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Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Debut Goodreads Author Daniel Mulligan is tough snarky and tattooed hiding his self consciousness behind sarcasm Daniel has never fit in—not at home in Philadelphia with his auto mechanic father and brothers and not at school where his Ivy League classmates looked down on him Now Daniel’s relieved to have a job at a small college in Holiday Northern Michigan but he’s a city boy through and through and it’s clear that this small town is one place he won’t fit in Rex Vale clings to routine to keep loneliness at bay honing his muscular body perfecting his recipes and making custom furniture Rex has lived in Holiday for years but his shyness and imposing size have kept him from connecting with people When the two men meet their chemistry is explosive but Rex fears Daniel will be another in a long line of people to leave him and Daniel has learned that letting anyone in can be a fatal weakness Just as they begin to break down the walls keeping them apart Daniel is called home to Philadelphia where he discovers a secret that changes the way he understands everything

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    2 um stars DNF 40% Review posted July 13 2015120 x um I umUm I sayUm I mumbleOh um I Um yeahChanging the subject check Um he'sWell he'sLike Marilyn Monroe she just um you know she was a little banged upUmUm yeah I'll see you I sayUm Good nightUm I meanUm just in my shoe orUm so yeah It's not hard to replace them I say to PaulI um I did you fix my desk?Um I'm sorry Bernard what was that?Um well Um Is that true?Um you didn't did you?Thanks Um should we go?Um I should here let me do the dishes since you cookedUm my rage at the world was not cute I insistUm YeahDo you tell Ginger everything?Um No I say completely lost in his eyes He focuses on me like nothing I've ever experienced like he's reading every blink and breathUm he says I'm not so good with computersUm Breakfast?etcSaying that all those ums annoyed the living daylights out of me doesn't even begin to cover itHe has a PhD in English for Pete's sake andumlikeokay Okay? Um seems to be highly contagiousNot only Daniel said um even Rex and the secondary characters had a tendency to use that I don't know what to say so I use the filler um wordI uote Daniel Yeah Rex can I have your phone number in case you ever want to talk to a socially awkward idiot? Smiling laughing or grinning123 x smile smiles smiled almost smile73 x laugh laughed laughing laughs laughter25 x grin grins grinningMakes a total of 22130 x growls growl growly growlingRex had a tendency to growl a lot Um I shouldn't have been too surprised should I?The inner monologue is so tiresome Oh god that is a classic blow off My face heats and my ears are ringing like they do whenever I'm fucking mortified But I rip a corner off of the syllabus on my desk and lean over to write my cell number on it Then I write Daniel in case it's one of a dozen slips of paper with phone numbers Rex never intends to call Christ should I put my last name in case there's another Daniel?More inner monologue for your perusal It's finally sinking in I live here now I live here in this tiny town Everyone knows each other and I'm a stranger They'll want to know me Know about me And then maybe they'll hate meNow here I am If I can just deal with my crappy apartment for one year I'll have enough money for a nicer place If my car will just keep running for one year I'll be able to get a new one well a less used one Et cetera One year But beneath the stern expression is heat It's dark and okay I can't see him that well but I can feel his eyes drinking me in sliding over my face and my body like he owns them Me Like there's not a force in the world that could stop him from taking whatever he wants from me And I'll be damned if I wouldn't let him205 x okayThe word 'like' is also uite often used mid sentence which I find annoying Be friendly and like tell people things about yourself?I mean this town only has like four restaurantsThen I remember Ginger's admonition realizing I've said like four words and half of them have been swear wordsHe slides his chair back enough to pull me onto his lap something I thought only happened to children and like cheerleaders or girls who were about to get proposed to I don't know what's wrong with me I reach out a shaky hand to touch his back then hesitate Maybe he doesn't like being touched when we're not fucking? I don't know how to do this What do I talk about? What if we actually hate each other?cue eye roll Um Daniel You don't hate each other You had a date the other night and even though you apparently refuse to tell me about it it went well enough that you're having another one tomorrow Other strange annoying noises UuunnghhhUhUnghUnnhhHunhMmphfhmHunhEndearmentsbaby sweetheart sweetie pumpkin and babycakesI really dig the cover but otherwise nothing worked out for me Um I wanted to give it less than two stars but then readers would have accused me of being mean when I'm only being honest I neither liked the corny writing style nor the characters in general and specifically the very pesky narrator Daniel So I come to the root of my misery Daniel's constant 'ums' if that should have been an endearing personality trait it backfired big time his inner monologue ramblings and his issues in general killed this story for me Daniel is highly needy whiny and insecure and given the fact that he has a PhD in English a prospective professor at that his behavior astounded and infuriated me very much I just could not for the life of me reconcile his personality issues and the way he talked with a mature man in a teaching position Also what irritated me tremendously was this Grading always infuriates me It's like my students don't listen to what I say at all I mean we go over thesis statements in class and I give them a handout about how to tell if a thesis is strong or not Then they write these papers and they're just nonsense I mean actual nonsense After reading that paragraph I was saying to myself Daniel you are a self righteous and pretentious asshole Not everyone is as intelligent um reallyhunhumunnnhhunghlikeintelligent? as you are As a prospective professor I expect much better from you I believe you're in the wrong business You'd better search for another vocation stat facepalmRex said You don't know that he says Maybe they're trying their best and they're just not as smart as you Or they're good at math but not your class Daniel Of course I know he's right At every moment other than when I'm grading I know thatYou're right I say I guess it just makes me feel like I'm wasting my time trying to teach them shit sometimes Like they don't care about it anyway so why do I spend all my time trying to make them?Rex doesn't say anything His shoulders are tense and his jaw clenched He must think I'm such a pretentious ass right now Really it's never a good idea to grade while anyone else is watching Yep you better shut your trap Dan Dick He made generalizations was uick to judge and even worse lumped them together I suppose that Daniel should have been portrayed as the poor sod with the puppy dog eyes yet I just could not sympathize with this annoying prickOn another note I found it very interesting that Daniel who'd been a top was ready to bottom immediately Umyou know he couldn't wait to let Rex stick his dick in his hole I mean like rather sooner than laterAnother issue I had was Daniel pushing the alleged tear gland repetitiveness button by saying 'No one has ever done this for me no one has touched me like this or cared for me like this' one too many times Repetitiveness is one of my biggest pet peeves and as you can gather it got on my last nerve Do you want me to take care of you? Make sure you're relaxed? Is that a trick uestion? Do I want him to take care of me? What does that mean? I don't want Rex to think I'm weak but I don't want him to stop I want this to be like a dream where things just happen and one talks about them and everything is liuid and sleepy I wish I were drunk so I could let him do whatever he wants to me and it wouldn't have to be my choice I don't think I'm supposed to wish for that Sticking to the common and trite repetitiveness it goes without saying that we have lots of body appreciation once again Rex is huge like bodybuilder huge Um I got that too There's no need to beat a dead horse Umokay?Around the 37% mark there was an argument which escalated uickly and instead of addressing the problem and asking a simple uestion Daniel lapsed into his common inner idiocy and acted like an immature kid and not like a thirty year old teacher WhateverI have enjoyed even devoured uiet story lines in the past This being said it's very unfortunate that In the Middle of Somewhere fell totally flat in that regard To be very straightforward it was a total bore because it lacked tension and irresistibility Nothing really appealed to me During the prologue when Rex helped Daniel out in the woods brought him to his cottage and after a kiss slept in the same bed they left me kind of perplexed I didn't feel their chemistry Later when Daniel got the teaching position and came back to Michigan a lot of things andor situations were too awkward for me But as you can see I'm only one of a few readers who didn't enjoy it So it might as well be me and not the book I think however that if the author could tone down the sugar factor and endow her characters with other traits make them likable that is I would actually enjoy her writing As it was In the Middle of Somewhere proved to be another bust Movin' on

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    Roan Parrish is nominated for Best Debut Author at Goodreads for In the Middle of Somewhere Vote vote vote It is SUCH a fabulous book WARNING This review will contain some serious fangirlingThis book is by first time author Roan Parrish but after reading this you probably won't believe that You might think oh Roan is just a pseudonym for NR Walker or Amy Lane or KA Mitchell or any of the talented authors who write fabulous warm 'n fuzzy angsty contemporary MM romances Because this book isn't just good It's that good Daniel Mulligan is a bright and talented college graduate working on his dissertation He needs a teaching job to get his feet wet in the academic community and make some money to pay off his enormous student loan debt The pickings are slim and the only college who offers him a job is in a small town in Michigan Daniel was born and bred in Philadelphia so he is in real culture shock living in a tiny community where everyone knows everyone's business When he interviewed for the job six months ago he made the acuaintance of a very large gentle soul named Rex Vale During this meeting Rex shelters Daniel in his cabin after a minor fender bender sets and bandages a dog's leg that was hit by Daniel's car cooks him real honest to goodness food provides him with clothes too large for him and a nice a hot shower and a peaceful night on the couch watching movies and drinking whiskey One thing leads to another and Daniel ends up kissing Rex in a drunken moment of venerability While Rex does kiss him back he refuses any other advances and puts Daniel in bed for the night When Daniel wakes up Rex is gone but leaves him coffee toast and the number for a cab company for a ride to the airportSix months later Daniel is back and getting settled into his new home a pretty shitty apartment with a very uncomfortable bed before he begins work at the local college as an English Professor He has not been able to get the strong silent Rex out of his mind during that six months and hopes to see him again SoonLow and behold Rex and Daniel do cross paths again when Daniel is out for a walk and Rex's dog the one hit by Daniel's car jumps on him and knocks him down The passion that has been simmering in Daniel for six months comes to a head and the men end up getting each other off next to a treeIt is slow going and weeks pass between seeing each other but eventually these men start a relationship The sex is great the company pleasant and Rex helps Daniel with his homesickness for PhillyWe get to see the full progression of Daniel and Rex's relationship and the hurdles they need to jump through to make it work There are a few bumps in the road mainly relating to each others family but nothing they can't overcome together The angst level is uite low for the most part Also this book is told entirely from Daniel's POV so we get a lot out of Daniel's character than Rex's But it is an undisputed fact that these guys are crazy about each otherOK I am not even kidding a little bit I honestly want to make a 6 stars shelf because I think this book might be too good for the Fuck Yeah 5 Stars shelf The way these boys handle their feelings for one another the way they are both good honest people not a mean bone in their bodies and the love that comes through the pages is a masterpiece I can guarantee you that you will fall head over heals for Rex and want him to be your pretend book boyfriend And the epilogue is wonderful and leaves you thinking and knowing that these boys have reached their HEA I can HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this book to just about everyone The only people I can think of that won't like this one are folks who like the dark side of their MM stories at the exclusion of all others Roan Parrish reminds me of other newer authors who came out of the gate at full speed like Renae Kaye Riley Hart Leta Blake River Jaymes I cannot WAIT to read her next book Shit that was some serious fangirl vomit huh? This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

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    WARNING #1 This review is brought to you by Grumpy Kat™ and contains unpopular opinions WARNING #2 If you are one of those people who have an issue with negative reviews that contain uotes to get a point across because you feel they are unfair and taken out of context then MOVE ALONG There's nothing for you to see here I apologise in advance for how long and rambling and lacking in elouence this review is Right To say I was looking forward to reading this would be a massive understatement It was definitely a clear the decks so I can read it immediately upon release kind of book So to be as disappointed and underwhelmed by it as I am well it makes my heart hurt a little bit Without further ado let's get to the reasons why Grumpy Kat™ was activated 1 The pacing A few weeks back I read a really beautiful excerpt from this It was a short scene that had the two MCs Daniel Rex sharing a kiss Even though it wasn't defined it gave off the impression that this was their first kiss I cannot stress to you how lovely I thought this was and it made me so excited to read the book properly because any build up leading to a first kiss as lovely as that had to be good right? WRONG The problem was this kiss which incidentally was their first one happened at only 5% into the book and came after they hadn't known each other for very long Don't get me wrong I can enjoy insta whatever but it doesn't work for me if the couple doesn't have enough time to establish some chemistry So considering how Daniel Rex met? I just wasn't buying what went on here A conseuence to missing the mark like this means it can leave the rest of the story unbalanced and lacking tension Further there's going to be problems with the pacing if the relationship itself is low angst and the book is this long and meandering Creating conflict over the breaking of a table is a fail Revealing at 40% the MC has suffered a trauma in his past and then resolving the fall out from that by 45% is a fail Saving the main source of conflict until after 70% with it possibly being done as a way to set up a forthcoming book is a fail 2 The narrator I have yet to read a book where I have actively disliked the narrator but still managed to love the book Strike one Daniel was a 30 year old man but at times he read like an 18 year old YANA protagonist trapped inside the body of a 30 year old Which was just no It was really brought home how much younger he appeared when he was on page with a character named Leo who was 18 because the way they both talked not including Leo's propensity for talking with unnecessary exclamation marks was indistinguishable from one another Strike two Daniel's inner monologues were terminally boring I honestly gave no fucks about what he was thinking especially when it was about teaching crap or how big Rex's hands were or how he wasn't worthy of good thingsStrike three Daniel was an über whiny Judgy McJudgypants He was a slightly judgemental dick while at the same time lamenting people who might judge him for being gay and covered in tattoos Seriously? What the fuck is up with that? If the purpose of making him be that way was to elicit sympathy for his hard knock life then I've got to be honest and say it didn't work An example of said boring monologue which manages to include some of my gripes about him in just the one paragraph What the fuck is wrong with me? Unlike my inability to answer Rex I can think of about a hundred answers to that uestion Like I barely know this guy so why am I so goddamned worried about what he thinks of me? Like I should’ve left last night after we fucked and I don’t get why I didn’t Like I’ve never had a real relationship so why would I start now? And here's a uote from one of Daniel's less boring inner monologues that sums up what I feel about him perfectly I'd know his name and who was in his daily life but I'd be waiting to find out that thing that would make me care about his story I had the misfortune of being in his head for way than 300 pages and there wasn't anything I read in all that time that made me care even once Now we get to the semi ranty portion of the review 3 Repetition repetition repetition repetition REPI FUCKING TITION The one thing I absolutely detest above all else when I read is repetition It's distracting I'm never able to look past it and unfortunately for booksauthors I'm like a heat seeking missile when it comes to spotting it In the Middle of Somewhere was incredibly guilty of repetition For your reading pleasure I have the roll of dishonour of repetitve shit Part #1 Um His hand is huge I um He bends down and looks in my face What the hell? Um I say He slides my suit jacket off my shoulders and starts to unbutton my shirt Um I mumble Take your pants off Oh um I— Why Marilyn? Like Marilyn Monroe—she just um—you know she was a little banged up so I figured she could use a star's nameChanging the subject check Um he's Well he's I'll have to see I'm here for this year at least Um He still doesn't want my number or? Um yeah I'll see you I say I take her large paw in my hand and shake it Um Good night Um repeat um ad um nauseum Oh Oh I say Oh yeah Oh I'm Daniel Oh so that'll take you what two or three years? Oh it's boring; you don't want to hear about that What? Oh I laugh looking at the dog He's looking at the dog not me Oh yeah thanks I look down too Oh shit Oh oh I cry out That's pretty grim he says Oh don't worry about it I'm doing laundry tomorrow Oh and repeat ad nauseum I mean It isn't something I'm used to—uiet I mean You were in an accident? Are you hurt? No—I mean I'm not You're a film geek huh? What? No I mean I just like old movies I can't stop thinking about him Ginge It's idiotic I mean I barely know the guy I don't pine I don't wonder what they're doing I never have I mean sure I've had crushes I didn't know you were going to keep her I hope—I mean I hope you didn't feel obligated or anything We get along pretty good Well I mean We get along very well I mean it was so cool of you to let me stay and then I just kind of jumped on you and—anywayJust stay left I can drive you if you want I mean I need to go back home and get my truck but— I mean repeat ad nauseum Smellsmellssmelled but I crack the window to breathe the sweet smell of fresh air and trees anyway The fire consumes the paper and there's a delicious earthy smell as the bark on the logs starts to crackle He's looking at me calmly and I can smell him on the blanket I'm wrapped in God it's such a familiar smell The fire is crackling and the smell of wood smoke combined with Rex's scent is heady It smells heavenly As if in sympathy the ghost smells of oil lube and hot metal tickle my sinuses He was skinny and smelled like cloves and he said he liked Kurt Vile But he's warm even in a T shirt and he smells so good Make sure you have a good smell before you repeat ad nauseum Smilesmilessmiled He hasn't smiled yet but he probably has a nice one Better? he asks and when he gives me his first real smile it's the sweetest thing I've ever seen I murmur He smiles at me Rex uirks an eyebrow Only with you I say His smile is slow and predatory I'm joking but he doesn't smile She smiles broadly at me but her smile fades when she looks down to my arms Jesus Daniel Rex laughs his smile wide Rex grins and it almost takes my breath away It's a smile that reaches all the way to his whiskey coloured eyes wrinkling at the cornersDon't argue; just accept it Marjorie says and I smile smiles winningly Repeat ad nauseum Like I keep seeing like cherries in all the salads here Maybe I'll keep the shop open and only give Thanksgiving themed tattoos But like literal ones Like I'll tattoo turkeys Thanksgiving foods the genocide of indigenous peoples et cetera Whattaya think? Um no offense or anything he says and I'm sure it's a good album and all but that's kind of a lame present for someone who like carved you something out of a tree with his bare hands Yeah like what nice things so I don't repeat them Like because I know we haven't had that conversation I know Like what's so special about the things we hide away anyway? At school people thought I was like learning disabled because I never talked and I Like you know that feeling So I drop the bagel and I'm just like swearing a blue streak right? And he looks at glasses guy behind the counter in horror—like what the hell did you do to make this lady lose her shit Like repeat ad nauseum like I think it's worth noting that a lot of this wasn't just said by Daniel If it was I could maybe put it down to being a uirk of his and part of his vernacular but as it happened with ALL of the characters I was left in a state of being perma growly 4 The sex My lovely buddy reader also had a problem with this—but her issue was she felt there was too much I on the other hand didn't have an issue with how much there was I had ISSUES with what was said described and what went on The roll of dishonour of repetitve shit Part #2—The Sex Edition Channel Oh fuck he says but it's like his voice is coming from a great distance far away from the feeling of his fingers zinging pleasure through my channel and his big hand stroking us together faster now And then in the space of a heartbeat we're one body melted together as my channel adjusts to his size and he relaxes into me Every time he fills me he brushes over the spot that makes my whole channel pulse with pleasure The only thing I can feel is the empty throbbing in my channel where his tongue left me wanting It's like his whole channel is a fist sueezing me I can feel my whole channel throbbing with pleasure and a little bit of soreness from his powerful thrusts Pulsepulsespulsing Every scrape of his teeth sends a pulse to my groin His cock is so hard he's pulsing against me and I can tell it took some effort to even form the wordsI can feel his erection pulse against my ass with the beat of his heart My own cock gives a final sympathetic pulse a few last beads of pleasure welling from me as Rex collapses on my back his breath loud in my ear As an aside Kat Fact #171 My favourite kind of pulse is a sympathetic one True story I cry out at his words my eyes sueezing shut as he pulses his finger against my prostate and my whole channel throbs with pleasure Yeeeeeah So lots of pulsing and channel bidness went on But that wasn't all When it came to sex poor Rex wasn't portrayed in the best light The man has a thick arse And a fluttering hole And he produces his own scent Eau de ArousalAnd when his mouth was in the vicinity of Daniel's nipples it was shivery And his dong tastes salty and a little sweet like a hot martini Annnnd he also suffered with a weeping erection which when I read it resulted in this conversation with my buddy reader Me Rex has a weeping erection Does it mean it's crying? Her It's sad for the writing Me What has an erection got to be sad about? Her It's featured as an extension of big strong Rex And his big hands Me Do you think it's sad about all the pulsing? I pump him firmly and his hips pulse driving me even deeper inside him I can barely think Every beat of my heart is thumping in my ears pulsing in my stomach and pushing blood into my cock until I feel like one big heartbeat pulsing inside Rex's body Her She missed out that Rex's body is big Me Maybe that's why the erection started weeping If the erection 'ums' then this will be a dnf Her If there's a talking erection it's a whole different book Me I would read that book Moving on There was also inconsistencies and moments of what the fuckery? during some of the sex scenes that caused my buddy reader to dub me a Sex CSI after I began dissecting the minutiae of them Pay attention class so I can explain what I mean He kneels between my legs spreading them to make room for him and kneads my inner thighs and up to the crease of my bottom He takes me by the hips and digs strong thumbs into my spine pushing my knees up and apart There isn't actually anything wrong with what is described here After all Daniel is laying on his stomach and Rex is between his legs doing his thing before moving his legs into what would be a kneeling position if his knees were pushed up and apart right? But then if you continue to read the rest of the paragraph you get this I suirm a little trying to maneuver myself into a position that isn’t crushing my burgeoning erection After reading that is when I became confused He was seemingly manoeuvred into a kneeling position but if he was then how could his erection be getting crushed? Does he have a dong that is comparable in size to a T Rex's? Unlikely So none of that made sense Then there was also this from the very next paragraph Rex lifts my hips easily and settles me back on the bed tenderly then urges me down again his attention returning to my ass Hmmm His hips were lifted which proves he wasn't kneeling before so how on earth were his knees pushed up and apart if he was laying on his stomach? Once again things don't make sense Now if we take that last uote and analyse it on its own you'll see it's also illogical because Daniel is lifted up by his hips and then settled back down so if he is already on the bed then how is it possible for him to be urged down again? Gah So many uestionsA good sex scene allows you the reader to be swept up in the moment A good sex scene wouldn't allow you to get distracted by incorrect or implausible details because someone should have picked up on them in the first place Essentially why I think this didn't work for me was because it was just too much Too much of the stuff that doesn't matter or belong there which was to the detriment of the stuff that should Also I should point out that I do know the problems I had with the pacing and MC are purely subjective but the repetition and inconsistencies during the sex scenes are not and nor should they be Those problems are ones that shouldn't even be there and any excuses made to the contrary are only doing a disservice to readers who are entitled to get the best book they possibly can And finally If anyone thinks about coming on to my review space to tell me I'm wrong because a lot of other people love this book or that I should be kind and cut the author some slack because she's a newbie then prepare to feel my wrath before I block you I know I'm very much in the minority with my thoughts but all of this is just my opinion okay?

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    35This is a strong debut with sharp writing and well sketched characters Because the book is told from Daniel's POV we are aware of his ramblings and insecurities But what about Rex the shy withdrawn carpenter? I adored Rex Rex is the boyfriend everyone wants sculpted like a god kind smart an awesome listener good with animals and really REALLY good with his hands I desperately wanted Rex's POV; being in Daniel's head that long was a little annoying Daniel and Rex's relationship may be a case of insta lust but it's certainly not insta love Not counting the first chapter the book spans five months and than 6000 locations I'm going to say it this book felt LONG too long Don't get me wrong; I usually enjoy long novels But some of Daniel's inner monologue felt redundant and the story didn't grab me right awayI loved the heat between Daniel and Rex but I wanted them to get to it already and I don't mean sex just general togetherness The sex scenes however were pitch perfect so fucking steamy I could barely breathe Huge A for the HAWT raw SEX The guys start off fucking against a tree and go from there MAJOR SMEX APPEALI liked the focus on the relationship although I didn't love all the secondary characters And Daniel's family? What a bunch of douchebags The epilogue was a little disappointing too although the ending is a HEA view spoilerI just wanted Daniel and Rex not Daniel and Ginger I had enough of Ginger in general hide spoiler

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    Not bad just not for me After trying for days on end to read this I DNFed at 50% More of a review to come

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    11217 Re read via Audiobook I need some Rex in my life right now 12617 Finished my audiobook reread and though I'm leaving my rating below the same I've decided to round up to 5 stars I loved this book EVEN MORE the second time around and it just doesn't feel right rounding it down to a 4 star I still stand behind my thoughts that some of Daniel's ramblings could have been edited out but damnthis book is so damn wonderful 45 Stars As long as I'm with you I'll be home I absolutely ADORED and LOVED Rex and Daniel and their love story That's exactly what this book isa true love storyand a beautifully uiet one at that Not too much angst no crazy over the top dramajust a beautiful story about two men scarred by their childhood looking for a human connection unconditional love and a sense of home Daniel is the youngest of four boys Completely different than his macho mechanic brothers He's an academic not very interested in carsand gay His father and brothers have no idea how to relate to him so they alienate him They make fun of his sexual orientation and think he's snooty and a know it all for pursuing a graduate degreeHe finds himself in a a nowhere town in Michigan student teaching One fateful night he runs into Rex and their connection is instantaneous Is it insta lust? Hell yes These two are completely combustible and scorching hot Is it insta love? Not at all Michigan is so different from Daniel's life in Philadelphia He doesn't have his usual outlets to hide behind No bars no booze no random hookupsnot even his best friend and only friend Ginger There's nowhere to hide here No blending in or fucking off I've never felt so terrified or so exposed Rex is a bear of a man Tall strong and burlybut sweet compassionate and tender down to his bones Rex lives in a cabin in the woods He's kind of the town maintenance man He does odd jobs for people who need it but he spends most of his time in his woodshop making furniture He keeps his head down and doesn't interact with people much He's shy and a bit of a recluse Due to his nomadic childhood and other issues he has a hard time connecting and opening up to others But there's something about Danielthe two share a connection that can't be denied A comfort with each other that flows easily Daniel's never met anyone uite like Rex It unnerves him how uickly he's become comfortable with Rex He's terrified of what it all means but completely mesmerized by the sensations Rex pulls out of him No one has ever touched me like this Cared for me like this It's like Rex thinks of my body as something he's responsible for Something precious He touches me all the time It's almost like he doesn't notice it Like I'm just an extension of his body and so of course he would touch me But no that makes it sound thoughtless It's like when I'm near him he decides that it's his right to touch me It makes me feel so connected to him Their romance is a slow burn Almost a living breathing thing slowly growing evolving adapting and fusing two lonely heartsTold entirely from Daniel's POV you really see him struggle to accept that good things can happen to himthat someone like Rex could love and care for him But you also feel Rex's emotions His shy vulnerability peeks through with uiet actions soft touches and whispered words I think you're perfect I mean shit that sounded sappy but I mean perfect in my opinion Ugh how do I explain what I mean? That all those things that he is came together like the perfect recipeFor you? Rex saysHmm?Perfect for you maybe? He looks shy and pleased All I can do is nod Little by little both men begin to realize that what they have is real and deep and importantand meaningful They easily open up to each other about their pasts their childhoods their fears and their dreams Shy and vulnerable Rex begins to put scarred and broken Daniel back together again There's something about Rex that makes me feel calm As if I'm scattered until the moment I see him and when he touches me I fly back together in a configuration that makes sense And Daniel gives Rex the outlet he needs to be the man he wants to be To care for someone to put roots down with someone and to build a life with someone To have someone accept him wholeheartedly and unconditionally Maybe the point of I LOVE YOU is that it IS a tether A connection so you can find your way back to someone even when shit seems huge and unmanageable on your own A promise to help just because you care about someone a promise to help that doesn't mean pulling away Both men grow and become better versions of themselves with the love of the other even though Rex was pretty perfect already in my eyes They complete each other help each other and ultimately unconditionally love each other They've found the stability and home they were both looking for and were pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't in a small town in Michigan or in a cabin in the woodsit was with each other The other night you said that we mean different things when we say I love you That you don't know what it means to have someone love you This is what it means It means doing things together and learning what each other needs I give you what you need You give me what I need And they're not the same And that's fine It's not too good to be true It's just good Rex and Daniel absolutely stole my heart My heart was beating out of my chest at the beauty sensuality passion and love pouring out of every touch and tender moment Was it hard being only in Daniel's head at times? Yes Would I have liked a little bit from Rex's POV? Yes But I understood that this was a deeper journey for Daniel He had to accept to overcome to feel And just because you don't get Rex's POV doesn't mean you don't feel every bit of him as well So all this gushing and why not 5 stars? I feel like the book is too long and could have been edited down There was too much rambling and too many tangents that didn't add anything to the story or character development This book could EASILY be trimmed down and you would get the exact same emotion For a debut novel Roan Parrish made uite the entrance in my opinion With a beautiful story of two lonely men looking for home she's made a huge fan in me I can't wait to see what else is in store from her Between the blurb and THAT cover

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    It is ME not the BOOKWho is a uitter at 85% close to the end with 70 pages to read umumumokayumumMETime of Audio book death 155 minutes The narrator has a good voice But he had the same voice for all the characters even the female characters 😣😣😏So i switched to readingTime of reading death 85% i just couldn't take it any i tried but being in Daniel's head is umumumum exhausting I loved Rex even though he was too perfect but i he was sweet loving and just damn adorableI felt the book was too long filed with Daniel's repetitive thoughts If all the repetitive words and paragraph were to be removed this book wold have been 250 pages instead of 350 pages I liked Daniel a tiny bit to make it to 85% and then i couldn't stand him any He was ok but he sounded like a teenager not a 30 year old professor And being in his head Oi it was ok until umits started um being um you know “ Um he’s Well he’s”“Um I’m not actually sure Um you knowOur um encounterUm because she is terrified Um I meanYou look um edgyUm just in my shoeUm hi I sayOh wait umOk wow umUm I am sorryUm is that true The UM became too much and when i found myself starting sentences with um i knew i had to stop The Sex was good until it became repetitive and boring Um i can't believe um i am saying that When it is contemporary and not erotica i want to read about the um Romance not Sex on almost every pageThe side characters were so unlikable especially Daniel's family In the beginning i thought Ginger was Daniel's imaginary friend It so happens she is the best friend I liked her until she became too much It was Ginger this Ginger that Anyway for a debut novel it was ok but too much there was too much of everythingThen again it is ME not the Book this book has received so many 5 stars I will um just leave this um here Rex arches his back against my assault on his nipples and throws his head back I kiss his neck and take his weeping erection in my hand

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    45 StarsThis book was slooooooooow Too slow And loooooooooong Too long But damn if I didn't still really enjoy it This was a romance A simple sweet no fuss romance And I ate it up The sex off the charts HOT I loved loved loved Will And Leo I can't wait for their book Colin howeverhe better have a damn good reason for acting like an ass If I'm being completely honest Daniel annoyed me a bit throughout the whole book But Rex than made up for Daniel He wasThe writing was great The love story uite beautiful I came here because I didn't have anywhere else to go Didn't have anyone And nowAs long as I'm with you I'll be home

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    Sadly this was not for meThe book felt unnecessarily long and I uickly got bored with Daniel's thoughts 2 Stars

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    All the starsI can't believe how much I adored this book I've read it in one sitting This author surely knows how to develop the action I got super invested into the story So much that I just couldn't seem to put it down I was dying to read Now I keep wondering what took me so long to get to it I loved the writing the story the MC's and yes I simply adored Rex He was so kind and sweet even if he was a mountain of a man I just can't believe this is the author's debut book I bow my head before her I really couldn't stop reading Rex and Daniel were super HOT together I love how their relationship developed and the ending was extremely sweet I hope we'll get a chance to revisit them in book #2 There were some surprises on the road and I was extremely happy with the secondary characters Leo and Ginger I think I adored this story because of them Ohhh they were the cherries on the cake for me I just LOVE to chuckle while reading I think this gives a good book what it takes to become a great one At least for me It's not easy for a writer to give his characters good humor I think here Roan Parrish did a great job by creating these secondary characters who gave me such great vibes and well added uniueness to the story Rainbows and unicorns are easy to develop Great humor not reallyI adored sassy Leo He really is a younger version of Daniel and I completely get why they became friends I saw we get his story in book #3 And I can't believe his love interest is no one else than Will Oh I simply adore his smart mouth He also seems to have a strong personality I wonder what he hides I can't wait to read from this author