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Live fast Die young Fuck hard Red Jack Rude Crude Horny ginger mess In love with himselfLoki Deadbeat Volatile Stalker Terminally ill Fatally in loveWhen it comes to men Red Jack has three rules The guy has to be hot out of town and not up for repeats It’s a good way to keep the gay flings far away from the eyes of his brothers in the Coffin Nails Motorcycle Club and he will make damn sure it stays that way When a hookup takes an ominous turn and the sexy stranger turns up at his house the heat is on Loki invades his life and just won’t leave wreaking havoc wherever he follows Jack but getting rid of him becomes harder with every kiss The world crumbles around Loki when he finds out he has cancer As if his life wasn’t shit enough already With only a few months left he decides to live to the fullest and get every last wish on his bucket list fulfilled One of those is fucking the hot bearded biker he meets the same night he got the bad news Big confident and dangerous Red Jack is all Loki ever wanted in a man After all he deserves one last shot at love Who cares if Red Jack is a stubborn closeted asshole? Loki knows what he wants and he won’t settle for anything less Even if it kills him POSSIBLE SPOILERSThemes Outlaw motorcycle club criminal activity hurtcomfort abuse sexual orientation issues stalking revenge bucket list coping with illness first loveGenre MM erotic dark romance suspense dramaLength 105000 words standalone novel HEAWARNING Adult content Explicit gay sex strong language graphic violence abuse scenes Reader discretion advised

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    Ah Jack the loveable asshole ; This is a book about the hot burly bearded ginger biker who appears as a side character in It's hot crazy and all sorts of wrong D This is SUCH a Merikan book It's bloodier by the page ;D

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    4 StarsIt's no secret I love pretty much everything these Authors writeI absolutely love this series and don't know how I missed this oneRed Jack is part of the Coffin Nails MCHe's a roughcrude biker with an extremely high opinion of himselfAlthough he's into girls and currently lusting after a girl that comes into the club he's definitely not adverse to hooking up with men for dirty blow jobsas long as the MC don't find it outLoki is at a real low point in his lifeHe's just broken up with his boyfriend and has received some devastating news which prompts him to start a bucket listOn the same dayRed Jack is looking for a hook upLoki just wants to forgetLoki becomes fixated on the sexy biker and relentlessly pursues himRed Jack is having none of it and tries his best to push Loki awayThese Authors certainly know how to tell a gritty story and at times it's definitely not prettyI started of hating Red Jack due to his treatment of Loki but was won over in the endLokiwell I just loved him from the start to the finishThis is one of my favourite books in the series in terms of the way the relationship developed between the two menIt's not all hearts and flowers butlike all these Authors bookscompelling reading

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    2 “To me you are perfect” STARS They fit together like a bullet and a gunLoki took HIS FISTS with understanding yet could also speak his mind and give Red Jack hell As awful as it was at the time Red Jack loved the thrill of being with someone who spoke their mind like that and wasn’t afraid of him Not even going to give you guys a uick glance into the story For that you can read the blurb it's really a fantastic summary as it is What ruined this one for me was #1 The fact that Red Jack was practically a pushy ahole sniffing a hang around at the club called Lucy's butt constantly trying to get into her pants and giving her puppy eyes for her to spread her thighs for the first 25% of the book He was such a pssy ugh not cool at all#2 The fact that he hits Loki a few times after telling him that he'd neverI repeatNEVER hurt himThat is NOT okay That is NEVER okay NOWHERE IN HELL is that okay you got me tough boy? OVERALL My 2nd strike with this author this month Dammit Am I losing another favourite?

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    This review is cross posted on Gay Book Reviews ARC kindly provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review 45 starsThis book starts with a warning The characters in this book live deeply in the morally grey zone and we wouldn't advise anyone to follow in their footsteps ;Take it seriously If this is your first Merikan book you 're in for a surprise If you re a Merikan fanyou 're in for a surpise too This was somewhat grittier and violent than the other books of the series And with characters that are meant to be really unlikeable before earning out love and sympathyRed JackHe is exactly what the blurb says Crude and rude he only respects his brothers from the club Horny ginger mess he fucks everything that walks women and men But with caution the club must not find out about his male hook ups In love with himself He's a gift to humanity the best stud in town and he worked damn hard for it That's right Red Jack is no longer the lanky ugly ginger kid with the freckled skin The kid that is a disappointment to his family that gets picked on at school and ends up in juvieLokiIt was supposed to be a hook up Another thing to cross off his bucket list But he hadn't counted on love Loki is terminally ill and has only three months left to live He decides he wants to spend it with Red Jack He becomes a stalker obsessed determined to make Red Jack love him He deserves a last chance at love right? “On the day I found out I’m through I was all alone and you contacted me” He pulled the chair closer and leaned forward resting his head on Red Jack’s palm “That had to mean something I was meant to be with you These are not your typical heroes They fight a lot and are violent with each other view spoilerThey even shoot each other I know some people willl hate that scene I loved it and I'm actully in awe How is it possible for love and tenderness to shine right after something like that happened? hide spoiler

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    45 rounded to 4 stars I LOVE this series It's definitely the hottest motorcycle club series I've read so far I devoured all the books and all those hot and rough stories Red Jack egocentric and tough closeted gay too blunt and ruthlessLoki scarred gay man long haired and pretty sure of himself despite his horrible past Now he wants to live it to the fullest and he's not afraid to seem psycho he fallowed Red Jack like a stalker until he got what he craved forI think I would have given this 5 stars if it wasn't for Red's attitude towards Loki From the start he was too rude then he was such an ass and he went too far with his anger I hate any slapping outside the bed This being said I also was kind of disappointed by the end of the book I mean they're in California and even if their club is not as open minded I would have expected Red Jack to fight the homophobes and well fight for him and LokiI had such high hopes for them as a couple just to be kind of disappointed by the resignation they both had at the endOver all it was a great story with a lot of action many turns and well the sex was out of this world So HOT

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    I've no understanding of the way Loki behaved going through Red Jack's things and throwing out waste and just declaring him the person with whom he will spend his last months Who does that? You can't just barge into someone's life and give your own touch to everything when they keep rejecting you

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    ​Wow this book was a red hot mess ​And to be perfectly honest ​​for the first half of the book I wasn't sure I actually liked it​​ ​which ​was a first in my experience with these authors Indeed​ the first half of​ Red Hot confused and depressed me in eual measure Jack was an insecure selfish asshole and Lokiwell I just didn't even know what to think about him He latched right onto Jack and decided they were boyfriends and just bulldozed​ his way​ right into Jack's life It was a crazy act by a desperate person And the result was a borderline abusive relationship that just hurt to watch​But then an odd thing started to happen Jack started learning how to be a human being And as he came to terms with his feelings for Loki I actually started to like them both I'm kind of shocked by that turn of events to tell you the truth​Even though Jack kind of redeemed himself by the end I still feel kind of stunned by the crazy​ But in a good way ​

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    OMG where do I even begin? I'm not even sure how to describe the relationship between Loki and Jack Sometimes friendly Sometimes sexy hot Sometimes toxic Sometimes cringe worthy But I can tell you one thing I didn't want to put the book downFirst off let me just say that Jack can be a complete ass But that's actually part of his charm as well I mean he can really be a grade A jerk but it made it that much better when you see his shifting feelings slowly change regarding Loki And don't even get me started on Lokihe did some things that literally made me cringe Like view spoilerwhen he told Lucy that Jack was HIV positive hide spoiler

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    I don't even care what it's about I just want to devour this cover Dear God

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    Bloody raw violent gritty unlawful and intense are all words to describe this book But in addition we can use caring loving powerful accepting and volcanic Red Jack is a tough ginger biker who only worries about himself until he comes across tattooed pierced long haired scarred beauty Loki Loki's story is a sad one with his crappy family history now non existent family plus he's survived horrendous torture at the hands of an ex and his pals and on top of that dreaded news from the doctor He's sees something in Red Jack that he wants and goes for it I liked these flawed guys and they are VERY screwed up It is remarkable to watch Red Jack have his astonishing realizations and life altering attitude adjustments One man is big strong and fierce and the other is smaller vulnerable and just as fierce A match made for mayhem It's a magnificent cast of characters with lots of juicy action brutal violence amazing MM sex first times exuisite revenge surprises and twistsThis awesome series by KA Merikan always gets it right Each tale can stand alone Highly recommended ENJOY