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In This Lucid Classic, Beloved Teacher Ayya Khema Introduces The Reader To The Essence Of The Buddhist Path She Addresses The How And Why Of Meditation, Providing A Clear Framework For Understanding The Nature Of Karma And Rebirth And The Entirety Of The Eightfold Path With Specific, Practical Advice Ayya Khema Illuminates The Practices Of Compassion And Sympathetic Joy And Offers Forthright Guidance In Working With The Hindrances That We All Encounter In Meditation Few Introductory Books Are Both Simple And Profound Being Nobody, Going Nowhere Is Both

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    Being Nobody, Going Nowhere is based on a series of talks by Ayya Khema at a ten day meditation course at Sri Lanka A wonderful book, but I feel that the synopsis given is a little misleading For Buddhists and non Buddhists who have never meditated before and would like to learn how, please do not rely solely on this book as an instruction booklet on meditation techniques While it does provide clear and simple instructions on meditation, the strength and beauty of this book lies in Ayya Khema s very simple, clear and digestible discourses on why meditation and the dharmma are so important in our life The thirteen chapters in this book cover basic meditation techniques, the different types of meditation and the essentials of the Buddha s path from the four noble truths and noble eightfold path to Kamma and rebirth There is even a detailed explanation of Karaniya Metta Sutta, which I was particularly happy about as I have been chanting it in Pali without knowing its full meaning and beauty.I started reading this book while undergoing my weekly Basic Buddhism course which included Dharma lessons and basic concentration meditation techniques Being Nobody, Going Nowhere was a good supplement as it provided in depth knowledge to some concepts I had learned from the course This book is definitely worth reading again and again In my opinion, Being Nobody, Going Nowhere is most useful to Buddhists who already have a basic understanding of the Dharma However, for those who would like a basic introduction to Buddhism, this may not be an ideal book, but it will certainly inspire and convince you to practise meditation Meditation, by the way, is not easy to learn In fact, my teacher s instructions to empty the mind, relax the body was the hardest thing I had ever done in my life So to those who want to learn meditation, find a teacher Please do not learn it from a book you will find yourself really going nowhere

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    A very practical and accessible book on the basics of Buddhist thought and the importance of meditation practice Since the book is a collection of her talks given during a retreat, her teachings are focused on what to pay attention to during practice paired with the benefits of such practice to motivate everyone to stay present on and off the cushion She begins with the reminder that meditation is how we rest our minds and develop the mental muscles to respond wisely to whatever arises Loved the chapter on the Four Friends of Loving Kindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, and Equanimity Felt loving and serene and inspired to follow the practice after reading She also does a very skillful job in distinguishing between near enemies such as contentment vs complacency and patience vs indifference Her review of the Eightfold Path and the progression from Right View to Right Intention and how everything else builds upon those up to Right Concentration back to Right View again is very helpful Bottom line, she stresses that every moment of our lives is an opportunity for us to practice and awaken to our full spiritual potential if we fully commit to paying attention and to examining our actions, thoughts, and emotions A great primer on the basic tools and practices for compassionate and wise living.

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    Very simple Very practical Truly one of the best books on Buddhist philosophy Very simple to follow Very measurable progress from within Very easy read Started reading it hesitantly Never really finished many good books on religion or philosophy This book is different Keeps the pages turning While she tries to present a complicated subject in as simple a format as possible, somewhere near the last last half of the book the reader can still feel a tad lost Best to start re reading it after say a few weeks and it shines a lot brighter and is as interesting on the second read.

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    3 1 2 stars.While I disagree with some of Khema s blanket statements all mothers love their children I could give you a thousand examples that prove that idea very false and there is a lot of supernatural woo woo to shovel through psychic powers and guardian angels, to name a few , the core message of practicing non attachment, meditation, and loving kindness are solid and inspiring.

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    I will keep reading and re reading this book for the rest of my life It is a form of meditation in itself The thoughts, the wisdom, the ideas flow and a calmness descends This book was given to me by my Mum who died nearly twenty years ago I love her for giving me this book and I love this book for existing in my life And, like my Mum s love, this book will always live and breathe in me Thank you, Ayya Khema Thank you.

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    The path of practice isn t easy Ayya Khemma writes in this book her sense and personal experience with important aspects of Buddhist teaching 4 Noble Truths, 4 Friends, 5 Aggregates etc and explores the experience of meditation in the Buddhist context She writes with tremendous depth of understanding that derives from her decades as a Buddhist nun and with clarity and insight that helps the western practitioner come to terms with what are concepts foreign to our own traditions It certainly helped me at a critical stage in my own practice, just entering the weird world that starts to come into view once the split between ego and the observer takes place It was to me a very gentle way of understanding the things that were happening to me and of gaining a sense of direction and reassurance that all was well I am not what I think and that s wonderful

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    This book completely changed my life It is the most influential Buddhism book I have read, thoroughly covering the entire practice including the Four Noble Truths, The Noble eightfold Path, The way things exist, meditation etc It should be required reading for everyone, it is that good I love Ayya Khema Just wish I could afford to get her other books My Dad gave me the copy I own and I have shared it with many people despite it s being incredibly important to me I just cannot keep it all to myself Thanks Dad 3

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    To be fair, the four star rating may be of a reflection of my state of mind than the quality of the book I don t feel I am ready for what it had to say, but I can certainly accept the beauty of much of the message Perhaps this is a five star book I desperately tried to filter through my four star brain.

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    Wow, This wonderful, german born Buddhist nun, explains with utter simplicity, the reason for, the why, and the how of mindfulness and Meditation Going Nowhere, Being Nobody, sounds kind of drabbut it is anything but It is the reason we choose the spiritual Path.

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    One of the best Buddhist based books I ve ever read Perfect for the western reader or maybe not so perfect as western readers don t usually desire to be nobody and on the road to nowhere as well