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Eros by Claire ThompsonAria Loran has just paid a princely sum for a one week vacation she'll never forget Too busy and powerful for real love Aria has rented a mate who is guaranteed to be the man of her dreams She doesn't bargain for the telepathic lover who will explore fantasies she has barely admitted even to herselfForced to submit as his sex slave Aria connects with fears and desires deep within her psyche As the week draws to a close Aria must face losing a man who can't be real and a love that most certainly is Tristan's Woman by Beverly HavlirA half breed and a pariah exotic dancer Ava Summerlin dreams of leaving Pleasure Planet and finding a new home elsewhereTristan Commander of The Destroyer is a Cyborg in search of his long lost people He desires Ava from the moment he first sees her But on Pleasure Planet a half breed is forbidden from having sexual encounters with anyone But Tristan's lust will not be denied He wants Ava and he will have her But everything will change when he discovers her true identity

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    In Pleasure Planet by Claire Thompson you become addicted to this new world that you are introduced to To 'humans' it appears that they are using a magic of sorts to make the fantasies come true and that's true for Aria The main character in the story There is seriously enough action adventure romance and smexxi smut that I could see this being an X rated movie somehow The setting is surreal but then again the author uses so many details that it does appear to be real and easy to imagine The characters were both brought to life with such incredible back stories that you have no choice but to fall in love Oops I said the bad word The twist in this story will blow your mind and the HEA was really beautiful this isn't my first book by Claire and it certainly won't be the last I loved this story and give it five wonderful stars I received a gift copy of this book in exchange for an honest non reciprocal review

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    Anthology A much better than average anthology 45 starsEros by Claire Thomspon Aria goes on vacation where they take into account her likes and dislikes and match up everything accordingly She meets Ronan and they find out shortly after meeting each other that they care for each other than they should Now Ronan has to find his way back to her and she has to trust that he can Very good story First time reading this author too Tristan's Woman by Beverly Havlir Ava is a half breed on the same planet as noted above and as a half breed she's not allowed to get close to anyone on the planet She can dance but that's it Tristan is looking for his people that escaped their world for a time when war started He may have found one but will the planet let her go? I liked the story the best although they were both really good

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    Ummm Two unrelated stories both futuristic IMO the first one was a series of sex scenes taped together Sort of the worst elements of 70's romance The plot was thin to non existent although the hero and heroine were likable enough The second story had a plot of somewhat greater strength and some action scenes beyond the sexual antics You think the author could have done with the characters with pages Or maybe not the choice of names for the background bad guys 'Pagans' and the name of the heroes' world 'Kar'nal' makes you wonderBasically good for what it is but don't spend a pile of money on it