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Some people might call Avery Babineaux a prick He’s a hedgehog shifter from an old money Louisiana family with a penchant for expensive shoes and a reputation for being a judgmental snob His attitude is why he and his fated mate are estranged Not that Avery cares He doesn’t want to be mated to some blue collar werewolf anyway Or so he keeps telling himselfNo werewolf likes to be looked down upon least of all Dylan Green He doesn’t need a mate especially not some snotty hedgehog who sneers at his custom motorcycle shop and calls him a grease monkey But when Avery gets into trouble with a shady loan shark Dylan can’t stand by and let him be hurt—whether he wants the brat or notYet once Dylan steps into Avery’s world he realizes there’s to Avery than his prickly exterior and that unexpected vulnerability calls to Dylan’s protective instincts The sassy little hedgehog needs a keeper and despite their horrible first impressions Dylan starts to believe he might be the wolf for the job

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    You have no idea how much I love the idea of a hedgehog shifter Thinking of all all that prickly attitude and a big bad wolf mate Yummy My first mistake was expecting serious steam Because SHIFTERS KNOTTING Nuff said Well I waited And waited And waited some The steam finally arrived at 60 percent and what little we got was fairly hot But so much of it was hinted at or off page I loved Dylan and his growly possessiveness Dylan is protective sexy and rough in all the right places Avery let's say it took me much longer to warm up to him The little hedgehog is a snotty spoiled judgmental brat just waiting for his Daddy to bail him out Yes Avery tries He changes A little But did I fully believe in the conversion? Maybe Maybe not What I liked least about the story is unfortunately the main plot point a mystery regarding the disappearance of an older shifter's only child Avery becomes attached to the lonely wolf shifter and wants to help him find his teenage daughter The constant misunderstandings and lack of communication between Dylan and Avery Dylan wanting to protect Avery at all cost; Avery hiding things from Dylan and rushing off like an idiot to take on the bad guys all on his own drove me crazy and not in a good way There was way too much pushpull for a story about mates I got bored with the whole mysterychase by the end Much of it felt repetitive and too BIG of an idea for what is essentially a fluffy story I just wanted focus on the sweetness and togetherness And knotting Also biting More knotting and biting please Is that so wrong? The mystery was never fully wrapped up but fortunately Dylan and Avery did get on with it I liked the cast of secondary characters and would read follow up stories about Jaden Lucas and Sawyer but it seems the seuel will be of this couple and I'm not sure I'm ready for a continuation of hedgehog angst

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    From the blurb you'd think that this was a fluffy shifter romance A sassy prickly rich boy hedgehog and a blue collar wolf shifter I mean that sort of sounds like heaven to me However this was less smuff and mysterysuspense which I wasn't expecting I liked Avery Babineaux even though he starts off the story on the wrong foot In the beginning of the book he comes off as self involved judgemental and sort of stuck up but as we get to know him better some of those things fall away Avery grows and matures throughout the book and as we get to know what drives him and I liked him and I also dug the chemistry between Avery and Dylan Dylan was all possessive wolfy ness YUM and I liked how Dylan and Avery had sort of a slow burn romance despite being fated mates Though there was knotting AMEN it was pretty low steam knotting BOO In fact though there was some nice sex on page I found myself wanting dirtiness out of this one I think if I had known that this was primarily a mystery I wouldn't have tried this one I'm not a big mystery fan and I found that part of the book just dragggged I wasn't really interested in well most of the plot which is sort of a bummer The fact that the next story in the series seems to pick up where this one leaves off meaning lots investigating is disappointing for me Overall this story had some very cute and hot moments but it wasn't uite the story for me Too bad because I could read about hedgehog shifters for daysCopy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    ONE DAY 099 SALE 103018 425 StarsTwo words sold me on this one instantly HEDGEHOG SHIFTERAnd oh man it workedit worked so well I loved Avery I loved Dylan I loved the true mates pull This was just so good Dylan and Avery are true mates but their initial meeting didn't go so well Avery who comes from a wealthy southern family scoffs at discovering that his true mate is a mechanic What could they possibly have in common? On the flip side Dylan can't believe that a wolf as strong as he is was given a hedgehog as his true mate Fate really has a sense of humor When Avery gets himself in trouble after losing a bet on the wolf races the pull of the true mate bond has Dylan hurrying to his rescue Obviously fate sees a reason that the two belong together maybe the time has come for both Avery and Dylan to stop fighting the inevitable But while Dylan and Avery are trying to figure out what's real and what's a result of their bond Avery's new job has him on the hunt for a missing girland it looks like he may have stumbled upon an underground sex trafficking ring The romance is definitely the central theme here but I like that we got some suspense thrown in in the second half of the book Seeing Dylan's protective side come out was all kinds of swoony And what I love most was that he wanted to protect Avery not control him He didn't use size and dominance as a way to keep Avery in check he was supportive and comforting and just all kinds of endearing goodness I don't want you leading me I don't want you at my back I want you beside me Speaking of endearingI loved Avery Hedgehogs aren't the most respected shifter species but he didn't let anyone bring him down He may like his designer clothes and expensive shoes but underneath all that is a heart of gold He knew his strengths and weaknesses and he stood up for himself when needed And hello knotting This was my first experience with this in a shifter book and I gotta sayI'm definitely intrigued Avery's muscles still holding tight and rippling around him Dylan felt the base of his cock swell expand and lock them together Dylan rumbled and rolled them onto their sides on the bed his hold tight as he secured his arms around Avery's chestWhat? Avery gargled his voice raspy and wornAs soon as Avery said it Dylan felt it The base of his cock enlarged and notched itself into the heat of Avery's already tight entrance He sighed with the sense of home and peace that engulfed himThe knot Another sign of true wolf mates Fate's way of temporarily joining them together ensuring a physical connection that symbolized the emotional and mental bond formed in a mating He would explain later Even if he could breathe he didn't have the words Not at the moment Not when every sense of rightness flooded him LaterBurrowing deeper into Avery's shoulder and placing a kiss over the indentations of his teeth red and heated Dylan whispered Mine WOWZA I do have to say that there were a couple of lulls where the suspense element overshadowed the romance in the second half but even then Dylan and Avery were front and center These two really are a great team This books ends with a solidified future for Dylan and Avery's relationship but the suspense element still has to come I'm jumping right into the next book to get my answers and to continue watching Dylan and Avery grow as a couple

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    BR with Susan Elsbeth and Kat on 31 July Thanks for letting me moanI very very rarely say this about any book but I hated it Loved the idea I mean hedgehog shifter? That's just too adorable Hedgehogs are adorableBut Avery was one of the most unlikable characters I've ever read I guess he is supposed to start off as unlikable and we get to see him 'grow' but I found him horrid from beginning to end in fact I think I began to dislike him and as the story progressed because it felt like he thought he was being some kind of martyr by treating the wolves as euals He was a total douchecanoeI liked Dylan and his friends but there was no way they could save this for me It just felt all over the place it's at least 150 pages too long the mystery plot was half assed and once I noticed that Dylan and Avery's names are mentioned 53 million times I actually couldn't concentrate on anything else I hate being negative in reviews and I usually prefer to say nothing at all if I've not got anything good to say but I was excited about this and it was just terrible so I'm pissed off and I read the entire thing so I get to moan

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    DNF at 40% Buddy read with some of my most favourite ladies Susan Tara and Elsbeth What I thought I was getting An awesomely original story about a hedgehog shifter fated to be mated to a werewolf shifter What I actually got A ache in my face from all the yawning I did because of how boring this was I loved the idea of this I really did But the execution of it all just fell flat To be honest I wasn't in any rush to try and push through with finishing it once I learned the next book is going to be about the same couple There were enough interesting side characters there to give some of them the next book so I really don't see the need or necessity to drag because that's what it will feel like Avery and Dylan's story along further It really wasn't terrible it just didn't work for me

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    15 starsWelp there goes another story I didn't like I just couldn't with these two morons Nothing irks me than the BIG Misunderstanding trope And to combine it with an intense lack of communication? Well that just spells disaster for Jenni Lea These guys were stoopid Like seriously And stubborn Man I wanted to bitch slap the both of them throughout most of the story And the story well lets just say it lacked the charm I was hoping for Without that charm the story fell flat I won't be continuing this series

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    Prickly Business by Piper Vaughn and Kenzie Cade I have to say is one of the books I've been highly anticipating I am huge Vaughn fan and having never read Kenzie Cade's work I was looking forward to dipping my toe in the water into her work with this book I am not going to rehash the blurb because it's right above you So let's get down to it What I lovedDylanI loved everything about him His personality protective instincts humor This book was all about him to me Once they decided to have a relationship I loved the banter betweenTheir friends What a great cast of secondary charactersOnce they were intimate it was haaawtAvery's character growth Like with Dylan he didn't make the best first impression He was spoiled and immature but they did a nice job developing him He definitely grew on me I was stoked that it was told from a dual POV Loved their interactions They were so cuteTheir inner monologues about each otherWhat I wasn't too crazy about or felt it could've used ofSteam I wanted Don't judge me lol I love a slow build but in this instance it's not really what I was looking for When I think shifters mates in my mind that hot sex Throughout the first half I kept waiting and waiting I have to admit once they do it was verra nice The story probably had a bit mystery than I enjoy When I read a romance mystery I like romance than suspense and I felt like this was book was a bit on the mystery side Because of that it slowed the pace of the story for meThe end I knew that this was book one in a series but I totally missed that book 2 would be about the same couple I'm not a huge fan of series that are about the same couple I prefer series that are stand alones Does this book end a cliffy? Not really At the end Dylan and Avery are in a good place but there's definitely story to comeWill I read book 2? Yes I want to know view spoilerSIKE I'm not going to tell you cause it will spoil this book hide spoiler

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    35 Stars I loved the novelty of a hedgehog shift story and generally enjoyed it but I missed the OOMF that should be there with fated mates The book checked the novelty and sweetness boxes and Dylan was all kinds of growly and possessive and sexy as sin but I needed throw you up against a wall and have my wicked way with you sex Just sayin'

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    Full release day review originally posted at SinfullyAddicted to All Male RomanceThis slow burn enemies to lovers is a good start to the new Portland Pack Chronicles series Hedgehog shifter Avery is a privileged self absorbed southern diva who hasn’t worked a day in his life and lives on a large allowance from his parents as he waits for his trust fund to kick in His relationship with his family is not good and getting worse Having graduated college he is living in Portland with permission of the local wolf pack’s alpha who also happens to be the father of his best friend Jaden He does not fit in with the pack and most of them don’t like him Hedgehogs are not pack animals and although Avery enjoys clubbing and spending time with his friends he often needs time alone to rechargeWolf shifter Dylan is blue collar all the way He owns his business customizing motorcycles and works with his friends and packmates Lucas Sawyer and Kyle The men have grown up together and are like brothers Dylan is one of the strongest wolves in the pack and is the son of a beta While he is close with his mother his relationship with his father is antagonistic at best and he has based all his ideas of mating on the flawed relationship his parents have leaving him happy to stay single While his wolf yearns for Avery Dylan has no intention of taking his mateAs rare as it is for destined mates to find each other it is even of a rarity for it to be an interspecies mating Avery’s prickly hedgehog couldn’t be different from Dylan’s wolf Their first meeting at a party does not go well Avery looking down his nose at Dylan and Dylan teasing Avery Two years later the two are doing their best to ignore each other even as their animals clearly want to be with their mate A chance meeting at a bar once again triggers their mating instincts and when Dylan saves Avery from a couple of thugs Dylan can’t resist his wolf’s need to protect and help his mate The story is told through dual points of view Down to earth Dylan is easy to like right away but with Avery it takes a little time to find anything worth liking under his designer clothes and defensive verbal attacks Once Avery is forced to change his lifestyle and starts working for the pack he uickly charmed me Even before that there is a peek at the real Avery under all the haughty overtones One scene early in the story where they are both in their shifted forms at the same time was not only adorable but it cemented their connection for me as I could clearly picture Dylan’s wolf protecting Avery’s terrified hedgehogI love a good slow burn especially when the payoff is as explosive as it is here but these two characters were so stubborn I wondered at times if they ever would get together But of course get together they do and there is knotting I know this appeals to many fans of shifter stories and I am almost embarrassed to admit that up until now I’ve been a knotting story virgin but I found that it was a small detail that definitely added depth to not just the physical but the emotional connection There is not a lot of sex in the book but the scenes that are in there are well worth waiting forThe naturally opposing natures of Avery and Dylan’s animals as well as residual mistrust from their first meeting lead to a number of misunderstandings and a huge “too stupid to live” moment on Avery’s part as he gets involved in trying to find out what happened to an elderly pack member’s missing daughter The mystery kept me wondering what was going on and it forms a large part of the story While there is headway made in finding out who is behind her disappearance the story line will be carried over into the next book which apparently will again feature Avery and Dylan although there are a few other potential future couples hinted at in this book At the end Avery and Dylan are moving on to the next step in their relationship and while they appear to be a very solid couple there are a lot of changes in store and I am looking forward to seeing just how they will deal with them

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    BR with Elsbeth Tara and Kat325 starsI feel sad This had so much potential But it was simply too longWe had too much plot while I wanted character development and romanceAvery is a hedgehog shifter How cute is that? That afternoon when Avery had returned to his loft after his deliveries he’d filled his tub with warm water shifted into his hedgehog form and spent some indeterminate amount of time curled up into a ball just floating on his back in lazy circles trying not to think He knows his mate is a wolf shifter but since their first meeting went horrible they’re both determined to ignore each other and the fact that they’re mates But of course Dylan and Avery are drawn to each other no matter whatThere is also a whodunit plot about a human traffic ring But that took up way too much page time and I just wasn’t that interestedThere was so much potential here I mean a cute hedgehog and a big bad wolf how awesome is that And there were some incredibly cute moments but overall it kind of fell flatAll the characters were a little underdeveloped Especially the bad guys I kept being surprised Dylan’s father was such an ass to him I could have used background This was not a bad book I just needed romance and less plotPS I learned that the second book is also about Avery and Dylan but I’m not sure I want to read that one There are a lot of other interesting characters and if they get a book I will read it But since this one ends in a good and solid HEA a second book feels like overkill