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After reading Kaoru Mori s Emma series, I just HAD to read Shirley I haven t read anything of Mori s since last year, and I must say that her beautiful artwork never ceases to amaze me I was surprised all over again The beautifuly drawn characters just seem to reach out and pull at my heart strings.I was quite satisfied with the first couple of chapters Shirley is just so adorable Especially in that maid outfit Uwah Anyway, I envy her innocent childish outlook Oh to be thirteen She just puts a smile on my face.But after the Shirley short stories stopped I was kind of disappointed I wanted to read about Shirley But the next chapters was just as satisfying The last chapter made me a bit teary.As always, Mori knows how to make her characters relatable Her stories always somehow make me cry I m such a crybaby and her artwork is just so detailed and gorgeous 5 stars XP lovely From The Acclaimed Author Of EMMA, This Collection Of Short Stories Presents A Further Exploration Into The Stratified World Of English Society, Portrayed Through The Experiences Of Young Maids Miss Bennett Lives Alone And Keeps Busy Running The Pub She Inherited Needing Some Help, She Posts A Notice For A Maid Along Comes Shirley Madison, A Girl Who Can Clean And Cook As Well As Any Maid Even If She S Only Years Old Rated Teen Cute I need the next volume. Kaoru Mori s Shirley is a collection of short stories about maids in Victorian London The main story is about Shirley, a thirteen year old maid for young old maid Bennet Cranley Bennet places an ad in the newspaper for a maid because she runs a diner and has no time to clean She comes home from work one day to find Shirley on her doorstep Shirley is young and chose Bennet because there was no age requirement in her ad Bennet takes to Shirley quickly Shirley works hard and makes the home spotless Bennet begins to treat Shirley almost like a daughter She purchases her a doll, but then questions if it is too childish for her She finds Shirley making clothes for the doll and discovers that Shirley is a very able fashion designer.Shirley admires Bennet for her beauty and intelligence She wants to be exactly like her and you can begin to see this taking shape from the beginning of the story She defends her against those who treat her wrongly and becomes a little possessive of her.The second story is called Me and Nellie and One Afternoon This is about another young maid named Nellie whose child master wants to play with her His parents are gone and Nellie is the only person close to his age She has to make him happy even though he is a complete brat She is able to feel empathy for him when she finds out about his mother s alcoholism from another maid.The final story is about Mary Banks, who is a maid for an unruly old man He loves to play pranks on all of his help and makes things extraordinarily difficult for them While most maids don t last a day there, Mary Banks is able to stick it out until the old man s death.I didn t enjoy this one as much as Emma A Victorian Romance Volume One The story was nice and sweet, but it didn t deal with as much of the cultural and societal issues as Emma did This isn t a bad thing, I did enjoy it, but I just enjoyed Emma If you ve never read anything by Karou Mori then I would suggest readivng that before this, although if you re looking for something nice and simple that takes place in Victorian London then this is a good one to check out.http englishmajorjunkfood.blogspot.com Adorable Precious Sweet without being saccharine. 4.5 stars I loved the Emma series manga anime , so I was delighted when I found this little gem This little book tells us stories about maids, like Emma, who work at a mansion The most chapters biggest story goes to Shirley Out of the 7 chapters, she got 5 of them She was my favourite girl, and I was actually sad when her story was over, I would have loved of her, I want to know about her backstory and see what happened to her since she has got quite the background I loved how mature she was though I guess that is what happens when one is alone orphaned in a time like that At times I thought she was a bit silent, but then she would burst something out and I was just applauding for her bravery.I also loved the lady of the house, especially since she was working, she was independent She wasn t married like all the other women, she had her own job, her own responsibility and I was delighted to see it.The other two characters and other two chapters are about Nelly and Mary Nelly s story is about her relationship with her young master, and how things change after a certain event I really liked Nelly, though I thought she looked a bit too much like Emma, which was a bit confusing I also didn t entirely like the young master, I found him a bit too annoying at times Too spoiled.Then we have Mary, and her time with a viscount This viscount is quite the character as he loves to prank people Anyone will get pranked Sometimes with some harmless things, but some things weren t that harmless I still liked both Mary and the viscount, they make for quite an interesting pair, bickering and at times Mary doesn t like him, but you can tell she really just cares about him a lot Worries about him, as he is quite old The art is really pretty, though the eyes at times look a bit weird off Other than that, feast your eyes on all the pretty details The detailed backgrounds, the gorgeous scenery, you will just imagine yourself there at that time and place.Would I recommend this one Yes Review first posted at Beautiful, I did not expect less from Mori sensei The art is cute but less pretty than in A Bride s Story, Vol 1 this one is one of her earliest works There are 3 stories, all of them with a gentle maid as a MC, who has a strong bond with her mistress master I loved all 3 of them, all cute and heart warming 1 Shirley the little orphan girl of 13, who is quiet and skillful, and comes to love her mistress very much I love that her mistress was a pretty and independent, single woman, which was hard to be in those times There is certainly to be narrated what with that handsome young man, what is Shirley s story, etc.2 Nelly the maid who is very close to her little master The little boy is a bit lonely since his father died when he was a baby and his mother is never at home So he bonds with Nelly who is the youngest of the mansion staff I like that the mother was not a 2 dimensional character.3 Mary Banks she and the accountant guy are the only members of the mansion staff who can stand their master s pranks This one made me cried a little bit at the end.The author s note at the end was a lot of fun The mangaka is not only skilled, but also funny XD More maid manga This is a collection of some of Mori s earlier stories, and are not as fleshed out as her Emma series The first few chapters follows a young 13 year old maid and shows the kindness of her employer This maid is very adept, but also has a lot to do The other chapters are stand alone stories of other maids in other households These stories, while simplistic, still show truths about human nature and the human experience. A cute little anthology of short stories dealing with small moments but with pathos I would say this is great for anyone who just wants an easy and not terribly heavy read It provides some good laughs and the artwork is very simple.