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    Have you ever thought of the significance of the last words of Jesus as he died on the cross? Seven statements from Jesus as he was suffering that hold an enormousness amount life from the tree of death The seven statements start with a prayerFather forgive them; for they know what they doHis ministry is always in prayer even death on the cross and the prayer is for those who hate him His prayer is on forgiveness Jesus example gives us a true picture of what authentic forgives really is Forgiveness is hard because it attacks who we are and what we feel we are owed Jesus’ example takes our futile attempts of forgiveness and challenges us to put our faith on what Christ did You realize how can I not forgive Thou shall be with me in Paradise these words are my favorite On this chapter Mr Epperson’s insight on the significance of the 3 crosses is the state of all men; the unredeemed the redeemed and the Redeemer The response of the two robbers signifies our response to Christ One says Save Yourself Do we say that in our lives? We may say it in other ways like “This isn’t the best way” Fix my circumstances and put me in control” Save yourself is a self serving salvation It seeks reprieve from certain judgment and punishment I deserve better The 2nd thief knows who he is in relation to Christ He pleads for salvation and looks forward to the promise of the Kingdom Woman Behold Thy Son Disciple Thy Mother This is the social justice of Christ The world loves social justice however it despises the things of God What is true social justice? And how is it different from the world’s social justice There are many people that are doing good things however; the same people do not recognize their need for salvation My God My God Why hast thou Forsaken MeThe cross signifies that there is suffering and the cause of suffering of living apart from God Jesus is forsaken so that we have a way not to be forsaken I ThirstBegs to ask the uestion what do you thirst for? In the suffering Jesus longing is for the will of God and redemption It is FinishedBecause it is finished I do not have to strive I can rest I don’t have to read about someone’s visit to heaven in order to believe what Jesus already says is true It in it is finished is all things that I will never finish or complete It’s not about performance based acceptance me performing and God liking me and accepting me It’s about acceptance based performance I accept Jesus work on the cross in his life and sacrifice Father into Thy Hands I commend My SpiritBecause it is finished I have peaceWith each chapter there are scriptural reflections on the Last Words of Jesus and uestions to challenge your application The significance of the words of Christ will better help you understand the work of Christ A special thank you Worthy Publishing and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    I have never really thought too deeply into the last few phrases that Jesus spoke before his death on the cross In this book Stu details the words and their meanings He shows us why they were so significant Jesus never did anything that was of no significance So what are they? What did they mean?Each chapter focuses on one of the seven phrases It also includes discussion uestions and some scriptural reflections with each chapter I would imagine it is probably a great book to do with a small group Reading on my own I felt a little detached I am not sure why I felt like the information was a little scattered and I didn’t uite get all of the significant implications that he was trying to point out Within a group setting I believe it would be differentI do think it is an important read because we don’t often think about His final words So often we gloss over the crucifixion with rhetoric we have heard our whole lives and we become disconnected with the power and raw affliction he bore to free us To bestow His love on us and give us the promise of HIM for all of eternityI challenge you to spend some time reflecting on the last words of Christ as He took every ounce of persecution and discipline that we would have had if it were not for Him and His great loveThe Last Words of Jesus First Steps To A Richer Life will be available on Feb 24th Please pick up a copy Thank you so much Worthy Publishing for sending me this book As always this is my honest opinion Here’s to many

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    An excellent choice for the Lenten seasonStu Epperson Jr president and founder of The Truth Network and radio host of Truth Talk Live also attends a weekly Bible study group Wednesday in the Word That is where his new devotional Last Words of Jesus was born taught and lived in real life with real men The books thought provoking insights focus on the last seven statements uttered by Jesus on the cross Which makes it a perfect choice for the Lenten season when Christians prepare to celebrate Easter Dr David Jeremiah writes in the foreword that a person's final words represent and reveal either the hope or hopelessness of a life that is ending when all hope is gone and death approaches However none are so than the last statements of Christ writes Epperson because of who He was—and is Seven brief chapters on prayer pardon paternity pain passion perfection and peace portray an overall theme Epperson summarizes with these words Seven words of life from the tree of death His narrow focusFull Review

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    I received a complimentary copy of this book from Worthy Publishing in exchange for my honest reviewHave you ever thought about the last words of Jesus? As He was dying on the cross Jesus uttered just a few last words before His deathStu Epperson Jr invites the reader to take a deep look at those words and not simply read themJesus forgives His killers takes care of His mom and shows His humanityFor example Jesus says I thirst while on the cross Think about that The Living Water is saying He is thirsty Epperson points out that the One who said to come to Him and never thirst againis thirsty The magnitude of that statement should not be lost and the casual reader would do well to dwell on the power of that thought the Living Water is thirstyIt is nuggets like these that Epperson points out to the reader so that they can fall deeper in love with their Savior

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    Abandoned after an hour or so on audiobook Did not enjoy the writing at all Can only describe it as cheesy and imprecise though of course the content has great potential Look elsewhere for a book on the last words of Jesus from the cross

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    Have you ever heard a story so many times that you cringe when someone starts to share the same news all over again? I heard messages and stories about God’s will presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice and the cross so often I grew up in a Christian home that even as an adult I still try to dodge hearing them all over again I know that may sound horrible but it’s the honest truth I think to myself “Please No Not again”Now don’t get me wrong I love the story of the cross but the shared narratives often and almost always come packaged in the same monotonous way This is why I was not eager to read and review the new book Last Words of Jesus; however it didn’t take long for me to realize that Stu Epperson’s journey would be no ordinary or boring adventure Every chapter led me to think about the cross and Savior in new and challenging waysThe author walks us through seven lessons left through the last words of Jesus lessons about prayer pardon paternity pain passion perfection and peace Some of my favorite uotes form the book include“The second thief’s simple reuest as a response of faith brushes aside all our modern ‘sinner’s prayer’ rules”“In an instant a common worthless condemned thief becomes a royal son of the Most high and is given a promise of eternal paradise”“Amid his pain and suffering Jesus cares for Mary’s pain and suffering Care for the widow and orphan is directed from Christ Himself at his darkest momentMy favorite chapter talks about Jesus asking “Why?” The author reminds us that “it is at the foot of the Cross that all why uestions find their answer” He shares Martin Luther’s agonizing proclamation “God forsaken by God how can this be?” Jesus who made the world was being unmade But don’t worry This chapter and several other pages in the book don’t leave you hanging they contain powerful words of grace and encouragementMaybe you’re a little or a lot like me and you rather not hear it or read it all again Consider giving the story of the Cross another chance Grab a copy of Last Words of Jesus by Stu Epperson and find yourself loving the tale all over again Better yet each chapter comes with its own set of discussion uestions so you can take the journey with others

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    As we head into the Lenten season a lot of us begin to turn our thoughts toward the cross of Christ what happened there and all that it means This book is another chance to take a fresh look at what are often called the seven last words of Christ those excruciating cries from the crossI was not familiar with Stu Epperson before receiving this book He is according to the biography a radio host and founder of The Truth Network As such his desire in writing this book is to reach those who have not yet had a chance to respond to Jesus by somewhat devotionally thinking through these last words I do not know if that goal was reached as much of the language seemed to be insider language without a lot of explanation for those who might not have before encountered these last wordsEpperson's writing is easy to read and despite putting snatches of poetry and hymnody in odd places catches the spirit of the material uite well There are things that are left out that as a pastor I would have liked to see included such as attention to the setting of the saying and why each Gospel writer included what they did but those issues may have been distracting from the overall narrativeThere is not much new here but when you're approaching Lent and the Cross perhaps new is not what one is looking for I do appreciate his focus on these final words being words of life from the tree of death a reminder that this cross is not the end It is only a beginning That is a theme that echoes clearly throughout the bookEach chapter ends with a couple of pages of selected Scripture verses without context and a page of uestions presumably for personal reflection or for group discussion For someone looking for an easy to read reflection or devotional guide for the season of Lent this book would be a welcome additionFULL DISCLOSURE I was provided a copy of this book for an unbiased review No only compensation was provided

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    The Last Words of Jesus was a great book to read during Passion Week I enjoyed the insights into the last words of our Lord before His death for our sins The author supplied Bible verses to complement each chapter and there were study uestions as wellI would recommend this book to anyone wishing to learn about the words of Jesus from the crossI received this book free from Goodreads First Reads

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    I heard the author on the Eric Metaxas show He was so enthusiastic about the book and how it affected his life He read the book on Hoopla This was a good book to read during Easter weekend Very devotional Some good insights He brings social justice clean waterHe has some powerful uotes from other authors and speakers He also wrote some pithy statements especially in the chapter I thirst He did a lot of thinking writing this book

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    Easy reading Enjoyed it I received this book through Good Reads