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The feud between the Blackburns and the Whitestones began before Evrain Blackburn was ever born Raised by a violent abusive father he and his brothers grew up like soldiers trained to fight in a war they never caused Only the youngest of the Blackburn boys escaped the horror show they were born into Sent away when he was only a teenager Daniel returns home again after twenty years to find his beloved brother Evrain a broken beaten man living in a place that time forgot In a world where violence waits around every corner and Death clicks his jaws in the shadows Evrain tries to learn how to live for the first time in his life As the feud between the Blackburns and Whitestones gears up for its final showdown he and Daniel fight with one foot in the past and the other in the grave They can only hope that it is enough to see them through to the end no matter how bitter that might be

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    I hesitate to leave too long a review for this because I don't want to spoil it but I'm surprised there aren't reviews on it so I'm going to give it a shot anyway Evrain is a sweet and sad character it's hard not to sympathize with and I can't even being to count the number of times I inwardly went Awww while reading this That said this isn't a light hearted story The author takes a taboo that I've seen faked entirely too often much to my disappointment Yes I am that pervert who wants the real thing Read it and you'll know what I'm talking about It's a big spoiler though and goes there I can't praise her enough for that alone because so few writers go there wherever there may be any The feud is well represented and though we don't know what caused it the things that happen are completely understandable Not forgivable maybe but relating to human nature I can see how something like this could escalate until it became such a part of the local culture and family tradition that it doesn't matter No punches are pulled there either There's violence and it's brutal and sick I want to high five the author for her ability to bring a villain to life on the page who is dead to begin with Joe was a son of a bitch and even though he was dead that did not matter The character was vivid and well developed anyway I wanted to give Evrain all the hugs poor thing I even felt bad for his older brothers who are not even really characters in the story I liked Daniel but I felt he wasn't as developed a character as Evrain was I think this is because the story isn't really about him He's in it and he's important but it's about Evrain and Evrain hasn't seen Daniel in a long time so he doesn't really know him therefore it's hard to say as a reader that I ever got to know him as a character This works for this story though in some ways because it conveys that feeling of distance and confusion about the character that Evrain feels You feel his ambivalence about his brother because the character remains unknown but you get from Evrain all of his feelings and memories about him In short I loved it

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    This is an exceptionally difficult review to write mostly because I am going to find it difficult to express exactly how I felt about this novelThe story is unbelievably dark and complex and brutal but there is something 'real' about it the characters come alive on the page and although the subject matter was than difficult to read at times I found myself drawn into the novel The author does not shirk from writing graphic brutality and although I knew this was going to be mm before I started reading the taboo aspect of the story caught me unawares view spoiler I usually avoid ANY story involving incest it's usually little than an excuse for titillation and crass porn at best but this relationship worked There was none of the all too freuent porncest here in fact it was loving than anything hide spoiler

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    Evrain Blackburn is a good man living in hell because of his abusive father and a never ending feud with their neighbours the Whitestones The only good thing in Evrain’s life is his epistolary relationship with his brother Daniel who managed to escape their miserable childhood home Loosing Daniel may be the very thing that makes Evrain finally snapJustine Sebastian never fails to shatter me Her books are an emotional roller coaster not suitable for the faint of heart In A Slave to Clay Evrain broke my heart so many times His story his relationship with his violent father the real monster in this story and his love towards his brother There is no good way to review this book without spoiling it let’s just say it deals with things most people would consider unsettling there is graphic and implicit violence and a love story not everybody would approve of It is a story about bad people doing bad things but also about good people doing bad things because sometimes that’s just the way it is and the only thing you can do is fulfil a fate which has been waiting for you since before you were born But is also a story about redemption with hope at the end view spoiler I think Evrain deserves all the love and happiness he can get even if it is in the arms of his brother Daniel hide spoiler

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    There are occasions where I come across something and go Finally someone REALLY did that This is one of those books I am thrilled to have found the real thing instead of all the pseudo crap out there I can't say much because it's spoilery as all get out but I will sayIf you like stories that will make you flinch this is the book for youIf you like stories that are written realistically this is the book for youIf you like stories that twist your insides into knots and make you want to scream cry and kick things because it hurts so good sometimes this is the book for youIf you like stories that are dark as midnight in hell but still shine with some light this is the book for youEvrain Blackburn broke my fucking heart into a million beautiful pieces so dawn kaleidoscopic within the cracks GOD What an amazing flawed lovely character 3On the other hand the Blackburn patriarch Joe is a bastard and a half He's reprehensible hateful and sadistic and one of the best fucking villains I've read in a long time He's SO bad and that is what makes him fantastic I think most people probably understand exactly the kind of character I am talking about you love to hate them because they're so well writtenThis is an amazing book that's all there is to itRead it Revel in it Thank the author for having the spine to write what so many other authors only play and fail at Justine Sebastian should seriously be well known than she is because this chick ROCKS

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    I really like her writing Disturbing though

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    My new favorite author Such a uniue imagination and exactly what I look for when it comes to damaged characters amazing story lines with constant action and keeps you on the edge of your seat You can't help but feel bad for poor Evraine but oh my his true colors are justoh god its perfect I love it I am officially reading every single book from this author

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    I really like Justine’s writing style Uniue and disturbing characters whom you love and emphasize with but dislike at the same time The story is heart wrenching long term severe domestic violence and a back woods mountain blood feud between 2 families Not a light story but interesting

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    This is a dark story and it got me sad and teary eyed from the first chapter until the end And though it was uite predictable I didn't mind it in the least because it still got me hooked and I couldn't put it down until I finished it I really loved it