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The author of Tripping to Somewhere delivers his second novel of urban fantasy During his senior year smart athletic Daniel makes a mistake Guilt overwhelms him and he uickly falls in with a group of outcasts Misty the groups leader lets Daniel in on a secret theyve learned to shapeshift

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    Okay immediate DNF By page 26 I had 4 red flags and could have had One for use of the r word in reference to a less than smart character One for girl on girl hate and slut shaming “remember how I complained about Genevieve being in my health class? Wondering why bother since she’s already got every Crotch critter in the textbook” WTF Another for the phrase “dancing around like a short bus kid off his Ritalin” cause Gain WTF? And yet another for continued girl hate and fat shaming “I wouldn’t have changed classes if I’d known I’d have to stare at her back fat all day” Yeah that was 26 pages too much I’m out TBR JAR YOU DID ME DIRTY Usually I don’t rate books I read this little of but to hell with that this is garbage That language and attitude is not okay

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    This was your typical teenage book full of kids dealing with the weight of having to meet up to their parents standards He is forced to give up all of the things that he wants to do in order to make his parents happy Then he meets a group of people who live outside of the box Overall it was definitely an okay read

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    Overall Unleashed was a much better book than I thought it would be This isn't a book for the Twi hard crowd thank goodnessUnlike most readers I wasn't put off by all the drinking drug use and sexuality the characters engaged in Let's be honest here teens are doing these things If anything this kind of moral ambiguity and grittiness makes the book and the characters feel far real Interestingly Unleashed doesn't take place in some hip cosmopolitan city but in Birmingham Alabama and this setting also creates the sense of darkness and dread and even claustrophobia And even though actual racism plays a small part in the narrative the bloody history of Bombingham during the Civil Rights movement is a reminder of just how some wounds haven't uite healedUnleashed is the story of Daniel Morning and Misty Sandlin complete opposites in every way possible Daniel is the high school golden boy who is uite tarnished Accepted to Cornell University based on a lie he lives his life trying to be the perfect student getting the right grades playing the right sports dating the right girl and even attending church Misty is a biracial teen who wears a shell of insouciance though inside she's the walking wounded She's both volatile and fragile fiercely loyal to her family and her friends When these two collide Daniel begins to uestion his well ordered existence and he envies the freedom he believes Misty and her group of outsiders represents However there's to Misty than just her fck you attitude What I liked about Misty is even though she truly finds herself in love with Daniel she doesn't lose what makes her tough Too many supposed kick ass teen heroines stop being tough the moment they smell testosterone and end up whiny and boringThere were other characters in the novel but unfortunately for Mr Reisz he doesn't spend a lot of time on them which is a shame because they needed to be fleshed out I had no idea whether Daniel's friend Bwana was male or female or what they looked like The rest of his friends seemed to be just cardboard stereotypes the jocks the popular girl the outcasts In a way this lack makes Unleashed a bit unfinishedI don't want to give away too much about the werewolf aspect; suffice it to say it was a vastly different take on the werewolf mythos which I liked There were no full moons or ancient clans or any of those other tired old tropes that keep getting recycled in the paranormal genre In fact I view this for of shifting in line with Native American spirituality and myth than the European bite on the neckI'm knocking one BIG star from my rating because of the EPIC COVER FAIL for the paperback edition Why oh why are New York publishers so terrified of showing an interracial couple on the cover of a book? E pubs have been doing it for years and no one at least no one who really matters has ever complained This fail isn't as bad as the cover fail for Justine Labastier's Liar and Cindy Pon's Silver Phoenix but the less controversial hands and half face is still troublesome One day I hope the publishing companies in New York will actually start being run by grown ups who aren't scared of changing demographics I won't hold my breath though

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    You know the kids in school the outcasts They're the kids who wear dark clothes and combat boots They don't uite fit in and everyone in school treats them like they are trash or don't exist At least that's how it was when I was in high school If you weren't a popular star football player or cheerleader you were on the outside looking in That's what Misty and her pack are the outcasts They protect each other from the hand lickers and stand up for each other when they are in troubleWhat an original tale Kristopher Reisz has written for our enjoyment This is probably the first time in a long time that I don't know what to say for one of my reviews I thoroughly enjoyed this story and had trouble putting it down in order to get some sleep I just had to know what path these teens would take and what problems would arise for them next Daniel isn't always likeable but his actions lead him in the direction he needs to take in order to find out where his life is going Misty is troubled and just wants to be loved and believes that Daniel wouldn't hurt her Which is something we can all relate toI must praise Reisz on giving a fresh twist to the Werewolf You also really get a glimpse into the life of high school students There is drugs sex and fear Fear of what their future's hold for them Some are scared of leaving gritty Birmingham and some are afraid they will be stuck there forever The characters are real and relatable You know what they are going through You can even understand why they would want to consult the mushroom god in order to be turned into wolves and prowl the night I think we all would like to escape our own realities and that's why we readThis is a strong story with a good ending all wrapped up in a one hit book It's nice to not have to wait for a seuel and I'm looking forward to reading Reisz first book Tripping to Somewhere

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    Book reviewThe book that i finished was Unleashed Which is about a teen who has a bright future ahead of him His name is Daniel morning who is the shooting star of his school is tired of being directed by his parents who tell him that theyu want him to get a better lifeIn his senior of highschool he has to work harder than anyone else but all trhe work he putup with Are now over because he got accepted to Cornell an ivy league school but he is not all proud he had to cheat to get there by lieing and saying he had hyperactive attention disorder He was going to be the only with a chance to escape Birmingham but when he was at goverment class a dog was hit by a car and while the class didnt do anything but misty did Misty was an outcast she was a trouble maker who had her own pack a lot of people called her a stray and other names that made her mean After Misty rescued the dog Daniel wanted to find out why she had gone while he the shooting star didnt do anythingSo daniel told his cousin keith to get him misty's phone and home number He told his cousin not to tell anyone because he had a girlfriend named angie and a lot of friends keith really liked angie an told a person that daniel hooked up with misty but he also knew that by the time it got to angie his name wouldnt even be mentioned When he was finally able to talk to her he asked her why she saved the dog but misty took him with her brother marc and her two frriends val and eric They went to an abandoned furnace where Misty and her friends had first learned to shapeshift into wolves and misty wanted to show and tell daniel about it They discovered how to shape shift by eating a cooked mushroom cap that was locatd in the furnace Val did some research on the mushroom that was called amanita scarleta that was used in old times to transform people into animals When they were going to transform for the first time Marc put music and all of the sudden they were dancing and saying want to be a wolf when They told Daniel to do it he did it and when the amanita scarleta wore off he got scarted and freaked outBut in his other life the one that he thought wasnt a game he was tarting to slack of and he stopped going to his colledge night classesBut whem daniel got used to the idea of shapeshifting he went back to misty and bought himself a pair of boots that the pack had After he started shifting into a wolf he started to feel a wolf inside of him and he started turning agressive When he was going to the furnace he saw wolf head taggings around the city that marked the wolfs territory Daniel knew the pack wouldnt accept that he was going to go to coirnell so he didnt tell them but he knew that the pack accepted him Daniel started falling in love with misty and shapeshifting but the other side of the problem was that his grades and his school side suffered So Daniel came up with an idea to let the pack remember him after he leftHis idea was to tag the school but when the school got on fire he had to help eric get out because he couldnt stop remembering his brother that diedThe only way they could shapeshift was to let go all of their humanity and let their primative animal instincts take over their mind But because of his brother he couldnt shift so daniel scared everyone away and helped him escape Daniel wasnt stupid and knew that if they got evidence it was the pack and him that would go to jail so he change the boots and burned their clothes But Daniel didnt know what shape shifting meant to eric but eric had his own plans for revenge against daniels cousin and people who treated them like trashEric knew thatkeith had a party and convinced the pack into killing them and everyone at the party When Daniel figured out what they were going to do he went every where to try to look for them but now tbey changed the amount of mushroom caos they were going to eat and their chant which was now break every thingDaniel went to the backdoor of the party to stop them when he saw how many amanita scatleta there were inthe alleys of birmingham he realised tnat the rot eater god was rising thae pack nicvknamed it that because it was eating the rot in birmingham When daniel saw them he was trying to convince misty to unleash the wolf by killing those people he managed to do this by telling hewr the lines of a midsummers night When she tried to turn back she culdnt etric got so mad that he bit daniel in the throat and started hitting misty to turn her back but marc got so mad that he broke erics leg boneMarc had always been there for misty even when they were small he helped her deal with her parents divorce but now he was still loyal and webt to call help for daniel ERic saw his pack betray him and leftverall i think the book is great and it didnt lety me put down the book2 My goal for this week was to read 200 pages But i only read 190 pgesThe main characters of unleashed are daniel mistyand angieDaniel is a smart kid who is trying his best to make his parents happy by getting a better life but in the process he is not happy with himself and one thing he hads to do to get into an ivy league schoolMisty is a girl who is an outsider who has her own pack but a lot of people think that she is ghetto but she has courage Because when a dog was hit by a car she went to help it while danny and his class didnt do anything Angie is danny's girlfriend who trys to support him in his decisions but she had been noticing something going on with daniel 1My goal for this week was to read 70 pg This week i read 50 pgsThe plot of the book in unleashed is about these teens who can shape shift into wolvesWhile another teen hangs out with hid friends and tells his friends that he got accepted imto an ivy league school But he is not happy because of what he did in his SAT's The shape shifters run awway from the cops after they were about to be caught painting a wall

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    I loved this book I can't even tell you in detail what it was that I loved but I just loved itAfter I read the first 100 pages I posted on Goodreads that there wasn't any drama or action and there wasn't But it seemed that after that things started happeningThis book was about a senior named Daniel who was the star athlete academic popular kid just all around shining star and it is also about a senior named Misty who is the complete opposite She doesn't care about much and is about to give up on everythingThen Misty meets Daniel and things start to change for her The only problem is is that Daniel is dating Angie and he is leaving for college after graduationThese obstacles seem to be put on the back burner for awhile though except for the Angie thing because Daniel breaks up with her to be with Misty Daniel refrains from telling Misty about college because he doesn't want her to think he isn't worth her time When Misty starts to trust Daniel she decides to introduce him into the pack which consists on her twin brother and their two best friends But the pack is then just the four of them It is also a ritual that they do prior to turning into werewolvesOf course this freaks Daniel out at first but the he thinks about it and thinks about Misty the he is open to this whole thing He actually looks forward to it because it is the time that he can actually be himself and not have to worry about anything or anyone else But not everything that the pact does is innocent and people start to get hurtPeople are physically hurt betrayed heartbrokenthere is abunch of typical teenage angst a lot of ego issues and people being put in their placeThis books covers family friends love anger forgiveness growing up etcThe characters in this book were great and the character developement of both Misty and Daniel was spectacular I loved watching them growEven without the werewolves this book would have been great But the werewolves gave it a different spinIf you haven't read this book you really must This is the first book I have read by him but I am absolutely going to check out another one of his

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    Personally I was not offended by the fowl language or the casual marijuana use Maybe its because I have worked with college freshman in a southern city similar to Birmingham for nearly 7 years and understand that this is common for many 18 year olds In fact I think Reisz understated the use of fowl language and sexual innuendos In the author's defense he was trying to paint a realistic picture of the world these young adults grew up in He wanted us to understand that they were trapped in a dying town hence the references to Charlie What You Say and prison and the freedom marches The characters were caught in a town that offered them nothing and so they survived day by day getting lost in a haze of pot smoke and sex I think the problem is that the author's plot seuence was a bit off The story should have begun by letting the reader follow both Misty and Daniel around in their ordinary worlds Show us Misty's world and how empty it is; show us how shallow Daniel's life has become Then the author should have introduced the wolf aspect in real time and not as a flashback And finally bring in the good ole boy Daniel to the pack My other ualm was that the perspective was so jumpy and some of the character's inner voices so shallow that I never really understood how their feelings were developing or changing It seemed like one minute Daniel's falling head over heals for Misty and then for really no good reason he has a change of heart but then again he decides he loves her I know the author does try to explain their thoughts and feelings but it didn't feel honest or complete Overall the book was a good read but nothing fantastic

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    I got to page 53 before I couldn't read any Maybe it's because I am still in middle school or something but I thought the constant swearing was WAY to much and we hardly got anywhere interesting in the first 50 pages so why bother?And do non Mormon teenagers actually act like that? because I don't know any older seinors who do constant swearing I don't think there was a single page that didn't swear at least twiceDon't read this peoples ever

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    really hated this book

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    Thought it was uniue Really a teen book but even as an adult I didn’t get to read past the whole teen angst thing they have Got to learn the term “gutterfuck” and there was talk about Prince Albert piercings but mainly because she wanted to embarrass the other person