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Thanks to an abusive father and a string of bad relationships Riley McCage learned the hard way that people are not kind without a reason Now after landing a job at popular gay bar Pot O Gold Riley is on the right track until the night Boxer finds him drunk and drugged in the back room of an exclusive sex partyDonald Boxer Boxwood wasn't looking for anything beyond some casual kink until he peeled Riley off the floor and gave him a safe place to stay But there's something compelling about the guy crashing on his couch and the two forge an instant friendship that eases into unmistakable attraction Despite Riley's hesitancy Boxer knows one thing to be true he needs Riley in his lifeRiley risked everything to run away and build a new life for himself and his secrets aren't something he'd ever wish upon his kind gentle new friend But when the past comes to call he'll have no choice but to put his trust in Boxerand believe people can change enough to deserve a second chance

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    35 starsAM Arthur loves angst She loves it so much that she usually doesn't know where to stop and her characters end up getting murdered while escaping drug addicted mothers WHILE overcoming dyslexia or something to that effect There is good angst and there is bad angst and this author always just steps over the line for me This book was less angsty but think about the scale here which I really appreciated I really enjoyed the slow way that the relationship between Boxer and Riley developed Riley is hesitant to trust and very skittish having lots of baggage in his past Boxer is VERY patient very giving and extremely kind He is a gentle giant and he uses his calm nature to win Riley's trust and bring out his kinky side A warning for all readers there is a near non con scene here so if that is a trigger for you be forewarned Other than that I really enjoyed seeing Riley come into his own and discover his toppy side I think the sex could have been a bit hotter and a bit confident if I'm being honest but it was still pretty decent Communication wise these guys were very good However my main issue is that I just didn't feel that special umph of a 4 or 5 star book These guys were nice together but not something I'll think on later I can't wait to read Elliot's story though That poor guy now THERE I'll be expecting some major angstage Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    375 Friends to Lovers StarsFinding Their Way was an enjoyable venture back into the MM genre Riley McCann is a bartender at a local gay bar 23 years old and has been on his own for five years Five years since his dad kicked him out for being ueer He's had a few boyfriends but has some hard limits as far as sex is concerned When he's taken to a party with his current boyfriend Brett he finds himself in need of someone strong and protective to rescue him from something he can't fathom happening Let's just say Brett is not the man he thought he was and Boxer was right there to swoop in to save him Boxer is a hot tattooed landscaper fresh from a hard breakup Not interested in drama or relationships his instinct to protect to rescue anyone in distress brings him to Riley a bartender he's briefly met at the local bar Clearly he's been drugged and anything that happens from this point forward is considered rape He MUST save himI loved the dynamics of Boxer and Riley Both men have pretty significant baggage and tastes that have made finding a suitable partner a struggle Their relationship starts out fast friends and both Riley and Boxer find that's exactly what they need No sex No strings Just genuine loyalty and friendship This aspect of friendship was such a great foundation for Finding Their Way Both men were mature in their knowledge that sex can muddle the waters and both coming off bad breakups they kept things platonic Their love story grew at a great pace and I loved that aspect of it When Riley needs a place to stay for a couple weeks Boxer again saves the day But clearly in time Riley can't resist the hot tattooed body that is Boxer but does he feel the same way? Finding Their Way is book two in the Restoration Series but can be read as a standalone There's a plethora of side characters I can see having their own books but they were also a great background that complimented this book A book filled with a great cast of characters friendship loyalty and finding that special person that compliments your imperfections perfectly I look forward to from AM Arthur especially within the Restoration Series Advanced copy received by Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Full release day review originally posted at SinfullyAddicted to All Male RomanceThis is book two in the Restoration series and the timeline continues from where the first one ends Although Boxer was introduced there as a minor secondary character and almost everyone reappears in this book it can work as a standalone Where Getting it Right was heavy with the angst and drama this one was better balanced with focus on the main relationship without one tragedy after another Of course this is AM Arthur so there is some heavy drama that plays out especially with Elliott who will have the next story in the series After coming out to his abusive alcoholic father just after his eighteenth birthday Theo Carey is homeless and for all intents and purposes dead Riley McCage is born with fake papers and has managed to get by on his own for the past five years now working as a bartender at the Pot O Gold He doesn’t discuss his past and he has firm limits with regard to his relationships When Brett his boyfriend of seven months unexpectedly takes him to a sex party things go wrong fast Donald “Boxer” Boxwood’s boyfriend of one year just left him Looking for a release he is at Zack’s party to find someone to dominate him When he sees Riley with Brett at Zack’s party he knows something is up He knows Riles as the bartender at the Pot and something seems off The next thing he knows he is saving Riley from an attempted rape in the back room of the apartment Boxer takes a drugged and scared Riley to his house to sleep it off where Brett can’t find him The muscled tattooed Boxer is just the type Riley usually stays far away from but Boxer’s caring and protective nature comes through and the two become fast friends Both have serious family issues and neither are looking for a relationship Boxer’s outward appearance is at odds with what he is looking for in a man someone who is average not a bear or leather daddy but who is not afraid to take charge in the bedroom Although Riley wants a real relationship he is tired of being taken advantage of and his life experience has taught him that no guy or favor comes without strings attached Judging from what Boxer wants in a man friendship is all those two would ever have “The past can ambush you if you don’t know to watch for it” As Riley gets to know Boxer’s circle of friends the threat that his past will come back to find him skyrockets and he has to decide whether he wants to confront it or keep running from it Boxer’s friend Nathan is trying to track down Detective Carey’s estranged son as Carey remains hospitalized from the gunshot wound he sustained in the first book Boxer soon realizes that Riley is actually Theo and although the abusive father Riley has described is at odds with the man his friends describe he has a respect for Riley’s anger and need to hide his identityBoxer and Riley’s friends to lovers story was paced really well The two don’t jump into bed right away but spend uality time getting to know and trust each other There are some hiccups but for the most part they are actually honest and open with what they want Although Boxer seems to want everything Riley can’t give the progression of their friendship first allowed Riley to discover the possibility of taking charge of not just his own life but translating it into exactly what Boxer wants from a partner The BDSM aspect is not hardcore as Boxer’s kink is really being ordered around and told what to do When the two men get together and Riley finds his inner toppy dom it is all kinds of hot The story of Riley and his father also plays out naturally and I loved the way Riley’s character really grows throughout the storyIf the excessive angst in the first story made you think twice about this one or made you skip it altogether I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with this well rounded enjoyable book

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    I skipped the first book in this series Getting It Right based on the reviews of my friends Almost all of them didn't like it and the over the top drama that is apparently AM Arthur's preferred method didn't sound fun While 'Finding Their Way' didn't blow me away it was an enjoyable read with a manageable amount of drama'Finding Their Way' is very much so a relationship focused book From the moment that Boxer rescues Riley from an unfortunate situation at a kinky sex party the story revolves around how the two interact with each other I really liked that the author didn't throw these two in to bed as soon as possible Boxer and Riley get to know each other first becoming friends and confiding in each other before they move forward They definitely feel attraction for one another but it takes a backseat to being each other's emotional support So when they do eventually move forward it's clear that it's than just sexThe kink in this book is very tame Boxer likes to be dominated occasionally and Riley finds that this suits his perfectly I enjoyed the dynamic of older experienced submissive taking orders from the younger MC Given the mention in the blurb of a sex party and the BDSM tag I was expecting something But even so the slight Ds spiced up the sex scenesIn comparison to the over the top drama in book 1 which I've inferred based on a run down of events given in this book and based on reviews 'Finding Their Way' is a walk in the park The angst in this book is believable and doesn't resort to bringing in serial killers or attempted murder However there was a view spoilerpsycho ex boyfriend hide spoiler

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    And now a trip to the court of differing opinions Riley and Box have barely blipped on my radar before now Riley is one of the bartenders at Pot O' Gold and Box is friends with James Nathan Elliott so he's been around the fringes of the stories I honestly enjoyed the first part of this story where Riley and Box actually meet each other when Box comes across Riley at a sex party drugged and drunk Box steps in and keeps Riley safe In spite of Riley's reservations about Box based strictly on Box's physical appearance the two forge a fast friendship as Box repeatedly proves to Riley that appearances are deceiving The fact that it was their friendship that developed uickly and not insta love was nice and I enjoyed how things grew from thereWhat had my rolling my eyes and repeatedly muttering things like 'are you kidding?' and 'Really?' was all the added drama Box is by nature a worrier and caregiver He wants to be there for his friends to take care of them and help them in their time of need and lord knows they need there are repeated instances of this to the point of predictability and maybe a bit of eye rolling was involved on my part Truthfully by the end of the book I was finding it tedious and just too muchI took a uick trip through the reviews for this book on GR and to be honest I'm feeling like I didn't get the same book to read as everyone else So to all those who loved this book I apologize but this one is definitely going down as my least favorite AM Arthur book The drama was just too much and I'm really hoping that the next book doesn't involve the 'throw in all this shit for added angst' that this has Book #3 is 'Taking a Chance' and it's Elliott's story one I've been waiting for so I'm going to cross my fingers and hope things get better from here25 stars rounded down here on GR because still no 12 stars and not enough love in me to round up on this one

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    Love A M Arthur's delicious characters Beautiful story of love found and acceptance with deep understanding Boxer a landscaper and RileyTheo a bartender find each other at just the right time Riley's boyfriend has set him up for sex he doesn't want Brett drugged Riley and tied him up gagged him and was about to rape him along with Zach but Boxer stops the scene Boxer saves Riley and takes him home to help him sober up and realize what happened I nearly stopped reading because I didn't want to read about the rape but Boxer stepped up just in time and I continued Riley is so grateful and relieved He and Boxer become friends and with twists and turns Riley gets to add Boxer's friends in the mix He's beginning to finally have friends who aren't using him Each has issues from childhood to deal with and share with each other Deep characters hot sex and an interesting plot make this a totally worthwhile read Loved it I'll be reading of the Restoration series Amazing characters great romance and very little angst has you smiling Terrific book and I recommend it highly ENJOY

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    So we all know AM Arthur has the bad habit of inserting way too much drama in her stories Her characters suffer than anyone ever should and a story with a great potential ends up being not so great That is not the case with this book I'm happy to say that our main characters are not maimed shot kidnapped torturednope none of that Granted there's stuff in their past but their present is relatively tameAfter reading this blurb I thought I wasn't going to like this very much I'm not always a fan of BDSM and there's too much drama in the blurb It's really not that bad There are no whippings or anything like that and Riley isn't a helpless subuite the opposite I might say but I'm not saying anything else on that matter since I don't want to spoil it for you While the secondary characters continue to have many misfortunes and all kinds of stuff happens to them Riley and Boxer are safe and sound with plenty of time to get to know each other and fall in love since they're not being abused or anything I loved that The sexy times are really steamy but it doesn't happen overnight and the sex is not gratuitous It's uite a while until it starts happening they don't literally fall into each other's beds which helps establish an emotional connection between Riley and Boxer And you know what sold this book to me? The dog Yes people we have a lovely mutt in need of some love and care and nothing warms my heart or makes me go AWWW than a man who loves a dog In this case both men play daddy to that sweet dog so I'm all happy and content If you plan on skipping this book because you expect tons of drama give it a try It still has some drama of course because this is AM Arthur we're talking about but it's not focused on the main characters

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    4 12 starsThe dedication certainly fit this story For those who've taken those first scary steps toward discovering who you truly are insideComplex characters with complex situations and relationships Theo's Mom died when he was young Theo's alcoholic father couldn't accept his gay son On his own Theo took bought a new idenity Riley and made his own way That was Wally Carey's method of teaching beat it into you with fists or blood or nasty words Sooner or later his point was madeRiley's boyfriend is not a nice person He is only interested in his own wants and desires He puts Riley in a bad situation drugging him and Boxer saves Riley Boxer goes against all stereotypes Riley and Boxer become friends and then There was so much to this story and to the characters They were real to me I felt all of their emotions Wonderful read

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    Note that is not an update for or on the book but commentary on something I've observed in reviews I see how uite a few reviews mention in their reviews how a non consent scene almost happens here and I am baffled by the need to use the words non consent instead of RAPE It's almost as if people are trying to be politically correct or even 'gentle' about the delivery in terms of what happens or in this case ALMOST happens Even trigger warnings phrase it that way and I don't get why when it comes to dubious consent I get it because that's what it is But non consent is RAPE Let's call a spade a spade and let's NOT be politically correct or nice or gentle or accommodating about it RAPE almost happens here to Riley We live in a society where we are VERY UNFORTUNATELY becoming and desensitized to words what they mean and what the repercussions are Let's stop using pretty words non consent is RAPE That's what it is it's vicious and ugly and terrifying and we need to give this HORRIBLE CRIME the attention and the words it deservesSo when people say non consent almost happens to Riley they mean RAPE almost happens to Riley Let's be clear on that Words are powerful let's use that power to create awareness and combat the problemAnd to those who DO call it what it is super kudos to you That is all

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    This is the second book in the Restoration series and can be read as a standalone though I recommend reading in orderRiley McGage has a secret his identity is bought and paid for to keep his angry gay bashing alcoholic police detective of a father from ever laying hands on him again Riley is a bartender at the Pot o Gold bar in Wilmington Delaware and has met many a sexy man there He's a no go for penetrative sex but his current boyfriend Brett seems okay with it Well until he roofies Riley at a sex party and prepares to take what Riley won't offer A party attendee Boxer sees what's going down and doesn't like it one bit Used to taking in strays Boxer a hulking tattooed man who recognizes both Brett and Riley from the Pot O Gold and other places steps in at whisks Riley back to his place to sleep off the drugsRiley can't believe Brett almost raped him but he REALLY can't believe that gentle giant Boxer is really as nice as he seems They develop a tentative friendship one based on mutual heartache and loneliness Riley is grateful for Boxer's attention especially when he's battered by Brett when he needs someone to help rescue a stray and when he needs a place to crash while his housemate's parents arrive for an extended visit Boxer is an exceptional man He's had a hard life growing up and his family is a shambles but he's always willing to help a new or old friend In his own person Boxer likes to be topped and subtly dominated Having Riley in his home brings the two men close enough to develop an attraction And then some I think I liked Riley's growth and exploration just as much as Boxer didThis love story is tentative and lovely People from the previous book end up spending time here too Tag Nathan Elliott and Detective Carey all make appearances and it is Detective Carey who has Riley most on edge Sure all these guys say the man is stone cold sober and desperately looking for his runaway gay son but what would the reality be if Riley were to break his cover? There are really great connections here and fabulous communications between all parties Riley may not have BELIEVED everything Boxer said straightaway but he was never in doubt about how Boxer felt The honesty was incredibly refreshing The sexytimes were just yummy I expect the next book will be Elliott's restoration and I sure hope he find the right man for the job I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley