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When Wind Dancer, Who Is Destined To Save His Tribe And Chumani, A Beautiful And Fiery Warrior, Unite To Avenge Their Loved Ones, Who Were Murdered By The Crow Tribe, They Must Overcome Many Obstacles And Surrender To The Healing Power Of Love Reprint

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    I don t think I have ever given a book just 2 stars before That s because my research is usually a guarantee I will like the book Not necessarily this time This was my first purely American Indian romance Maybe I just had a hard time relating to the culture But I found the conversation stilted and unemotional The storyline was OK I definitely felt sorry for them knowing that their lifestyle was doomed I ve never struggled so to finish a book and this one seemed to go on forever.Chumani and Wind Dancer are our primary characters They are fated and foretold to be together This story is about the quest to protect their respective tribes from enemies They do this by going on a visionquest which was foreseen by their shamen The story ends with a big meeting in Laramie of all the tribes with the Whites and entering into a treaty which will allow whites to travel freely through Indian lands.I did like the fact that Chumani and her best friend, Zitkala, were strong and fierce warriors There would have been no story at all without that.This has really put me behind in my reading goals I don t know if I can bring myself to read the other 3 in this series Someday, maybe.

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    This review is of Lakota Winds , Lakota Skies series, book 1 by Janelle Taylor.The Story In 1851, in the Black Hills of South Dakota, the heroine of the book, Chumani, a Brule Lakota woman, and Wind Dancer, an Oglala Lakota man, meet They later are told that their eventual union is seen in visions by members of both of their tribes, and as a result, they are compelled to marry Both Wind Dancer and Chumani have something in common both are widowed at the hands of Crow Indians, and both have a burning desire to avenge their loved ones deaths.Chumani and Wind Dancer marry, but problems quickly arise, due in part to their own insecurities neither had a happy first marriage and in even larger part due to individuals who tries to separate the couple.Part of the plan in the vision that brought them together is for the Lakota couple to encourage warring between the Crow and white soldiers and settlers In doing this, Wind Dancer is captured by Crows, and is later rescued by Chumani As the book ends, a treaty is made between the Lakota and the whites, Chumani discovers she is pregnant, and she and Wind Dancer have their Happily Ever After.Upside I learned a great deal about Lakota culture.Downside I never felt any connection between Chumani and Wind Dancer, or with them as characters Nor did I feel any connection with any of the other characters Character development was non existent There is no real passion between Chumani and Wind Dancer There are under and overtones which were bothersome to me.Sex The love scenes in Lakota Winds are much milder than usual for Mrs Taylor, perhaps that s why I didn t love this book so much Violence Mrs Taylor s books in particular her Ecstasy Gray Eagle series usually are pretty violent That is not the case here the few violent scenes are mild, at best Bottom Line I m usually a fan of Mrs Taylor s work, but Lakota Winds , is by far my least favorite of her books, and I m not holding out much hope for the other two books in the series.

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    This was a nice read I like the h h There was a lot of setting description that did get a bit distracting from the story I wish the author would have blended in the surroundings using the POV of the characters All in all, I enjoyed this and look forward to the next book.

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    Meh This book was ok I didn t care much for the politics The couple just didn t spark for me It was ok, but not great.

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    Another great author.