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At sixteen Aidan Swift was swept off his feet by a rich older man who promised to take care of him for the rest of his life But eight years later his sugar daddy has turned from a prince into a beast Trapped and terrified Aidan snatches an hour’s respite at the Trowchester MuseumLocal archaeologist James Summers is in a failing long distance relationship with a rock star and Aidan—nervous bruised and clearly in need of a champion—brings out all his white knight tendencies When everything falls apart for Aidan James saves him from certain death and discovers a skeleton of another boy who wasn’t so luckyAs Aidan recovers James falls desperately in love But though Aidan acts like an adoring boyfriend he doesn’t seem to feel any sexual attraction at all Meanwhile there are two angry exes on the horizon one coming after them with the press and the other with a butcher’s knife To be together Aidan and James must conuer death sex and everyone’s preconceptions about the right way to love—even their own

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    This is something I've been looking for a book about an asexual main character where he is not saved by the power of true love and shown the error of his ways This book allows Aidan to be who he is to be homoromantic but Ace and still have a HEAThis is also a book about domestic abuse some of it shown on page so trigger warnings should be noted Aidan was only 16 when Piers took him off the street and into his home grooming and molding him into the man he has become But Piers became and controlling and abusive over time and as the book opens he has progressed to physical violence and constraining every minute of Aidan's days He has all the money and all the power and the caged life is beginning to really chafe at Aidan although Aidan is still trying to please himAidan slips out and meets James a museum worker and archaeologist who is the opposite of Piers soft spoken absent minded intellectually curious and gentle James has a boyfriend Dave who is a musician often gone for long periods on tour And it turns out that his own relationship is far rocky than he ever realized The celebrity groupie lifestyle has a strong hold on Dave and James is being left behind in the dust of ordinary life In fact Dave's casual assumptions about James become use almost psychological abuse and James's diffident personality makes it hard for him to act strongly enough to deal with DaveBoth men have to win free of the entanglement of their previous relationships to be open to something I had a few uibbles I wasn't crazy about the degree to which James pushed Aidan for something physical between them fairly uickly In the first place James's own relationship with Dave was barely cold And even not knowing that Aidan considers himself Ace at that point anyone who has come from a relationship with the degree of trauma and violence and non con of all kinds that Aidan did might not want any kind of physical relationship In fact while Aidan's understanding of his own sexuality might be completely accurate that still felt tainted by the fact that the only sex he had really known as an adult was with someone severely abusive His distaste and disinterest could well have been inborn but I'd have liked a bit of a longer time frame and a boat load of counseling to help him untangle the past trauma from his intrinsic desires I also had hoped that the abusive ex storyline wasn't going to go the route that it did view spoilerHaving the ex return to stalk Aidan hide spoiler

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    I don't give out 5 stars reviews often but I also don't feel good when I have to give out bad reviews I prefer to stop reading altogether and don't finish a book if I have a feeling that I will not like it This is one of few occasions in which I did finish the book because I was curious about how it would end I couldn't be honest about my reading experience and how I thought about the bookI Don't Like ItFirst thing first I am not sure whether the trigger warning is needed but I'm going to say it anyway There is on page violent scenes here Aidan is in an abusive relationship and some of his ordeals are written uite vividly beating kicking choking there are bruises and bloods I'm not exactly sueamish but I prefer to read violence in mysterycrime or even urban fantasy setting rather than contemporary romance It was a bit difficult to swallow It reminded me of a friend's comment who said Alex Beecroft always makes her characters suffered a LOT before the happy ending I'm worried if it will trigger reactions from some readers as well so I thought I'd better say something about itNow onto the story itselfI felt like there are two plots going on and when it came down to the romance it was a mess On one corner there is Aidan who is in domestic abusive relationship with an older guy He is able to run away from it with the help from James Then Aidan tries to be independent by working at a cafe making friends with some of girl employees and finding out that he's asexual Yep Aidan realizes that there is a name to his 'situation'; the fact that he never enjoy sex with Piers the reason why he doesn't like sex altogether and why he keeps thinking that sex is different than love that love doesn't eual to sex So we have thatOn the other corner we have James the local archeologist who is in failing relationship with his rock star boyfriend Basically James' boyfriend Dave is a total dick wad Dave doesn't appreciate James he parties like crazy he cheats on James James wants to break up with him but Dave doesn't seem to get the point yeah that is the other on going plotSo with both things going on I didn't buy the romance between Aidan and James Not 100% But what I disliked the most was the fact that there were a lot of important things happening but they were all pretty much ended up being glossed over for examplea the abusive partner who CLEARLY killed his previous lover so where's the investigation in that?? How could he walked out from it easily to kidnap Aidan again later?b the asexuality I feel really sad that the asexuality issue here seems to be on the surface only Aidan doesn't like sex oh he's asexual There's so MUCH going on in Aidan's life including being abused for the past several years It needs to dig deeper I don't buy that he's easily think it's fine for him What about emotional trauma? What about physical trauma? Alongside the fact that he's asexual And could James easily accepted that knowing that he doesn't even understand about asexuality in the first place and finally the romance It just didn't work at all for meSorry but for me this is a major failure I struggled to find anything positive to say It just left bitter taste in my mouth Having said that I don't give out ratings below than 2 stars unless I despise the story So 2 stars it is The ARC is provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is reuired for any ARC received

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    I will admit that this is my first foray into this author’s writing I found the premise to be uniue without being completely out of genre the romance believable and the characters likeable Romance and caring are everywhere as tensions run high and the characters’ pasts collide in the present I enjoyed the concept that everyone’s relationship should develop in the manner that suits the participants rather than those around them It was a refreshing changeI appreciated the realism and originality of the characters in this novel Their situations were one of a kind yet their reactions and personalities were easy to understand I enjoyed that I could uestion the characters’ choices Beecroft creates likeable charactersBeecroft has combined polished inviting writing with a storyline that was remarkably uniue in such a manner that readers will be pleasantly surprised This was definitely a novel that I really enjoyed readingPlease note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review

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    This review was written for Joyfully Jay Reviews and can be found here 35 stars for this contemporary MM romanceAidan Swift is a 23 year old man in an abusive relationship He is only beginning to realize the danger in which he lives with his “boyfriend” Piers Though many years older than Aidan Piers had been a doting loving partner until this past year when he moved Aidan far from their shared apartment in London into a remote mansion in Trowchester—all that privacy makes it so no one will hear it when Aiden screamsJames Summers is an archeologist who has had a ten year relationship with Dave lead singer for an emerging punk type band They began dating in their early twenties but have slowly drifted apart and now all the papers buzz with rumors not unfounded of Dave’s infidelities James is unwilling to trust that there is nothing left—and drops in unexpectedly on the tour—learning firsthand what a cretin Dave truly isAidan and James meet at the Trowchester museum when Aidan sneaks away from his beautiful cage while Piers works It’s the beginning of something special and the lifeline Aidan needs The synopsis hints at abuse but the book brings the reality into stark focus I felt a sterner trigger warning was needed as the only fade to black business in the on page domestic violence scenes comes when Aidan literally passes out after Piers beats him We are witnesses to the escalating violence and growing danger all centered around Piers’ inability to allow Aidan any freedom His growing paranoia regarding Aidan’s faithfulness seems a flashpoint that is likely to cost Aidan his lifeExpect two decent men to suffer greatly because of the men they are attached to For Aidan this is physical abuse For James Dave is an emotional abuser and a complete user I was totally enraged by Dave’s arrogance but also by James’ meek handling of his situation I didn’t think “Man up man” but I did wonder why James went to such great lengths to spare Dave inconvenience I was completely flummoxed when Dave got off with all his seriously grievous trespasses without even a reprimandJames does step in between Aidan and Piers but the growing affection between himself and Aidan is not all that easy Aidan has suffered years of psychological abuse to match his newly upgraded status of battered partner Piers immediately began his physical claiming read rape of Aidan something Aidan never wanted but had no skills to refuse as a teen As an adult separate from Piers Aidan realizes that sex just isn’t his thing at all He likes being a partner to someone hopefully James including cohabitating kissing and cuddling but he isn’t a fan of the messy stuff He is the first Ace asexual character I have readI think I was a little confused as to Aiden’s status because his asexuality could be construed as a reactionary issue See Aiden has essentially been a sexual slave of Piers for the past seven years and so I thought with time he’d warm to the idea of consensual sex with James Both men harbor an intense attraction after all but nope By the end I had the distinct impression that Aidan’s opinion of sex was one of annoyance bordering on repugnance which for me left little hope that their relationship would survive James is a 30 year old man with a healthy sexual drive that Aidan merely seemed to suffer It didn’t bode well that they could weather this rather large storm and stay together despite some perfunctory language to the contrary For me it felt like a Happy For Now ending which was a rough way to end a story that already had a lot of emotional carpet bombsExpect to see Finn and Michael from Trowchester Blues in the roles of assistant White Knights something fans of the series will enjoy There are plenty of supporting characters that are fun and interesting but the book is heavy with conflict and not all of it does the plot justiceI received a review copy from the publisher via NetGalley

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    When Aidan was sixteen he was ‘saved’ from his boring life in London by Piers Now eight years later Aidan has learned that the price for the rescue was his body Piers who had seemed like his ticket out of his old life has beaten abused and raped himand now Aidan can’t even think of why to leave the man let alone how There is a small part of himself that he has kept safe though One small part where Piers will never touchJames help curate the local museum as well as run archeological digs around the area of Trowchester With a job he loves and a boyfriend who is an international Folk Rock star you would think his life is going great But his boyfriend is gone than he is ever home– and even when he is home they are hardly being swept off their feet by the romance around them When James comes across Aidan in the museum he is struck by the man’s body sculpted to perfection but mostly by the man’s demeanor James knows there is something wrong with James –the way flinches from the slightest movement and talks about his boyfriend are pretty good indicators of abuse –but he doesn’t know what to do And as time goes by and both their lives take a turn for the worse James might just have to decide if standing up for himself is worth saving Aidan from the monster in his own homeSo okaygreat book But IF YOU GET TRIGGERED BY ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS THIS IS NOT THE BOOK FOR YOU Seriously there is some bad shit going on between Aidan and Piers and to a lesser extent James and Dave and if abuse and rape are things that are going to set you off you need to avoid this book Try the other two in the series they are as good just not as triggeryNow that we have that out of the wayHoly smokes but I was not ready for this book I mean I was totally ready to read it but man was it tough to read So much pain so much heartache I spent the whole book wanting to wrap Aidan up in a big fluffy blanket and sit him on my couch and feed him tea and ice cream for eternityI loved that Aidan was not the stereotypical abuse victim– at least in looks Usually in abuse stories the dude getting abused is a little waif of a guy So small and fragile that no one ever expects for him to stand up for himself because how can he? But here Aidan is fit and built and by ‘normal’ standards he should be totally able to take Piers But nearly ten years of conditioning has made him unable to actually even think of hurting the bastard I just loved that this book shows that abuse isn’t all about size it is about power and control It takes a hell of a lot to get Aidan to the point where he can fight back and see that he can actually have power over anything in his lifeAlso I really liked that Aidan was Ace –and that his relationship with James later on was not an easy road for them both to take They have a lot of navigating to do on this particular aspect of their lives and the problems they have –not only in James understanding just where the line is but in Aidan realizing that No is an acceptable answer –make this relationship very interestingI didn’t realize till almost a couple weeks ago that one of the characters in this book would be Ace I had basically seen there was going to be a book three and jumped all the fuck over it without even reading the blurb but when I heard that I was thrilled I try to go out of my way to find books that inlude the lesser written about parts of the LGBTIA spectrum that being anything not G and to have accidentally stumbled upon a book featuring an Ace character was pretty coolAnd let’s not leave James out of the picture God but I do love James I have a thing for smart men They just push all kinds of buttons And sure James comes across as a bit stuck in his books but he is such a caring nice man And the way he is with Aidan especially after the whole Ace thing came out is great Not perfect but real and honest Though his taste in men pre Aidan is pretty abysmalOverall this was a very tough book to read emotionally The characters go through so much have to endure so much pain that at times I just wanted to walk away But I couldn’t I couldn’t leave them until they were some place safe and happy And it took them a while to get there but they did and I’m glad A great book just maybe not for the faint of heart45 stars This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below

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    Blue Steel Collar was a first for me in reading a romance in which one of the protagonists is asexual although this is not immediately apparent Much like his potential life partner I had uite a bit to wrap my head around; and that is what I particularly enjoy a story that makes me thinkAidan is living in an abusive relationship with Piers who rescued him from a life on the streets eight years previously We learn that as their relationship progressed it became and abusive whilst Piers moulded Aidan into the person he wanted him to be using both emotional and physical violence During a rare moment of freedom Aidan visits the local museum and meets curator and archaeologist JamesJames is also in the throes of an unsatisfactory long distance relationship with rock musician Dave There is an immediate connection between Aidan and James however once their budding friendship becomes known to their respective partners severe repercussions ensue Both must consider whether there might be a future togetherThis is a gentle love story that explores how life can be enriched or crushed by the choices we make It was beautiful to watch how Aidan finds the strength to be true to himself and his artistry with just a little support from James and his network of friends In return James comes to appreciate the difference that loving Aidan could make to his own lifeBoth men feel valued by the other however the path of true love does not run smoothly There is a murder to solve and Aidan and James may inadvertently be in danger than they realiseSteel Blue Collar was an unexpected read there is not the predictable moments of passion but there are times of tenderness that are deeply affecting I had some issues with each of the protagonists partners Piers and Dave both painted as rather two dimensional villains of the piece but in general I enjoyed the story and was rooting for the main characters to ditch their unworthy partners and find some well deserved happiness and fulfilment with each other The added complication being asexuality a total lack of interest in sex which gave a whole new dimension to the plot A great read with a different take on the male male romance genreI was generously provided with an ARC by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    The abuse Aden suffered is awful and the writing makes you feel so much for him James has his own issues to deal with what i love about this book is that they don't leap into bed and everything is magically fixed Aden is damaged and the story takes you through his recovery and how he is really works

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    This book suffers from trying to do too much A lot of page time is taken up by showing the bad relationships the two MCs need to get out of which left little time to deal with the burgeoning relationship between Aidan and James or the fact that Aidan is asexual Because everything was crammed in here James' bad boy rockstar boyfriend and Aidan's abusive partner came off as caricatures; things happened too fast post abuse between the new couple; and there wasn't much time left to show how they would navigate a mostly sexless relationship which was something I was very interested in This was just a little OTT I would've liked the whole thing shifted to begin post breakup for both men

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    Oh my this book packs a punch It had me wanting to look away at times but just couldn’t It had me wincing then sighing relief then anxiety then anger then despair a book that really took me out of my comfort zoneAidan is a houseboy to Piers He is never let out the house unless he gets inot trouble Piers is a dominant rich arrogant asshole who abuses the power he has over Aidan Poor Aidan poor dear Aidan My heart went out to him immediately the relationship they have is not healthy and Aidan suffers immensely from having no self confidence or feeling of worth due to the way he is treated by Piers Piers is an evil malevolent man with deep rooted and disturbing issues At first I thought the had a sub dom relationship going on with Piers being Aidan’s keeper so to speak Piers picked Aidan up off the street took him in gave him everything materialistically and expects subservience in return Well as things develop you start to realise that the relationship Piers has with Aidan starts to go far beyond what is healthy for normal and there is something very nefarious in the way that Aidan is treated by Piers Piers has a dark secret that eventually comes to light but not until Aidan is almost near death on several occasions and battered to a pulpAidan has to wear a steel chain around his neck with a padlock to show that he belongs to Piers However he meets James a curator for the Trowchester museum and then he starts to realise there is a life beyond the limits of his life with Piers But this is a dangerous thing as being found out will always have repercussions for Aidan with Piers James is attracted to Aidan and the chemistry is there A kind of intense love and affection from afar but never getting to the physical It is sweet loving and tender Something very different to his life with PiersJames however is also in a relationship crisis His boyfriend is now a famous rock musician and while on tour is always high on drugs conceited and lands up in bed with the band’s groupies every night James can no longer put up with this situation and confronts him on tour by turning up to one of his concerts unexpectedly I felt for James it’s a hard thing to dump a long standing relationship especially when you have seen your partner’s success grow James has to wake up and realise his partner is not the same person any and is in his way also being played used and abused on another level I just got so angry why he caved on a number of occasions just to read his partner the riot act and send him packing But it really takes the love he has found in Aidan to give him that final push and wake up call that he needsOne evening he gets a frantic phone call from Aidan and has to get him out of the house He calls Finn and Michael for help These two characters we met in the first book and once again they had a definite role to play in Aidan’s and James’s life to point things out to them that maybe you wouldn’t see unless you are looking at things from the outside Michael once again is the hero of the moment and his skills as an ex cop leads them to discovering a much serious dangerous and evil intents of Piers After surviving such an experience Aidan first has to find himself before he can commit to James which I thought was exactly the right thing to do The poor lad needed to stand on his own two feet first find his confidence as a person before jumping into the next relationship What he discovers during this period is uite revolutionary and will take a lot of understanding from James Aiden is asexual At times I was wondering whether James would be able to cope with this because I don’t know how I would have managed such a revelation for sure Possibly not uite so understanding to be honest or at least wouldn’t be able to cope as James does But the love is strong between them and that is all that is needed for James to realise that he can cope with Aidan This is where Alex shows us that love comes in all forms physical and non physical But it is a truly beautiful thing the have with each other and my heart just soared at the joy of seeing these two together after all their trials and tribulationsThis book is definitely not for the sueamish or faint of heart It is no fluffly romance and deals with a subject that will get most of wincing feeling angry understanding Aidan’s situation It deals with abuse It packs a hard punch and took me right out of my comfort zone However out of this desperate situation blooms a romance that is all the sweeter because of it Just like a lotus flower rises out of the darkest and muddiest swamp to shine everyone with its pureness and beauty Aidan was my lotus flower A fantastic third book to the Trowchester Blues series45 stars rounded up to five