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After years of travelling the world using his trust fund college dropout Joshua Silverton returns to London to discover two shocking truths his estranged and wealthy father has been dead for over a year and he left his fortune to a total stranger Joshua soon meets the man who stole his inheritance and even though he expects to hate Ezra Steele he can’t ignore the strange attraction he suddenly feels towards himBill Silverton saved Ezra Steele from his troubled past when he signed Silverton Tower over to him on his deathbed Ezra now has the house the business the cars the money and a different man in his bed every night It’s a life he wants to cling to so when Bill’s gorgeous son unexpectedly turns up and demands he hand everything back his life is turned upside down in ways than oneA need to finally prove himself to his dead father forces Joshua to challenge Ezra but will he be able to ignore the attraction in order to be ruthless? Ezra tries to keep his enemies close by getting Joshua into his bed but as history catches up with him he is forced to face himself They are both running from their past so in a battle between head and heart Joshua and Ezra must choose what is important – money or each other

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    OUT NOW TEASER BELOWEzra ripped back the plastic sheet plucking a fat juicy strawberry from the bunch He bobbed it into his wine before lifting it slowly to his lips The dark liuid dripped down his chin and onto the stiff collar of his white shirt He slowly bit into the strawberry his lips wrapping around the red skin as his eyes stared intensely into Joshua’s narrowing without blinking“They’re aphrodisiacs” Ezra tossed the green stem into the carton before plucking out another “try one”Joshua was about to dip his hand into the strawberries but before he had a chance Ezra lifted the strawberry he’d chosen and dangled it in front of Joshua’s lips darting his brows up and down as if daring him to try it from his fingers He stared at the strawberry his eyes crossing as he looked down his own nose Heart pounding in his chest he told himself he wasn’t going to eat a strawberry from another guy’s hand His tongue poked through his lips before sucking it back in“Go on” Ezra pushed it forwards “try it Are you afraid you'll enjoy it?”Somehow Joshua was sure Ezra wasn’t just talking about the strawberryHis lashes fluttered the pounding of his heart rising about the loud music He darted up to Ezra’s eyes but they were still fixed on him like they always were He wanted to pull away he really did but before he could stop it he was ducking under the strawberry letting Ezra dangle it into his mouthCatching it between his teeth he expected Ezra to move his hand but he didn’t He uickly bit into the strawberry the sugary juices mixing bitterly with the red wine“Nice isn’t it?” Ezra pulled away the leaves tossing them into the cartonJoshua chewed the strawberry in silence his eyes locked on Ezra’s It’s like he couldn’t stop himself Whenever he got too close to Ezra he seemed to lose all of his judgement skills“Juicy and sweet” Ezra whispered sipping his wine “ripe”No other words were needed Joshua wasn’t strong enough to resist any

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    Omg This sounds FABULOUSIt was

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    Full review originally posted at SinfullyAddicted to All Male RomanceEzra Steele is just the kind of man most people would hate As head of Silverton Industries Ezra is rich arrogant having sex with a different nameless twink every night and thinking of himself in the third person but Ezra has a past that most people don’t know about and he isn’t looking to share that information Being left a fortune and a business when Bill Silverton died saved Ezra and he will do what he has to in order to keep itJoshua Silverton is the kind of man you want to hate for totally different reasons A rich kid that never had to take responsibility for any of his actions he has spent the last seven years partying around the world with his best friend Levi At 18 he left school and cut contact with his family except for keeping his cousin Violet up to date on his travels Back in London for Violet’s wedding he is counting the days until he can leave He is hoping to avoid his father but his money is running out and he is debating making contact again Before he can even make a final decision on that he finds out that the man he hasn’t spoken to in seven years has been dead for a year and has left nothing to Joshua When Ezra and Joshua meet in a bar Joshua is surprised by his attraction since he has always considered himself straight Ezra is intrigued by Joshua especially after the two do nothing than share some kisses and then fall asleep together something Ezra has never done before When the two meet again things go horribly as Joshua finds Ezra installed in his father’s old office running the company Joshua never wanted In order for Joshua to get back his father’s business and money he will have to take it from Ezra In order for Ezra to hold onto what he has he will need to keep it away from Joshua What better way for both men to reach their goals than for Joshua to work for Ezra at the company he grew to hate?I enjoyed all the ups and downs of the relationship and the two initially unlikeable main characters managed to find their way into my heart Obviously both men have to them than meets the eye Both are hurt and flawed and trying to break away from their pasts Ashley John did a good job with the push and pull of their lust hate relationship I enjoyed the intrigue as their business and personal relationships changed and Joshua struggled with whether he should fight to take Ezra down and why he even wanted to while Ezra tried not to let his personal feelings cloud the potential dangers in letting Joshua have a place in the business even as he knew the Board members would try to use Joshua against him for their own gain There was real tension as the lawyers and certain family members tried their hardest to convince Joshua that Ezra manipulated his father on his deathbed even though the man he was growing closer to was nothing like that but as secrets are exposed and loyalties are uestioned everything they were building together suddenly seems to be crashing downGood secondary characters including Johsua’s level headed cousin Violet his borderline sleazy best friend Levi and Ezra’s younger brother Felix added emotional support and some humor I really felt the sexual tension between Ezra and Joshua and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the angry hate sex was very hot but I really liked the slow build of their feelings for each other The story had a good mix of family drama sex angst and up and down emotions and despite its length it moved along uickly This was my first read by Ashley John but it won’t be my last

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    I can't help but compare this to Ella Frank's Temptation series and how BOSS did not hold a candle to the latter I was expecting steamy scenes with alphamales trying to show the other who's boss but this failed to pack the needed punch The story was all over the place dragging on until the last page leaving behind a lot of loose ends But what really made this utterly disappointing was that for me this lacked heartIt saddened me to realize that this looked like a book rattling on the pathetic lives of rich men acting like spoiled brats and their seemingly important first world problems Joshua's character came off to me as shallow I had hoped the story would put weight on family but it heavily revolved around talks of money and luxury The secondary characters just fell in the background and were not given due importance It irritated me that I wanted to know about them and connect with them but was never given the chance to Violet Levi Felix and Constance played very great roles in the development of the story between Joshua and Ezra but it felt like they weren't allowed to stickSurprisingly though this was an incredibly fast read despite the lengthy number of pages

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    I stopped at 50% These men were just too angry for me to get into it and I admit I'm not in the mood for the raw angry type passion right now Sometimes I am but not today I won't rate since I did not finish and I encourage anyone who enjoys this type of book to give it a try I might even pick it up again myself eventually ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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    Loved it review previously at bmbrFuck me Joshua moaned do it It was a demand a raw and primal demand A demand unbothered by sexuality or conflict A demand from a man who was ready to give in to his desires A demand from a man who knew what he really wanted Ashley John has a talent Not just his writing talent but a talent to make me enjoy books I would not normally He can take a story and make me want to read it even if I don't want to read it I'm kinda talking in riddles huhOkay When I first read the blurb of Boss I wanted to read it It sounded different to what Ashley usually writes and I have to admit I liked the fact it was set in England When I started reading I didn't really like Joshua at all He sounded like a stuck up self entitled rich brat He was a stuck up self entitled rich brat Starting a book with an MC I could barely tolerate is not usually a good sign But here is where the magic of Ashley's writing comes in because he makes me care about the rich brat even while my brain is telling me not to Not only did he make me care about the rich brat he made me care about the antagonist Ezra too Even when Ezra was being a dickhead Ezra who came from nowhere and took everything Ezra with pain in his past and a burning need to succeed Ezra who in my head looked exactly like Idris Elba even though the description of him was nothing like him I think it was the name EzraElba because before I'd even started I'd got that image in my head and let's face it it's a pretty good image to have stuck in your nogginThe story of these two slightly reminicscent of a Prince and a Pauper set in the business world of today's London was so readable Rich boy left with nothing poor boy given everything The fight they have one to regain and one to keep all while experiencing emotions they've neither been party too before Love Neither had truly been loved not for a long time Both were toughened hardened to the world at large interested in the tangible than the emotionalTo love your enemy though? It takes a whole lot of trust and trust is a difficult commodity for them both to come byAs I read this book I could switch off my emotion and clinically point out things that would normally make me roll my eyes but this lad is talented and I am so engrossed in the story and the tale of the characters that I don't care I really don't Nit picky me can take a hike because as far as I'm concerned reading is about enjoyment and I damn well enjoyed this story I really did I'm super pleased to see there is going to be a second book in this series and would recommend people check out this author he just gets better and better A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review

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    This was a strange one There were lots of typos and occasions where what was on the page didn’t make sense AT ALL – see below Can I politely suggest an editor or proof reader for future stories dear Author?? Having said that I did enjoy the story and am chuffed to bits that there is a seuel in the works 4 starsNot going into great detail here the blurb says it all I wasn’t all that keen on Joshua read didn’t like for uite a large part of the story he didn’t want the responsibility of working in his dad’s business but loved spending the money He was a selfish worthless layaboutsponger IMHO I hate people who think the world owes them a living for doing nothing BUT he did actually redeem himself sort of later in the story when he admitted to having feelings for another person other than himselfand horror of all horrors a man Ezra well he was bossy cocky arrogant a bit of a slut and full of secrets who liked having sex in public places hehebut he was sooo sexy the typical bad boy The sex between Joshua and Ezra was hot and steamy and you sort of knew that Joshua wouldn’t be able to deny his attraction to Ezra for much longer How Ezra comes to be running the business that Joshua’s father built well you’ll have to find out for yourself As for the secondary characters I liked Vi Joshua’s cousin and Ezra’s younger brother Felixand that was about it Joshua’s travelling companion Levi was a sleazy git and womaniser Jade read the story you’ll discover who she is well she needs to go get a life away from drugs and drink and the rest of the worthless morons who live on the estate Ezra grew up on in Hackney Have to admit I would have liked some of the backstory on how Ezra came to be working for Silverton’s given his background and why HE was picked by Joshua’s father to be in charge but maybe we’ll get to find out in the seuel ‘Steele’I’d thought that there was going to be a big battle for the company with Ezra on one side on his lonesome and Joshua and the rest of the board members on the other but that seemed to stop rather abruptly when Joshua changed sides so for me that felt a little rushed The board members that wanted to control the company through Joshua when Ezra was ousted were just buffoons who wanted their little puppet in charge and I’m sure that Ezra would have had some choice words for thembut we didn’t get to see that unfortunatelyNow for some of the strange uotes that didn’t make sense to me ’The florist decided to get divorced so she went ominous on me I had to fire her’ AND ‘There was a tense varnish over her eyes but he couldn’t uite place it’ AND ‘they stared at each other motionlessly’ It’s not me is it??

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    That was an awesome read Great personalities and good storylineI really enjoyed reading The steamy encounters were really hotThere were so many feelings in this bookThe way it was written was great and smooth There is no cliffhanger Thank you Lord or Ashley; I am not telling the storyline others will doA great 5 stars bookI am looking forward to read #2

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    I feel like I’ve just climbed Mount Everest with no aid of oxygen – I’m totally breathless this book was incredibleEzra Steel is a man with a past that he intends to keep hidden He’s left a fortune that also includes a business – thank you very muchJoshua Silverton is a son returning from 7 years of “living it up” He is estranged from his father but needs money Imagine his horror when he finds out that his very rich father has not only died but the family fortune has not been left to him but to a complete stranger which means that now he is flat brokeNow I have to say that both men would be at the top of my list for “detestable characters” At first glance they have no redeemable ualities – that’s the first glance the second?? Let’s seeEzra is straight but when he meets Joshua in a bar suddenly kissing the man seems the obvious thing to do so he does They spend the night together – just kissing but no sex They part But as fate would have it they meet again but this time Joshua finds out that it’s Ezra who has his father’s money Joshua wants it back Ezra wants to keep it The solution? Joshua to work for Ezra at the Company hmmmmmmThis book was like being on a roller coaster up and down round and round feeling slightly dizzy in betweenNow I love GFY it’s my favourite read especially when it’s a “hate you but secretly want you” type of book and the author did a magnificent job on delivering this storyline Both men have pasts and both are also flawed – again the author handled this very well At the beginning I really didn’t like either of them but that changed we were shown the true men they were underneath all that bullt they wore so wellThere were boardroom fights lawyers getting involved and manipulations galore Can these two men fight for what they both want and need? or will it all collapse around them – all for nothing? With great supporting characters that added real depth to the storyline I loved them allAshley John did a remarkable job of getting me to love two despicable men at first and transforming them into characters that I wanted to win togetherGreat read thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommended5 all the way from meI would like to thank the author for the privilege and opportunity of reviewing this ARC My review was an honest opinion of the bookwwwthreebooksovertherainbowcom

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    This book is definitely my favorite Ashley John book now Joshua comes home for his cousins wedding after being gone 7 years traveling needing money from his father is also on the agenda before leaving again But bad news awaits Joshua and things are about to change While drinking in a bar he meets a guy and can't seem to get him out of his head He's not gay so why is Ezra all he can think about? Ezra can have any guy he wants he's rich sexy and takes what he wants and doesn't even remember their names Then he meets Joshua it's not just one night that he wants not a name he can forget But life has a way of throwing complications neither man knowing just how connected their lives are Money secrets unanswered uestions all get in the way of their happiness can Joshua get the answers he needs to trust Ezra before it's too late?This book to me is much greater than 5 stars it's a fantastic read There's loss and grief there are laughs and comfort circumstances and confusion but out of all that comes happiness and love You can't go wrong with picking up this book I hope you enjoy it as much as I did