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Colin Hartman can now add college to his list of failures On the coast to coast trek home from California Colin stops at a gas station in the Nevada desert and can’t help noticing the guy in tight jeans looking like he just stepped off a catwalk When he realizes Catwalk is stranded Colin offers a rideRiley only intended to take a short ride in Colin’s Jeep to the Grand Canyon But one detour leads to another until they finally find themselves tumbling into bed together However there are shadows in Riley’s eyes that hide a troubled past And when those shadows threaten to bury the man whom Colin has fallen in love with he vows to get Riley the help he needs For once in his life uitting isn’t an option

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    4 Stars “Focus on Me” is book2 in “In Focus” series by Megan Erickson and like the first book the story centers on a road trip Unlike the first book this second book in the series deals with a tough sensitive subject matter – mental illness – eating disorder in men It is a common misconception that eating disorders only affect women The reality is that eating disorders affect both men and women boys and girls Kudos to the author for approaching this topic in a very respectful way with care and considerationThe story fallows Colin a 21 years old boy who’s on his way home to North Carolina after he dropped out of college Colin is gay he’s an ex football player and he sees himself as a uitter He’s not resentful considering he wasted his time trying to become something he wasn’t He accepted it and he plans to help his parents at their BB restaurant and of course to forget about this college experience In Nevada he sees a boy whom he nicknames ‘Catwalk’ who desperately needs a ride Colin offers him a ride and 'Catwalk' accepts He can’t stop noticing how delicate and good looking this stranger is and he's ready to admit to himself how smitten he is Catwalk aka Riley is a mystery While Colin shares some information about himself his family and his family’s business Riley shares only a part of the truth of who he really is Colin not only wants to know Riley better but he wants to help him and protect him From whom or what? He doesn’t knowyet but he wants to be 'the one'As the story progresses Colin realizes who Riley really is and he also realizes Riley is a tortured soul who needs saving but who doesn’t know how to save himself who needs care and also love He’s determined to do anything to save the one who changed his life and who he isThis was a touching beautifully written story with both light and heavy moments very different from the first book in the series and also very different from what I expected The story is told from Colin’s POV and I liked his POV but there were some moments when I really wanted Riley’s POVI loved this two boys Both of them are well developed so different from each other but they completed each other in a very sweet way Colin was wonderful He has such a big heart He’s a caretaker He wants to help and he’s willing to do anything for the other boy even if he doesn’t know anything about him I loved how patient and thoughtful he was at times with Riley He made me swoon and I have to say I fell over heels with him “What was it about him? It wasn’t just how he looked either I wanted him to smile I wanted for him to be happy And I wanted to be the person who made that happen” Riley’s characterization is heart breaking He is a lost and lonely boy who just wanted to feel Anything And he also wants to not feel so empty and hopeless I was so glad he met Colin who showed him there’s always for everyone out there that there’s hope and love that he is savable and lovable In the end Riley found the necessary strength and I loved how brave he became At some point both guys are a little insecure believing they are not good for the other I wasn’t bothered by this aspect of the story like I usually am Maybe because I understood in some way why they felt this way Colin and Riley are so good together I loved how gentle Colin was with the other guy and I loved their tenderness and I also loved their sexy times which they were sweet but also intense I also enjoyed their character growth As for the side characters – they were great It was good to see Landry and Justin the main characters from book1 Overall a really great read

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    This book was everything I loved loved the first book so I knew this one was going to be good I trusted Megan to write a good follow up She's such a great writer so I went into it not even worried Then I read this ARC And I may have found one of those top ten favorites because this This book floored me In a good wayColin was such an adorably charming southern guy laid back but feeling a little insecure because hey he'd just realized college wasn't his thing But I love how that was shown to be as OKAY as that totally is and it led him back home showed him what he really did wantAnd Riley Oh Riley It was cool to see this book from Colin's perspective because usually you'd be in the POV of the person going through these things and if you've ever been a Riley it's jarring to see how your actions affect those around you and you're just too miserable to see it It's also cool because while you definitely feel for Riley and just want to hug the breath out of him you really get to see how it also affects Colin and he goes thru feelings selfish and not that you can completely understand and make him all the human We usually don't see that bc we r too busy in the other MCs head worrying about THEIR well being My face was pretty steady leaking from 65% to the epilogue for both of themFrom the pier to the parking lot I was done You'll know what I mean when you read it JFCNot only was their love story so strong and so great and their good times sweet and made me FEEL but Riley's issues were handled well I gotta give major kudos for handling those issues one in particular that IDK that I want to spoil because no one else really has in MM And all of it was handled realistically even certain side effectsThis book deserves all the love and these boys because in the end they grew and they were strong together for each other AND for themselves This series is a must read and this book a must Loved seeing Landry and Justin again They didn't overwhelm the story with their presence and helped in a huge way that made me want to smish the fuck out of Landry This was handled with so much class and I couldn't recommend I'm going to stop gushing now I'll just leave it at READ THIS BOOK I'd give this than 5 stars if I could and I mean that seriously A book has not gotten me in the feels like this in a long long time smishes Megan Erickson so hard Can't wait for in this series Can Not Wait

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    Advanced review copy of Focus on Me provided by Megan Erickson in exchange for an honest reviewAnother cute boy road trip tale from Megan Erickson The first book in the series Trust the Focus was an absolute delight and I actually think I liked this one Colin Hartman is a guy on his way home to North Carolina from California with his tail between his legs after flunking out of college his Junior year Early in his cross country trip he sees a lost looking young man he nicknames Catwalk because of his striking good looks Catwalk seems to be at the end of his rope and needs a ride Colin offers him that ride in his green Jeep named Butch and their adventure beginsColin's sister always told Colin that he had a caretaker gene and that explains why Colin makes it his mission to turn Catwalk's real name Riley blue mood into one filled with joy and humor He ends up stopping with Riley at several different landmarks that Riley has on his bucket list Colin sees a lot of sorrow in Riley and their adventure seems to be helping put a smile on Riley's faceSince this story is told from Colin's point of view there are a few things I will purposely leave out of this review because I feel it is important for the reader to discover things along with Colin Things about himself and especially about Riley Colin falls in love with Riley and things get serious between the two men pretty darn fast Colin's caretaker gene is in overdrive and you can't help but fall in love with him You're gonna fall in love with Riley too and want to bring him home and feed him some delicious pot roast that will stick to his ribs Colin and Riley are wonderful characters and it was fun watching them mature in the short time they were on their road trip This book ended up being extremely emotional for me and was so much than a regular MM romance with good sex a touch of angst and a HEA But of course these boys do get a HEA and it is the stuff of baby bunnies rainbows and cotton candy And the sex? HOT Just perfectionI can HIGHLY recommend Focus on Me to all MM Romance fans You will definitely get than you expect from this one and the epilogue will make you want to sing with gleeSidenote The way Megan Erickson linked the first and second book together is pure genius Very original and satisfying and it was so nice to see Justin and Landry again #JusLan This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

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    45 starsIf you’ve read anything by Megan Erikson you’re aware that this author knows how to write an entertaining storyAndif you’ve read Trust the Focus by Megan Erikson you know that this author knows how to write a heartfelt New Adult storyButlet me just say Focus On Me is a whole new levela deeply emotional journey a brave bit of storytelling and a book that will stay with me in my heart for a very long timeFirst for some housekeeping though this is book #2 of the In Focus series it can be read as a standalone Justin and Landry do make appearances in this book though Also for those that have read book #1 be forewarned that this has a very different feel and emotionthough told most definitely in the author’s voiceand is a bit darker than the firstNowColin is a salt of the earth college dropout who is driving cross country back to his hometown to start anew after flunking out of school He struggles with the fact that he’s never really finished anything and frankly never had anything that he’s found worth fighting forRiley is a familiar character to those who’ve read Trust the Focus but I’ll let you find out from the prologue how the author introduces who he is It’s a treat who’s on his own journeycrossing off his bucket list things that he hopes will drive back some of his demonsThe two randomly meet at an off the beaten path gas station and thus starts our road trip The author takes us all over the country with our two MC’s and she also takes us all over the map with our emotionsThe growing attraction and flirtation between the characters is charming But it’s laced with an uncertainty and leaves the reader guessing what’s going on beneath the surface Most especially with Riley As I mentioned he has his demons And what he’s battling with the weight and enormity of it is heartbreakingSince the story is told from Colin’s point of view we worry and fret along with him trying to figure out what’s going on and hoping that he Colin can help Riley fight back the sadness and hollowness inside Colin’s “care taker gene” is the gentle way of saying that he’s codependent and would do anything to try and save Rileyto make him happyto help him find peace and healing In fact this is one of the best portrayals of a true codependent relationship I’ve ever readtrust me I’ve lived itI can recognize it immediatelyThe fact that this one tore me up with familiarity speaks volumesSome of Colin’s efforts find success Others of them do not And we’re ultimately left with a pit in our stomachs wondering how this broken couple can move forward And will there be a HEA for them by the end?I don’t want to spoiler any of this book But I will say that it’s rawit has hard edges that cut and bleed the heart Yet it’s also kindand honestand hopeful My heart felt at times alternating from full to smashedand tears flowed freelyPurposely being vague I just highly recommend that you read this book and let all the layers and the bits of information and the growth of the characters and the mistakes and lessons and triumphs unfold for you This journey will be well worth itMeet you on the flip side at the beachThank you Megan Eriksonfor what is certain to be one of my favorite reads of the yearI LOVED THIS BOOKdespite the fact that it ripped me apart made me bleary and puffy eyed for days and has laid claim to my heart

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    So this book Well it's my version of Mad Love the 90s movie but gay and with a solid happily ever after It's sad it's happy it's sad again and most of all I like to think it's hopefulAnd yes my loves JusLan from TRUST THE FOCUS make an important cameo Don't fear If you want to be notified when this book releases and get up to date news on all of my books you can sign up for my newsletter here You'll also have the chance to enter exclusive giveaways for my books and others Thanks

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    Rating Removed5 stars He pulled back and blinked at me “I came back”I smiled “Yeah you did You came back”“Will you still take me to the ocean?”I nodded “Of course”His face relaxed and he snuggled into me tighter This book made me smile laugh and heartbrokenit some heavy issues like eating disorders depression suicideOur Mc’s Colin and Riley meet at a gas station when Colin offers Riley a ride this was a creepy serial killer setting but from there their road trip beginsColin was such a sweet caring and easy going character I loved getting to know him he was funny loving and never gave up on Riley He was also dealing with his own issues of feeling like a failure I loved that when he realized that Riley had a problem he decided to seek help and there was no magic dick healing I hated myself I hated myself for giving in to Riley And I hated him for making me do this And I hated him for pushing it but I’d been a willing participant I’d let Riley need meRiley might have punctured the hole in our ship but I’d done nothing to stop the water coming in We had sunk each other in an irrevocable way Because Riley lay broken on the bed and I wanted to claw my skin off Riley broke my heart he was so sad broken and was trying to deal with his demons and when he met Colin he tried to heal himself by depending on Colin which was a huge failure When he finally broke down my heart was in pieces Even though the book is written in Colin’s Pov and we only get into Riley’s head through his emails with Landry that did not stop me from knowing Riley You bought me yogurt and flirted and took care of me and called me ‘baby’” I grunted as his fingernails dug into my skin His eyes narrowed “And you did it all without me knowing I didn’t know until I tried to walk away from his hotel And every step was like trying to walk with weights tied around my ankles I Loved•The writing it sucked me in the issues were dealt with without being preachy and there was no unnecessary miscommunicationThe relationship development i loved how it progressed•I loved the emails between Riley and Landry•Colin and Riley’s parents I am glad they were supportive•The road trip I would have loved to be with them in that Jeep named Butch•The chemistry between Colin and Riley was there from the start•The conversations and the banter was engagingI enjoyed every second of this and loved it than book 1 “Look at me Riley”He stayed frozen where he was“Baby I need you to turn around and focus on me”

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    Warning Random thoughts aheadFor NA this one was good Problem is I just don't think NA is for me And I also don't care for the co dependency angle That being said this one was very well written The characters were great They made me laugh at times they made me cry at times There was some steam not a lot but enough I loved the road trip Their adventures Seeing Riley and Colin's relationship grow along the way I found a few things a bit non plausible I didn't read book 1 but the inclusion of Landry and Justin made me want to go back and read their story I loved that Colin called Riley Catwalk Maybe it was just a bit too heavy for me Something about it didn't make me love it But I definitely liked it

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    5 stars I loved Trust the Focus It is easily one of my favorite books ever and it also introduced me to the amazingly talented Megan Erickson So I knew after reading that book that I would read the seuel Focus on Me The wait for this book killed me But it was so worth the wait It was everything I wanted it to be and much Focus on Me is not like Trust the Focus I thought Trust the Focus was angsty and difficult to read in places but Focus on Me was even worse but in a good way This book was brutal at times and it was difficult to read but beautiful at the same timeColin is a southern boy who’s just dropped out of college and feels like a failure a uitter He walks into a gas station expecting to pay for his gas and leave What he doesn’t expect is Catwalk aka Riley the gorgeous man who looking to go somewhere He offers Riley a ride the Grand Canyon My cock twitched and I jerked my head away No no way He was Catwalk and probably straight and I was Colin the fuck up and no way was anything going to happen Riley is a former model who happens to be Landry’s pretend ex boyfriend from the book The prologue of this book is Landry writing to him to apologize Riley is battling his demons and struggling in life He agrees to let Colin drive him to the Grand Canyon and thinks he can move on thenBut these two guys can’t move on There’s an attraction between them There are also secrets Lots of secretsI loved both these guys Colin who uiet everything but refused to uit Riley And Riley who broke my heart and made me worry for him It was hard to watch him struggling the way he did and to see it through Colin’s eyes it was extremely difficult to read Riley sat on the floor of the tub huddled into a ball The water pelted him on the head rivers running down his face He slowly raised his head eyelashes dripping and stared right through me Megan Erickson covered something rarely seen in books eating disorders in men And she did an amazing job This was only the second time I’ve read about this topic but I loved the way she covered itAs a couple Colin and Riley were amazing They had their ups and downs throughout the book The downs were downright painful I hated myself I hated myself for giving in to Riley And I hated him for making me do this But the good times were so amazingly good They left me smiling and hopeful and just ready for the two of them to catch the break they definitely earned I nuzzled the hair above his ear and gently removed his shirt so my skin met his I ran my fingernails down his neck and over his shoulders I nipped his earlobe and I whispered “Baby” and “I missed you” and “I love you” in his ear over and over again He opened his lips on the skin where my neck met my shoulder and sucked until I was sure there would be a lasting markI kissed him I kissed him so hard that our teeth clacked together I separated on a smack staring into his wide eyes “Of course it’s okay It’s perfect you beautiful bastard It’s fucking perfect” His smile was brilliant Pure happy brilliant Riley It was the best sight I’d ever seenHe smiled Not just a I’m happy to see you smile Not a I missed you smile This was a I can breathe again now that you’re in front of me smile I can’t say much about this book without going on and on about how much I adored this book I honestly cannot recommend it enoughAnd if you need convincing Justin and Landry make a guest appearance in this Hell yes

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    view spoilerWhen Megan Erickson wrote in her blog that FOCUS ON ME was her version of the 90’s movie Mad Love – have any of you watched it? It had young Drew Barry and Chris O’Donnell – except with gay characters I was excited I loved that movie – I could remember being so engaged by it the storytelling about two young lovers while facing mental health issues just pulled me inNow back to the book Put the characters aside I think what Erickson did with the mental issue theme here was telling it in a subtle but still respectful way Riley’s clinical depression was never in your face It never became preachy However you still get the idea about how dangerous depression is for someone and how this story becomes importantFOCUS ON ME is written solely from Colin’s point of view In a way Colin was the readers’ representative Colin was our observer he saw the problem in Riley the way that the readers would While Erickson did write Riley’s perspective in between Colin’s narration we basically got the clues the same time Colin did It didn’t happen all at once; the story unfolded in a timely manner until that climax momentThis story basically tells you that sometimes love is just not enough In the case of a mental health problem like depression sometimes love cannot be the only answer And if you love somebody there will come a moment that you need to be able to see this to let them get the help they need Love cannot save everything and you have to ask for professional help That’s one of the things I appreciated the mostThe other things? Well the characters of courseColin was loyal and dependable For every time Colin said that he seemed to be unable to finish anything he still showed that caring gene in him would take him a long way You can see it for yourself how much Colin wanted to take care of Riley how deep his love for Riley was that he was willing to let Riley go in order for his Catwalk to get healthy again In fact I thought Colin was the most solid young man character in this genre and I have read MM romance for the past 7 8 years nowWhile Riley he just broke my heart I know that he didn’t get his own point of views very much in this book but from the emails that he sent to Landry you would get him You would get to see the crack in Riley’s heart the darkness in his mind and you would wish so much for him to fight for his health to be better to grab that chance of being happy You would care for Riley so frickin’ muchAnd in that climax moment I just burst out in tears Big fat ugly tears Apparently Erickson plans to punch me in the gut with each book in this series Colin and Riley’s story is memorable significant relevant scintillating and outstanding than Trust the Focus if that is possible For me this is the kind of story that I love it is complicated but has a hard fought and much deserving happy endingLike the movie that becomes its inspiration FOCUS ON ME is wild sexy raw fierce and intense It’s a roller coaster ride but when you reach the end it’s so satisfying It’s a brilliant read for me and why it deserves my 5 stars rating Megan Erickson has once again proved why she is one of my auto read authors However with this book I think she also catapulted herself to the top level of my favorite authors listA Guest Review for The Blogger Girls The ARC is provided by the publisher for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is reuired for any ARC received hide spoiler