of independence, purpose, and a happy ending for Cam Potentially being an influential purpose than what it was formerly described but still preserves the idea that it was left for Cam to complete his father s dream, that is to drive away from New York City, and experience the life that he was meant for. Liked the book very much but I had already watched the film maybe a year ago and it kind of ruined the experience for me I think that the writing is kind of for a child than for a young adult but the story is really caprivating Tracers read like an action movie fast paced, tons of action, and a thrilling romance Cam is a bike messenger, the fastest in his group, with a mountain of debts and a ton of baggage He s a loner, who meets a beautiful stranger, well is wiped out by one She knocks him off his feet and on his behind What I really liked about Tracers was how easy it read It was go from page one and pretty much never let up Although you don t really get to know all the characters, the ones you re given depth about, grab you Cam seems like an ordinary kid, with extraordinary troubles but for whatever reason I felt for him I was able to connect with his character Nikki, the silent yet somehow sassy love interest, was a solid character She didn t have many moments in the book but you felt her presence, just as strong as Cam did.Cam s immediate obsession with Nikki threw me a little but the author was able to make it all come together, in a way that was both enjoyable and realistic.I can totally see how this book was made into the movie because it certainly reads like one complete with Chinese gangs, gritty streets, fast moves, and a romance that you find yourself rooting for.You won t be knocked off your feet but you ll be thoroughly entertained There s enough of everything for any kind of reader I d recommend it Recommended for fans of high action movies and books Cam seems to have struggled his whole entire life living in New York City When he was younger, it seemed like his life was good..maybe even great His mom and dad were happy and tried to provide him with a life that maybe didn t have a lot of money but had a lot of love But that was all before his father was arrested and sent to prison for armed robbery and his mother become sick and later died leaving Cam all alone Life was good before Cam, in a fit of desperation, took out a loan with the wrong people to try to save his mothers house from the bank when she could no longer work only to see if end up in foreclosure anyway Yes, Cam knows what it is like trying to scrap by in New York City.To try to pay off his loan and get out from underneath the Tong gang, Cam works as hard as he can as a bike messenger He is barely surviving when on one of his deliveries, a girl named Nikki, seems to fall down from the sky and land right on top of him destroying his bike in the process Cam is not easily shocked, he has seen a lot of things, but there is something about this girl that he can t get out of his head Not only is she beautiful, but how she suddenly appeared out of nowhere and then vanished almost as fast The next day when he finds out she has bought him a brand new bike, the mystery of who she is deepens When Cam tracks her down, he discovers she is part of a group who practices and uses Parkour free running to survive by doing missions for a man named Miller in exchange for cash Nikki tries to warn Cam to stay away and not get involved with their group but Cam finds himself wanting in He needs the money as the Tong gang is breathing heavily down his neck but importantly.he wants.no he needs to be with Nikki As Cam and Nikki find themselves falling for each other, the stakes in the games become higher They know the only way they can survive is if they leave everything behind and run off together but how do you leave when you have no money and it seems as if everyone is out to get you.The very front cover of the book has the words soon to be a major motion picture It didn t take long before I realizes why The plot would make a great Hollywood action movie that is sure to delight the crowds And like a Hollywood movie, there were elements in which you have to suspend your belief in reality slightly for the sack of an enjoyable ride That is how I felt with the book, especially with parts towards the end which I can t really reveal without giving the surprise away I found the character of Cam someone who has made a lot of bad choices in his life understandable and realistically portrayed Deep down, he is a good kid but life seems to always throw him a curve ball The plot starts right off with action and ramps it up in the last three chapters making it a page turner I can see students, especially reluctant readers, enjoying the books action and characters I can even see it bring Parkour into fashion or introduces people who will want to know and read about the sport.