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A Simple, Inspirational Book That Encourages The Practice Of Mindfulness While In Nature To Help You Achieve Personal Growth And Spiritual Healing This Transformational Guide Encourages Spiritual Awareness And Helps The Reader To Open Their Eyes To The Beauty In Their SurroundingsDo You Desire A Quiet Moment In This Noisy World If You Answered Yes, Then This Inspirational Book Based On Zen Philosophy Will Help You To Practice Mindfulness And Promote A Sense Of Peace, Healing, And Happiness Even If You Have Never Practiced BuddhismRegardless Of Your Spiritual Beliefs, We All Need Time To Be Quiet And Clear Our Minds From The Noise Pollution Of This Fast Paced World In Which We Live There Are Days When Peace Seems Unattainable And Stress Rules Every Second Of Our Days The Accumulation Of Stress Has Negative Consequences On Our Body, Mind And Spirit Zen In The Garden Will Help You To Slow Down And Begin To See Those Beautiful Little Moments In Your Surrounding Environment You Don T Need To Go Off On Some Long Journey To Find Your Guru In A Remote Cave In The Andes In Order To Experience Personal Growth You Can Find The Source Right Outside Your Front Door In Your Own Garden This is a gorgeous little uplifting book on how to find calm and peace in nature Love anything that can help find deeper meaning in life and got through this In half an hour I downloaded this book on a whim but it was exactly what I was looking for It is beautifully written and takes you through a journey of peace and healing What I liked the most about this is that I found it to be really calming and motivating at the same time The author does a great job of explaining so many different concepts perfectly My favorite part is a section called remember to breathe It s helped me so much and has often been the best way to always find peace in any situation Really grateful that I decided to download this. I received a copy of this book through Goodreads giveaway Well it wasn t what I thought and I don t really have anything to say about this book but I can say the pictures are beautiful and some of the quotes under them were really good I have sense passed this book on to a therapy office so others may benefit A beautiful meditative book which makes for a lovely and continuing read The photos are stunning Loved this book online and would love a real copy. loved this Gave me some inspiration A Very Motivational Guide To Seeking Peace and Tranquility This book is very inspirational When one is faced with serious or even terminal diseases, it s best not to fall into depression, but to connect with nature s beauty to find peace and comfort Take time every day to take deep breaths, close your eyes, to help clear the mind of troublesome cobwebs Let go of the past, don t worry about the future, stay in the present and be comfortable This guide gives you the skills right within your own backyard where you can create paradise by planting and enjoying flowers to find comforting thoughts The author has definitely presented a work of art in her lovely writings and photos She has found peace and serenity and we are very fortunate to have her share her path with us A wonderful inspirational read A book to always keep handy It can change your life for the better.