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Rogues RedeemedAs Heir To A Title And Great Wealth, Will Masterson Should Have Stayed Home And Tended His Responsibilities Instead He Went To War Now, After Perilous Years Fighting The French, He Intends His Current Mission To Be His Last But All His Plans Are Forgotten When He Arrives In The Small Mountain Stronghold Of San Gabriel And Meets Her Knowing Herself To Be Too Tall, Strong, And Unconventional To Appeal To A Man, Athena Markham Has Always Gloried In Her Independence But For The First Time In Her Life, She Finds A Man Who Might Be Her Match Two Of A Kind, Too Brave For Their Own Good, Athena And Will Vow To Do Whatever It Takes To Vanquish San Gabriel S Enemies For Neither Will Back Down From Death, And Only Together Can They Find Happiness And A Love Deeper Than Any They D Dared Imagine

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    After a taut silence, the rifle was lowered and a magnificent stepped from the shadows Now that Will didn t have a weapon pointing at him, he realized that the rich, low voice belonged to a female. I honestly can t do this book justice, all I can say is that it isn t your typical HR This book surprised me all round At first glance it seems like every other historical romance I ve read but that wasn t the case at all The two main differences The romance was secondary don t get me wrong at about 70% the author did intensified the romance and the connection between the love interests but I feel like that s not what this story was about Secondly there were two couples in this book and their stories were told simultaneously While Will and Athena were the lead characters, I was just as invested in Justin and Sophia s story I never expected to enjoy the story as much as I did, I hesitantly started it last night and found I couldn t stop reading.The two main characters Athena and Will are very well matched, Athena was a very strong and independent character because of how she grew up On one hand because of her liberal upbringing she was capable of doing many things a woman like her wasn t able to at the time, but on the other hand her differences set her apart which was another negative blow, you see Athena is the illegitimate daughter of a peer This book is set immediately after the defeat and abdication of Napoleon, in a small country called San Gabriel While fighting in the warWill and is captured and sentenced to death Luckily he escapes along with a group of soldiers, they become fast friends and form a club called Rogues Redeemed They re all seeking redemption, I assume because of tortured past But that another story.San Gabriel was very badly effected by the war and the attack of a militia led by the French General Bodain and when Will arrives he has his work cut out for him The author focused quite a bit on the details of the war at the time and the cultivating of vineyards and wine making and at first I was a bit worried, I mean I was a expecting an historical romance but like I said, surprisingly I enjoyed this part of the book but I did wish for a deeper connection or maybe on the romance between Athena and Will One could never mistake their connection as insta love.What I loved about this book the most was probably Athena, I mean her name says it all The goddess of wisdom and war, and she definitely lived up to her name But she did have her hang ups, we call them daddy issues these days and rightfully so Athena went through so much public ridicule because of her parentage Will s character was quite different to what I normally read, he was a strong and protective man but never overbearing I I guess he was of a beta hero I ll definitely be reading books in this series, Mary Jo Putney is quite different to all the other HR authors I ve read I quite enjoyed the way she told her story I ve met some female guerrillas as fierce as any man, but, in general, you re right Perhaps the world needs queens and fewer kings. ARC kindly provided by publisher via Netgalley in return for an honest review

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    I drifted off twice while reading this.The hero and heroine meet and because insta lust would be too exciting, they just kind of really like each other Ok, so they are quite lovely together and talk and share and calmly talk some My kingdom for a scorned other woman, devious uncle, or some other over the top villain I bemoan these tropes but at least they give the story some life.Also, I love myself some wine but reading over and over about how this fictitious country has the best and how were they ever going to recover the buried wine had me wanting to throw my bottles out JK JK I would never I loved the beginning with the captured men escaping and loosely forming the Rogues Redeemed but the numerous mentions of the heroine s height and I m an myself , wine, and extremely mellow romance that was pushed to the side in favor of discussing how the fictitious country could rebuild from the war, was bland as naked toast.

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    Rese a completa en cuenta que esta autora, pese a que he le do novelas suyas que me han super encantado, no es de mis favoritasPues muy sorprendida Pensaba que estaba leyendo la t pica historia de los 90 y acabo de mirar y la public en el 2016 Flipando porque sigue exactamente el esquema de aquella poca lo que me indica que como autora no ha arriesgado absolutamente nadaUna novela que me ha resultado bastante aburrida, la verdad Es intersante al final cuando Mary Jo Putney explica en qu se basa la novela, pero no me ha enganchado en ning n momento con dos romances al cual m s instalove, poca definici n de los personajes Lo importante es la parte de aventuras, pero le ha faltado chispa y ritmo y originalidad Me animar con el siguiente a ver qu tal cuando lo publiquen

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    1 5 Me pregunto si los hombres superar n alguna vez su deseo de luchar Las mujeres, desde luego, lo repudiamos He conocido a algunas guerrilleras tan feroces como cualquier hombre pero en general, tiene raz n Tal vez el mundo necesita m s reinas y menos reyes rase una vez un soldado es una novela que me ha decepcionado ya que me ha aburrido much simo y no me ha parecido nada interesante Con unos personajes planos ,sin nada de qu mica y con una trama sopor fera, estoy segura de que habr novelas de esta autora mucho mejores Rese a completa

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    I started reading Mary Jo Putney at least 20 years ago And I will always read her books If only the new writers had half of her talent She has a distinctive style that is evident in her latest book The conversations, the maturity, the characters, have Putney written all over it I love this feeling of meeting an old friend when I read her books It is.rather comforting Once a Soldier features Athena, an extremely tall like woman and Will, a war hero and a baron The story took place in Southern Europe, even though both Athena and Will were British The attraction happened very quickly, so did affections I would usually hate such things But this is what I love about Mary Jo Putney, her characters are nothing but practical They are usually pragmatic and mature, making no fuss about I love you or I want you They are steady and reliable people, even in their affections Not one volatile character And that makes the quick affections work for me I believe you can develop feelings in a fairly short time But most writers make it look like a joke But Mary Jo Putney, through her level headed characters, makes it a serious attempt at happiness After their initial meeting, Will quickly came to the conclusion that he would not mind having Athena as a life partner and was open to the idea of marriage He was very adult about it too And that was the game changer for me I did not feel that the relationship was rushed I just accepted it as it was if 2 consenting adults hold affections and attraction toward each other, why not Their relationship developed through a national crisis of San Gabriel, where Athena had been residing for 5 years Their joint efforts to help the small country brought them together and also brought together a secondary couple, Will s Scottish friend Justin and San Gabriel s princess However this book belongs to the 3 stars group of Putney s books for me My first reservation has to do with Athena s warrior princess stature It was repeatedly mentioned that Athena was unusually tall, an of a woman and magnificent was the word I have no doubt that s can be attractive There is no dispute about that I just have trouble relating to her as a person because of that I have in mind a female tarzan and that made it difficult to imagine her as a heroine in a romance My second issue with the story was the saving San Gabriel plot took precedence over the relationship Putney excels at building a complex backdrop While she does a fantastic job of it, sometimes the plots took the spotlight away from the lead characters I feel that this was the case with Athena and Will They did not really have much attraction from where I saw it They did not really have enough romantic interactions for me to feel that the relationship was romantic While I appreciate Will s being practical, Athena s image took root and made it difficult for me to picture her as my heroine In short, I wasn t attracted to Athena and could not imagine why Will would be The third issue, or rather, observation, was that I was much drawn to the secondary romance between the princess and Justin As secondary characters, they had chemistry than Will and Athena When I read the blurb and saw that Athena was an unusually tall woman , I already had my reservation I thought that I probably would not like her a lot and it turned out to be the case I understand that writers must attempt to write about different types of characters So there is nothing wrong with that I love her ability to build a complex story and create characters with depth Will and Athena s book isn t my favorite book from her but I am glad to see that Mary Jo Putney is still writing and also happy to see that her signature style is still evident in her stories This review is for an ARC from the publisher on NetGalley.

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    Originally posted at Desert Island Book ReviewsI wanted to like this book I wanted to be able to say that I enjoyed it, because I like historical romance and, in the past, I ve liked Mary Jo Putney s work Unfortunately, however, I barely made it through this book.Once a Soldier is purportedly a historical romance, but it s missing both accurate historical details it s set in a fictional country and the characters frequently do things that are unbelievable for the time and a compelling romance despite the fact that there are not one, but two, romances in this book The majority of the book is either related to war and battles or to wine or to rebuilding San Gabriel the fictional country following the Napoleonic wars in the mid 1800s.I generally found the first 85% of this book to be dull and lifeless, full of details that, for me, didn t add anything to the story The events weren t what I was looking for in a historical romance, and I didn t care about the characters at all Their romances and struggles were flat and unrealistic I will say that I thought the ending read like a historical romance and wasn t too bad although the happy coincidences are a frustrating way to deal with conflicts and struggles the characters faced.The women in this book were completely wrong for the time period Athena, our heroine, is supposed to be different she s supposed to be tall, independent, and strong Sure, fine, I can handle that I don t need cookie cutter characters What I don t like, though, is that she does things that I can t see any woman of the time doing For example and this is a spoiler, but honestly, since I don t recommend this book, I m not too worried Athena and Princess Sofia a twenty three year old who is supposedly the heiress to the throne of San Gabriel caused a landslide avalanche to save the country s wine when the French invaded Another time, Athena dressed up like a nun in a war zone to save real nuns and children Even for a different character in this period, I just don t think either of these things is plausible.The characters didn t seem to have much chemistry with each other and the romances were lightning strikes types, where the characters were immediately in love with each other without knowing each other at all Additionally, they were all way too informal and modern in addressing each other at one point, Princess Sofia invited a wine merchant she d just met to call her by her first name This just wouldn t have happened in this time period.The main romance between Major Lord William Masterson called Will by everyone in the book and Athena an illegitimate daughter of an unnamed until the end lord was boring and also completely unbelievable for the time A few years ago, there was an article circulating about getting to know a potential mate through asking a series of difficult questions, which helps to build intimacy and trust This book adopted that method in the early nineteenth century, and Athena and Will spend time asking each other personal questions I just don t think this would have happened then, and I can barely see it happening now.One thing about Athena that just really drove me crazy was her attitude about sex For the majority of the book, she tells Will she doesn t want to be his mistress an irrational leap she made after one small kiss because she doesn t want an illegitimate child This isn t so bad Fast forward through a lot of pages, and on the eve of an impending attack by a rogue French force, she decides she doesn t want to die without having sex with him Okay, fine, not sure it would have happened, but sure Then we find out that she s been someone s mistress before Her excuse through the whole book falls totally flat at that point I just don t think those two beliefs and behaviors are consistent, and it drives me crazy.I honestly wish I had positive things to say about this book, but it really wasn t for me It s possible that someone who doesn t mind a romance novel sans romance would like it, or maybe someone who s not so focused on whether characters behaviors make sense for the time For me, though, it wasn t a good fit and I don t recommend it I gave it one star ARC from Kensington Books via NetGalley

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    2,5 estrellas.No s si la traducci n es mala y por eso no me gusten ciertas cosas, pero dejando eso de lado, he sentido nula conexi n con Will y Atenea, no hay qu mica entre ellos y tambi n que el romance quede en segundo plano.Rese a en

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    While preparing to meet the hangman s noose at sunrise, a group of captured men reflect on what they would do if they were saved from their impending deaths With the toss of an empty liquor bottle by English officer, Will Masterson, the men have a reprieve from execution and flee to safety Before going their own ways, they agree to keep in touch in the future by way of a book shop in London Will Masterson goes back to his troops where he survives to see Napoleon s surrender Just when he s about to sell out of his commission, Major Lord Masterson is given a final mission of heading to a scenic sovereignty bordering Portugal and Spain to assess the damage the French forces committed against San Gabriel.Awkwardly tall for a woman and having nothing left for her in England but a father who wants nothing to do with her but to keep her illegitimacy secret, Athena Markham finds herself in San Gabriel as a savior of sorts, The fiercely independent woman with a tumultuous past finds herself useful as aid to San Gabriel s Princess Sofia and importantly to the whole community after the French wrought destruction.When Will Masterson appears in San Gabriel, both he and Athena share an immediate desire that shows promise if either one would allow Athena dreads Will discovering about her past, but with their evolving friendship comes a trust she has never found in another, which allows her to unburden her soul The task at hand though is to protect San Gabriel and the Princess from enemies who lurk in wait of the perfect time to attack the struggling country and while this is first and foremost, Athena s and Will s desire grows.Will have never met a woman as magnificent as the ian like Athena, with her height and a admirable fortitude, he wants her badly Not only in the physical sense does he desire Athena, but in the emotional and binding sense as well But Athena can t see passed her illegitimacy and the legacy her mother left her Convincing the proud and difficult Athena to allow him in is quite the journey in Mary Jo Putney s ONCE A SOLDIER.This amazing romance set against a beautiful and exotic background is perfection for me Reading Mary Jo Putney describe the Douro River Valley and its environs brings back my memories of trips to Portugal and Spain I could tell by the way she speaks, that she felt an affinity for the country Meeting Will Masterson in The Lost Lords series and enjoying his rapport in that series, it s a joy that he finally gets his own story It s as if his character was calling Ms Putney s name He is a wonderful hero and one who will remain with me for quite some time Athena Markham is remarkable to say the least This heroine asks for nothing and deserves it all Her fears about what her life will be like back in England are real but her insistence of pushing Will away is for nought, because the has met her match, and what a great match it is This new and exciting book, ONCE A SOLDIER by Mary Jo Putney is a must read I look forward to the next installment wonder which hero will have his day.

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    Once a Soldier by Mary Jo Putney is book one in the Rogues Redeemed This is the story of Will Masterson and Athena Markham Will and some other men had been taking and would be put to death at dawn They all but said what they would change about their life if they could make it out When the men all came together to escape they formed a alliance with each other and called themselves Rogues Redeemed Once Napoleon surrendered Will had one assignment that has lead him to meet Athena Athena is a somewhat different than most women of that time Athena was and illegitimate daughter who was raised with knowledge and to think for herselfshe is a very strong person I found Will and Athena were a good fit as a historical romance couple that I found very hard to put this book and their story down I just can t wait to read the other story to come and see what happened to the other Rogues I received an eARC, from NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review Please follow reviews at the below sites

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    3 5 Estrellas, pero le dejo las 4 por el hecho de que la editorial haya optado por traernos obras de escritoras hist ricas tan buenas como Mary Jo Putney, y eso, tras los a os de sequ a hist rica que llevamos, es un logro rase una vez un soldado no es la mejor historia de Mary Jo Putney, pero si una que he disfrutado bastante Por lo visto la serie de los Calaveras redimidos es un spin off de la serie Lores Perdidos , que a n no he le do, y espero ponerle remedio dentro de no mucho.En ste libro Mary Jo Putney nos cuenta la historia de lord Will Masterson, un bar n y soldado brit nico en plena lucha contra Napole n en la Pen nsula Ib rica Dado el gusto de la autora por desarrollar sus historias en lugares que no siempre sea en Inglaterra, sta vez tenemos un argumento que ocurre en 1814, en el ficticio estado independiente de San Gabriel, un peque o reino entre Espa a y Portugal a las orillas del Duero.En otras circunstancias, Will deb a haber muerto en el pelot n de fusilamiento, en 1809, pero la noche que despierta de su inconsciencia, l y los dem s soldados que iban a morir al amanecer, descubren una salida por la que consiguen escapar de los franceses Al tener una segunda oportunidad para vivir, Will y sus compa eros tratar n de redimir sus pecados del pasado, y as es como cada uno parte hacia un lugar diferente, con la fortuna de volver a ver al resto alg n d a.Corre el a o 1814, y Napole n acaba de abdicar Es el momento que Will estaba esperando para volver por fin a casa, pero antes de ello, le mandan una nueva misi n El general franc s Baudin, asol , destruy y rapi todo lo que pudo del rico estado de San Gabriel el verano anterior, depuso a su rey y a su heredero y los tom prisioneros, y a cambio dej como gobernante al anciano t o del anterior Nada se ha sabido del rey y de su heredero, pero se sabe que una hija debe estar viva, Will debe ir a San Gabriel, descubrir lo que ocurri , y hacer un informe de la destrucci n llevada a cabo, para recomponer al peque o pa s.As es como Will llega a San Gabriel, y se encuentra con una mujer que puede ser su igual Atenea Markham es la hija ileg tima de un noble brit nico, y una dama de muy dudosa reputaci n Por este motivo, siempre fue in til que Atenea se forjase una vida decente en Inglaterra, y dadas las buenas disposiciones de su difunta madre, ha encontrado su lugar en San Gabriel, primero como institutriz de la joven princesa Mar a Sof a, y despu s como su dama de compa a En San Gabriel, Atenea se ha forjado una reputaci n intachable, y sus gentes las adoran tanto a ella como a la princesa, debido a sus buenas acciones en el porvenir del peque o reino.Cuando Will llega a San Gabriel se encuentra un estado roto y desolado la mayor a de sus hombres a n no han vuelto a casa tras abdicar Napole n, sobre todo hay mujeres y ni os, y el paso de la destrucci n de Baudin est por todos lados, destruyeron el puente y el molino, saquearon sus tesoros, joyas y v veres, y el reino necesita mucha mano de obra y dinero para poner en orden todo el caos En seguida, Will se hace con el control de la situaci n y ayudar a las gentes de San Gabriel a reconstruir todo Pero Realmente la intenci n de Will era ayudar a San Gabriel como un acto de caridad, o lo es para ganarse el favor de la dama de la princesa Desde que Will y Atenea se conocen, se atraen, hay una fuerte qu mica entre ellos, y no es porque los dos sean m s altos que la media, o porque ambos sean brit nicos, se gustan y se desean No me gusta hablar de instalove, porque no creo que haya sido el caso de ste libro, pero la atracci n ha sido fuerte desde el principio.Quiz s el gran protagonista del libro ha sido el propio reino de San Gabriel, y su reconstrucci n, que a esto tengo que a adir que me ha encantado la labor de la autora en cuando a investigaci n, sobre todo para haber creado ste reino ficticio La relaci n de los protagonistas no destaca sobremanera, pero tampoco llena la mayor a de cap tulos, si no que tendremos tambi n un romance secundario entre la joven princesa y el mercader de vinos de Oporto y amigo de Will.A diferencia de otros libros de Mary Jo Putney, sobre todo obras algo m s viejunas o escritas hace m s de veinte a os, tengo que a adir que si bien su estilo no ha evolucionado en demas a, si he encontrado diferencias respecto a otras obras suyas Compar ndola con ellas, rase una vez un soldado es un libro bastante m s corto, y a pesar de su ambiente tan bien cuidado, me he dado cuenta de que me ha faltado m s profundidad en los caracteres de sus personajes En ste libro me ha faltado algo, puede ser sa profundidad, y que me ha parecido algo m s superficial.En cuanto al romance en s , me ha gustado, pero no me ha encantado, me ha supuesto un romance m s Will es un hombre de honor, que ama profunda y sinceramente y no teme expresarlo, pero Atenea, debido a su pasado, o m s bien por su ascendencia, no puede ni quiere entrar en el mundo de Will para no destruirlos Su romance parece imposible No tanto como el de la princesa y el mercader de vinos, pero creo que la autora ha sabido solucionarlo, pese a las circunstancias tan extra as que nos ha presentado.Sin m s, creo que sta ha sido una oportunidad para reengancharme de nuevo a Mary Jo Putney, y espero que la editorial no tarde demasiado en traernos m s libros de los Calaveras redimidos.