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Nightmares and panic attacks following a horrific tragedy leave Professor Elliot Lawrence a prisoner in his own home After months of relying on his sister as his only connection to the outside world Elliot is desperate for a sliver of independence But leaving the safety of his home isn’t an option not yet and he reaches out in the most innocuous way he can think of grocery deliveryColton Kelly retired porn star and recent college grad is struggling at two minimum wage jobs to make ends meet During one of his grocery deliveries he meets Elliot Although the attraction between them is instant they must first traverse the long road of putting Elliot back together When disaster strikes yet again this time in Colt’s life Elliot’s not sure he’s strong enough to be the man Colt needs him to be

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    I liked the first book in this series and I like Cate Ashwood's work in general but I didn't love this book First of all yes you can read this book as a standalone The MCs from book 1 are mentioned briefly at the beginning but the story is really about Colt ex porn star and Evan's MC from book 1 friend and Elliot a college professor suffering from severe anxiety due to a violent incident he witnessed Colt may as well have been an ex cop or ex chef; nothing about this book says Hey I used to fuckget fucked on screen for a living Elliot thinks about Colt's former profession for 5 seconds beats off to an old video of Colt and that's the end of it It's never discussedThe plot focuses on Elliot's anxiety but a couple unfortunate Melodrama with a capital M moments are thrown in for good measure I didn't think the side plots regarding Elliot's therapist or Colt's crazy homophobic aunt were necessary They felt like throwaways to spice up a rather flat plot Elliot and Colt are sweet together but there is no tension to their relationship Both are so good so understanding that I was yawning half way through The steam was also sadly lacking which come on porn star yeah? I wanted hot dirty Also at one point the MCs seem to stop using condoms Maybe I misread that but I kept waiting for the talk that never happened The ending is a HEA never fear; this is an easy feel good read It just didn't excite me or draw me in MINI RANT view spoilerI'm a professor and have been in academia my entire life In the book Colt who has a bachelor's degree only is offered an instructor position at a university Two years later he's an assistant professor Yeah NOThis would happen exactly NEVER in real life I have not even heard of a community college hiring an instructor who doesn't have at least a master's degree This is a small niggle but it made me itch all over hide spoiler

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    Resurrecting Elliot is the second book in the Newport Boys series Here we finally get Colt's story Colt was one of my favorite characters from Keeping Sweets His humor charm and his fierce loyalty to his friends made me fall in love him This book begins some time down the road Colt has left porn behind working two jobs and looking for a teaching position It was while working one of his jobs that he meets Elliot Elliot suffers from PTSD after a traumatic experience He hasn't been able to leave his home due to his extreme anxiety Once they meet they feel an immediate connection and become friends My thoughts This was such a lovely story Cate Ashwood gave us a true story of love These men were able to see past everything and see the best in each other despite their pasts and current hardships You know that Jerry McGuire uote You complete me? These men were each other's soulmates Their bodies moved together in a rhythm they'd discovered from day one and every time got better and better Colt pushed when Elliot pulled Elliot sank when Colt lifted They were in perfect harmony What I lovedColt I loved him even in this storyElliot For his strength and loyaltyColt Elliot ♥The development of their friendship into a relationshipThe story had smooth easy paceI loved both their siblings The steamy scenes are very romanticLoved that there was no dumb unnecessary drama misunderstandings Low angst feel good storyMy only complaint would be that I would've liked story towards the beginning of their friendship That's about it though this is a solid little story As far as this being book 2 in a series do you have to read book 1? I guess not but it's highly recommended Colt plays a big part especially towards the end You get a true sense of his character Overall I highly recommend this one It was great to catch up with Bran and Evan and for Colt to finally get his happily ever after 45 Stars ♥PS Cate Ashwood can we place get a book 3 in the series? Richie needs a book ARC kindly provided by Pride Promotions for an honest review

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    I really enjoyed this I loved how wonderful Elliot and Colt were for each other I mean sure this reuired some suspension of disbelief but this story and all it's sweetness and hurtcomfort came at a time I really needed it You know how sometimes a story just strikes you the right way just when you need it most?Colton Kelly is a retired porn star and recent college graduate trying to find a job as a teacher In the meantime in order to make ends meet he's holding down two jobs one of which is delivering groceriesElliot Lawrence is a professor who witnessed a horrifying act and is suffering from PTSD anxiety and becoming agoraphobic unable to leave his home In a bid for independence he places an online order for groceries to be delivered to his homeWhen Colt shows up it's attraction at first sight but the two build a friendship first that morphs into love They each give the other much needed support encouragement and love Cate Ashwood and Michael Pauley gave me six and half hours of entertainment comfort and enjoyment I enjoyed Pauley's character voices and pacing and will definitely check for of his work Some of the story does take place off page which is fine but there were two things especially that I would have liked to have gotten the conversation or outcome of on page view spoilerFirst toward the end I think Colt and Elliot stop using condoms but I don't remember any discussion about itSecond by the end Colt is an assistant professor at the university I remember the offer including the opportunity to get his Master's and PhD at the college's expense So did Colt get his Master's? Was he working on his PhD? hide spoiler

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    Another one I abandon at 10% But really this is already boring and I cannot imagine myself to try and finish the other 90%

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    Colt delivers groceries while trying to get a job teaching and hoping to stay out of porn for good We met him in Keeping Sweets – the super nice guy who helped Evan while Bran was “thinking” Elliot witnessed a student suicide in his classroom and now can’t function normally due to crippling anxiety When Colt delivers his groceries one day there is an instant attraction that blossoms into romanceFirst – I loved Keeping Sweets I was psyched for Colt’s story he always seemed like such a nice guySecond – I love pornex porn stories because you usually get hot sex and someone who is really looking to find something meaningful in their lifeThird – I love books about shyanxiousnerdy types who need that out going person to help them break from their shell finding all the lovely hidden layersI was so disappointed by this book Colt’s career is almost a non issue and though there are a couple of references to his friends and a “maybe I’ll have to go back because I’m broke” moment – it really doesn’t factor into things I was worried Elliot would be prudish about Colt being such a public figure but they barely even discuss the issue and it just goes away Colt’s career as a high school teacher seems particularly far fetched for a former porn star Sure – it could happen – maybe??? But it would have to be a HUGE stumbling block for him – not just his inexperience The ex career than the inexperience would have made for a far believable plot deviceI wasn’t sure what to make of Elliot’s anxietyillnessPTSD situation I had a really big issue with his therapist and that plot point as well as his entire recovery I’m not sure his responses seemed at all consistent – letting a stranger into his house and immediately befriending him while being unable to step outside then going from that to jumping on a plane it seemed a bit inconceivableI generally like Cate Ashwood’s work so this was a bit of a letdown I loved the premise on so many levels and I don’t think any of them played well I also wish we’d seen from the guys from Sweets and that the career had either been dealt with or realisticallyThe writing was good and Elliot was sweet and Colt as kind as ever but I can’t say the story was very good275 of 5 stars

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    Audio ReviewI enjoyed this book a lot It was my first time reading this author and I was really pleased with the writing Elliot is suffering from PTSD and is isolated in his home When Colton delivers groceries to him they begin a tentative friendship that over time turns into something Despite the fact that Elliot has major issues and Colton is a retired porn star there is little angst in this It was a uiet love story but really sweet I thought it was a nice change of pace from the angst and drama filled books that so often make up the romance genre These characters seemed realistic and their behaviors were completely understandable When they encounter problems they just discussed it like adults and moved on I really liked them both and I was rooting for them the entire wayI listened to this on audio and felt the narrator did a really good job He has a nice voice and was consistent through the entire story He did a nice job on both of the main character's voices as well as the side characters This is an audio I would definitely recommend

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    I'll admit I had really high expectations for this book because I loved the first one soooo much This one did fall short of that but I still enjoyed it a whole lot Elliot is a hot mess after a student commits suicide in his class and Colton the ex porn star we've met is the guy bringing him groceries since Elliot can't leave the house He has awful panic attacks and just can't deal with the real world They start a great friendship that turns into Colton was a freaking rock star when it came to helping Elliot with his problems There was no angst or big misunderstanding just a solid romance

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    Colton stole my attention since Evan and Bran story I was expecting he's got his own And I'm glad that he is nowKnowing Colt from the start it won't surprise me that he's always there for everyone he's a caring type a perfect oneAnd for 'the drama ueen' Elliot he can't ask for perfect guy for him he's a lucky one who has Colt for himThis is a love at first sight just like Evan and Bran story And I'm kinda like it even so may times I wanted to push Elliot and yelled at himBut I'm Colt type patient Even with someone like Elliot HahaOne plus point for Elliot of course Colt having almost alll the plus points from me he's that perfect he fought his demons to be with Colt when Colt needed him the mostSeeing a glimpse of Bran and Evan's life after 6 years was kinda greatAnd the ending for Colt and Elliot was perfectI really enjoyed this story And as the series name is 'Newport Boys' I hope the next is for RyanCross my fingers

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    35 Stars

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    It took a long time for this book to really get going