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Archer Hart is on the move before the man he’s just killed is found When a bullet whizzes past his ear he realizes hunter is now hunted So much for his retirement plans Someone wants him dead and all he can do is keep runningDowned by a hit and run driver barrister Conrad Black is certain the ‘accident’ was deliberate but he has no proof or support In recovery struggling to work out of partial paralysis he has plenty of time to wonder who regrets not striking him harder At this point running anywhere is a distant dreamThe confidence determination and stamina of two alphas males will mean little if neither is willing to bend—seize the love offered—and work together to understand why they’re suddenly both marked men Not easy for either when Archer has broken the law in the worst possible way and Conrad is the law

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    4 StarsArcherlikes to be on topConradlikes to be on topA fight for dominance that was just deliciousI honestly don't know why i waited so long to read thisConrad was introduced in book one and I didn't particularly like him in that oneAlthough this is a series this can definitely be read on it's ownConrad is a Lawyeralways used to being in controlHe's recovering from a hit and run which he believes wasn't an accidentHis injuries are uite severe and he's struggling both emotionally and physically to get his life back on trackI was so excited when I found out the setting for the first half was in an area of England I live in and places I've visited numerous timesI could perfectly picture the cottage in Northumberland he was staying inArcher is a hit manAfter an attempt was made on his life in his latest assignment he decides to try and walk away from that side of his lifeHe also wants complete control in and out of the bedroomHe doesn't stay in one place for too long and ends up in the village Conrad is staying inHe gets in trouble surfing and it's Conrad who saves himThere's a strong attraction between them and even though it might be intsa lust it's definitely not a fluffy storyWhat happens when two dominant males get together and fight for controlMyGodthese two were so unbelievably hot togetherThe sex is raw and desperatejust how I like my men to beadd in Archer's dirty mouth and I was than happyAlong side their relationship there's plenty of action as the mystery about who's after them both unfoldsIf you like your MM books dirty I would highly recommend

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    45This is an intense emotional read with much angst and loads of steam This mouth bruising air stealing mind fucking kiss was like no kiss he'd ever had or ever given It deprived every cell in his body of oxygen and flooded them with lust The overarching theme of Breaking is that of hurtcomfort Both MCs are damaged cracked broken Both are closed up so tight they can barely breathe I hated and loved Conrad Black in Falling the first book in the Fall or Break series I learned about Conrad here and I can see why his relationship with Malachi didn't work Conrad needs someone to push back to challenge him; he needs someone who will make him beg Conrad wanted him even though he knew he'd never keep him wanted him even though he knew he was dangerous wanted him because he made him feel alive Malachi's sweetness and easygoing nature are a perfect match for Harper but not a good fit for Conrad Archer is an enigma a challenge a hitman with a conscience and a hard kinky edge You do know the you fight the better I like it? The way you smell taste and feel when you're aroused like this it all turns me on Fear anger lust Conrad saves Archer than once But Archer saves Conrad too Their relationship does not come easily Both men are scared and aloof They talk round and round Archer has never trusted never cared enough to stay When we first reconnect with Conrad he is in a hospital bed and view spoilerunable to walk hide spoiler

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    Romantic suspense isn't really my thing but DAMN Barbara Elsborg makes it work This book was funny sexy and well written what could you ask?I loved the first in the series Falling but this had a TOTALLY different vibe It was much grittier and less humorous though I was surprised as how funny this one was at times considering what a hard ass Conrad appeared to be in book 1 I think if you are reading hit man types of stories you have to suspend reality a little bit I mean I get that most of these things aren't likely to happen in real life and I'm just fine with that I still love the idea of the bad boy super controlled hit man falling for a guy Archer was a perfect match to challenge and push Conrad's buttons Another toppy top Archer was a lean mean sexy fighting machine PurrrrrI loved how these guys fed off each other and grew to trust each other steadily over time This is NOT insta love baby This a sloooow burn hurtcomfort book that makes the MCs WORK for their happily ever after Both men have been burned badly in the past both have childhood trauma's that they are still working through and both aren't used to compromising for anyone I really enjoyed seeing the guys struggle through all of their obstacles slowly over time The plot was a little bananas and veered a little towards confusing for me at times I sort of zoned out at a few parts and I'm not sure how these guys bounced back from so many staggering injuries so uickly However despite a few flaws this book was a very enjoyable sexy action packed read Keep on writing these awesome stories Barbara Elsborg and keep your IMPECCABLE sense of humor We love you for it Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    4 Stars His present was a lie and he didn't know what his future held One moment it seemed possible and the next a distant dream His biggest worry was that if he stopped running he'd die What is it about an MM romance by Barbara Elsborg that just does it for me? Every Single Time I'm pretty sure it's the perfect combination of incredibly erotic sex scenes with a dry wit snark and humor along with some suspense that all adds up to be exactly what I need it to be If you've read Falling then you'll definitely remember Conrad as the intense assholish but not without feeling and atonement ex of Malichai And if you haven't read that yet no worries because you can easily read this one as a standalone Though I'd still recommend you read Falling first not only because it's a great book but it'll give you a background albeit a small one to Conrad that you'll appreciate here Everything was warm except his heart He didn't deserve it to be otherwise Was he even incapable of accepting kindness? I'm too broken to mend If you enjoy your MM with two very distinctly ALPHA males this is not a book that you'll want to miss That was uite possibly one of my favorite parts about this The fact that both the MCs are very much alpha and have a power struggle on who will bottom Damn but it was delicious But beyond that Barbara Elsborg has once again managed to deliver and emotional and erotic story about two very broken people that find strength in each other and healWhile recovering from an injury that almost paralyzed him and may not have been uite the accident that everyone else believed it to be he's seuesters himself to a house on the lake to go through the physical therapy he needs to finally gain his strength back The last thing he expects to do is save a random drowning surferBut Archer Hart is the furthest things from a surfer you can get Lethal and running from a threat from his life while trying to figure out who targeted him the last thing he expects is for a man that can barely walk to rescue him from the water He also never expected to feel the intense connection to Conrad considering they couldn't be wrong for each other You know we're doomed right? There's no way this can work I've broken the law in the worst possible way You ARE the law I'm not some young kid to be manipulated into being what you think you want I don't play games What I do is real I'm dangerous I'm your worst fucking nightmare This was so much than just a romance The suspense element was just as entertaining to read If I had any doubt about Conrad in the first book this one manage to truly humanize him While you get a few hints as to what truly runs beneath his cool exterior you truly get to the bottom of it hereI absolutely loved Conrad and Archer together The chemistry between them was sizzling and that delicious power struggle about who gets to top? Ugh I couldn't get enough of it This mouth bruising air stealing mind fucking kiss was like no kiss he'd ever had or ever given It deprived every cell in his body of oxygen and flooded him with lust Barbara Elsborg has become an auto buy author for me and this book is a perfect example of why I only hope that there may be books in this series but if I'm being honest it doesn't even matter because whatever this woman writes I'll read Without a doubt ARC courtesy of publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit

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    45 StarsAnother BE winner She's uickly become one of my favorite authors whether it be MF or MM This one was a great addition to the series I was concerned I might not like Conrad after my experience with him in Falling I liked him just fine And what's better than one alpha male???? TWO ALPHA MALES These two fighting over who would topIt also made for some great laughs And there was plenty of nail biting cover your eyes suspense to keep me on my toes Nowwho's book will be next???? view spoilerSEV SEV SEV hide spoiler

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    Written August 6 201538 Stars British MM action with romantic hot loveI really enjoyed like loved the first book Falling 43 stars and some other MM romances by Barbara Elsborg so I was sure this would be a fun and interesting read A lot of action sweet moments and a two who wants to drive And I relly enjoyed this It wasn't as heartbreaking touching or giggling funny as the first book in this Fall or Break series great name but it was another well done typical Ms Elsborg's romance I like this style I enjoy thrilling suspense parts and I kind of need this kind of characters imagine rock hard smart and dominant males now and then between sweeter stories A good one I'm happy Somewhere along the coast of England Breaking is about two strangers Two scared injured damaged strong men with heartbreaking gloomy hearts Two lonely souls Conrad Black a injured barrister who spend time in a beach house to recover from a hit and run “accident” and Archer Hart a former MI6 Secret Intelligence Service assassin first meet when Archer is wave surfing and gets in trouble Conrad throws his crutches aside to pull the stranger to safety These men both want to hide from the eyes of others by completely different reasons Some mystery two unrelated murder attempts a secluded beach house two exclusively tops and a small very happy dog called Deefor ”I’ve run ever since I was a kid From children’s homes from boys out to beat me up from guys trying to fuck me I’ve always wondered if that’s why I never seem to be able to settle anywhere An intuition that I’m safer when I’m on the move”Of course isn't everything believable here Tough hard manly strong top guys who learn to like new things A bunch of nasty villains and a lot of blood Agents spies several complicated crime cases shattering life surprises sadly injured male souls and bitter memories of lost love — This IS like a pretty good action mystery movie with some gay steaming hot romance parts and maybe was it the caring dog Deefor who stole my heartJust enjoy and don't miss to read the first great book in this series Looking forward to next story Will it be about Sev? ‘Archer rubbed his palm with his thumb and Conrad melted Who knew that holding hands could turn him on like this?’ I LIKE these British speedy MM every time Our —Sofia AreRa Therese Irina Otila and I— chat

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    5 Dangerously Amazing StArSStraight away your snared into the snipers rangeand then bingoElsborg has you confidently in sightTarget Identifiedthen BOoMArcher HartYep all out action right from the startI knew I was going to enjoy this read In fact I LoVeD it right from the get goWhole'd Up fed Up fucked Up grumpy as hell Conrad Black is convalescing in a remote cottage near the beach when he see's a stranger get into trouble Conrad BlackI loved the push and pull the clash the battle of will's that these two had going onit was frickin hot TWO alpha males fighting for dominance RAWR Until resistance waivedBoth standing at different end's of the lawAs some of you know ILOVEDFALLINGWell Breaking is just as good if not BETTERif that's even possibleConrad and Archer's storyhas ozzles of actionsecret service hitmen and all the MALARKIEYOU'LL LOVE ITA special thank you to the author for ARC in return for honest review

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    First let me say that I did actually like this story while mysteries typically leave me snoring in my seatI do have to admit that I enjoyed book 1 a bit than this one thoughMy issues with the story were the following I had to suspend reality a bit when both Conrad and Archer were being hunted By two different groups A bit far fetched in my book Also Archer's totally random connection with view spoiler Conrad's father hide spoiler

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    This was a wonderful story and it was uite different from the usual type I read I usually go for a couple where one is definitely the bold one and the other laid back But in this story both the characters Conrad and Archer were so strong willed and fierce and it was doubly thrilling reading about how one would cede control for a while to the other and then vice versaThe give and take the doubts and extreme trust the moments when they were in danger and when they were safe all these contradictions made the story a much deeper read than I had expected The subplot of the reasons behind the attacks on both of them was an engaging part keeping me on edge until the very endThis story wrung out multiple emotions from me love for Deefor enthusiasm for Conrad and the way he adapted to his physical shortcomings and insecurity while Archer was being closed off anxiety for Archer and about his safety depression for the way the author spun the ending and then finally happiness for the characters' HEAThere was a lot of confusion when too many actions were happening together but I ended up enjoying it a far sight in spite of my reservations about reading a story featuring two alphas

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    I was anxious to get my hands on Conrad's book and I was not disappointed one little bit I loved it I enjoyed this SO much then the first book I thought Con was such an ass in the first book and I wasn't sure how I would feel about him in his own book Then again just the little bit we got of him in the first book totally had me intrigued on wanting to know what this person was all about And I am so pleasantly surprised to be surprised on how his character turned out I adore him He was not as complicated or angry as I thought he would be He was funny and caring and heroic And in the end he just needed someone to push him out of his comfort zone and love him Enter Archer Archer's past is a heartbreaking tale My heart ached for this man He has spent the majority of his life alone and being lonely that I just wanted to crawl in the book and friend him and give him a hug Archer is someone who is in desperate need for someone to tear down his walls and shower him with love Enter Conrad These two together was explosive They fought each other right down to the last second before they came together in sparks of passion They were hot together There is nothing hotter than two Alpha's colliding and fighting for top position Literally LOL ;PAnother surprise was the humor in the book I wasn't expecting Conrad to be as witty as he was He was cracking little jokes and he was so fucking adorable with Deefor The banter between him the dog and Archer had me busting out laughing I was so set on him being a dark character I love that I was wrong The book starts right off with some action that really doesn't let up It's not overly done but it was intense and kept me on the edge of my seat because I honestly had no idea where the story was going or how it would end There were some nice twists throughout the book I seldom find books I have a hard time putting down Amazingly this was definitely one of them I felt like I was right there on the pages with these characters I love when that happens This is a completely different kind of read from the first book I didn't expect it to be and I'm so pleased that it was Those who haven't read the first book can read this one without feeling lost It is it's own story and only one character from the first book makes an appearance and it's short lived I'll be giving this the re read treatment in the future and adding it to my Fav list