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Trust is the most precious commodity of allIn the cutthroat world of Sweden's financial elite no one knows that better than corporate raider David Hammar Ruthless Notorious Unstoppable He's out to hijack the ultimate prize Investum After years of planning all the players are in place; he needs just one member of the aristocratic owning family on his side Natalia De la Grip Elegant brilliant driven to succeed in a man's world Natalia is curious about David's unexpected invitation to lunch Everyone knows that he is rich dangerous unethical; she soon discovers he is also deeply scarred The attraction between these two is impossible but the long Swedish nights unfold an affair that will bring to light shocking secrets forever alter a family and force both Natalia and David to confront their innermost fears and desires Fast paced sexy and smart New York Times bestselling author Lori FosterGiven the popularity of Steig Larsson and Jo Nesbo the idea is to introduce American audiences to another kind of Swedish commercial fiction I'm grabbing this one BookRiot

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    To put it simply I inhaled this book The story was riveting and kept me reading until the wee hours of the night All In is a Swedish romance set in the merciless world of corporate finance It is well documented realistic and perfectly written But above all this book is an irresistible roller coaster of emotions that kept me flipping the pagesDavid Hammar is Sweden’s most infamous venture capitalist and corporate raider He is a ruthless and arrogant businessman known for crushing companies and people This modern day pirate started from nothing and has been immensely successful David comes from a tough past his story was heartbreaking and made me admire him for what he was able to achieveHe is planning the biggest and riskier deal his firm has ever done a hostile takeover of Investum one of Sweden’s largest and oldest companies This deal is very personal though and is intended to take revenge on the owners of the company the upper class family De la Grip To make things easier he seeks to get someone from the family on his side and gets in contact with the daughter of Investum’s CEO Natalia De la Grip but uickly realizes that she is loyal to her fatherNatalia and David have much in common Their background is different but they are outsiders I felt for them Nathalia is a corporate finance talent in a very misogynist world She is a savvy and strong willed businesswoman who wants to be respected for her abilities David is prisoner of his uest for revenge He is convinced that the downfall of the De la Grip family will set him free from his past even if he crushes Natalia in the process But he can’t stay away from her Their chemistry is intense these two are destined to be together but nothing will be easy for them David is totally flawed what he did to Natalia was wrong but I appreciated how his character grew as the story progressed Natalia is a wonderful heroine generous genuine and forgivingNatalia and David's journey was deeply emotional sexy romantic and compulsively readable All In is a story to get lost in with unforgettable characters And the Swedish virtual sightseeing I did on Google while reading was an added bonusThis book is the first in a trilogy but it can be read as a standalone and has a HEAARC provided by publisher Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    I received an invitation to read the first chapters of 2 new books being released in 2016 in exchange for a short reviewThe first is from author Simona Ahrnstedt titled All In This is my first encounter with Ahrnstedt 's work and while a chapter is hardly enough time to feel connected to a story I can say this book has started out with a bang With a lead male sharing traits reminiscent of Christian Grey and the lead female sounding like Lucky Santangelo from the Jackie Collins series this has all the right ingredients for a sizzling readThe second book I was able to get a sneak peek into was from author Debbie Howells titled The Beauty of the End I had the pleasure of reviewing Howells debut novel The Bones of You which I lovedHer latest novel once again shows great promise with a storyline that already has me wanting to know An ex attorney with a lost love from his past has surfaced in the most intriguing wayI can see that his uiet life as he knows it now is about to take a drastic turn This is definitely going to be a must read this summer

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    Generally this was a good book with a kind of prestige ish language that underlined the story about revenge romance and Swedish finance and nobility perfectly Another aspect of the book that I liked was the foreign phrases the translators chose to keep It set a certain mood for the book The one thing that irritated me a little was the ending I felt like the first half of the book built a strong story that mounted into something I was excited about but the last 50 100 pages were a steady storyline without any major excitement The characters were nice Sometimes it felt like the author was getting close to a cliche but dodged the bullet at the end The author also liked to inflict the story with issue upon issue for the characters Sometimes it went a little overboard but personally I didn't mind it that much I can't wait for the next book because this was a good novel45 stars

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    InkvotaryHoly Crab on a Cracker I am soooooo thrilled What an outstanding novel you have to read this This novel is one fantastic read; and that without using loud tones or an aggressive language All In shows the world of the rich and goes behind the façade You see the glittering sparkle cruelty tragedy hate and lurking revenge Told in an impressive and absolutely entertaining way The author makes it uite clear to the reader that she is about to unfold things that you wouldn´t even dare to dream about not to mention speaking it out loud There is a undertone not much but enough to make it totally clear that not everything that people do is ok and that revenge is one thing but forgiveness another There was than one scene where I was kicking the ass of a certain person in my mind And I was asking myself if in todays Swedish society that kind of thinking still excists or was only used by the author to get some tension into her plot

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    TOOOOOO MANY BOOKSI'm so bored you guys And I think this is like 300 400 boring pages David's boring Natalia's boring They work too much They do work I don't find interesting I'd call it boring Their friends are boringI am sure something interesting happens I just don't know when And I'm so bored I just don't care Got a stack staring at me next to my bed my kobo is crawling with TBRs Digital shelves are fullstupid beautiful cover

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    I was initially intrigued by the Swedish setting and the contextual world of the financial elite However the characters did not live up to their setting; thinly drawn stereotypical and immature The plot was predictable and melodramatic in a cliched way Also I think something got lost in the translation from Swedish to English and it made for jarring moments that pulled me away from the story Harsh I know but I purchased this book after reading several glowing reviews Just my opinion others may have a positive experience

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    Familiengeheimnisse ✔️Intrigen ✔️Sex ✔️Machtspiele ✔️Gefühle ✔️Da das mein erstes Buch von Simona Ahrnstedt war hatte ich keinerlei Erwartungen an Die Erbin Daher bin ich jetzt umso froher dass ich das Buch endlich gelesen habe denn Davids und Natalias Geschichte war genau meins ♥ Teil 2 3 sind schon gekauft und ich freu mich auf sie family secrets ✔️intrigues ✔️sex ✔️power games ✔️emotions ✔️This was my first book my Simona Ahrnstedt so I had no expectations Now I'm so happy that I read it because Davids and Natalias story was just my cup of tea ♥Already bought book 2 3 and can't wait to read them

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    I just had to finish the last 50% of the book in one sitting couldn't put it down I have to admit this is one heck of a good book As highly as I put english types of books this comes straight up there and to be honest is setting the bar way up high now for the other Swedish books I'm soldI loved the characters the geographic I live there the summer time the plot the conversations the business talk EVERYTHING The wait was worth it 6 months I waited for this Can't say I can wait for another set of 6 8 months when the next installment comes

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    I chose to read this book out of curiosity Romance fiction is a big guilty pleasure moneymaker in the US but in Sweden it's even of a hidden guilty pleasure than here Harleuin books for example are rather popular in Sweden but are sold at supermarkets and gas stations and are tracked as magazines This information was found in the Publishers Weekly article Swedish Romance The Next Hot Trend?This particular novel by licensed psychologist and cognitive therapist Simona Ahrnstedt is the first of a trilogy and is Kensington Publishing's first romance in translation ALL IN has received raves by US romance authors known to me Yes yes I read romance but I still have a brain so there Eloisa James Tessa Dare Sandra Brown Lori Foster and Christina Lauren all known in the romance or romantic suspense genres have praised thisI do see its good points as a contemporary romance novel 1 It takes place in Stockholm a unusual location for a romance since I'm inclined to associate Scandinavia with dark and gloomy mysteries and thrillers And it's educational to see what life is like albeit only for the rich in Sweden 2 It's interesting to see that love and romantic relationships don't differ much between US and Sweden and that classism elitism prejudice misogyny racism etc exist as much there as hereTo summarize the plot briefly we have a very rich successful pulled himself up by the bootstraps venture capitalistcorporate raider David Hammar of Hammar Capital planning the hostile takeover of Investum a very powerful company owned by the De la Grip family The family is very upper class and wealthy and as close to royalty as you could get without actually being royal Investum the company controls almost one tenth of Sweden's GNP and owns the biggest bank in the countryThis takeover and planned financial ruin of the De la Grip family are motivated by revenge Although that is never a good reason the reader can see some justification for David's actions There are dark secrets in his past tied to the family that will come out as the story progresses and in addition the we learn about the family the less we like most of its membersBut remember that this is a romance We need a love interest for David That will be Natalie De la Grip intelligent well educated successful businesswoman who just happens to be underappreciated in her family and the family business When David and Natalie first meet at David's lunch invitation Natalie is puzzled by his interest in her David's motivation of course is to see if Natalie is vulnerable to being used as insider information about the family business And so it goes They become involved personally Will they have any chance at love? Will they ever be honest with each other? Are they even interested in having a relationship beyond the physical? And BTW just as David has secrets in his past there are secrets surrounding Natalie and her ties to the familyAs a romance this is a fairly complete book with many characters lots of sex issues of revenge love loyalty forgiveness racism prejudice classism and elitism It is weak in that it deals only with the upper echelons of Swedish society but that is most often what the romance lover is looking for We have our dukes in historical romances and our billionaires in the contemporary ones and show little interest in buying romances about people of the lower middle classBut another weakness is the relative shallowness of the characters I did not find myself liking anyone in the book not even the main male and female protagonists Everyone is self absorbed and self centered superficial and lacking depth Well you might say What else should I expect in a romance? My answer would be as a longtime romance reader that I expect appealing characters and a bit character development especially in the case of this book which was written by a psychologist

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    Swedish crazy sauce fun Swedish crazy sauce In an attempt to capitalize on the popularity of Scandinavian literature All In is a romance set in the world of Swedish aristocracy and Swedish high financed and translated into English Portions of the book are reminiscent of the Harleuin billionaire category but the country and the social structure is grounded in real life The story revolves around David Hammar and Natalia de la Grip Natalia’s a minor Swedish royal and a member of a wealthy aristocratic family David’s a corporate raider who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks He went to boarding school with Natalia’s brother Peter and suffered extreme bullying and trauma at the hands of Peter and his school mates At some point David stopped fighting back and instead started exacting revenge by buying the companies of those who wronged him and dismantling them Going after the de la Grip family corporation is the culmination of years of everything he has built on Shortly before the raid goes public he makes an attempt at bringing a family member to his side and reaches out to Natalia She’s flattered thinking its just a business meeting David does not reveal his true purpose and as one might guess badonga donga commences And that’s just the set up the story gets crazier and crazier The author is aware of how crazy things are getting and at least one character makes a sly reference to it This isn’t great literature but it’s crazy fun and a nice chance to gain a little insight into the lives of the wealthy in Sweden If I was rating this against American category novels it would be a solid 3 but it’s Swedish and uniue so we’ll give it a 375 on the 5 star romance scale