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When Blake Raleigh’s favorite rentboys retire from Market Garden they’re sure their friend Jason will be a perfect replacement Though Tristan and Jared are a tough act to follow Blake returns to London to test out their recommendationJason is right on the money Negotiations turn him on Getting paid turns him on The higher the stakes the hotter things get Each trip to London is expensive than the last and the webcam sessions don’t run cheap but Jason is well worth the sticker shockThe time they spend together the Blake wants and not just sex and transactions But Jason’s been burned before by men who thought they were in love with him and he’s not making that mistake again When the lines between personal and professional start to blur it’s going to take than money jewelry and sports cars to keep Jason from clocking out and walking away

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    35 starsI'm a huge HUGE fan of the Market Garden series with my favorites of the bunch being Nick and Spenser's books I think I had some crazy high expectations for Rolex's story and though this one is sexy like you'd imagine from a Market Garden book it isn't uite the revelation that I was expecting Anyone who has read a book in this series knows Rolex Super high roller who loves to watch others get it on ring a bell? I was waiting to get to know the man behind the watch and I was really curious how LA Witt and Aleksandr Voinov would portray him This book is told just from Rolex's aka Blake Raleigh point of view which I ended up feeling was a bad move While I enjoyed the mystery behind just seeing Blake's POV I also didn't feel like I got to know Jason emotionally Jason is a rent boy who LOVES his job The reason? He has a money kink That's right a money kink Getting paid for sex is a huge turn on for him and the money he gets the he gets turned on I liked Jason but I didn't feel like I got to know him at all Part of the problem was not getting his POV and part of the problem was that the story felt too short to develop the type of feelings that this book wanted from us Though this book lacked in the relationship development department what it didn't lack for was sex appeal Holy God I think I popped one of my kink cherries in this book at least I've never read this particular kink in my memory view spoilerDouble penetration anyone? hide spoiler

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    375 Hawt and Spicy Rentboy Stars KNOCKED DOWN TO 1 STAR FOR AN AUTHOR BEHAVING BADLY Below is my complete review It was originally rated FOUR Goodreads Stars I chose to round up versus down because I loved this series in general In the comments section is the author's unprofessional behavior when I tagged him in a post on my blog to PROMOTE his book My original UNedited review On the Clock book #8 in the Market Garden Series was one I highly anticipated It's no great secret my love for escort books but couple that with the MM genre and I'm hooked I'd read the entire Market Garden Series last year pretty much back to back Each and every book revolves around a different rent boy in this gay brothel The series is seriously hawt and the writing style of both Witt and Voinov flows seamlessly Some of the books have light BDSM which isn't typically a favorite of mine in MM but it's done very well But holy smokes the steam factor in this series is off the charts On the Clock depicts the wealthy American businessman Blake who comes to Market Garden and meets up with Jason Blake had cameos in Tristan and Jared's book and is nicknamed Rolex among the men at Market Garden He's rich powerful and loves to be a voyeur in the activities within the brothel When Tristan and Jared leave Market Garden they referred Blake to a fine specimen of man rent boy Jason I enjoyed the very slow build between the two of them Blake has the money to pay for virtually anything and Jason just happens to get off on money on negotiation for this and that FOR money The entire book was back and forth negotiations trying to tow the line of escort and john when gradual feelings keep trying to creep in I do have to say the constant focus on moneybabbles for this service and that doused the flames a bit for me I wish Jason would've been a bit less greedy I understand his kink for it but it seemed to take practically the entire book for him to be with Blake pro boner I mean pro bono It distracted me from the love story and regardless of my desire for that angsty build I demand in my MMs I wish he'd caved a bit earlier But everything was for a price it seemed negotiations I also was a bit put off that Jason didn't seem to mind one bit sleeping with other johns I'm a romantic at heart and I get that he was a rent boy to start with but a little indecision on his part before rushing off with other johns when Blake goes back to the States would've made me like him a bit But regardless Voinov and Witt are a sexual powerhouse within the MM genre Whenever I see a book released from this duo I must read it pronto It's been a while and I'm happy they decided to join forces again I'd highly recommend Market Garden Series for those MM fans that like a heavy dose of steam with their stories and fans of escorts Advanced copy received by Riptide Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review

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    375 MaRkEt GaRdEn StArSWhen I think of Market Garden I think Soho me sitting outside a coffee shop letting my crazy mind run wide imagining the boy's that walk by could possibly be one of the boy's that work at Market Garden; and that guy in the suit stepping out the back of that car could be Mr Red Tie Guy or Rolexyeah yeah yeah leave me in my bubbleit's damn fun in my mindJason This guy here happens to be a close friend of mine – swoon – he makes such a perfect Jason I couldn't resist Ok at last Rolex's story I always wanted to know what made Rolex tick excuse the pun lisa shakes head laughing well I know he has a panache for a bit of voyeurism and Jason our lastest character from MG didn't disappoint with the entertainment in that departmentRolex enjoying abit of voyeurismRolex is back in town and looking for some company when he's two favorite rentboys retire from Market Garden they’re sure their friend Jason will be a perfect replacementBlake Raleigh aka RolexJason blonde hot chisiled featuresis right on the money Nothing turns him on than negotiating and being paid for sex The higher the stakes the hotter things getand Rolex being the high roller he isis the perfect john to have fun negotiating with Have I mentioned the sex? Oh the steamy sexy ménage sex on the top of a car sex the skype sexooh la lait was all here and very nicely done at thatWhen the lines between personal and professional start to blur it takes than money jewellery and sports cars to keep Jason from clocking out and walking away from RolexPersonally I felt “rawbbed” that we didn't get Jason's POV I would have loved to have got in his head as I really liked him that's my only criticism Otherwise another good collaboration between Witt and Voinov Clock inand have some funcatching up with the boys from Market Garden

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    35 StarsWellthis one was rather porn y I must say Not much in the way of character or relationship developmentBut it was definitely hot I'll give it that I never really felt much of a connection between rent boy Jason and his john Blake Even up until the end I felt like Jason was all about the money And then when the I Love You's started flyingYeah you lost me So basically 35 stars for the steam factor I may go back and check out some of the others in the series maybe I would have connected to this one had I read the others

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    Yes folks it's ROLEX's book D

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    I received this book as an ARC though NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI took me a little while to get into this book and I'm not uite sure why I think I was probably in the wrong mood when I started but once I got into it I was hooked The characters were interesting and fully developed people I loved their interactions both sexual and platonic and I loved that their connection wasn't simply physical I loved Blake's and his respect for Jason He never looked down on Jason and always treated him like the professional he was I really liked his thoughts on the business aspects of Jason's work I really liked Jason as well He was smart and funny and I liked how much he enjoyed his work The sex in this story was particularly steamy and I loved how Blake's voyeurism kink worked into the story I also found his attitude towards his own jealousy to be refreshing I loved the humor in this story I found myself reading large parts of it to Elspeth because I loved it so much It really made me laugh and I loved how in worked into the main plot of the story It helped me buy into the developing relationship between Blake and Jason The ending was well done and it fit both character well I was glad that the authors didn't play into what might have been a typical ending for these characters and instead wrote something that was much honest for these two It made things feel much like real life and a lot less like Pretty Woman One of my new favorites of the series

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    Arc provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review 25 starsBEFORE READINGBlake aka Rolex is here Purple is happy AFTER READING This review is posted on Way Too Hot BooksRent boys were never the characters I prefer reading about In fact this is the only book series I read and enjoyed with them as the MCs The main reasons I even gave these books a shot were A Voinov being one of my fav mm authors the series started out as short fast paced fun and way too hot stories with book 5 7 and now 8 being full length novels around 220 pagesI had my doubts when I saw that book 5 and 7 will be full length novels because sex takes a major part of the plot and that can easily become boring and repetitive for me if not done right Those type of stories were usually a hit or miss in my reading history but luckily I ended up enjoying both of those books The short stories with Tristan Jared Blake aka Rolex are my favorite among this series so since in this installment we finally get Rolex' story I was positive that I'm gonna love it BUT I was wrong 3 main reason why I'm disappointed with this installment Reason No 1 Who are you Blake and what have you done with Rolex??? I don't know about you guys but after reading those short stories I obviously had a totally another picture of Rolex than this version of him we got in this book I imagined him as this cool sensual provocative confident and a bit bossy dirty talker who knows what he wants and how to get it and not this confused uite insecure and regular guy he turned out to be The whole time I was like Seriously this is the famous Rolex? OOBtw to be honest I wasn't overly impressed with Jason too He was fun and all but since the whole book is written from Rolex' pov I feel like we kind of didn't get to meet Jason that good at least not outside the bedroom Reason No 2 Where is the chemistry??? I don't know maybe it's because I couldn't uite warm up to the MCs til' the very ending of the book but I wasn't feeling any chemistry or sparks between them since the moment they met and that's why most of the sex scenes and there were too much of a lot of them or even emotional moments felt pretty impersonal and the ending with some sappy statements pretty unconvincingReason No 3 So that's it??? This refers to the plot of the story which was aside some parts uite plain in my opinion The writing was good as always and there were some parts I've enjoyed like fe the scenes when Tristan and Jared showed up and later on Zach and Raul but basically that's it Maybe this was the wrong book at the wrong time maybe my expectations were too big since this is the story of my fav Market Garden sugar daddy Rolex or maybe I had my fill of mm romances with rent boys and it's time to move on but I just wasn't feeling this story or the characters it revolves aroundI expected this installment to end up being my favorite of the series but sadly it ended up just the opposite Either way I've seen and read a lot of positive reviews from the majority of fans so I guess this is one one of those not my cup of tea reads

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    This is a BITCH BUY ME NOW BOOK Wow I devoured this book in a frenzy like a hamster on crack I shed a tear like a drama ueen This is how I felt about the erotic sex in the bookLA Witt and Aleksandr Voinov I only have one thing to say to youThere were so many supernova hawt erotic scenes in here that I can only respond in this wayNow for the serious review Rolex high roller who turned us on by paying Tristan and Jared to perform for him is back in London from the States He is in Market Garden looking for Jason who was referred to him by the erotic duo Rolex turns out to be the sweetest guy Blake Raleigh He's a self made man who willingly drops money to have Jason at his command Or is he at Jason's command? The sex in this is amazing I'm turned on and want to be there watching in person The dialog in this story is phenomenal The body language is off the charts My panties are sopping wet after reading scene after scene of negotiated sex The threesomes were amazing Can I just say Jason in the middle fucking whilst and fucking himself is one of my all time favourite scenes The dynamic duo authors paint a vivid picture leaving no doubt in my mind that they know how to make a person melt on the spot Enough about the sex I don't want to spoil it so y'all are going to have to read itThe character development in this story is so good I'm sucked in and I fully invested in the BlakeJason relationship I want it to work out so badly sniff sniff The two characters are comfortable in their skins which is what makes this book so good They are likeable people who are honest about their desires Their kinks are fun and so bloody delicious to watch When they become than john and rentboy spending time as friends it's where my heart is pulled in and I really pray for a happily ever after for them This finale is breathtaking My heart is beating just as rapidly as Blake's as he rushes to Jason I'm biting my nails wondering how the confession will go I gasp in pain at a scene I had to read it several times and when it finally sinks in I scream NOOOOOOOO shakes fist in the air and weeps uietly into my blanket curled up on my sofa The ending is beautifully done and it leaves a nice opening for another book glares are the authors there is another book with these two right? Ms Witt and Mr Voinov do a spectacular job in this long awaited book in this series I thought the series finished at seven Happily the perfect eight shows up to take my breath away Highly recommended to mm readers who love sexy men burning up the sheets

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    I amwas a big fan of the series but this one felt different comparing to the other seuels Like it was written not by the same authors Maybe because it has been already a while back when I read the book #7It was hot as always but it was a bit boring either Maybe because Rolex has never belonged to my favorite charactersI wasn't really connected to the characters and I couldn't buy Jason's attraction for RolexBut if you want a lot of hot sexI mean A LOT OF and you read all previous books in the series you shouldn't miss this one

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    35 rounded upI should really have a 'steamy hot' shelfdone