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Gothic romance with a twist Elements of The Sound of Music The Enchanted Garden Jane Eyre and “true” ghost hunting shows make this story feel familiar Gay love makes it uniue Seeing an ad for a position at a Yorkshire estate typesetter Graham Cowrie decides to make an upward career move by passing himself off as a tutor How hard can it be to teach a few subjects to a pair of nine year old boys? But on his arrival at the ancient house he finds the staff creepy the twins odd and the widowed master temporarily absent His first meeting with brooding stern but oh so attractive Sir Richard doesn’t go well but with no other prospects vying for the teaching position Graham manages to keep it His mission soon becomes clear break down the walls of reserve both father and sons have erected and attempt to bridge the gap between them But strange sounds sights and experiences keep Graham on edge until he finally admits the Hall is haunted by two entities with very different agendas Graham works to appease one and combat the other while protecting the broken family he’s grown to care for

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    Take one part Jane Eyre one part The Turn of the Screw and one part Wuthering Heights Throw in a few extra penises and you've got this wonderful example of Gothic Horror with a mm twist Congrats to Bonnie Dee for getting this so so right Great story

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    4 “now I see a light in you” STARS There was nothing I craved than the sight of Sir Richard Allinson kneeling at my feet but just then I wanted him in my embrace even An odd and unexpected feeling GRAHAM Yorkshire England 1893When Graham Cowrie arrived at the dark and foreboding Allinson Hall he couldn’t help but be nervous about his new job of being a tutor to the 9 year old twin boys Whitney and Clive who lost their mother Lavinia Allinson a year ago Getting the position based on falsified references and a name that isn’t the one bestowed on him at his birth Graham is afraid the master of the house the widowed father Sir Richard Allinson will see through his lies the moment their eyes meetThough at the moment he glances at the tall and broad shouldered Sir emitting a mist of darkness and misery his black cloak dancing with the wind like some villain of an opera’s would an attraction so primitive and powerful takes over Graham and he becomes a slave to the unwanted but undeniable monster that is lustBut lust is not the only monster in Allinson Hall Something dark and sinister is lurking in the shadows and it might be the end of all of them Can the new tutor save Sir Allinson and his boys from the evil of their home? My favourite line in the book Cck is cck but a kiss with the right person can be magical OVERALL The way Graham helps Richard's dark and doomed soul turn into one shining bright and full of joy and hope and the possibility of happiness was justBEAUTIFUL I loved the slow build up and how their relationship evolved into something MORE with time I also adored the twins and their interaction with their new tutor This book was surprisingly entertaining and if you are a fan of gothic stories that have a little spice ehehehe in themthen you should jump right in So why not 5 stars? Because the ending wastoo supernatural? I don't know how to explain it but it was just a bit too leaned towards the unrealistic side of the line for me

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    I was really looking forward to this one and unfortunately it just didn't do it for me The first half of the book kind of dragged for me and I was getting a little bored But I am not that huge of a fan of historical reads so this could have been why The second half was much entertaining I was hoping for a spooky tale but it just wasn't I didn't find it scary at all and the scenes that were suppose to be creepy came off as cheesy and I just wasn't really feeling it I was hoping for a great mystery of the wife's death and bumps in the night that leaned towards the frightening side and I didn't get it I did enjoy Graham as a character He is really the only reason I enjoyed the story as much as I did I found him funny and an unlikely hero which really worked for the story Richard was hard to like He was kind of aloof and dismissing of what was happening in his home and with his children So I found it hard to like him The romance was kind of missing for me I mean they were together and all it's just I didn't feel any chemistry with these men because there weren't many scenes with these guys being intimate I think if the relationship was developed I definitely would have enjoyed the story I think I am only in a handful of people who didn't love the story So please don't dismiss this book just because I personally didn't love it because there are many who did

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    45 stars Re read Sept 2016 still love this oneThis has the gothic spookiness of a Jane Eyre without begin as sombre with a twinge of The Sound of Music without the singing and the Nazis and the Baroness but there's no governess in sight only a supremely likeable tutor Graham is working his way up in life He's created a new identity and forged a few references to land a job as tutor to nine year old twin boys in a desolate estate in Yorkshire Sir Richard is the father of said boys whose mother died one year before When Graham arrives he find that the boys are wild and troubled and that they have a lingering anger and sadness about their mother's death The similarities to The Sound of Music come into play because the twins immediately start playing tricks on Graham but Graham is able to connect with them pretty uickly through imaginative and fun teaching techniues I adored Graham And then we get to Sir Richard At first he is distant and unapproachable He clearly carries guilt over his wife's death Graham of course feels a powerful attraction to him and the attraction seems to go both ways but Sir Richard doesn't want to give into his feelings for another man So we get a little bit of a slow burn on the romance side but eventually of course Sir Richard is unable to stop himself from succumbing to Graham's many charms This is a gothic tale so it's no surprise that there are other dark and sinister things happening at the estate but I'll leave the details to be discovered Overall this was a very enjoyable read

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    There was something about the library that always seemed to put us on the verge of kissing

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    I was a big fan of Victoria Holt way back when and this plot at least on the surface reads like one of hers young governess travels to a rundown dark and foreboding castle in the middle of nowhere to take care of children while the brooding gorgeous widower remains mysterious and aloof and there's a mystery surrounding the wife's deathSet in Yorkshire England 1893 Graham Cowrie arrives at Allison Hall to tutor Richard Allison's 9 year old twin sons Whitney and Clive Graham who lied on his resume and has no teaching experience grew up in London's East End and has a backbone of steel He overcame an abusive stepfather acuired a hard won education and strives to attain a better position in lifeGraham's unorthodox teaching methods win over Whit but Clive who has not spoken since his mother's death is tougher and the boy's reclusive father is tougher yet And of course Allison Hall is dark creepy and there's a cold presence in the old tower that leaves Graham feeling suicidal and depressed And Tom a young servant draws pictures of intense darkness and evil clouds surrounding the estateThis book takes the typical gothic romance story and gives us a slowly burning attraction between Richard and Graham as well as an evil entity that has been haunting Allison Hall for generations Without giving away too much of the book I gotta say I'd had this book in my ueue for a LONG TIME and I'm so glad I finally read this

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    New author for me A bit reminiscent of KJ Charles or Jordan L Hawk not uite as gritty though A good ghost hunting gothic tale with likeable main characters 45 stars

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    Gah this book Perfection Gothic MM perfection Bonnie Dee is so ridiculously talented I loved every minute of this

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    The promise of Jane Eyre drew me to this book I love the classic and have also read my fair share of gothic romancesI did enjoy it to a point but unfortunately for all it's potential it didn't uite work From about 40% I'd lost my inital interest and as the supernatural plot developed I was bored than thrilledGraham isn't entirely sympathetic we know he's lying and it seems self serving than necessity He's not had things easy but there's a hint of blasé about him A lack of softer feelings to make him likeable we never really see any depth thereNormally I'm wary of kids in books but here the way they're dismissed put me on edge Considering their circumstances the impression put across is of them being unpleasantdifficult rather than severely trauamatisedvulnerable Again some feelings there would have added depth also made the sense of threat realThe supernatural angle seemed poorly developed and even a bit silly when the setting could have lent itself to delicious shivers the potential was there but never spread chills I kept thinking with a bit of work this could be a great story but mostly found it disappointing

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    I’m a big fan of Gothic and horror stories so I was really looking forward to reading this book Being a big fan of Jane Eyre and classics I was even prepared for a formulaic story I'm sorry to say that I uickly lost interest in this so called Gothic taleThe story was boring and dragged a lot The supernatural mystery wasn’t well developed and I found it disappointing I couldn’t connect with the main characters at all Graham’s character was likeable but Richard was rather useless stupid and weak I didn’t feel any chemistry between them and their relationship seriously lacked depth for me I felt invested in Graham’s relationship with his young students Overall I think this story had great potential but didn’t really work for me