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In her debut novel Emma Hamm brings us to a new world The mining town of Silnarra is not an easy place to survive in Convicts and the poor work alongside each other to gather gemstones sold to the rich and famous Their lives are put on the line every day as they descend into tunnels that were built long before humans found them Rumors of monsters lurking in the depths keep the miners wary of shadows Disappearances freuently occur in the darknessJane Penderghast has two younger siblings relying on her She has to resort to desperate measures to keep them all alive Women are not allowed to work in the mines but it is the only way to earn money in this cursed place She will do anything to save her family even lie and work in the belly of the earthIn a moment of fear and confusion she realizes that the rumors of goblins are true These strange creatures that live far below her town bring her into their world What she finds there is both astounding and heartbreaking A goblin warrior a dying race and a chance at a life she never expectedTo become a Goblin Bride is no easy thing

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    I feel lucky in this new era of variety in male heroes and races in romanceerotica The challenge of breaking the barriers and making truly fantastic interracial romancesWe have Beauty and the beast to thank for that And the greeks celts and other pagan culturesYet there was a time in between where these romances were few tragic and horrific Take the Little Mermaid and Dracula tragedy and horror The concept of other races as a love interest was not as popular Around the 1950s Non human Mc's started to appear often sometimes villanized and sometimes animal Stories and cinema had begun to install this idea that anything male non human had to be a monster A mindless beast that was ugly and evil This monster usually killed or abducted the heroine until she was saved by the male human protagonist Anything magical or alien was included to cause terror BORINGThey all MONSTERSSome samples of humanity's manifestation of fear of the unknownAnything different from humans was Threatening Bigger and usually ugglierAs years past by fantasy and sci fi introduced movies that began to change the concept of monsters or non human sentient beings Along with comics role playing games like DD and novels began to explore stories of humans relating to other races Allowing non human heroes or heroines to start appearing often Many of them becoming the object of our desires Our uniue romantic fantasyThe '70s and '80s were the golden decades that gave birth to gems in fantasy and sci fi And there were occasional romances between humans and other races And now It's the rainbow age In romance nowadays we get a variety of male leads that include fantastic races and aliens And sometimes we see something like thisTurn into this Cover is gorgeous The artist who made this was Cristiana Leone aka Cru She's in Deviantart if you want to check her out Her drawings and character concepts are beautiful Back to what I was saying because I was trying to make a point Of course non human heroes aren't always handsome And I'm seeing less human like aliens and other races pop up often in romances And if they're ugly or barely human it's even interesting I love how writers challenge us to fall in love with them because they're not the usual perfect Disney human prince It's truly a blessingI like my aliens to be alienish And I love interracial romances Elves orcs gargoyles aliens gods monsters Bring it on babyHorns tentacles pointy ears I can handle it This geek craves these sort of heroes in romance The Goblin Bride is definitely a refreshing take on Goblins and the known lore from DD games stories legends etc And I have a lot to say about it So here goes my verbal rainbow vomitJane Penderghast has two younger siblings relying on her She needs to survive and earn money to sustain her family and keep them alive And although women are not allowed to work in the mines of Silnara she decides to disguise herself and risk it allThe environment of the mines and the work that needs to be done is harsh Miners go deep into tunnels that existed even before humans arrived The tunnels descend deep in the ground and hold special gems of great value But debris and accident aren't the only dangers in the cavernsThere are rumors of monsters lurking in the depths like shadows and miners often dissapear Humans are unaware that goblins exist They just see them as monsters shadows that haunt them while they work in the mines And Jane is taken by one of them thus our journey begins and our point of view changes We discover that these Goblins are an ancient race that live Below their numbers are growing thin and they're desperate to survive Extinction is at their doorstep And in this euation humans might be the solution or a threatGood stuff Jane is a relatable character She's tough empathetic and a smart survivor I liked how she assesses things and relates to the Goblins She has her own agenda and is reluctant when it comes to settling to her new life and relating to Ruric our male MC But she has her motives and its understandable that she has a hard time with priorities because of her internal struggles between what she has to do and what she wantsRuric is a great character A little gruff a bit of a brute and adorably curious I liked him so much because he has a hard time expressing his emotions and tries very hard to please our heroine despite her circumstances He indulges her whims doesn't force Jane at any moment and is extremely considerate I found him fascinating because although bonding with Jane was his duty he's clearly open minded and interested in her He looks big and menacing but he's a softy and helplessly romantic It's truly a great experience to read his complex mind And I love how Emma turns this monster slowly into an endearing character as he tries to win Jane's heart and please his people at the same time The main plot and relationship between these two enslaved me Their romance was slow tortureAnother thing I enjoyed was the setting the magic the underworld the goblins live in How everything in their world is crumbling slowly and disappearing There's action intrigue romance and lots of feels Emma's take on goblins was very refreshing She humanized these monsters and made their issues moving and relatable Her version esthetically is a mix between elvesand the trolls from World of WarcraftFerally beautiful and intimidating And the few aspects of their society and culture were eye candy to me What I loved most was the interactions between Jane and the Goblins The way her view slowly changes and suddenly her world expands and something inside her changes forever U truly saw the effort to create a not only a sweet love story But an original world as well The bad stuff This book needs serious editing There were freuent mistakes that make it feel shaky from the beginning Of course you can ignore them because the story is good But the grammatical stuff and narration distracted me way too muchThe world building and plot holes are all over the place Unanswered uestions lack of accurate description and explanations It made it hard to submerge me fully into this beautiful world with potential that Emma created And two things that didn't help were the lack of sub plots and the fact that it's a short readThe romance has things I also didn't enjoy As I said before it's slow and it's a hot and cold kinda thing Passionate yet innocent in some aspects which is fine but I truly needed a little love The dialogues between the two are a bit off and confusing at times The consummation of their love is lightly described and it didn't move me at all I had such high expectations which were suddenly ruined because the scenes got blurry censorship It was a mood breaker for sure So don't expect any smut or romantic humping The end was abrupt and the fact that it was a cliffhanger made it worse It felt rushed and unsatisfyingSo to conclude I enjoyed this read I can't give it than a 35 Star rating because the author's writing needs serious editing and improvement I truly appreciate her imagination and the happy addition of Ruric to my mental list of book boyfriends who are awesome and not human And I value her valor and talent to create this story and this world that were uniue in the Fantasy Romance genre So I'll be looking forward to reading part II of this series And I recommend this read not only because of its original world but because the book was good despite all the flaws I mentioned All it needs is polishing and a little grit There's always room for improvement and this author has my full support so farI bid farewell and may your next reads be fab

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    Review can be found on Milky Way of BooksJane lives in a world where mining can offer you a chance to go and live in the City but it comes with costs and danger Desperate to feed and raise her two siblings she will disguise as a man and go to work in the mines An accident will lead her to the discovery of another race the GoblinsBeautiful and terrifying at the same time the Goblins take her as a prisoner and a warrior Ruric becomes her guardian There is double POV so we know both their thoughts and the descriptions of this world are amazingI had read firstly the other books by Emma Hamm Heart of Fae and Veins of Magic which were amazing and in this book I could see how the author's writing evolved There is a slow pace as Jane and Ruric try to learn each other In some cases they try to communicate and in others Jane acts kind of stupid since her growing feelings and fear of her family collide and she doesn't think in a logic wayThe first book concludes with a kind of cliffhanger which opens the way into the second book

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    A Story of Brainwashing Dehumanization that Ends on a CliffhangerSPOILER ALERTSPOILER ALERTI finished this book It reminded me of the Hades and Persephone myth which I usually like but there was too much to turn me off The heroine disguised herself as a man to go work in a mine to support her two younger siblings a 17 year old boy and a 9 year old girl The heroine was 26and their parents had died The younger siblings were literally at risk for starvation and all sorts of other horrible things to happen to them However the heroine's loyalties rather uickly switched to the goblins after she was captured and forcibly married to one The goblin race is dying out and after capturing her by accident they wanted to see if she could breed and replenish their ranks Somehow the heroine overcame her opposition to that role Somehow her familial loyalty faded away apparently She kept telling herself that she had no choice but I didn't buy it She still had tremendous power in the situation She became okay with the fact that the goblins kept male humans as slaves to work in the mines and do other labor while the goblins focused on being artisans She became okay with the goblins killing those human slaves after they became unable or unwilling to do forced labor for the goblins She felt sorry for the goblins after all of that She even tried to attack human slaves to prevent their escape She asked herself and I uote were they missing their homes so much? This was immediately after she saw her husband kill humans who had been starved and worked almost to death They were killed bc they couldn't work any smh Despicable I have read many Stockholm Syndrome stories but this was the worstShe had no understanding of human self defense or real familial bonds She completely euated being a slave who worked in a mine to being a human who choose to work in a mine She completely dismissed the fact that these men had families that they supported and cared aboutfamilies who needed them Nope the goblins were nice to her in hopes that she'd breed from them and that was good enough for everybody She even apologized to the goblins right after the goblins massacred the humans unbelievableThis book is really an illustration of brainwashing and dehumanization and it ends on a cliffhangerI read the sample of book #2 to see if things changed but it was no better She'd been accused of leading a slave revolt that lead to the deaths of 17 goblins The humans were being killed anyway so who cares right? She kept saying that she really didn't help the humans escape The goblins didn't believe her and she felt soooo bad about that Why the goblins had been kind to her so they really weren't as awful as they seemed eyeroll Such disappointment after such an interesting premise

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    When I read the description of this book it was totally my crack and I had to get it Loved the coverThings I liked I loved the characters Jane and Ruric Jane's determination to survive is a solid trait that endeared her to me This determination drove her to action This willingness to go to action every time gave her a strength I admired The main plotline of their relationship was solid and an enjoyable read Ruric's determination to win Jane over endeared him to me While the plot was a little slow for the first couple of chapters once Jane is taken by the goblins and she's bonded to Ruric the pace picks up Their story intrigued me so much I got the second bookEven though she is early in her career Hamm had a voice that spoke to me and made me forgive the story's rough spotsThings I thought needed improving This feels very much like a first book in that Hamm's handling of the craft is a bit clumsy in the beginning with grammatical slips and filter phrases These elements smooth out as the book goes along The omniscient POV was a little difficult to follow at times as the head hopping sometimes startled me I wish there were subplots and complex plot threads woven in This would have made the world even richer as Jane's and Ruric's storylines interacted with othersThere are two books in the series and I can see how the two could have been combined into one with delicious foreshadowing woven in That said I'm sorry there were only two books as I would have gone on and read a third Some planning in structure would have taken this book from good to great

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    Needs editingThe plot was interesting but I almost uit in the beginning The sentences were oddly put together and I had to reread many The cave life was simple but grabbed my imagination I want to see the relationship grow between the MCs and learn about the world I felt that there were holes in the world building Where did they get furs? Where is the mom of the goblin teen? The goblins used words and descriptions that were Above even though they had never been there he describes the heroine as smelling of sunlight how does he know that?The ending does make me want to read Cliffhanger

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    A uick readI wanted to read this book as soon I read the title and the blurb It seemed so interesting and something new and wild to read on Humans and Goblins Both leaving breathing and having their own space and civilized yet bloodthirsty of each other Not one species knew the other to be anything other than an animal But when it comes to save their kind from extinction the goblins left with no other choice how to save their race in the future with their females number so scrace and near to death Or maybe they haven't found all that they searched for beforeThen Jane a human from above world suddenly left with the responsibility of both her siblingsis forced to work in the mines with other men while pretending to be a man as no woman can work in there When a sudden accident in the mines brings Jane face to face with the creature she had only heard of and whom all the humans feared and then being abducted by them to the Below to the world of goblins But what she finds in the world Below she could never have imagined A bargain A bondage for lifeWill the goblins finally find a way to save them all from extinction? Or will Jane help them; the goblin species and to understand them as different from the animals she thought before of?This book was short and took me less time to finish it I liked the plot and story before I started reading it But what I found was even better than what I thought There were sometime when I was really annoyed with if all though The story starts off with a good pace then it gets kinda slow in the middle with Jane's getting comfort with the surroundings and all And her character also annoyed me a lot I liked Ruric though but still he proved to disappoint me further towards the end But even with all that the story got it's pace back after sometime and as it was a really short book I didn't mind it much However the ending is one I had not really hoped for and now I'm a little excited to read the next bookHope it doesn't disappoint me this time I couldn't afford getting into another slump

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    Writing was a bit rough at the start but story captured and held my attention Cliffhanger at the end which was a bit disappointing but I'm happy there may be books Slavery is part of the story which put me off a bit but there wasn't any cruelty or degradation to the imprisonment

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    This book probably falls under a guilty pleasure read But I enjoyed it If the romance worries you I'd give this a pg 13 rating Interesting new world Strong independent lady lead Not sure how I feel about the ending but will probably check out the seuel

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    The Goblin Bride was a wonderfully told story with endearing characters in a world that truly felt magical I discovered this author through other fantasy romance readers and writers and am so happy I picked up this book I don't give a book a 5 star rating unless I would go back and read it again This story is both lovely and heart wrenchingJane is a relatable believable heroine who cares deeply for her family With her parents gone she takes responsibility for her two younger siblings and would do anything for them including work in the mines When she's taken by the creatures she thought to be the imaginings of scared children her entire world turns upside downRuric is a goblin warrior one of the best in a dying breed Though larger and stronger than most goblins he has a soft spot for the human woman Jane He might not say much but his feelings run deep and he would do anything for Jane and his peopleI loved this book and I can't wait to read the next one

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    This book was good It's very interesting to read an author's first published book I liked how the relationship developed however the ending was a bit of a shock because it invalidated undid most of the development of Jane's relationship with the goblins; all the trust between her and Ruric was also afected although I understand why he made the decision he did compared to the alternatives I loved how important females were for the goblins is something I hadn't read of before in a book; I look forward to exploring books with a similar theme to the goblins view were women are concerned Again this was a bit dampened by the ending of this book I enjoyed it very much I read it very uickly and I can say what I like the most about Emma Hamm's books is the warmth the narrative you get the feeling of community and family straight away in her books and I love that