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Recent victories for LGBT rights especially the spread of same sex marriage have gone faster than most people imagined possible Yet the accompanying rise of gay 'normality' has been disconcerting for activists with radical sympathies Global in scope and drawing on a wide range of feminist anti racist and ueer scholarship and analysis Warped Gay Normality and ueer Anti Capitalism shows how the successive 'same sex formations' of the past century and a half corresponding to different phases of capitalist development have led both to the emergence of today's 'homonormativity' and 'homonationalism' and to ongoing ueer resistance The book's second half summarises different sexual rebellions and the ueer dimension of multifarious movements for social justice and transformation seeing in them harbingers of a unified and powerful ueer anti capitalism

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    I wrote a published review of this work which I admire greatly Here is the link to that review It is too long to cut and paste here

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    As a young ueer person it was such a struggle to find the history of people like me to feel connected to my own culture and to find a meaningful way forward From Nazi book burnings to media straightwashing some people will take every opportunity to isolate us from our heritage our community and even our true selves Peter Drucker helps reconnect us to our past and helps give us the tools to strengthen our future

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    Basically a good history of sexuality and gender paired with a Marxist framework and a mostly good set of prescriptions for the movement going forwardFull review here