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Rico Gonzalves Macias didn't expect to fall in love during his internship in New York—and he didn’t expect the boss’s son to out them both and get him fired either When he returns to Sacramento stunned and heartbroken he finds his cousin Adam and Adam's boyfriend Finn haven't just been house sitting—they've made his once sterile apartment into a homeWhen Adam gets him a job interview with the adorable magnetic practically perfect Derek Huston Rico feels especially out of his depth Derek makes it no secret that he wants Rico but Rico is just starting to figure out that he’s a beginner at the really important stuff and doesn’t want to jump into anything with both feet Derek is a both feet kind of guy But he’s also made mistakes of his own and doesn’t want to pressure Rico into anything Together they work to find a compromise between instant attraction and long lasting love and while they’re working Rico gets a primer in why family isn’t always a bad idea He needs to believe Derek can be his family before Derek’s formidable patience runs out—because even a practically perfect boyfriend is capable of being hurt

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    45 Is your life always this I don't know — Tide of chaos washing ashore on the beach of what the fuck? Oh Amy Lane you do have a way with words Flufftastic Lane stories have a special place in my heart and I j'adore this series I was very glad to visit with Adam and Finn once again Adam's come a long way even though he's still vulnerable around the edges And Finn is pure joy like his big boisterous giving familyNow Adam has not only Finn but Rico The two cousins have a special bond which is good because Rico comes home early unannounced and is almost taken down by a rather scary half naked Finn wielding a weapon I expected this to be Rico and Ezra's story But this isn't a story about first love It's a story about REAL love the kind that takes you to baseball games and holds your hand in public Rico is unprepared for the force that is Derek Derek smiles and Rico just melts And the feel of his mouth under Rico's was amazing It transcended hot dogs and soda even transcended hot and wet Derek tasted like dust and joy and baseball and Derek and Rico let go of his hand so he could cup both cheeks and plunder and taste and taste and plunder some This bitter taffy doesn't last; you only have to eat it once I wasn't entirely sold on the family drama storyline Rico and Adam's family sucks donkeyballs but I was glad to see Rico's mamí at least come round Derek and Rico's relationship is brightness and sweetness and CANDY just like the story A part of me wanted bite a bit angst It all came so easily But I can't complain too much This is Amy Lane after all—pure pleasure to read I am very satisfied with the ending especially knowing that Ezra's story is in the works and Candy Heaven magic continues

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    Confession time I may or may not have a bit of a thing for Finn from book 1 of this series so when I heard that the seuel Bitter Taffy was coming out I immediately jumped on itThe story picks up shortly where Candy Man leaves off when Adam's cousin Rico is abruptly fired and returns to Sacramento months ahead of schedule You see formerly straight Rico had been caught sleeping with his boss' son Ezra who also worked at the at his father's company in New YorkDear old dad didn't care much for the gay that close to home so he sent Rico packing and pulled his son Ezra's leash hard enough to let Rico go without much of a protest To uote TJ Klune Like an asshole But in former Candy Man fashion Darrin's psychic Pixy Stix foresee Rico's return and he has just the man lined up to solve all of Rico's problemsEnter entrepreneur Derek from the first book who had casually hit on Adam then respectfully backed off when he heard that he was already taken by my beloved Finn After licking his wounds for a bit Rico needs a job so Adam introduces him to Derek who is immediately smitten with Adam's look alike cousinThis book was extremely slow burn as Derek makes his intentions to woo Rico known right up front but Rico's heart is still tender from his first foray into dating another manSo Derek waits And waits And waits but makes good use of his time as he and Rico get to know one another better and Rico's heart opens to Derek's subdued patient interest One of my favorite parts of the book was how Finn's most awesome family pulls Rico into the fold the same as they did with Adam fiercely protecting them both like when the same 3 women who made Adam's life growing up a complete hell come a callin'Not that the suddenly confident Rico needed much protection when his hot tempered Latina Mami Abuela and Tia showed up shouting on his doorstep after coming out to them then ignoring their calls “ Hola harpies from hell” Rico called feeling his jaw tighten “ Don’t you have small children to frighten? Husbands to please? Dogs to euthanize?” I loved how Rico finally grew himself a pair and that was thatYou may 'technically' be family but We also get to see a bit of an impatient slightly bitchy side of Darren in Bitter Taffy “ And please tell me why you two aren’t moved in together and setting off car alarms with your loud annoying monkey sex every night” Darrin demanded Rico took two flailing steps back “ You know that’s a little personal—” “ You don’t like it? Then resolve your love life and get out of my Pixy Stix powder It’s irritating how long you two are taking I would like to focus on the poor feral little kitten who’s going to walk through my door but now I’ve got two metrosexuals who apparently can’t find commitment with two hands and a backhoe” This book was lots of fun with tons of feels so I really enjoyed watching the cat and mouse chase between Rico and DerekAnd once they finally got out of the starting blocks the book was pretty smoking hot in the knocking boots department tooBut what happens when Darren's newest soon to be employee shows up unexpectedly on Rico's doorstep without a job or a place to live skyrocketing Derek's insecurities through the roof and causing him to retreat home? It all works out in the end and we get our hard won HEA but not without some drama up front Hello this is Amy Lane we're talking about so it's not a shock that there's some angst to work throughMy only real wish for this book that didn't come true was that there had been a bit Finn than what I got But that's just my ' Finn Crush' talking So a solid 425 tell me it's after stars for book 2 as I'm impatiently awaiting book 3 in the series My copy of the book was provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair unbiased review

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    ARC of Bitter Taffy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review This review has been cross posted at Reviews by Jessewave45 StarsCandy Man was my first Amy Lane book and I loved it so much that when Bitter Taffy popped up on my radar I knew it would go on my must read list I loved Bitter Taffy even than I did Candy Man Rico Gonzalves Macias was so excited about his 6 month internship at a firm in New York He never expected to fall for the boss's son but life kind of happens and Rico and Ezra were in love But it wasn't a strong love It wasn't the love Even still when the boss found out and very publicly fired Rico he came back to California with a broken heart Seeing his cousin Adam so happy with Finn was a bit bittersweet for Rico He loved that Adam finally had some happiness but Rico longed for some happiness of his ownAdam sent Derek Huston Rico's way to talk about a job Derek runs a consulting firm with a human touch He's not cut throat or ruthless at all He simply wants to make the needs of small businesses easier to meet and so he networks with people that have needed skill sets and sends them work and takes a fee It's really a very cool concept for a business I love how friendly it is and I would love to see a real life example of it in action Anyway Derek is immediately taken with Rico and makes no secret of it But Derek is also a good guy and he really doesn't want to be the guy that sexually harasses his employees so he makes it clear that the ball is in Rico's court He prods but not intrusively soRico is rather taken with Derek as well but he's a bit gun shy He's figured out that this being a grown up thing is rather new and he doesn't want to be the one that hurts Derek So they take things pretty slow But let me tell ya when they finally decide to have sex? Oh man I thought my Kindle was going to melt under the heat of it And still they took things slow much to the ever mystical Darrin's chagrin let me tell you Because you see he's already seeing someone new in his dreams that needs help and Darrin can only really focus on one project at a timeI loved the pacing of this story I loved that Rico was cautious but not so much so that he drove Derek away And I loved that when we hit the point where things could have fallen apart that Rico was the strong one That he was able to keep everything together I think Rico needed that control and the confidence it broughtBitter Taffy is a light low angst story that I think could melt even the iciest of hearts But don't make the mistake in thinking there is not depth here The story is light but the characters are fully three dimensional They've been hurt before and like all of us in real life they just want someone to love them for who they are It's beautiful

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    The book was totally cute – Amy Lane at her floofy best– but I found that she fell into a trap of her own making with this book; in trying to make it cute and uirky and like nothing you’ve ever read before she actually ended up making all of her characters sound like the same person Before you grab your pitchforks friends think about it was there really anything that distinguished between the voice of Finn his sister his father Darrin and oftentimes even Derek?If you say “yes” I call bullshitRegardless I still really liked Rico and Derek I still found myself rooting for their happiness and for someone to drop a house on Rico's family members If you like Amy Lane's sweeter side I predict you'll love this book If you are a little hit and miss with it like I am you'll probably still enjoy it you probably just won't feel the need to rave about itI still say Long Live Angsty Lane

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    This second story in the series is about Rico Adam's cousin and once protector Rico thought he was on his way to the life he wanted with a job and a sweet boyfriend But the boyfriend was his boss's son and when it all fell apart Rico was minus the job and the relationship Bruised in both his heart and his confidence Rico went home to Sacramento and his old apartment now crowded with Adam his boyfriend Finn the dog and the cat They are a new version of family and Rico desperately needs that but he also needs something or someone Derek is a good foil for Rico as a man who has been out for a while whose family is supportive and whose confidence seems unshakable But as they make progress around Rico's need to heal and Derek's uncertainty about how hard to push it also becomes clear that Derek has a few insecurities of his ownI enjoyed this book although I loved the first one This one is softer and less angsty mostly about the process of moving from one relationship to another without a lot of worry about where things will end up Rico and Derek dance around obstacles but their goal of being together stays pretty solid There are also themes of family and support presenting a bit of a stark contrast between the Sac parents and siblings and Rico and Adam's family It's tempting to call them exaggerated except that I just read about another real life teen tossed out with nothing by his parents I look forward to the day when characters like Rico's grandmother and father are unrealistic anachronisms But sadly we're not there yetRico was pretty resilient through all his changes and I found myself still worrying about Adam The relationship between the cousins was as vivid as the romance This is not Amy Lane in heart ripping mode but I always connect with her guys and I did read straight through to see how things worked out for Rico It's pretty clear who the next couple will be too and I'm looking forward to that

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    35 StarsI don't think this series is for me I mean it's alright I guess But it kind of made me roll my eyes INSTA INSTA INSTA lovelike super INSTA love A bit cheesy Yeah I said it I mean it was cute It was fluffy It was sweet But at some point I had to start skimming I don't need any cavities thank you I often don't read books in the series in order I did read book 1 first and then I tried to read book 3 but one page in and I had no clue what was going on Everyone sounds the same Everyone is connected So yeah I do think these need to be read in order However I don't think I will be re visiting this series It's just not for me

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    SoI’m conflictedYou seeit’s kind of impossible not to love the small pocket of the world Amy Lane invites us to in this Candy Man series I meanit’s centered around a candy shop for goodness sakes And it’s all about the happy And book 1 Candy Man managed to take a sad down on his luck hard edged character and turn him into a almost sapSadly I feel like book 2 Bitter Taffy lost some of the charmIt started off strongRico Adam’s cousin who we hear about in book 1 comes back to town after having his heart broken in New York He also decides to come out of the closet We have an adorable meet cute with his future employer Derek who I loved from the start and away we goRico is understandably gun shy to rebound with Derek He was still heartbroken and lost And though Derek made it known early on that he was interested in Rico they begin a friendship working relationship only There’s flirtation but it’s careful I thought the two of them were sweetSomewhere along the line however I felt the book kinda lost it’s way There was a lot of Adam and Finn in this book And though I love them and normally don’t mind revisiting other characters in series the book at times felt like it was AdamFinn’s than RicoDerek’s And the I read the I realized I didn’t really get a good sense of who Rico was and who Derek was I did on the surface but it didn’t deepen as I continued onReally towards the end I almost lost interest altogetherThere’s a bit rushed plot twist at the very end that sets up the story for the next book in the series I’m intrigued by this future coupling but the way it went down in this book didn’t entirely work for meAll in allit wasokay I didn’t love it I didn’t like as much as I did book 1 And I’m interested in what will happen in book 3 Middle child syndrome

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    4 STARS This was a really really great one I was pretty sure I was only going to give this book a 3 star rating but then at one point in this book I decided to give it 4 stars Although the 1 star was not because of the love story nor the main plotI liked Rico as the point of view of this story He had a lot to offer to us readers with his thoughts and experiences in life I really liked how he progressed in this story Although I can say that he was nothing really special compared to Adam in the first bookDerek was a perfect guy for Rico He was really confident and he knew what he wanted but he also knew that he got to let Rico decide whether he really was ready to date again or even to fall in love again He was very charming and I loved it when his shy personality came out in the bookThe way their relationship moved forward was really great The pacing was great although again it felt okay Just okay The sex was freaking hot tho Like seriously freaking hot UNFFFFThe thing that really made me love this story was Rico and his relationship with Adam That pushed me to give this the extra star Honestly if Adam and Finn weren't a big part of this story this would be in a low rate Anyway I loved how he viewed Adam like a real family That scene while they were watching a baseball game? I kind of teared up a bit It wasn't an emotional scene but dang it I felt really touched and warmed by that part Also the way Rico tried to explain to Derek that Adam needs Rico and Rico needs Adam way to be honest in their livesI loved every scene that concerns Adam getting the feel and sense of care from families I loved every scene Rico felt happy whenever he saw Adam receiving love from his friends and family not from their bigoted and asshole blood related familiesThe thing with Rico's mother was leading to a good plot but it was ignored in the end No closure to that small subplot The thing with Ezra was kind of extra? It was obvious he's going to be in the next book with probably a guy that was in this and the first bookOverall a great read

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    Ending the year on a happy note Bitter Taffy is the second book in Amy Lane's Candy Man series and I loved it at least as much as the first one if not In book one we got to meet Adam and watch as he and Finn fell in love To say it was freakin' adorable is an understatement So now in book 2 we see Adam's cousin Rico return from New York after what turned into a disastrous ending to his relationship with the man who he thought was the love of his lifeAdam and Finn are there for Rico and they force him to pick himself up dust himself off and carry on In the course of doing this we see a bit of Darrin and wouldn't I love a book for him yes I would in case there's any doubt but best of all we get to watch as Derek walks into Rico's life and shows him that first loves aren't always forever and aren't always the best While they may be special in their own way often we think of them as our 'first' love for a reason and that reason is because they're only the start of a journey that if we're luck will lead us to our last love The one who is forever That person who makes our heart think of homeI loved this book it was full of fluff and fun and sweetness I smiled and remembered all the reasons that this author is one of my favorites and then I discovered that book 3 is due out later this month and I did a happy dance because I have every intention of buying it and reading it ASAP