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After divorcing the woman he’d been with since he was seventeen Nick Fuller is starting over He owns the restaurant of his dreams and he’s determined to meet new people find new passions and experience life to its fullest Easier said than done—that is until he meets his new neighbor Bryce Tanner Bryce is all about a good time He plans to show Nick how it’s done help him meet a few women and enjoy the gift of the single life he’s been given But things don’t go as planned and soon they realize they’d rather be together than with anyone else Neither man has ever wanted another guy but there’s a connection between them from the start—a spark they can’t deny They find themselves navigating an unfamiliar new world and dealing with unforeseen obstacles Physical desire isn’t enough and now Nick and Bryce are at a crossroads They have to decide which way to go the easy path they’ve always followed or the one that's determined to trip them up at every turn

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    25 starsI know what you are thinking everyone I KNOW I'm thinking it too How on EARTH did I not love this one??? The hype for this book was INSANE and its average rating is 4 stars Plus this book had my name written all over itEveryone has their kinks and preferences and I am no different My favorite tropes in MM are well known I LOVE a gay first timer Give me a guy just discovering his bisexuality for the first time and I'm a happy girl Simple right?? Maybe not Okay here's the deal You can't just go from totally straight never being attracted to a guy to totally being turned on by everything gay in five seconds flat I don't ever buy that The way the two MCs went from never noticing a guy in that way before to watching gay porn and being turned on than ever before it felt false to me Maybe it was the writing This was my first time reading Riley Hart and I read this book to prepare for GRL 2016 see my shelf for it above I wasn't a huge fan of the writing to be honest I felt it to be veeery tell y instead of show y and I wasn't feeling the romance when they finally got there Plus this book is mommy issues galore I'm over that TBHThough I'm being negative because I wanted to LOVE it it also had some positives The difficulties with first time sex between these two felt very true to life not that I would ehem know and I appreciated the honesty Though the sex scenes were a bit too freuent for my taste I also thought that they were really hot as a rule I don't know maybe this was a case of expectation vs reality Pre reading reviewGuys I don't just need this I NEEEEEED this A double gay for you??

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    Re read December 2015 My second of probably many reads Bumping this up to 5 stars because what the hell was I thinking giving it only 45? This book is double gay for you perfection45 stars rounded up because DIRTY TALKNew Riley Hart Get excited because she BRINGS IT with her newest book CrossroadsBryce Tanner is a fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy He took years to find a profession he was passionate about has never had a serious relationship but he did try and it turned out to be a disaster and loves the ladies if only for a few hours It isn't until he meets his next door neighbor that he figures out what life is really aboutNick Fuller is coming off a devastating divorce from the woman he fell in love with at 17 She delivers divorce papers and news of her current but not first boyfriend on the same day Nick is blind sided and throws himself into his work at the restaurant he owns His new next door neighbor Bryce is a breath of fresh air in his lonely lifeBryce and Nick start a friendship that makes them both incredibly happy Their comradery is instant and their similarities evident They get into a routine of Saturday night outings for food and drink and daily chats after work in Bryce's garage working on old motorcycles Before either of them know it is happening their friendship changes into one of sexual attraction Neither man is gay or had any kind of relationship with a man before It leaves them both confused but excited at the prospect of their strong bond growing even strongerI really really fell in love with these two Bryce was adorable with his no filter personality rarely thinking before he speaks He is the one who kicks this sexual relationship into high gear and figures out pretty uickly that dirty talk amps his and Nick's sexual relationship to a whole new level And it is HOT Gotta love that dirty talkOf course it is not all hearts and flowers for these boys They are doing a lot better with navigating their new found sexuality than their families are Bryce and Nick both love their families and want them to accept their new lives together Of course it isn't uite as easy as all thatThis is a double gay for you friends to lovers love story that hits you right in the chest Fans of the genres are going to be happy campers Fans of hot sex are going to love how these two go at each other with out any shame or embarrassment Both guys are ALL IN and it is smoking hot And dirty talk The only tiny tiny drawback for me was the lack of dramaangst between the two men themselves We do get a few fights but they are merely spats and they make up almost immediately A lover's uarrel would have been welcomed But that's just meThis is a delightful low angst easy breezy romance between two incredibly likeable men Highly recommended This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

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    Crossroads is book one in the Crossroads series by Riley Hart This is my very first book by this author It was very highly stressed to me that I needed to read this book That this book would rock my world And YES it did Thank you Karen I’m so glad I listened to youNick Fuller is getting ready to live alone for the very first time in his life Nick is thirty years old and is a chef in his own restaurant He’d been with the same girl since he was seventeen But their marriage ended badly Nick is the youngest and only son with three older sisters all married He’s very close to his family but his mother is very traditional Women and men have their place in a marriage Bryce Tanner is thirty two years old and owns his own motorcycle shop Working on motorcycles is his passion But it might have taken Bryce a little longer than some to figure it out Bryce lives life to the fullest If he wants a woman he goes out and finds one He is also the youngest sibling with two older married brothers His mother wants nothing than for her youngest son to get married and give her some grandchildren Nick and Bryce are neighbors living in a duplex and sharing a back yard They become fast friends and Bryce decides it’s his job to help Nick to experience life To help him meet women But after a few failed attempts they both discovered that they had fun just hanging out They had so much in common and they made each other laugh “It was strange; usually it took him a while to warm up to people but he felt comfortable with Bryce from the start” Neither Bryce nor Nick had ever been attracted to a man before They were both straight men But as their friendship deepened feelings began to develop They started noticing things about each other that they shouldn’t notice about another man They couldn’t understand what was happening Why now and why this man? But neither wanted to fight it neither wanted to walk away “His whole life he’d tried to have as much fun as possible What he didn’t realize was he didn’t even know what fun was until he’d met Nick” When Nick and Bryce were alone in their own little bubble they found something they had never had before with anyone else But unfortunately they couldn’t stay that way forever They were both close with their families and were certain they wouldn’t take it well “What is it about you? Why do we both feel like this? What is going to happen if we keep this up? Why does it feel like my whole life was spent waiting for something even though I didn’t know it until now?” I am just in love with this book with Nick and Bryce I loved the way they approached the sexual part of their relationship like an adventure It was adorable and freaking hot They had no idea what to do and had so much fun figuring it out Together they just fit in every way “It’s like you filled this place in my world that I didn’t know needed to be filled I didn’t even know it was there before you came and claimed it Wanting you is the only thing I’m sure of” If you enjoy this trope you just have to read this book I sighed I swooned I smiled a lot Nick and Bryce just stole my heart Their road wasn’t always an easy one But as long as they are together they will find a way The next book in this series is called Shifting Gears and features Rod who works in the adult toy store that we met briefly in this book Thanks again to Karen for this I can’t wait to dig through all of Riley’s other works and see what’s availableIf you want to know about this book and so many others come and visit me at Carol's Crazy Bookish Worldhttpswwwfacebookcomgroups44036

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    Loved loved loved this one LovedDouble GFY gaspsboth MCs dive in balls to the wall no second guessing Off the charts HAWT exploratory sex My favorite And little to no angst Their biggest obstacle was the uncharted waters The never before feelings for each other Yeah they had to come out to their friends and family eventuallybut even that I found to be perfect This was Riley's best work to date

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    45 Stars “They were at a crossroads not the first one they’d hit and he sure as shit knew it wouldn’t be the last” This one was for sure Riley Hart’s best work to date She delivered such an entertaining friends to lovers double GFY mm story filled with steam and humor I can’t remember the last time I read a double GFY mm novel but I will tell you this this one was scorching hot and dare I say arousing The story starts off with Nick who after his divorce he moves into a new place He is a chef owning his own restaurant and he worked hard to get where he is now He is frustrated and maybe a little hurt with his new status as a divorce man after he found out his ex wife had multiple affairs and especially since she was the only woman in his life since they were 17 years old His family is supportive his mother already trying to set him up with different women but Nick doesn’t want to get involved in a relationship with a woman he wants something easy and convenient and he’s looking forward to this new fresh start Bryce Tanner is a mechanic also buying old bikes fixing them up and reselling them He truly loves what he does for a living He feels free only when he rides and maybe when he fcks because he loves all the ladies Bryce doesn’t looking to settle down anytime soon like his older brothers loving way too much his lifestyle “It’s like you filled this place in my world that I didn’t know needed to be filled Hell I didn’t even know it was there before you came and claimed it Wanting you is the only thing I’m sure of I don’t know how it happened or why but I know it’s there” When Nick meets his new neighbor Bryce he immediately warms up to him even if he’s not that kind of guy He’s feels that Bryce is his first real friend and he feels comfortable with him from the start and Bryce apparently feels the same way From the moment he met his new neighbor Bryce is determined to show him what he knows the best how to get loose and not give a sht about things They start an easy genuine friendship and both of them are very comfortable with the other They go out together spending a lot of time together and before they know it they start to feel something about each other – an attraction both of them can’t resist I'm scared of what this means I'm scared of the changes in my life I'm scared because I'm not sure how my family will reactbut none of that is enough for me to want to walk away from him The thought is unimaginable It doesn't matter if I understand any of it I really enjoyed this one The pace of the story was perfect and both main characters were very enjoyable had depth and the most important thing IMO in a GFY or in this case double GFY story their backgrounds were well explained and their struggles and obstacles they faced were very realistic I liked these two men a lot and I also liked the fact their personalities were so different Their character development was really great done and I’m not sure which one I loved Nick was the serious type the workaholic type He’s kind and loyal and I loved the fact that he was so determined to respect his morals Bryce was this guy you would love to have as a friend He’s funny charming loving sweet he has no filter and he was a great friend not only to Nick but also to his old friendex hook up girlfriend Christi I enjoyed reading about Nick and Bryce’s friendship and Bryce’s attempts to ‘make’ Nick like him But here’s the thing – Bryce liked the real Nick Nick who was ‘a little different a bit tight assed in some ways but not in others’ and this made me liked him even He kept Nick on his toes from the beginning and also from the beginning he made him laugh than he laughed in all these years spent with his ex “This wasn’t just about the fun any—wasn’t about orgasms and hiding out in their houses together naked It was all real and they had to decide how far they were willing to go for each otherwhat they really wanted” I liked how Nick and Bryce’s relationship progressed It simply felt real It wasn’t an easy journey from friends to lovers for either of them but together they succeeded With love caring and most important patience and communication they learnt together what it really means to be in a relationship and what it really means to give the other everything you got and everything you are “He shoved at Bryce rolling him over and climbed on top of him Their pricks rubbed together as their tongues invaded each other’s mouths It was like a war both of them fighting for possession as they grabbed at each other while their mouths dueled It was rough urgent passionate and everything else he could imagine as his cock begged to shoot the load in his balls” Like I mentioned above this story was eually emotional and steamy I would lie if I would say I didn’t preferred the steamy aspect of the story Nick and Bryce’s tale was touching and beautifully written but I have to admit these sexy scenes between them made me love this story even These two men complemented each other fantastically so of course their times between the sheets were hot as hell They were intense passionate and satisfying I loved how both of them were determined to make their relationship work and how both of them decided to experiment with the other everything there is to experiment without shame or embarrassment That’s how much they trusted each other “You’re the only risk I’ve ever taken Nick Nothing else could hurt me expect you” I have to say some of the supportive characters were truly delightful Christi was one of them She was such a good supportive friend to Bryce and later also to Nick She was lovely and I enjoyed her character a lot Bryce and Nick’s families were pretty great as well even if there were some obstacles with a few of them However there was no unnecessary angst or drama which made the story feel real in some way All in all “Crossroads was a fantastic great friends to lovers story that put a smile on my face warmed my heart and made me fell for these two endearing characters “What are we doing here Bryce?” They were two straight guys each screwing around with a man for the first time when there were so many things standing in their way They were a fucked up accident waiting to happen “I don’t know” Bryce’s hand was in his hair then “I just know that I can’t imagine not doing it”

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    45This is my favorite Riley Hart novel since It's so fucking incredible to feel you like this—the hardness of your body your muscles the hair on your chest legs and face To have you in my arms All fucking man and all fucking mine Sweet baby jesus but this book is not for public consumption This one's a SCORCHER Double GFY friends to lovers butt sex VIRGINS y'allThe intense passionate PLENTIFUL lovin' is made even better by the strong emotional connection the men share I BELIEVED in this relationship and the GFY Bryce knows Nick is The One just like he knows motorcycles are his thing Bryce fucked his way through women never caring moving on changing his mind because he was still looking for something someone a fork in the road a choiceAnd Nick had only ever been with one woman who cheated on him and left their marriage Nick worked so hard to open his own restaurant his marriage was an afterthought Nick was waiting too Still pretending to be dating his close friend Christi Bryce doesn't want to disappoint his family but Nick has it even worse His mom is traditional a wife takes care of her husband and other such brilliant tidbits and can't believe her baby boy could love another man This story had potential for major family melodrama but that didn't happen Yes the guys have to work through family issues They would love to stay in their happy little bubble working on Bryce's bike cooking Nick cooks for both of them and Bryce happily eats it all and discovering the joys of gay sex but real life encroaches Despite occasional frustrations cropping up Nick and Bryce never give up They talk through stuff They apologize They have make up sex And make up sex Dildos butt plugs gay porn shower sex rimming cocksucking Bryce's word not mine YEAH the men try it ALL much to my eternal happinessThe MCs are complex and the secondary characters well developed Thank you Ms Hart for not making Christi a bitch She was actually very encouraging of Nick and Bryce's relationship and totally cool The third person dual POV is BY FAR my favorite narrative style and worked very well hereBryce pretending Christi was his girlfriend went on for too long I wanted to kick his ass when he chickened out on telling his mom time and time again but I forgave him because he was never ashamed of Nick BIG SEXY HEA; BIG SEXY WIN

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    35 starsI liked it I just didn't love it Not sure why In the end I think there was a bit too much cock for me Can you believe that? Liked Nick Thought Bryce was a bit immature at times Anyway A nice read It just didn't blow my mind

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    BRYCENICKWell my favourite kind of MM book is when there is one straight guy but here they are both straight a first for meNick has just moved into a new place after his divorceHe's worked hard to get where he isrunning his own restaurantBryce moves next door a few days laterBryce has had trouble putting down roots in the pastHe has moved from one job to another with not much commitment until he opens his motorcycle repair shopsomething he is very passionate aboutThe two men get on really well and uickly form a strong friendshipThey get into a routinegetting together every Saturday for weeks as friendsAs their friendship develops they both fight the sexual attraction to each other until Bryce makes a move one nightThe sexual tension between them is extremely HOT as they both battle with the feelings they have for each otherThe story is a simple oneTwo straight men who have never been attracted to men before You're the only risk I've ever takenNickNothing else could hurt me except you To me this wasn't about being gaybi or straightIt's a story of two people who fall in love with each other who happen to be the same sexTotally recommend for fans of MM romance

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    This may sound odd butI think the writing ruined the book Ha I don't say that to be mean It's just that the story had all kinds of potential I'm not against a double GFYa true GFY for that matter not out for you I'm not against exploring how friendship leads to attraction that is new and unlike anything the MC's have had in their lives before I'm not against a couple dedicating themselves to each other and standing with each other despite family issues and ex issues All of that could make for a great storyWhat did NOT work for me is the writing I've read other Riley Hart books that I've enjoyed enough This one just didn't work for me There was so much telling in the beginning that even I who is not especially sensitive to it was going batshit over it I wanted it needed it to stop The entire first half of the book was page after page of me being told that they had feelings for each other and nothing that showed me this was true I didn't believe that actual chemistry existed between the characters And then it turned into something I just was really struggling to finish Bottoming for these characters eualed some kind of ritual that proved love And though that might be a believable premise especially for someone new to a same sex relationship it just was beaten into me over and over again The repetition of this story line and others as well got so old What also is a huge pet peeve of mine is when authors want to make one of their characters a bad boy and try to convince me of this solely by using the word fuck over and over again in his dialogue Don't get me wrongI use FUCK all the time But it isn't an indicator nor a descriptor solely for bad boys I need than that to believe that characterization I don't knowI wanted to like itbut it turned me off early on And then I all I really wanted was for it to end It probably isn't a good sign when you're relieved it's over I see so many other people having enjoyed it I think I too would have enjoyed the storyif it handn't gotten lost in the tell the repetition and the sometimes lazy descriptors

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    15 starssad face emoji Everyone loves this author and I feel like I'm missing something like I'm the one who doesn't get it Maybe this would've been successful had I read it rather than listening to it but the story overall seemed unrealistic The priority seemed to be focused on the sex rather than developing the relationship between the Bryce and Nick two previously lifelong heterosexual dudes I appreciate that one's sexuality isn't static of a continuum and I like that Hart seems to do this trope relatively well Maybe there are people who just dive headlong into bisexuality without reservation and good on them But if you're trying to convince me that two people are going to live happily ever after then I need than sex sex sex blow jobs rimming sex sex shop dildos and then some sex on top The sex was hot; that's undeniable But sex isn't love Sex isn't going to take the garbage out or mow the lawn or paint the living room or stay by your side when you get sick So as much as I wanted this to work for me it just didn't There were some feel good moments but not enough to convince me of their longevity I also feel left out because so many people love this narrator to pieces and his performance was about as exciting as the iTunes user agreement He blah blah blee blee blee'd about half of it yada yada'd most of the sex and Peanuts teacher'd the rest of it I've had oatmeal interesting than this I also HATED his voice for Bryce HATEDIT I'm not a huge fan of his voice in general but Bryce's voice was particularly grating Unfortunately not one I would recommend but my opinions are my own and YMMV