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The sun has returned to the Land of Night and Liall has claimed a throne he never wanted but many still oppose the presence of his beloved Scarlet at court While the powerful barons clamor for a royal heir to secure the succession rumors fly of Liall's marriage to a baron's daughter driving a painful wedge between the lovers But the proposed marriage of Lady Ressilka isn't the only reason Scarlet has grown distant His magic is changing mutating into a dangerous power he does not understand and the only people who might be able to help him control it are the Ancients who once tried to murder him When the borders of Rshan are threatened and war looms Liall agrees to a forbidden pact to save Scarlet but the bargain may cost the Wolf his life

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    And so the updates continue as suspense keeps building and buildingand buildingBook 5 The Temple Road Will it or will it not come out in April?The book had finally come out Yay Celebration time DLiallPeyshoUPDATECHECK THIS OUT book is finally? coming out THIS JUNE Status Publish date June 2015However there is no date and the book is not on GR's Next Month Releases list It's September October November December 2014January February March April MayFirst I was excited Then I was angryAnd later utterly discouraged That's cold November rain everyoneBut someone just pointed out to me it's December the Holiday season The Season of Hope I don't even care if it's a full blown novel size volume or not I am hoping forAnd Oh how the title fitsEnd of January 2015I am not even mad Well maybe Itsy bitsy tiny bitFebruaryI officially give up all hopeMarchIf it comes out OK If not it's OK too I lost all interest in the series even if it hits the virtual shelves tomorrow AprilMay'''

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    After such a long time waiting for this I feel happy and unenthusiastic at the same time It's such a short book and you expect so many things to happen that when you find out the book is going to end the same way it started you don't know if you should be angry or worse So was it a tease and no ? Well not exactly because I really loved this story I was reminded why I like this pair so much why they are so special in their peculiar way But that's a long way from being a complete book It's like a transition book with all that it impliesSo do not expect mysteries to be solved and uestions to be answered here because there aren't any of those It's like stretching book 3 a few pages to prepare for what's yet to come Yes it sounds awful and discouraging and that is by no means my intention I just want to give you a proper warning that's all I recommend to wait for book 5 before daring with book 4 if only for the sake of maintaining some kind of continuity But do you think it's worth it or not? Yes of course I don't need a constant set of action scenes to keep me interested you just have to combine several elements and if it's well played you have me forever That's what made devour this novel the writing style and the characters draw you in hopelessly and they made me want to know about them and what's going to come and how they will ever overcome the endless conflicts in the kingdom and the little detail that Rshan have a much longer span of life Nothing was boring everything the author touches wakes lots of wonders and leave you fully satisfied So in truth there is no real complaint from my part and I finished the book with a sense of completion in the feeling sphere nothing was amiss it's the plot that is lacking but I hope that fault will be corrected in the following installments

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    Reread April 2018 What are you guys waiting for? I enjoyed this book so much on reread I can't wait for the next one This was everything I could want and a little bit Warning this review contains spoilers to the events of the first three books in the series but not of this book itself Therefore I'll put the review inside one big spoiler tagview spoilerTaking place not too long after the events of The Land of Night The King of Forever gives us insight into the lives of Liall and Scarlet in their respective roles in Rshan It's interesting to see Liall The King so different yet somewhat similar to the Bandit King we all know and love Yet such an interesting contrast to Scarlet who himself hasn't changed much even with his elevated positionI thought all the political turmoil was settled in the last book However The King of Forever shows us that it's all just the beginning And with war looming over the horizon it's only a matter of time before things boil overTo be honest not much actually happens in this book Not compared to the first three anyways It all feels like a setup to what will come That's not to say I didn't enjoy it because certain things DID happen I love how we're now at the established couple phase between Liall and Scarlet and it's not a matter of do I love him but of how to make it work in the Land of Night A big issue that I felt looming over this beloved couple finally gets addressed and the story emphasis seems to be on the history of the Hilurin the Ancients the Shining Ones and of Deva This was definitely worth the wait I could have been watching Season 2 of Penny Dreadful on my new 60 inch television But for the past 24 hours I could only focus on this bookNow all I have to do is wait for the next one hide spoiler

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    Liall's not particularly likeable is he?And like Scarlet's not exactly a vapid little twit but for some reason the conjunction of the two of them has him coming off that way somehowI think it's because we see the story through Liall's perspective and for all that he protests he really doesn't trust anyone other than himself to know best on anything so in a sense he does sort of see Scarlet as a vapid twit Or at least treats him like one Either way it colors his perspective colors the way the story is told and the whole thing is justweirdScarlet also seems vapid bc like really what is there to like about Nazheradei? He's an arrogant hoity toity prigI sort of have a feeling the set up in this with Scarlet the one keeping major secrets for once is supposed to in some way endear Liall to us? But justseriously come on That doesn't fucking work? You don't endear one person to someone by making someone else look worse? I mean okay fine maybe this'll work with other people but it just seems incredibly transparent to me and I tolerate it about as much as I tolerated shitting on Christine Everhart to make Pepper look betterBesidesdid I fucking miss something? What even is the big secret? I have a vague idea of what it might be from some past set up and the blurb but I'm not actually sure what it is? Like was I just not reading carefully enough? Or did the author actually fail to relay it?aaaand wow this book is not a complete story It sets up a lot builds it up a bit and then ends with a sex scene and a tune in next time to find out And I actually don't like that there's explicit sex now? Like part of the reason I liked this was unlike most other things that had such high emphasis on sexual stuff or sex as being demonstrative of affection it was those two actually interacting conversationally or less? And justI dunno at this point it's actually kind of hard for me to really feel like Liall actually loves Scarlet or has in any way a healthy conception of what love isshould be? And I was hoping there was some sort of revelation of such like in Dominion of the Eth but no such luck No idea if it's even forthcoming seeing as it ends in the middle of the story and carries over into the next bookAt this point though I'm looking askance at it than outright staring balefully so I guess provisionally 3 star?

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    I am really loving this series The story is great The characters are great The writing is great Okay seriously it's a great book Now that I've cleared that up Scarlet and Liall are learning to deal with Liall being King and all the responsibility stress and danger that comes with it On top of all that it seems Liall must now lead his nation into warIf I had any complaint it would be the multiple volume concept so many authors are adopting Write a complete story in one volume don't break it up and make it a series Every book should have a climax You shouldn't have to wait for the next book in the series But it's still a great book Just in case you'd gotten confused

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    I am a little bit mad because this is not a complete book just one half of an admittedly great story The King of Forever finishes and nearly nothing is resolved While I felt unnerved by the constant cliff hangers in book 1 3 they never bothered me this much At least the former installments finished their story arc So yes I loved it and I was very moved by the new tragic plot twist view spoiler Scarlet destined to die much younger than Liall Liall forced to marry and produce an heir hide spoiler

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    I waited a long time for this book but in the end it was well worth it An epic story with great characters and I'm so happy that there is to come

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    Probably my favourite book in the series Even better than the first one The fifth star is missing from my rating because it was still short for a full novel and we were left with a cliff hanger that will not get addressed soon as it seems Book 5 in Scarlet and the White Wolf was supposed to be out ages ago from what I read but no luck so farSomething that annoyed me We spent the previous book being told how Scarlet was hated by everyone In the King of forever around the 80% bookmark suddenly he feels welcomed even liked although we haven't seen him interacting with anyone but three or four people Perhaps the author should have concentrated on that instead of keep repeating hair and skin differencesSomething I liked The romance is back Liall turns his attention back to his lover trying everything in his power not to hurt him despite the politics surrounding the court and a kind of arranged marriage