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Young lab scientist Olsen Westergard has worked long and hard to create order and stability in his life and believes he’s finally content But when he goes on a summer holiday trip with his friends they try to rouse him from his customary caution urging him to remedy his extended sexual dry spell Their fumbled efforts to hook him up validate Olsen’s guess that he likely won’t meet the type of guy he’s looking for on this trip Or rather the type of guy he thinks he’s looking for But when a solo late night beach walk leads to a heated encounter with a drunken stranger Olsen unexpectedly finds himself overwhelmed with turbulent desires—made worse when he later discovers the stranger’s surprising identity and that ready or not they’re about to get to know each other a whole lot better

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    2 stars DNF 80% Review posted July 27 2015 I'm not trying to reason with a drunkHe held a hand up a calming gesture like I was the one being out of control And I will give it back You just have to give me a kiss firstThe breath left my lungs as though I'd been punched in the gut My voice came out a whisper What?White teeth shone in the darkness as he grinned One kiss Then you can have your phoneII'm not kissing youHe shrugged a bare shoulder Why not?It was a simple straightforward uestion but for some reason it scrambled my brain Why not? Becausebecause I I stammered I don't want to Even as I said it my gaze dropped to his heart shaped lips I uickly turned my head and focused on the water Just give me my phoneAh he said So you are gayMy head whipped around Why would you draw that conclusion from me saying I don't want to?Because He shuffled closer to me his damp thigh pressing against mine A straight man would have punched me by nowIt was suddenly hard to breathe You're nutsHis grin disappeared eyes serious suddenly I know he whispered Believe me I knowNo Olsen By all means tell me what you thinkAll right I think that you don't like biscuits at allPinching the bridge of his nose Beck shook his head Okay I'm confused now Are the biscuits vaginas in this metaphor?What I'm saying is I know what you're saying Olsen He pointed to his temple My little brain managed to read between the lines of your oh so subtle accusationI stared into his eyes suddenly recalling one of Kamal's past pearls of wisdom to me'Olsen you can't fuck the crazy out of someone Remember that' 82 x grin grinned grinning155 x smile smiled smiles109 x laughing laughed laugh laughterVictim of Love started off a bit crazy and weird and I wasn't sure where this was going But it was actually uite entertaining nonetheless until it wasn't fun any and became very annoying As I said already I liked the author's writing However it is increasingly hard to enjoy a story when you neither like the main characters nor the plot As for the sex I read the first hand job and the next sex scene The rest of the smexy times I hardly skimmed because they or rather the main leads left me indifferent To top everything off I felt bored after a while because nothing substantial happened I mean a closeted and somewhat tortured guy isn't that exciting any One could argue that Beck's problem was oh so interesting but you know what? I'm tired of all the delaying tactics When I abandoned ship at 80% dull Olsen view spoilerwent back in the closet hide spoiler

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    425 starsThis was a pleasant suprise 😍An easy feel good mm romance I was happy when i discovered this one doesn't conform to the overused romance formula Phew What a reliefMC 1 OlsenMC 2 BeckI loved both characters They were well developed and had an amazing chemistry The way Olsen and Beck met was so hilariousThe story is told from the POV of Olsen I loved his voice through his eyes we get to see and know Beck and lawd did i love Beck and all his demoms and Waywardness hippy ways The secondary characters were also well devoloped They fit perfectly into the story And their interactions got me loling hard sometimes 😂The sex scenes were hot Olsen and Beck sexual chemistry is out of these world 🔥 🔥 Overall it was an entertaining story 😍

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    35Olsen's last name is Westergard? The fuck you say? The entire book I kept wondering if Olsen was his first or last name But that's not important At around 40 percent I had the following conversation with my friend CatherineMe Holy shit but Beck is bugging the living hell out of me Cat He had his moments but I liked him overall I think I just fell in love with him so uickly at the beginning I was willing to overlook some flaws later onMe I am so not in love with him Like at all He's selfish and annoying and I'm sure he has some deep dark secretlife trauma but whateverCat I like Beck Olsen's dynamic together but I still thought Olsen deserved than what he was getting I mean I still wanted these two to end up together but their shit was undeniably unhealthy Still I loved the book Beck's character felt uniue and freshI fold CAT WINS Because Beck IS uniue And this story is hella sexy So much dirty sex a mire of despair and anger and pure passion Licking Pretending Kissing Intense head games but with a PURPOSE Olsen is a pushover And Beck is insanely fucked up and emotionally crippled But when I got to Beck's confession which undeniably came late in the game I understood Mostly I still think Beck treated Olsen poorly But Olsen LET him Because it was only ever Beck for Olsen not some cute nerd named Evan no matter how much Olsen tried Sometimes you meet the love of your life when he steals your phone and makes you run up a sandy hill Then he kisses you senseless And denies knowing you in the morning Sometimes he's your friend's brother who buys morbid antiue junk Sometimes he's volatile And secretive And seemingly all wrong for you But so VERY RIGHT This book is frustrating And real It has an awesome cast of secondary characters And a fairly solid HEA view spoilerwith a sweet coming out scene hide spoiler

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    Where to begin where to begin? Let me start by setting a bit of a scene Remember when you were head over heels for that one guy who just completely made your toes curl from a simple smirk?Remember how he treated you like complete crap? Sometimes Remember how at other times with just a look you could light up his world? Just less often than you'd hopedRemember how he was both caring and careless? Sadly in eual measureRemember how when he looked at you you could barely breathe? Only to later realize that his actions were at times suffocating your very soul?Remember how he was a complete and utter train wreck of an emotional mess? More often than notRemember how no matter what anyone said not even your own inner voice of reason could dissuade you from the gravity of his pull? Your own counter pull back Well then congratulations you've had your very own 'Beck'So beautiful and charming outside So fucked inside There are plenty of reviews that will go through the highlights of the plot as I normally do myself but this book felt a bit different than most for me so I'll leave you to other reviews for the plot rundown this timeI'm sure that a lot of people became extremely frustrated with Beck's actions but for some very strange reason he just clicked for me from the start with his mask to hide his deep crippling painWhen we first meet Beck he's passed out drunk in the surf only to be found by the uiet and lonely Olsen then proceeds to mischievously torment the younger man with his childish frustrating and slightly manic antics But when they next meet and Beck pretends not to know the young man he kissed late the night before I highly suspected that Olsen had somehow gotten his hooks into Beck although he desperately tried to deny it For me when Olsen's heart was uietly in pursuit of Beck's there was a subtlety to the story that told me Beck had already lost this game of cat and mouse And he knew itWhat I really enjoyed about the book was the complete honesty in Beck's words the ones that were actually voiced as he let Olsen know that his life was in shambles and he honestly didn't have it in him emotionally to be the person that Olsen needed So no I was never pissed at Beck only saddened by what I knew had been some soul killing event that he'd only barely survived by acid washing away the person that he'd been before in order to become the person he had to be to move forward at all Fortunately though Olsen was persistent which paid off for them both in the end He also saw past the pretty mask and the games to something worth excavating beneath all of the rubble of Beck's pastThe story was as eually touching as it was heartbreaking especially the scene where Olsen agreed to pretend I'd read the book for that very powerful chapter aloneI should also mention that the book is full of steam and the primary way that Beck and Olsen begin to connect First physically and then by slowly beginning to tear down very rigid emotional walls one small brick at a timeMy only criticism of the book would be that I felt the level of banter could have been kicked up a notch or two so I would have loved to have seen a bit of thatSo a very solid 425 pretend until you're strong enough stars for this uniue very worthwhile read for me

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    Oh boy this one didn't work for me Pretty sure I spent the majority of the book with my eyes rolled to the back of my head I felt like this one had very little actual romance I didn't feel a connection between Olsen and Beck At all And frankly I found them both annoying Sadly I skimmed the majority of the book

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    This is one that I started of thinking was just okbut the I read the I really enjoyed itOlsen is on vacation with friends from work when he meets a drunk stranger on the beach one nightHe is very surprised when he learns the identity of the strangerThe story is told from Olsen's POV and I just loved him and his inner dialogue was brilliantHe is than happy with his organized lifeThe only thing missing is a man to share it withHowever the last thing he was expecting was to have his life turned upside down in the form of Beckett TurnerNowlike I saidI loved Olsen but my GodI just adored BeckBeck obviously has daemons from his past which he was struggling to move on fromuntil he meets OlsenI thought Olsen and Beck were great together and I could totally feel their sexual chemistryThere's humourangstdrama and my God the sex scenes are smoking hot and not overdoneSodespite a wobble at the start this is one I could not put down

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    I stayed up until 100am finishing this book And then proceeded to think about it all the next day And why? Because it was so UNIUE It was utterly deliciously different I think this is the most creatively spun MC in a traditional contemporary mm romance I have ever read Beck ladies and gentlemen I will never in my life forget the FORCE of nature that is Beckett TurnerBeck is batshit crazy Not just a bit He is literally certifiable Olsen our other MC meets Beck on the beach when Beck appears dead but isn't steals Olsen's phone and runs away with it only to force Olsen to climb a sand dune to get it back from him I honestly spent the first part of this book waiting for the straight jacket But then the masterful Darien Cox strikes There is a reason I drop everything when one of his books hits You begin to see behind all the layers that make up Beck And the ROMANCE is there suddenly and then your heart is bleeding on the floor and all I wanted to do was push Beck against my chest and sueeze the shit out of him in a hug This book had it all for me Laugh out loud moments from the get go Olsen's POV throughout the book and he's snarky and flippin hysterical True what the ever lovin FUCK moments of Beck's crazy Holy shit I need a cold shower from the smexy parts OMG this is the cutest romance ever after I inevitably and you will too I DARE you not to fall in love with BeckEven though it was all over the place I was on the edge of my seat I stayed up until 100am for a reason I couldn't put it down I had to know what happened next with all the crazy You won't know what hit you So entertaining Read this book

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    Rating still stands5 starsThank you thank you thank you Darien Cox for this You can't possibly know how desperately I needed a story that good to keep me hooked and invested until the end right nowThe entire time I was reading this there was a little devil on my soulder wispering reasons why I shouldn't like this so much I shut the fucker down each and every time Beck is crazy He stole Olsen's phone and made him chase him around Do you know anyone who meets the love of his life that way? Best first meeting ever I was as speechless as OlsenThe first 10% of the book had me totally hooked Beck is an asshole He pretended not knowing Olsen and then yelled at the ladies and the hipster guy by the pool HAHAHAI laughed so hard during that sceneI loved Beck the asshole “Real Fishwives of Cape Cod Can you keep it down please? Some of us are trying to relax hereAnd what the hell are you looking at?” he snapped at the hipster with the notebook whose focus was now on Beck “Turn around Dostoyevsky nothing to see here” He's not good for Olsen he treats him badsigh Sadly he is And he knows itIt's pretty obvious something really bad has happened to him that made him an asshole I hope one day I won’t have to wear a mask just to function and when that day comes I selfishly hope I can hunt you down and that you’re not shacked up with some great guy and want nothing to do with me He forced Olsen back in the closet for a whileI'll let Olsen answer this If the goal is passion the kind of passion that leads to love you can pretty much guarantee that the journey is going to change you But the one thing that never changes is the heart And since the heart wants what the damn heart wants be prepared to probably get the shit kicked out of you for a while to make it happen Amazingly hot and intense sex scenes original plot solid writing snarky dialogue and an ending that made me swoon Yep you can say I really liked the bookHighly recommended

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    45 Stars This book really had it all During the first few pages I felt like Cox had just opened up my brain and spilled all my thoughts onto the page for everyone else to read A few pages later I was laughing constantly at Olsen's inner snark and then there was Beck Even drunk as a skunk the man exuded charm and sex appeal and this magnetism; I felt myself drawn into him just as uickly and uncontrollably as Olsen was And my god The sex blushes and goes back to re read some scenesBut the thing that kept me reading this book far into the night was the uniueness of Beck and his dynamic with Olsen It was crazy and intense definitely a little dark and unhealthy around the edges but I couldn't help but root for them to sort their shit out and be together When Beck finally does unburden himself and start to sort his shit he does it in his own undeniably Beck way which is to say that it's a little dark a little over the top but sincere enough to make me believe that he and Olsen would make it in the long run This book wasn't flawless but it's been a long while since an MC has gripped my attention so thoroughly

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    What an amazing story with wonderfully complicated characters Never read about a guy like Beck before ❤️❤️❤️ Where did you hide him so long Darien? After finishing the story I needed a few days to calm down Beck simply overwhelmed meAll these feelingsAs always I loved Darien’s writing style it’s uniue and full of emotions; humor and angst are well balanced The story is an entertaining mix of heartache love hurt and passion and Beck and Olson’s journey to love is terrific and beautiful How they managed to overcome their challenges to form a deep and everlasting love and build such a strong relationship touched me deeply My boyfriend the hot guy The sweet guy The crazy guy The nurturing guy The chaotic guy The guy who’d turned my life upside down broken it and then put it back together again It was perhaps a little lopsided now had a few cracks where the glue showed through But he’d gotten it done Btw I loved the sappy ending I’m a sucker for HEAsDarien