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Mitch never knew what awaited him when he answered his elderly neighbour’s calls Finding a stranger crying in her backyard was a new one Little did he know that rescuing Elijah out of the rain was going to change his life Elijah is too young too good looking and too bruised for Mitch to consider falling in love with But Elijah is soon in his house in his bed and in his heart At thirty eight Mitch has a lot of experience with life Elijah is only twenty three and just starting out Mitch’s bedroom skills enrapture Elijah Mitch just hopes it will be enough to make Elijah want to stay

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    Renae Kaye stories are crackalicious Despite the initial angst this is a feel good lightly sexy story about a burly electrician and the skinny dark haired guy he finds drunk in the rainThe 15 year age gap wasn't an issue and I liked the hurtcomfort theme although the resolution to Elijah's issues was a little too easyThe ending is a fluffy sweet HEA my favorite kindPS The cover has absolutely nothing to do with the story There's no BDSM and no rope play and the guy is too built to be Elijah

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    Mitch finds a drunken stranger in the yard of his neighbor The stranger turns out to be 23 year old Elijah who just got kicked out of the house by his parentYou know if we should believe MM books then 80% of the LGBT youth is homeless and in desperate need of some cuddlesI volunteerMitch takes him in and cares for him Elijah is not some shy boy he knows what he wants and what he wants is Mitch in his bed That’s when I realised he was a tease He swept his hands down my back and then over my butt several times I was just thinking that he was being rather thorough when he came around my body and brushed off the front of my pants And copped a feel while he was at it “Elijah” I growled low in my throat He gave me a cocky look and pleaded innocence “What? It was dirty” I really liked Elijah He was not some meek boy who needed help He could take care of himself and I loved that about himA cute short read

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    Made me go approximately 51 times but I'm not holding that against it because sometimes just sometimes you need to read something that is light and fluffy and sweet and that will make you feel for a time that everything is okay with the world This did that for me

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    Where the fuck have I been that I didn't know about this???

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    4 starsOh my that was delicious Sweet and smuty just the way I like 'em In fact I haven't met a Renae Kaye book yet that I didn't love The May December aspect of this shorty was handled superbly It was an issue but not to the point of exhaustion The relationship between Mitch and Elijah came across as explosive and romantic and not at all perverted in my opinionFavorite lines view spoiler I laughed at the compliment and rolled off the bed “You can fuck me tomorrow night okay? And I’ll give you pointers”He chuckled “Should I take notes? Draw diagrams? Will there be a uiz at the end? An exam?”I lunged and slapped his bare arse for his impertinence “The examination comes at the beginning And it’s jizz that comes at the end not a uiz” hide spoiler

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    Considering this is a short story I should've expected the uick turnabout in the relationship stage Still I thought Elijah's 'switch' from the drunk and helpless young man whom Mitch found in his neighbor's backyard view spoilerwho also in that moment of sadness and drunkenness tried to kill himself by drinking a bunch of painkillers hide spoiler

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    A sweet uickieMy only disappointment is Ash and Devon who we first met in Safe in His Arms were mentioned but I never got to see them come around to meet Mitch

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    Very cute no angst story I loved it Twenty something Elijah falls for 38 year old blue collar Mitch I only wish it had been longer

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    From Blinding Light to this lovely short story and everything in between Renae Kaye never failed to deliver the goods On her second year as an MM author she hasn’t come up with a missed yet as far as I’m concern Out of the Rain is an endearing story compressed in a 38 page ebook and truthfully I would’ve love a longer version because of its lovely characters with lovely personalities This is such a great appetizer for her next novel coming out next week Excited MuchRead this one booboos ^^

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    Perhaps 35 starsI liked it sadly it was just too short It felt like a synopsis only the highlightsmost important scenes were shown I would have enjoyed reading it as a full length novel