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USA Today Bestselling AuthorSara Carson is a 30 something widow with a busy life Two fun loving best friends a caring mom who needs her and a thriving sweet shop What could a woman want? But when the ancient plumbing in her shop springs a leak and a gorgeous dark eyed stranger rushes to her rescue hilarity unfolds—and Sara uickly sees exactly what she’s been missingSomething most peculiar draws Landon Richards to Ocean City Maryland—and to the lovely Sara This woman touches his heart like no other and the two of them explore the heady attraction that pulses between them But haunting dreams have a way of encroaching on reality and the strange phenomenon that brings these two together will also threaten to tear them apartThis is the first book in the Ocean City Boardwalk Series where life for three enterprising women Sara Heather and Cathy isn’t just fun in the sun—love is waiting on those sandy shores

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    Sara struggles with widowhood and the loss of her childhood playmate become lover and spouse while Landon torn from his family farm follows a chimera halfway across the country Set in the wonderland that is Ocean City Maryland you can almost smell the tanning oil okay Thrashers isn't even mentioned in this one but sunset at Fager's Island is Oh you haven't been? Well enjoy a virtual trip an HEA Happily Ever After with uite a twist and some truly wonderful friendships This novel has also been released as part 1 of a trilogy but it stands alone Perfect if I may say it beach reading

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    I received a free copy for an honest reviewAt first I thought this was going to be a typical romantic comedy But it's so much There's mystery subtle paranormal healing from past grief and loss as well as laugh out loud humor Sarah is a baker pastry chef who operates her own bakery Landon is new to town and he steps in to help because he's a good handyman and can help with the plumbing They have an instant connection but can't uite figure out why it's so strong The story follows their relationship and is primarily focused on Sarah and how she allows Landon to help heal her from her grief after her husband's death What I liked Legitimate humor it wasn't bawdy and crass Landon was a swoon worthy hero He had a lot to grapple with but he was alway honorable and respectable Sarah even though I think she over reacted in a few places she listened to her mother and friends and grew in character and moved beyond her own self centeredness Heather Cathy and Geneva fantastic supporting characters Funny honest true Honesty I appreciate when the author displays honesty between the characters instead of the trendy but oh so annoying lies deceptions half truths It's refreshing to have characters tell the truth to each other uick read it didn't bog down It was paced well thus resulting in a uick read What I didn't like as well I wished I could have gotten to know Landon better I wanted to know about his thoughts and plans my common reuest epilogue What happens next? Finally for what it's worth I was excited to find recipes at the end I thought that was a nice touch DetailsLanguage PG Romance PG PG 13 some steam but it's kept mostly off cameraEditing A My rating 5 stars

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    BeautifulA wonderful tribute to people who have to make the decision to donate organs when they have lost someone Landon grew up in his family farm in Kansas but couldn't do things like other kids because of his heart Sara lost her husband but takes care of her mom and runs her business and works with her two best friends He feels the sea calling but doesn't know why until he pulls in Ocean City and it feels like home

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    Beautiful story This is the first book I've read by this author and it will not be the last From the first page I was sucked into the story and couldn't put the book down It's well written and the characters feel real and relatable The story it's so much than just a romantic one Yes it's a sweet and sentimental book but it also deals with loss friendship family second chances a bit of mystery laughter and fate Sara and Landon met when she was having some plumbing issues in her shop and he comes to her rescue After the first meeting they become inseparable What starts as a friendship uickly turns into so much As their relationship unfolds it's hard not to fall in love with Landon right along with Sara And what was a vacation spot to Landon fast becomes home The reasons that had Landon longing and looking for a place he had never seen before are what many would call fate When we got to the part where all the uestions were answered I was surprised but I can say I had some suspicionsI loved Geneva Sara's mom And I love how she was so honest with Sara I love how she wasn't afraid of setting her daughter straight when she felt was necessary and did it with so much love I absolutely loved Sara's best friends Cathy and Heather Their banter had me laughing and you could see how much they care for each other I can't wait to read what's to come for them

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    Following His Heart is the first novel released in Donna Fasano's Ocean City Boardwalk Series The series will tell the stories of three best friends Sara Heather and Cathy They've known each other since school days This is Sara's and Landon's story Sara is a young widow having lost her husband 2 years earlier and Landon he's come to Ocean City after the family farm has been sold his dreams have been of the east coast and the Ocean and no idea why it has drawn him there A disaster waiting to happen the water pipes burst in Sara's bakery shop Landon is eating breakfast in Cathy's restaurant The 3 ladies share a building all their businesses also share water lines Landon can't help but hear the phone conversation between Sara and Cathy offers to get the water valve turned off before Sara loses all her baked goodies The girls wrangle Landon into helping them with repairs Landon and Sara have this immediate attraction the chemistry is sizzling The author has written a novel with a great premise and as a reader first I won't share I want you to have that same feeling I had when it clicked for me You'll enjoy this read and feel every emotion the author has written You will be glued to the page as Sara and Landon discover feelings and a past that they may not be able to overcome

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    This gentle love story touched my emotions and warmed me on the inside A man and a woman who both need healing for their hearts meet under hilarious circumstances Sara is a loveable lively character who is only just coping with the loss of her husband Her two closest friends are also single for reasons of their own but together they make a formidable force When Landon overhears that there is a crisis in the making he volunteers to step into the breach and doing so realises that there is meaning behind the strange dreams he has been having Sara is firmly entrenched in her home with her handicapped mother sweet shop and close friends Landon knows where he's coming from but is not too sure about the future as he is on a uest to find new meaning to his life However he is a lovable person and one who is willing to make up for lost time Life goes on in Ocean City in a gentle rhythm and Landon has to decide whether he wants to take hold of his dreams but in doing so has to tell Sara why his search brought him into her life at the risk of losing her I thoroughly enjoyed this book the beautiful characters and the sense of destiny being fulfilled I received a copy of this book as a gift and this is my honest and voluntary review

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    In Following His Heart Sara and Landon meet and fall in love The book follows Sara on her road to healing after her husband's death Landon has been drawn to the ocean after having family and medical issues Their attraction uickly turns to romance but will it survive when their pasts come into play?This emotionally driven story is extremely well written The unexpected twists and turns kept my interest Sara Heather Cathy provide each other with love support and humor The characters are very realistic and I fell in love with all of them This isn't just a love story it's a life storyI received an ARC of this book and have voluntarily provided an honest review

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    There’s something to be said when you open a book and just get lost in the words and once again Donna Fasano has captivated me with her story and characters There is just something about her writing that feels comfortable and familiar and she never fails to make me smile bring a tear to my eye and reaffirm my belief in the happy ever afterI just loved the friendship between Sara Heather and Cathy – their banter had me laughing and you could really tell these three ladies cared deeply for one another It was clear from their actions and from some of the stories told that they always had each other’s backs and would continue to be each other’s strength in times of needLandon was such an interesting character As his story unfolds and we learn about his past it was hard not to fall for him even And Landon and Sara together has some major chemistry going on – and it extended far past the physical I loved being able to feel the fun and friendship between the two and then see those feeling begin to grow Sara was a bit frustrating at times for me and even though I could certainly understand her reaction to some things I totally agreed with her mother Sara you're going to have to get over yourself sooner or later Which brings me to one one of my favorite character from the book Sara’s mother Geneva She certainly had been dealt a bad hand but boy did I love her outlook on life I loved the relationship between Sara and Geneva it was so honest and caring and even though they may have been through some bad times together you could tell that their motherdaughter relationship was rock solid She was always full of spot on advice and I loved how she always knew when to interject a bit of humor to break the tension“Oh you can do all manner of preaching to yourself” Geneva said “You can make all sorts of promises But your heart isn't like a puppy It can’t be trained You can’t teach it to sit roll over stay If your heart wants to wee on the carpet honey that’s just what it’s going to do”This was another great read from Donna Fasano – one that should find its way to everyone’s TBRI received this book from the author for an honest review but have also purchased this book

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    A Touching Suspenseful and A typical Romance This extremely well written romance immediately pulled me in Starting off with a detailed and comical description of chaos from leaky pipes the lead female protagonist Sara a professional chef in the midst of trying to bake a batch of her famous cookies gets help from the out of towner Lodan who just happens to be nearby and provides a helping hand Mixed in with wonderful back and forth bantering and camaraderie between Sara and her gal pals the book proceeds with a sweet and sexy romance that has you smiling and ‘ahhing’ all at once But then things begin to shift as new deeper elements are introduced While Sara and Lodan continue to get to know one another better their back stories slowly get revealed and with that we find out that events in each of their pasts might have tied them together now much solidly than any simple boy meets girl romance could ever do Touching suspenseful and informative about something I knew nothing about I highly recommend this atypical romance

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    This is a fun story that will make you laugh as well as some true sad times that makes you want to cry They will need to heal their hearts their meeting will make you laugh I really loved this story Humor has a way of bring the best out of the worst times I really liked Sarah she is very lovable she is trying to get over the lost of her husband and will have trouble dealing with issues when Landon story come to light Landon is very likable as well he does have secrets that could make him lose Sarah when the truth comes out I liked this so far out of this series It really is a wonderful emotional read that you will loveIt is well written with people who are normal with issues just like you and I I really loved the scenes the author gives you detail that really pulls you in I loved the humor that really helps these two pull their strength from within