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For twenty six year old rent boy Chance Matthews surviving day to day in San Francisco is difficult enough Then an ill fated road trip to Wyoming to search for his biological father throws his life into a tailspin When a string of catastrophes leaves him stranded and desperate help comes from the last person he’d expect His knight in shining armor is everything he could want and then some but Chance is sure a man like that would never want someone like him That’s the stuff of fairy tales and he stopped believing in those a long time ago

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    This is a HOME Run OMG stars reuired This is a must read for any MM romance lover WONDERFUL Outstanding characters Chance is 26 a rent boyphotographer in San Francisco He's from a small town in Wyoming where his life was horrible I nearly gave up on the book SPOILER view spoilerwhen the john was whipping Chance hide spoiler

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    Coming Home was the second of the Firsts and Forever series I've read I started with the first one which I really loved and now read part 9 It is definitly possible to read Coming Home as a stand alone but there are a lot of characters from the books before and I sometimes felt lost It might have been better to read them in order Chance Matthews ran away from home at the age of 14 with the hope to find a better life in San Fransisco He soon realized that he has to struggle to survive in this big city and that he won't be able to make all his dreams and hopes come true More than a decade later he is stillworking as a prostitute in order to afford his apartment and everyday life He dreams of being a photographer once but he doesn't think that he will be able to earn enough money with his picture due to his lack of a real apprenticeship At the wedding of two of his closest friends he is engaged at a photographer and happens to take a picture of Finn one of the grooms' brothers He immediately sees the sadness in Finn's eyes When meeting him again in one of the worst possible moments his world is about to change Just as I said before Coming Home has tons of secondary characters I felt a bit lost with all of them but there were a few very interesting ones I loved Zachary a close friend of Chance who is also working as a prostitue He is sad and lonely and I definitly want him to get a story of his own And I loved Chance's brother Colt and Elijah There were great and I really want them to be happy I hope that they keep popping up in the next part of the series I definitly got interested in some of the other characters and I will read the other parts of the series to get to know them better I have to say that I sometimes struggle with Alexa Land's attempts at humor they make me roll my eyes at times and feel completely uncredible The aspect of uncredibility is definitly a huge topic for the whole story Many reactions and decisions didn't feel credible at all it felt way too easy sometimes and the pace was odd too All of the men in Alexa Land's books seem to be gay too I still loved the characters and the plot enough for this to be an entertaining story I would definitly recommend it for all fans of the series 3 stars

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    This series is like crack to me Not that I'd ever tried crack butyea you get what im saying Another amazing addition to the series I can't wait for nicos

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    45 StarsSo I almost made a huge mistake I almost passed this upWhy? Because it's book #9 in the Firsts and Forever series I thought Why would I start so far into a series? I won't know what's going on will I? Butthis was the first audio book added yes that's a head scratcher because it's not chronologically before the others in the series Andit's Greg Tremblay narrating I mean who can pass up Greg? Not meFinally though I remembered I read Skye Blue which is actually book #6 in the series and enjoyed it without ever feeling like I was missing anythingso I decided to click and try Boy am I happy I did This gave me all the good suiggly feelings I love from a rent boy trope storyTwenty six year old Chance Matthews has been a whore for twelve years When Finn Nolan cop and friend of a friend's brother approaches Chance to teach him about sex it opens an opportunity for both of them once they're willing to trust each otherHe shook his head “No I umI want to hire you to do this job” He gestured at our surroundings awkwardly“You want to take me to bed?”“Oh God” He turned away from me but then he nodded“I’m going to go ahead and guess you don’t have a lot of experience hiring prostitutes” I said“Absolutely none I’ve thought about it before but I could never go through with it Between my job my family” He turned to look at me “You could destroy me Chance and I’m not being dramatic You could tear down my world if you chose to Butsomehow I don’t think you will”“Why would you take that risk?”“Because I want this so damn bad It’s all I can think about Please tell me I can trust you”“You can”I really enjoyed this from top to bottom I enjoyed the characters the humor the hurtcomfort the flow and the narration thoroughly I was consistently happy with the directions the story took if not surprised by them and didn't stop listening until it was finished That's right I listened to all 9 hours and 50 minutes in a single stretch with nary a break Except for one meeting Damn meetings Always breaking into my reading timegrumbles With only one exception in the story I loved every other minuteThen there's the narration Greg once again brings the heat and the humor and the loveI love you Greg TremblayThis is surprisingly fluffy for a story about a whore but totally worth ever fluff filled second It's got some angst but in the end it's all kittens and rainbows It's terrificRecommended This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews

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    35 stars for the story5 stars for the narrationGreg Tremblay is a fantastic narrator His distinct voices bring the story to lifeThis is a sugary sweet romance I feel nothing but good feelings after finishing the book

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    This was so cuteYes I started this series in book 9 no it was not confusing and I started in book 9 because it is the first book that is available in audiobook I'm that lazyChance had a shitty life he left his mother's house because his mother didn't believe he was sexually abused he was basically a child when he moved to another city and started selling his body This book touches emotions if you don't like books with strong themes like sexual abuse I would not advise it even though there is nothing very graphic or I wouldn't read it myself Then we met Finn he always knew he was gay but he never wanted to assume that so he hires Chance to have his first experience feelings start to develop and I swear this book is very cute and funny Possibly I will read of the series Rating 4 Stars Steam 6 out of 10 Triggers view spoiler Sexual abuse violence hide spoiler

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    I only read this one because it's part of the series Call me crazy but I'm real tired or reading about prostitution in romances It depresses me And that's why this one gets two stars instead of the three I might have given it otherwise But speaking practically this is classic Alexa Land And it was kinda nice to see Chance get his HEA even if the little bugger is kind of an obnoxious moron I'm onto #10 and am enjoying it much So if rent boys depress you as much as they do me you could easily skip this one and not miss much

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    Fucking A As expected Alexa Land delivers yet another fantastic story to add to the ever so growing family of the Firsts and Forever series with its ever increasing Gay Homosexual cast I read Coming Home smiling giddily all throughout because I just feel so happy for Chance and his uest to find his father reconnect with his family back in Wyoming and fall in love for the first time Just everything about this book is perfect Even the coverthat cover isChance is one of my favorite characters amongst the number of hunky adorable and lovely men in the series probably next to Dmitri and Jamie from the first book and Finn is just the guy that Chance’s needed to finally uit his profession and believe in his talentIt was a tad predictable but in a good way and I just loved the angle about Chance’s father Hah I keep on expecting someone from his past will come to stir some shit up and I’m so glad that that didn’t materializedOf course I am also excited with the growing number of secondary characters Since we’ll be getting Nico’s story late this year where you Miss Land totally spoiled btw regarding his love interest– ugh – but I’m sure I’m gonna love it nonetheless giggles I’m hoping that we’ll get Zachary’s story next please tell us he’ll actually end up with the adorable JessieLastly I would like to congratulate the author for Coming Home reaching the Top 100 on across all genres This is indeed not just a victory for Miss Land but also for the MM genre as a whole Now if this honor isn’t enough to entice you to get the book I dunno what else because the author totally killed it with this one CongratulationsRating 5 out of 5 stars

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    I have read all the books in the First and Forever series and over the last two weeks I have had me a little reread marathon of the series And I have decided this is my favorite of the entire series If you haven't read the series you can jump in anywhere and this would be a great book to startIt's a fun series with crazy lovable characters hot steamy romances and a family dynamic like no other imaginable

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    Aww I really liked this one Very sweet