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Is love enough to pull two drowning men back from the edge of darkness? No one will love you Tek Ng has heard that statement his entire life and after all he’s been through he believes it The tortured reality of who he is wars with everything else in his world He’s got a fiancée he doesn’t want a family legacy he wants to escape and unreuited love so unavoidable he descends into sexual depravity with the last person he should Tek is drowning but he’s not sure he wants to be saveduinn Storm hides in his uiet house afraid of his shadow and his memories At one time he had a husband and a life but that was snatched away in a violent attack Hardly daring to live uinn is alive only because he’s too scared to end it all himself He’s drowning and wants no chance at being savedA favor for a friend brings these two men together just in time for Tek to watch uinn unravel uinn uickly becomes the most important thing in Tek’s life but can he trust uinn to love him once he realizes what Tek is hiding? Just as they reach for each other their reprieve is shattered by Tek’s demons leaving uinn with the realization that he’s not the only one in need of saving

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    35WATCH ME MAN PAIN ALL OVER THE PLACEThis might be my least favourite Avril book ever There’s just something about it that doesn’t ring true or it could be that lead couple don’t sizzle like they should be doingTek Ng he hardcore but he also likes the prettier things in life He loves women’s clothing but the world he rolls in doesn’t allow him to be who he truly is So he does it behind closed doors and for shady ass Stavros wow what a bag of dicks he was and not the good kind He lost his parents to things he likes so when he dons his dresses he hates the girl looking back at himuinn has been through some shit and he’s still dealing with it what is it with these men and not getting serious professional help So when Tek invades his space uinn is just one breath away from losing his shit But Tek is the pushy type and suddenly he’s not only invading uinn’s home he’s also taking up space in his head and heartCue man pain and extraness and Watch Me Save You is a wrapbut seriously though I’m wondering why I didn’t love this like I shouldReason 1 Tek’s love of women clothing wasn’t an intricate part of the story I needed it to be in there than just something his ass broods about I would have loved of thatReason 2 uinn went from barely being able to function to out there living his best life Man just Jekyll and Hyde his own freaking story Reason 3 I didn’t buy their freaking romance It was too uick even for Avril Ashton’s norm They felt rushed and not fleshed out as individuals and less so as a couple Overall didn’t hate it but not the best in the bunch Highlight was my mans dem Dima and X making a cameo If I love Dima one time 😍😍😍

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    3 Stars There had to be a rotten one in the bunch eh? They all couldn't be fivers And believe me I was really disappointed that this book and me didn't come together in beautiful harmony Tek was one of the characters I was most looking forward to reading about He continued to be a complete mystery in all three books I actually really liked him His story was heartbreaking as I figured it would be I didn't have issues with his character or his story uinn is where the majority of my issues lye Is it just me or did he in the end turn out to be uite different then he started out to be? Now I don't mean like he was broken and found strength and changed in that way Because he did Characters grow and change in a book What I am talking about is like a personality switch He was vulnerable and had this isolated way about him because of his past trauma But then he got him a taste of Tek and he just flipped his role He seemed like a complete different character Now he's jumping on planes where he couldn't even leave the house Now he's all about being a bossy top and giving out orders where before he panicked just by being touched or having someone close to him It was like I got whiplash how uickly his character jumped What really didn't work for me was how heavy the book was I got hit with a double wammy with both men being broken and in need of healing It was just too much for me in one book I needed some reprieve from all that darkness It never really lightened up so it was depressing as hell I know you have to be in the mood for this type and I guess I thought I could handle it but I was wrong I guess I am not made for both of my MC's to be broken At least not this damn broken all in one book I loved Tek and was confused by uinn I did enjoy their intimate moments together I loved how uinn made Tek feel accepted and loved as he was Still enjoying this author and will continue with this series and her others Happy reading dolls xx

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    35Tek he needed to be comfortable in his own skin and to meet his gaze in the mirror without flinching Tek sees uinn And uinn sees TekThis is the one that should have had Dima and X sweating over whether they would be losing their no 1 spot two so very broken men coming to terms with the fact that the men they love will never return it the way they need it Tek has always been the hard wired one The one with the self destruct button that is now on countdown to detonation time so much so even Elias can’t bring him back from the abyss And of course there is he’s sexual proclivitiesThis should have been massive A major major factor But I felt that the author lost an amazing opportunity and totally underplayed it 😞 You see that Tek just wanted to be Tek whether it was male Tek or female Tek it didn’t matter because either way it was ALL Tek He meets uinn Now uinn also has serious problems apart from not like being touched he’s becoming a bit of a hermit and afraid of everything and everyone But out the blue he contacts Extrovertmaniaitis Syndrome and not only that but also becomes very cocksure Now I have no problem in my characters becoming either but uinn? I didn’t get where it came from? it didn’t sit right with me so I’m knocking off a star for that aloneOverall this was a solid 35 the recapping was a bit excessive but seeing Tek’s POV in shall we say a re run of book 3 with the added missing bits and seeing Tek’s thoughts on what was going down was seriously interesting reading

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    BR with Karen Because everyone is at GRLI was very excited about this release having met uinn in the first book of the series Unfortunately I can't say this is my favorite book of the authorMaybe my expectations were too high maybe I kept comparing it to the previous book Watch Me Unmask You which was perfection or maybe it was just me probably considering all the great reviews I can't exactly pinpoint the reasonThe start was amazing and very promising Yes the angst is too much but this is expected considering how screwed up both men are BUT I felt that somewhere in the middle of the story uinn stopped being the same man he was In the first half he kept pushing Tek away he was always scared and isolated And then when he has sex with Tek for the first time he suddenly becomes all confident and bossy And what's up with using Xavier's tone of voice to make Tek all hot and bothered? And how many times can a person use the word sugar as a pet name?I have to say that I absolutely loved the crossdressing theme here Very interesting take on the matterSo I may not enjoyed it as much as the others but I'll definately read the next one How the hell will you pull this off miss Ashton? Can't wait to see;

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    Tek uinn Storm who hides in his uiet houseBad boys make no excuse they will cut you Worth the waitLOVEACTION AGAINST ALL ODDS DANGER CHEMISTRY AND WUV This series is so damn good

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    Te k I struggled with this read because of the introwell for me it did not make for an easy read I had to read through the sadness first The couple thoughthey were sweet together and they simply fit

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    I don't know how I feel about this one fully I've been waiting on Tek's story since he came into the picture This is going to be spoiler free I can say I'm surprised about the roles reversal between uinn Tek I am extremely happy that Tek found someone whom he can be himself to fully I loved that little gem surrounding him Ugh just give me a little of Dima why don't you Glad to see him as well as some old faces and new ones WTH about the ending though I'm happy Mrs A decided to have a new series surrounding Dutch hopefully I'm begging for Dutch to get a book or somethingThis one was a little bit plot driven then the rest I liked how this one coincided with the last book It's nice to see the story play out from both directions I'm so happy uinn was able to do better for himself and his love I feel like we have to see regarding Renzo Low Am I asking too much for a Syren sighting This just makes me want to go re read his book for the 15th time if that I liked how this book summed up most of the lost ties surrounding book 2 3 I'm looking forward to from Mrs A as usual

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    45 stars

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    My friend Ele and I decided to console ourselves and do a buddy read because everyone ran off to GRL without us So really what's a girl to do besides grab a friend and read about some seriously messed up sexy men'Watch Me Save You' is book 4 in Avril Ashton's 'Run This Town' series and right off the bat the first thing I'm going to say is this is not a stand alone book if you haven't read the first 3 books I honestly can't imagine truly enjoying this book The characters and storylines are so interwoven and tied together that to try and do so would definitely leave the reader missing a whole lot of relevant background informationuinn Storm is the ex husband of Xavier Storm whom we met in the first book Tek is a friend of Elias Kote's we met him in book 3 and Elias figures very prominently in Tek's story as does Israel Storm who is Xavier's cousin and one of the MCs from the second book Then we have Stavros Konstantinou and he's a real charmerNOT But he is the scum of the earth and just like all good bad pennies he keeps turning up over and over and over again and he is a very prominent player in this story So to really appreciate and understand book 4 you need to go back to the beginning but I'm not going to do that'Run This Town' for me isn't so much a series about bad men as it is a story about men who are doing what they have to to get by and protect the people they care about It's not about the black and white of life but all the shades of grey that are in betweenThe plotlines in these stories at times can get a bit convoluted but ultimately they work and I really enjoy not always knowing where the author is taking us and thinking we should have zigged when she zaggedI honestly can't decided whether I liked book one or this one the best but then I don't honestly need to pick so I loved them both and I'm definitely on board to see what comes next Ele if you want to do a buddy read for the next one just give me a shout Especially if it's going where we think it might beBy the way Ms Ashton I saw what you did there sliding in some of the characters from your Sinners series That was cool and I wouldn't be disappointed if it happened again 45 stars rounded down to 4 here on GR because damn still no half stars anywhere to be found

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    I love AA’s books they’re gritty harsh and make me bloody angsty Her characters are brilliant all with so much aggression loyalty and a hint or vulnerability down deep I loved Tech uinn and their chemistry was spot on for me Will need a re read of Call the Coroner now